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State Scope of Practice Laws

Scope of practice laws for medical assistants may vary by state.

Key States  |  Review the key states listed below for specific language pertaining to medical assisting scope of practice.

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Key State Scope of Practice Laws

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Alabama
Alabama BON Administrative Code, Chapter 610-x-6: Standards of Nursing Practice

12 AAC 44.966. Delegation of the Administration of Injectable Medication
Alaska State Medical Board: Delegating to Medical Assistants (Unlicensed Assistive Personnel)
Statutes and Regulations: Medical (January 2017)

Statement from Legal Counsel Balasa: Note the following from page 32 of the Statutes and Regulations document, which is in the regulations section:

12 AAC 40.480. EXEMPTIONS. (a) Nothing in this chapter prevents or regulates the use of a community health aid in the usual and customary manner in the rural areas of the State of Alaska. (b) Nothing in this chapter regulates, restricts, or alters the functions of a person traditionally employed in an office, by a physician, in a position not regulated by the State Medical Board under AS 08.64.
Medical assistants are not "regulated by the State Medical Board under AS 08.64." Therefore, it is my legal opinion that the policy statement of the Board offers guidance, but does not prohibit physicians from delegating to unlicensed professionals such as medical assistants the administration of IM, sub-Q, and ID injections under the direct/onsite supervision of a physician.


Arizona Administrative Code, Title 4, Chapter 16. Arizona Medical Board
Content Requirements for CAAHEP Accredited Medical Assisting Programs

Act 472: An Act to Authorize Physicians and Podiatrists to Delegate the Performance of Some Simple Procedures to Employees; and for Other Purposes
Regulation 31: Physician Delegation Regulation

Medical Board of California: Frequently Asked Questions—Medical Assistants

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Colorado
Rules Regarding the Delegation and Supervision of Medical Services to Unlicensed health Care Providers

Connecticut Department of Public Health: Medical Assistant Information

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Delaware

2014 Florida Statutes: 458.3485 Medical Assistant
Florida Board of Medicine: Ruling on Delegation of IV Infusion Therapy
Florida Administrative Code, 64B8-2.001

Medical Assistant Law and Rules

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Hawaii

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Idaho

Administrative Code, Section 1285.335 Physician Delegation of Authority
"Illinois nurse law safeguards physician delegation to medical assistants"
Public Act 096-0618, Sec. 54.2 Physician Delegation of Authority
Illinois Medical Practice Act
Illinois Nurse Practice Act

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Indiana

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Iowa

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Kansas

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Kentucky

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Louisiana

Maine Revised Statutes: 3270-A. Assistants

Code of Maryland Regulations: 10.32.12

House No. 3895: An Act to increase access to immunizations

Montana Code Annotated 2014: 37-3-104: Medical Assistants—Guidelines
Administrative Rules of Montana: 24.156.640 Medical Assistant

Senate Bill No. 294: Provisions Governing Providers of Health Care

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Board of Medicine: Position on Supervision of Medical Assistants

New Jersey
New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners: 13:35-6.4

New York
Practice Alerts and Guidelines: Utilization of Medical Assistants

North Carolina
Delegable Duties: Letter Regarding Section 90-18(c)(13) of the North Carolina Statutes
Office Practice Setting: UAP Delegation

Ohio Administrative Code: 4731.053 Administrative Rules for Physician's Delegation of Medical Task
Ohio Administrative Code: 4731-23: Delegation of Medical Tasks
Ohio Administrative Code 4723-13-05: Criteria and standards for a licensed nurse delegating to an unlicensed person
Ohio Administrative Code 4723.48 Delegation of authority to administer certain drugs
Ohio Administrative Code 4723.489 Delegated authority to administer drugs
State Medical Board of Ohio: Letter Regarding Physician Delegation of IV Catheter

South Dakota
South Dakota Board of Nursing: Chapter 36-9B: Medical Assistants

Virginia Board of Medicine: Injections by Trained Individuals Now Allowed

Washington State Department of Health Credentialing Requirements: Medical Assistant—Certified or Interim
Washington State Department of Health Credentialing Requirements: Medical Assistant—Registered

West Virginia
Delegation of Medication Administration by an Advance Practice Registered Nurse

Letter Regarding Delegable Duties in Wisconsin

Scope of Practice in Your State

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