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January/February 2023
Volume 56 | Issue 1

AAMA Update
Passing the Torch; Recertification Policy Change for First-Time Certificants; House Highlights; Going Hall Out

Public Affairs
Why Professional Regulation Laws Vary from State to State
By Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA

Quick Clinic
Stay Sharp
Wield Empathy and Knowledge Against Vaccine Hesitancy
By Cathy Cassata

Practice Manager
Owning Up
Possess the Skills and Grace to Make an Impactful Apology
By Pamela M. Schumacher, MS, CCMP

Educators Forum
Forging a New Path
Patient Navigators Show Patients the Way to Improved Access, Health, and Outcomes
By Brian Justice

A Heart Set on Caregiving
CMA (AAMA) Shows Strength and Kindness as a Medical Assistant and Patient
By Cathy Cassata