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Continuing Education

Understand the requirements of recertifying:

  • Current Status
  • Recertification Methods
    • By Exam
    • By Continuing Education
  • Expired Status

Discover resources for accumulating recertification points:

  • AAMA Member Discounts
  • Where to Get CEUs
  • Non-AAMA Recertification Points
  • Required Recertification Points

Access AAMA CEU online courses:

  • Secure Payment
  • Electronic Testing
  • Immediate Test Results
  • Transcript Updates
  • All AAMA CEUs: By Phone
  • Non-AAMA CEUs: By Mail-in Application
  • Are You Eligible to Recertify by CE?

Get information on state society and local chapter programming:

Find the dates and locations for upcoming meetings of AAMA State Societies.

For AAMA state and chapter leaders only

Get tools for developing, conducting, and processing continuing education programs:

  • Planner Categories
    • AAMA Affiliates
    • CAAHEP or ABHES Programs
    • Other Organizations and Institutions
    • Program Planner’s Guide
    • Approval Request
    • Attendance Submission
    • Build New CE Programs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about recertification:

  • Frequency of Recertification
  • Verifying Certification Status
  • Late Recertification
  • Costs
  • Rolling Over of Recertification Points
  • And More!

Understand requirements for and policies of the Assessment-Based Recognition in Order Entry (ABR-OE):

  • Eligibility and application policies
  • Expiration policy
  • Usage policy

Verify that an employee has earned the ABR-OE with one of two methods:

  • Search by Name and State
  • Search by Social Security Number

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the ABR-OE program:

  • Purpose of the ABR-OE
  • Difference From a Professional Certification
  • ABR-OE Initialism
  • ABR-OE Requirements