Candidates for the AAMA Board of Trustees

Vice President

Debby Houston, CMA (AAMA), CPC

My passion is my credential, CMA (AAMA), and this organization. I continue sharing with employers and HR departments what the CMA (AAMA) credential is, why I can consider it to be the No. 1 credential, and why employers should hire CMAs (AAMA) over the other credentials.

Vital stats
Medical assistant: 1972; Member: 1981; Certified: 1981

National volunteer teams
Chaired: Continuing Education Board; Practice Managers; Awards; Bylaws and Resolutions; Editorial Advisory; Strategic Issues Planning; Documents; Membership Development and Marketing; Leadership Development
Served: Speaker, Vice Speaker, and Trustee; Marketing; Partnership; HOD Minutes; Maxine Williams Scholarship

Speaker of the House

K. Minchella, PhD, CMA (AAMA)

Continue providing leadership in the development of innovation and withstand challenges of the future. The strength of the AAMA lies in the mission and core values, work ethic, and value to patient safety. Thus, preserving the existing strengths to ensure keeping abreast of legislative issues, membership, and leadership development is essential.

Vital stats
Medical assistant: 1976; Member: 1982; Certified: 1982

National volunteer teams
Leaders in Education and Practice; Core Curriculum (Co-Chair); Health Information Technology; Public Affairs; Research and Development; Leadership Development
Served: Vice Speaker and Trustee; Continuing Education Board; Membership Development; Partnership; Awards; Strategic Issues Planning; Bylaws and Resolutions; Occupational Analysis

Deborah Novak, CMA (AAMA)

To be the best of the best, our organization must stay one step ahead. We need strong leaders who are committed to constantly enhancing and promoting our organization, credential, and profession while propelling us into the future. I will always serve to protect, promote, recruit, and mentor for the AAMA.

Vital stats
Medical assistant: 1978; Member: 1982; Certified: 1991

National volunteer teams
Chaired: Membership Development; Marketing; Social Media; Partnership
Served: Trustee; 2017 Conference Education; Convention CEUs; Occupational Analysis; Awards; Documents; Maxine Williams Scholarship; Nominating; Strategic Issues Planning; HOD Minutes; Test Construction

Vice Speaker of the House


Monica Case, CMA (AAMA)

I envision the CMA (AAMA) as the premier recognized professional credential in medical assisting and AAMA increasing membership. Continued increase in standards of education and the profession are critical. I will work for and with the AAMA to retain current members and to recruit non-renewing members, employed medical assistants, and students.

Vital stats
Medical assistant: 1987; Member: 1987; Certified: 1989

National volunteer teams
Chaired: Strategic Issues Planning
Served: Trustee; Assessment-Based Certificate; Leadership Development; Awards; Constituent Societies; Nominating; Maxine Williams Scholarship; Research and Development; Board of Trustees Observer to Occupational Analysis Workshop; The Endowment



Tandra Bauman, CMA (AAMA), RMA

I value the opinions and concerns of all Certified Medical Assistants and hope to be a voice for those who cannot volunteer at this time. If elected, I promise to continue to advocate for the AAMA and promote the CMA (AAMA) credential.

Vital stats
Medical assistant: 2006; Member: 2006; Certified: 2007

National volunteer teams
Served: Leadership Development; Social Media; Membership; Nominating

Sherry Bogar, CMA (AAMA)

My vision for the AAMA is to encourage all AAMA members and CMAs (AAMA) to recognize that the AAMA is an organization where no one stands alone. Together Everyone Achieves More as we continue to build our organization, profession, and credential toward being the diamond standard of medical assisting.

Vital stats
Medical assistant: 2004; Member: 2004; Certified: 2004

National volunteer teams
Served: Conference CE Sessions; Leadership Development; Social Media; Partnership; Nominating

Claire Houghton, CMA (AAMA)

I would like to continue to build great leaders from within each state society by adding to the already great national leadership that we have in place. As I work on becoming a great leader, I work toward great communication and learning the different approaches to leadership.

Vital stats
Medical assistant: 2002; Member: 2002; Certified: 2003

National volunteer teams
Served: Test Construction; Leadership Development

Aimee Wicker, CMA (AAMA), PCMH CCE

My vision for our profession and the CMA (AAMA) credential is an organization that focuses on the member and is reaching out to all Medical Assistants. An organization that protects our right to practice and empowers the CMA (AAMA) to be utilized to the top of their scope of practice.

Vital stats
Medical assistant: 1997; Member: 1997; Certified: 1997

National volunteer teams
Membership Development

Served: Trustee; Research and Development; Public Affairs Advocacy; HOD Minutes; 2017 Conference Education; Partnership; Maxine Williams Scholarship; Marketing; The Endowment

BOT qualifications

Thinking of running for the AAMA Board of Trustees? Check the AAMA Bylaws on our website (under About/Overview or Downloads) to make sure you meet the requirements for nominations. Nominees have already been announced, but candidates may put forth nominations from the floor at the AAMA Annual Conference.

Protecting your CMA (AAMA) credential

Your CMA (AAMA) credential is a valued professional asset. The CMA (AAMA) Certification program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. In addition, the Certifying Board of the AAMA is the only medical assisting certification body that has been accredited under ISO 17024 International Standard through the International Accreditation Service (IAS).

Both agencies require appropriate use of professional credentials and logos. In fact, the ISO 17024 Standard specifically prohibits the following:

  • Use of certification in such a manner as to bring the certification body into disrepute
  • Any statements regarding the certification which the certification body considers misleading or unauthorized

Further, in terms of the credential and the logo, the Certifying Board must document the conditions for use and shall appropriately manage the rights for usage and representation.

Thus, the Certifying Board must remain ever vigilant for abuses and cautious in the uses of the CMA (AAMA) credential and logo to ensure that the highest professional standards are maintained. These two policies were established so that your valuable certification is never compromised:

  • State and chapter affiliates may not use the CMA (AAMA) logo for any purpose. State society and local chapter affiliates may not use the CMA (AAMA) name, initialism, and/or logo on display and/or on fundraising items.
  • Only medical assistants who pass the CMA (AAMA) Certification/Recertification Examination and remain current may use the CMA (AAMA) name and initialism and wear the CMA (AAMA) pin.

You can report an alleged misuse of the “CMA (AAMA)” or “CMA” initialisms or the “Certified Medical Assistant” phrase with the credential violations report form, available on the Downloads page of the AAMA website under the section “Certification/Recertification by Exam.”

Your cooperation in reporting violations of these policies will help the AAMA Certifying Board maintain NCCA and IAS accreditation under ISO 17024 and ensure that CMA (AAMA) certification continues to set the bar for excellence in medical assisting.

Eyes on earnings


Watch for the annual AAMA Compensation and Benefits Survey, coming to your inbox this summer. Your responses help create an accurate report!