Executive Office Staff

CEO and Legal Counsel

Donald Balasa, JD, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

Nikki Hochschild, MBA

Membership and Continuing Education Department

Nick Mickowski, Continuing Education and Membership Manager

Erika Mercado, Customer Service Manager

Christina Gutierrez, Customer Service Representative

Grace Hale, Member Relations Coordinator

Ruth Johnson, Customer Service Representative

John Langley, Customer Service Representative

Certification Department

Katie Gottwaldt, Certification Director

Lee Rumpel, Assistant Director of Operations and Certification Operations Manager

Judee Barone, CMA (AAMA) Exam Liaison

Virginia Bermea, Application Processing Coordinator

Eric Peters, Staff Assistant II

Board Services and Conference Department

Kathy Langley, Board Services Director

Deb Rumpel, Administrative Assistant

Information Technology Department

Ankita Kulkarni, Information Technology Manager

Accounting Department

Sahenaz Pirani, Accounting Manager

Alan Ross, Staff Accountant

Marketing and Communications Department

Miranda Sanks, Communications Director and Managing Editor of CMA Today

Gina Lang, Creative Lead and Marketing Manager

Francesca Llanos, Public Relations and Marketing Manager​

Laura Niebrugge, Senior Editor


Richard Madden, IST Mailroom Manager

Carl Gillard, Mailroom Staff