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September/October 2023
Volume 56 | Issue 5

AAMA Update
AAMA Membership Dues Deals; Proactive Prevention; Earn Free AAMA CEUs While Learning About FASDs

Public Affairs
A Department of Education Proposed Rule Could Impact Career and Technical (Including Allied Health) Education
By Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA

Quick Clinic
Wake-Up Call
Rising Uterine Cancer Rates Demand Awareness and Prevention
By Brian Justice

Practice Manager
Friend or Faux Pas
Walk the Line between a Boss-Friend and the Manager
By Pamela Schumacher, MS, CCMP

Educators Forum
Refresh My Memory
How Educators Can Spruce Up Students' Memorization Strategies
By Cathy Cassata

Breaking Barriers
CMA (AAMA) Makes Accessibility a Priority for Patients with HIV
By Cathy Cassata