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March/April 2021
Volume 5​4 | Issue 2

AAMA Update
Houston: We Are a Go!; Free 1-CEU Course; The 2021 Excel Awards!; Earn a Program-Level Certificate in Telemedicine!

Public Affairs
Federal Policy and the Pandemic
How the​ Pandemic and ​Changes in ​Federal ​Policy ​Have ​Expanded ​Medical ​Assistants’ ​Scope of Practice
By Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, AAMA CEO and Legal Counsel

Quick Clinic
Into the Unknown
​Demystify Fibromyalgia
By Kathryn S. Taylor

Practice Manager
'Appy Medium
Mobile ​Health ​Solutions ​Save ​Time and Improve ​Care
By Pamela M. Schumacher, MS

Educators Forum
Assess to Impress
Think ​Critically ​About ​First ​Impressions
By Brian Justice

Go the Extra Mile
Medical ​Assistant ​Connects ​Isolated ​Patients with ​Their ​Families
By Cathy Cassata