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September/October 2021
Volume 5​4 | Issue 5

AAMA Update
CEUs for Self-Care; MARWeek Power Packs; Scholarship Road; Early Bird Membership Specials

Public Affairs
The AAMA Launches Order Entry Competence Outreach to Payers
By Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, AAMA CEO and Legal Counsel

Quick Clinic
Not in Vein
Treatments for Varicose Veins Worth the Legwork
By John McCormack

Practice Manager
Give It a Shot
The VFC Program Enables Higher Vaccination Rates in Children
By Brian Justice

Educators Forum
Morale Support
Medical Assisting Educators Boost Pandemic Morale
By Sheri Reda

Back to School
Medical Assistant Achieves Her Dream of Working in Education
By Cathy Cassata