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November/December 2019
Volume 52 | Issue 6

AAMA Update
Featured 2019 conference session materials; Managers meet up; Take the CMA (AAMA) Certification Practice Exam; Résumé reminder: Add your ID; Multiple membership renewals; Standout students

Public Affairs
The CMA (AAMA)® Certification Exam Eligibility Pilot Program
Criteria and rationale for the three-year pilot study
By Nikal Redwine, BSN, RN, CMA (AAMA), CPT, Certifying Board Chair, and Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, AAMA CEO and Legal Counsel

Quick Clinic
Vax nation
Mind the dos and doses of vaccinations for all adults
By contributors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Practice Manager
High-maintenance hands
Stop the spread of infection with proper hand hygiene
By Pamela M. Schumacher, MS

Educators Forum
Borrow sorrows
Support students who are shouldering education debt
By Teddy Nykiel

Volunteering like clockwork
Medical assistant devotes free time to giving back
By Cathy Cassata