Earn a certificate in geriatrics

The older patient population is growing, and employers need professionals with skills and knowledge in geriatric care. Demonstrate your capabilities with the Assessment-Based Certificate (ABC) in Geriatrics, now available through the AAMA e-Learning Center. The ABC-G provides comprehensive education in four key clinical topics:

  • Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH, or enlarged prostate)
  • Stroke
  • Depression
  • Advance care planning

The ABC-G courses are available to CMAs (AAMA) and all other health care professionals. The courses can be taken together as part of the ABC-G program or individually for AAMA CE credit. Increase your knowledge and your marketable skills!

Managers meet up

In October the AAMA exhibited at the annual meetings of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) and the Professional Association of Health Care Office Management (PAHCOM). At the AAMA exhibit booth, representatives vigorously promoted the association and the hiring of CMAs (AAMA). They also shared copies of CMA Today and distributed webkeys to direct users to all the great content geared toward managers on the AAMA website.

Multiple membership renewals

Great news—employers can now pay for multiple employees’ membership renewals! The “Employee Membership Renewal” link is located on the left-side menu on the My Account webpage.

Employers can also create a profile for their company and update contact and demographic information. The “Employer Sign In” is located in the upper right corner of the website, and once employers are signed in, they can access the Employer Profile page. The profile can also be found on the left-side menu of the My Account page.

Standout students

Chantel Lehmann will graduate in December from Ridgewater College in Wilmer, Minnesota. Lehmann has had a longstanding passion for the medical field and enjoys the versatility of medical assisting. Her favorite lessons were those on drawing blood properly and running blood chemistry tests, and her eagerness for learning is sure to endure past graduation. Not only does she display great initiative, writes an educator, but “she is enthusiastic, focused, … and an effective team player. Chantel is a student who has the qualities of a successful medical assistant.”

Katelyn Nehring, CMA (AAMA), graduated in May from Marshalltown Community College in Marshalltown, Iowa, and earned her CMA (AAMA) credential in September. Efficient and intelligent, Nehring has impressed her educators with her skill set and ability to foster excellent rapport with people of all ages. “Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent,” asserts one educator. “I work hard and always push myself to do better,” writes Nehring. She’s also passionate about helping patientsimprove their lives through health education. “I became a medical assistant to do what I love: help others.”

Trinh Chunphakvenn graduated in August from Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington. She intends to be the type of devoted medical assistant who helps not only patients but also their family members to the best of her abilities. She has a specific interest in helping pediatric and geriatric patients who may require more patience and understanding. “I hope to care for all those who are sick or unable to care for themselves in any way that I can without discrimination. … I would care for them at the level that I would want someone else to care for me or my family,” she writes. “[She] has demonstrated the qualities necessary to become a skilled and dedicated professional,” writes her program coordinator. “She will add unique insight to any medical team and will continue to excel.”

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The AAMA works constantly to enhance the status of medical assistants and the CMA (AAMA) credential, and it needs a strong membership to help drive those efforts. That’s why the AAMA will reward members who contribute to its growth. Through January 31, 2018, any member who recruits five new members to the AAMA will have their annual dues paid for with the click of a button. (Online enrollments only. Other restrictions apply.)

Want to earn a free year of membership? Visit the Join page (under Membership) on the AAMA website to find out more, or head to the Recruit 5 Members page in your account.