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AAMA Approved CE Programs

The following programs are worth AAMA CEUs.

CPR  |  Two-year CPR cards issued within the applicant’s recertification period will be counted as four clinical AAMA recertifica­tion points. Up to three two-year CPR cards may be submitted for a total of 12 CEUs.

Smiles for Life Program  |  Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum is a product of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) that provides educational resources to ensure the integration of oral health and primary care. The curriculum makes it easy for individual medical assistants to access the curriculum and learn on their own time and at their own pace. Each of the eight courses is available online with free continuing education credit. Each course (found under Course Quick Links) has been approved for 1 AAMA CEU credit. All eight modules also are available in downloadable format for classroom or small group education.

Disclaimer: Your overseeing provider must confirm with his or her licensing board that it is allowable for the provider to delegate to medical assistants the applying of fluoride varnish.

Get CEU credit  |  Submit documentation of completion in one of three ways:

Find a Program  |  View currently available information on programs by AAMA state societies and local chapters in the dropdown sections below.

Start a Program  |  If your state or chapter is not currently conducting any programming, help out by volunteering.

If you are a member-at-large, find out how to start a state or local chapter by contacting the AAMA Membership Department or calling 800/228-2262.

For more information about programs within your state, contact your state president.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142883Intro to Basic Vascular DiseaseAlabama State Society1 AC04/20/2024
142886Human TraffickingAlabama State Society1 AG04/20/2024
142882Cybersecurity is a Stage: How Everyone Has a Role to PlayAlabama State Society1 AG04/20/2024
142885Active Shooter TrainingAlabama State Society1 G04/20/2024
142888Exercise Is Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach to Improving LongevityAlabama State Society1 CG04/20/2024
142889Toxic Work EnvironmentAlabama State Society1 AG04/20/2024
142890Providing Empathetic CareAlabama State Society1 G04/19/2024
142881Intimate Partner Violence Screening in HealthcareAlabama State Society2 ACG04/19/2024
142887Communication Skills in the Role of a Medical AssistantAlabama State Society2 G04/19/2024
142884CMA Career LadderAlabama State Society1 AG04/19/2024


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142895An Introduction to Oral Health Prevention: Infancy to AdulthoodAlaska State Society1.5 CG04/27/2024
142893Introduction to Vascular Surgery for Medical AssistantsAlaska State Society1 C04/27/2024
142894Human-Animal Bonds: Things to ConsiderAlaska State Society1.5 ACG04/27/2024
142953Taking Care of Alaska’s Infants: Pediatric Perspectives, Updates, and Hot TipsAlaska State Society1.5 CG04/27/2024
142393Acute Risk: Recognizing Suicidal CrisesAlaska State Society1.5 ACG01/20/2024


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142671Communication Through Each Person’s StoryArkansas State Society1 G03/02/2024
142669Nutritional BingoArkansas State Society1 C03/02/2024
142670Hospice ServicesArkansas State Society1 ACG03/02/2024
142113How to Administer NarcanArkansas State Society1 CG10/21/2023
142114Tobacco Prevention & Cessation ProgramArkansas State Society1 ACG10/21/2023
142115Mobile Mammography ProgramArkansas State Society1 CG10/21/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143128Management and Employee AppreciationCalifornia State Society1.5 AG06/20/2024
142197Marketing Healthcare Services: What the Next Five Years Looks LikeCalifornia State Society1.5 A11/09/2023
142090Posture and Pain: The Impact on Teen HealthCalifornia State Society1 CG11/02/2023
142023Refresh Your Mind: Mental AwarenessCalifornia State Society2 CG10/21/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141977Alzheimer’s Disease Review and NewsColorado State Society2.5 CG11/04/2023
141976Customer Service: Pet Peeves and Best PracticeColorado State Society2.5 G10/14/2023
141975STD/STI Update and Research TrendsColorado State Society2.5 CG09/09/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142721Assisting Employees in Understanding & Planning for RetirementConnecticut State Society1 AG04/06/2024
142648What is Health and Where Does it Come From?Connecticut State Society1 C04/06/2024
142649Diagnosis and Managment of AsthmaConnecticut State Society1 C04/06/2024
142525What Color is Your Personality?Connecticut State Society2 G04/06/2024
142528Sarcoidosis: Research and Patient ExperienceConnecticut State Society1 ACG04/06/2024
142526ALICE Active Shooter Response TrainingConnecticut State Society2 G04/05/2024
142527SarcoidosisConnecticut State Society1 C04/05/2024
142647De-Escalation Strategies in the WorkplaceConnecticut State Society1 G04/05/2024
142492Trivia: CMA (AAMA) Exam ReviewConnecticut State Society2 ACG04/05/2024
142803The Importance of Education Provided by Medical Assistants in an Endocrinology Outpatient ClinicConnecticut State Society1 CG04/05/2024
142741Common Causes of Knee PainConnecticut State Society1 C04/05/2024
142687Helping to Train the Next Generation of Medical AssistantsConnecticut State Society1 G04/05/2024
1428052024 American Red Cross Blood Donation EducationConnecticut State Society1 CG04/05/2024
142060Cultural Responsiveness in Health Care: Working with Diverse FamilesConnecticut State Society1 G10/28/2023
142061Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASDs): The Medical Assistant's RoleConnecticut State Society2 CG10/28/2023
142064How Outcomes Can Be Affected by Our PerceptionConnecticut State Society1 G10/28/2023
142062Using a Simple Patient Registry to Improve Your Chronic Disease CareConnecticut State Society1 ACG09/25/2023


There are no program listings for this state.

District of Columbia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142951Gastrointestinal IssuesFL010 Central Florida1 C05/04/2024
142439CPT and ICD-10 UpdatesFlorida State Society2 A04/20/2024
142440Enhancing Care for Older Adults: An Overview for Medical AssistantsFlorida State Society2 CG04/20/2024
142441Sarcoidosis/Role of the Medical Assistant in the Evaluation of DyspneaFlorida State Society2 CG04/20/2024
142695Scope of Practice - FloridaFlorida State Society1 AG04/06/2024
142735Breaking Barriers through Patient AdvocacyFL037 Treasure Coast1 G03/26/2024
142696The Stages of GriefFL004 Southwest1.5 CG03/23/2024
142475Professionalism and Workplace BehaviorFL003 Brevard1.0 AG03/20/2024
142658Understanding and Communicating with a Patient with Disabilities.FL010 Central Florida1.5 CG03/16/2024
142538Practice is Your Ticket to Success and ProfessionalismFL037 Treasure Coast1 G02/20/2024
142476Benefits of Plant-Based NutritionFL003 Brevard2 CG02/20/2024
142467Family Mental HealthFL010 Central Florida1 CG02/10/2024
142380Book Review: The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, MDFL003 Brevard2 CG01/20/2024
142389Movement is Medicine Part 1: Effects of Strength Training on Body SystemsFL003 Brevard2 CG01/20/2024
142390Movement is Medicine Part 2: The Medical Assistant's Role Regarding Patient Determinants of HealthFL003 Brevard2 CG01/20/2024
142288Long CovidFL010 Central Florida1 CG12/02/2023
142033Trauma Informed CareFL003 Brevard2.0 CG11/15/2023
142249Domestic ViolenceFlorida State Society1.5 ACG11/11/2023
142234Monkeypox, Funky Fungus, VapingFlorida State Society2.5 CG11/11/2023
142235A Protocol for Colonoscopy ClaimsFlorida State Society1.5 AC11/11/2023
142213Insurance 101FL004 Southwest1 A10/28/2023
142055How Gender Bias Leads to Gender ViolenceFL010 Central Florida1.5 G10/14/2023
142022Come Together: Working in a Multi-Generational Medical OfficeFL003 Brevard2.0 G09/13/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143150Healthy Nutrition and Meal Planning: Diet ModificationGA004 Lowndes2 C07/20/2024
143182Identify TheftGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 AG07/16/2024
143121Sexually Transmitted DiseasesGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG06/18/2024
143122Law and Ethics of HealthcareGA012 Rome1 ACG06/11/2024
143013Professionalism in the WorkplaceGA012 Rome1 G05/21/2024
142991Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant Process: Our Personal JourneyGA026 Paulding County1.5 ACG05/18/2024
142934Kidney Care AdvocateGeorgia State Society1 ACG04/27/2024
142874What Every Caregiver Should Know About HospiceGeorgia State Society1 AG04/27/2024
142878Providing the Gift of SightGeorgia State Society1 ACG04/27/2024
142870Diagnosis: TraffickedGeorgia State Society1 ACG04/27/2024
142875Clinical TerminologyGeorgia State Society1 C04/27/2024
142876General Patient CareGeorgia State Society1 C04/27/2024
142877Bottom Up! Let’s Be Healthier Than Ever!Georgia State Society1 C04/27/2024
142879Peptides: Optimizing your Health from the Inside OutGeorgia State Society1 C04/27/2024
142867Do Rheumatologists ONLY Treat Autoimmune Disorders?Georgia State Society1 C04/27/2024
142868The Brain, The Body, and PTSDGeorgia State Society1 CG04/26/2024
142869Genetic Testing for Kidney Disease with RenasightGeorgia State Society1 CG04/26/2024
142871Brain FogGeorgia State Society1 CG04/26/2024
142873Bridging the Generation Gap: Understanding Age Dynamics in the WorkplaceGeorgia State Society1 AG04/26/2024
142872The Role Of Primary Care in OncologyGeorgia State Society1 C04/26/2024
142772Understanding Opioid Use Disorder, Current Use, and TreatmentGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG04/16/2024
142786Communication that ConnectsGA016 Hall1 AG04/02/2024
142618Weight Loss MedicationsGA012 Rome1 C03/05/2024
142469Hospice and Palliative CareGA001 Cobb1 ACG02/24/2024
142509Matters of the Heart Knowledge BowlGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C02/20/2024
142332Cardiology Review and EKG UseGA012 Rome1 C02/08/2024
142263How Well is Your Medical TerminologyGA001 Cobb1 C01/27/2024
142407Laboratory InformationGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 ACG01/16/2024
142287Breast Cancer JourneyGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 G12/19/2023
142320Medical Terminology KahootGA012 Rome1 C12/05/2023
142065Body Donation and Why It MattersGA016 Hall1 G10/28/2023
142066Depression in Primary CareGA016 Hall1 CG10/28/2023
142208Geriatrics: Fall PreventionGA016 Hall1 C10/28/2023
142124Insurance Billing CrosswordGA016 Hall1 A10/28/2023
142125Basics of Health InsuranceGA016 Hall1 A10/28/2023
142121Stop the BleedGA016 Hall1 C10/28/2023
142122Chronic Disease Prevention through NutritionGA016 Hall1 CG10/28/2023
1421684 Minute CityGA016 Hall1 CG10/28/2023
142123Medical TerminologyGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C10/17/2023
142079Myasthenia GravisGA012 Rome1 C10/17/2023
142017Sleep ApneaGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C09/19/2023
142030The Mind-Body ConnectionGA001 Cobb1 CG09/16/2023
141948DiabetesGA016 Hall1 CG08/16/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142981Stop the BleedHawaii State Society1.5 C06/01/2024
143023Preventing Specimen ErrorsHawaii State Society1.5 C06/01/2024


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142555Lifestyle MedicineID001 Idaho Falls1 CG10/19/2024
143106Immunotherapy in the Treatment of CancerID001 Idaho Falls1 C09/25/2024
143180Blood Spot - NBS GuideID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 C08/28/2024
143171Stop the BleedID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 C07/20/2024
143167Find Help IdahoID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 AG07/20/2024
143168Recognizing and Responding to Domestic Violence and Sexual AssaultID004 North Idaho Panhandle2 ACG07/20/2024
143142Children's Mental Health and Youth in CrisisID002 Magic Valley2 ACG06/22/2024
143135Understanding CodingID003 Gate City3 AC06/22/2024
143036Skin Cancer AwarenessID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 CG05/29/2024
142942Self-Care for the Healthcare ProfessionalID001 Idaho Falls1 CG05/18/2024
142944Hormone Replacement TherapyID001 Idaho Falls1 C05/18/2024
143021Patient Variability in Reporting PainID001 Idaho Falls1 CG05/18/2024
142943What the "BLEEP" did you say?ID001 Idaho Falls1 AG05/18/2024
143025Gene Editing ExplainedID001 Idaho Falls1.5 CG05/18/2024
143038Vaccine Preventable Disease Testing WebinarID004 North Idaho Panhandle1.5 CG05/14/2024
142980HITID003 Gate City1 A04/27/2024
142983Child AdvocacyID003 Gate City1 ACG04/27/2024
142700Child AdvocacyID003 Gate City1 ACG04/27/2024
142794Pelvic Floor PTID003 Gate City1 CG04/27/2024
142856Pediatric IllnessID003 Gate City1 C04/27/2024
142793Alzheimer'sID003 Gate City2 ACG04/27/2024
142845Shot Smarts WebinarID004 North Idaho Panhandle5 ACG04/26/2024
142699Functional Anatomy for the Medical AssistantID003 Gate City2 C04/26/2024
142742Medical Office Phone EtiquetteID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 AG04/17/2024
142564New Approaches in Physical Therapy for Recovery of Orthopedic and Sports InjuryID002 Magic Valley1.5 CG03/16/2024
142563Professionalism in Medical AssistingID002 Magic Valley1.5 G03/16/2024
142608Building a Web PresenceID001 Idaho Falls1 A03/09/2024
142556Research BenefitsID001 Idaho Falls1 CG03/09/2024
142607Common Skin DiseasesID001 Idaho Falls1 C03/09/2024
142624Behaviors and the Question Behind ThemID003 Gate City1 CG03/06/2024
142452CompoundingID003 Gate City1 C02/07/2024
142425Tube Feeding and Diets for DiseasesID001 Idaho Falls1 C01/24/2024
142420HPV FreeID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 CG01/17/2024
142265Importance of Great Customer Service in HealthcareID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 AG01/14/2024
142333Adolescent ImmunizationsID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 CG01/10/2024
142279Phlebotomy Refresher 101ID002 Magic Valley1.5 C12/16/2023
142323Medical Assistants Role in PTID003 Gate City1 CG12/14/2023
142237Vaccines and the Immune Response: How Vaccines WorkID004 North Idaho Panhandle2 C12/10/2023
142156Newborn Screening OverviewID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 CG11/15/2023
142207Functional A&PID003 Gate City2 C11/15/2023
142164What You Can Do To Address Health LiteracyID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 G11/11/2023
142098Prior Authorizations 101ID002 Magic Valley1 A10/28/2023
142486Trauma-Informed Care a Universal PrecautionID001 Idaho Falls1 CG10/21/2023
142487Medicare and MedicaidID001 Idaho Falls1 A10/21/2023
142148Child AdvocacyID003 Gate City1 ACG10/18/2023
142127Great North Idaho Panhandle GatheringID004 North Idaho Panhandle1.5 AG10/18/2023
142078Child AdvocacyID003 Gate City1 ACG09/28/2023
142453Research and the BenefitsID001 Idaho Falls1 G09/27/2023
141800Meningitis and the Importance of VaccinesID001 Idaho Falls1 C08/23/2023
141928Why Be in Leadership?ID002 Magic Valley2 G08/05/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142456Healthy Habits for WellbeingIllinois State Society1.5 CG04/20/2024
142455Targeted Violence Prevention and ResponseIllinois State Society2 G04/20/2024
142457Benefits and Challenges of Having a Service DogIllinois State Society2 AG04/20/2024
142720Living with Sleep ApneaIllinois State Society2 CG04/20/2024
142923Sickle Cell: Just the BasicsIllinois State Society2 C04/20/2024
142454How to AIDET Everyday with Every PatientIllinois State Society2 G04/19/2024
142584Interviewing SkillsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 AG03/02/2024
142583Sleep Update 2024IL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 C03/02/2024
142585Cardiac Risk Factors and Benefits of ExerciseIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 C03/02/2024
142582Breast Implant Illness (BII)IL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 C03/02/2024
141964Prior AuthorizationsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 A11/04/2023
142205Bringing Ease to Dis-EaseIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 G11/04/2023
14156136 Years and 13 Days of SafetyIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 G11/04/2023
142029Pacemakers and DefibrillatorsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 C11/04/2023
142040Surveyor Training Workshop (MAERB)Medical Assisting Education Review Board8 G09/25/2023
142039MAERB ForumAmerican Association of Medical Assistants2 G09/24/2023
142038Self-Study Workshop (MAERB)American Association of Medical Assistants8 G09/22/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143118What Do You Really Know? The Hoosier Knowledge BowlIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 ACG07/13/2024
143094Finding the Leader in You and in OthersIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 AG07/13/2024
143173Cybersecurity: The Human ElementIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 AG07/13/2024
143174Meeting with SuccessIndiana Society of Medical Assistants1.5 A07/12/2024
143172Do You Know What You're Saying? How Leaders Communicate and Why It Is ImportantIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 AG07/12/2024
143041Leadership StylesIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 AG07/12/2024
143093Communication Across the GenerationsIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 AG07/12/2024
143148Stop the BleedIN004 First District1 C06/11/2024
143125Medication ManagementIN010 East Central District1.5 CG05/31/2024
143126Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) – Monitoring Blood Sugars without FingersticksIN010 East Central District1.5 C05/31/2024
142912Wellness Activities for Medical AssistantsIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 CG04/14/2024
142715Next of Kin InterviewIndiana Society of Medical Assistants1 ACG04/14/2024
142852Hoosier What Do You KnowIndiana Society of Medical Assistants3.0 ACG04/13/2024
142812Spine Speak, Medical Terminology, and Neuro Anatomy for the Medical AssistantIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 C04/13/2024
142747Chiropractic 101Indiana Society of Medical Assistants1 CG04/12/2024
142972Plant-Based Medicine in Healthcare SettingsIN004 First District1 CG04/09/2024
142778Basic First AidIN004 First District1 C03/19/2024
142748ACEsIN010 East Central District1.5 CG03/09/2024
142746Customer Service in Health CareIN010 East Central District1.5 AG03/09/2024
142259BullyingIndiana Society of Medical Assistants1 G02/17/2024
142260Death EducationIndiana Society of Medical Assistants1 ACG02/17/2024
142261Suicide PreventionIndiana Society of Medical Assistants1 ACG02/17/2024
142557What is a Respiratory Therapist?IN004 First District1 CG02/13/2024
142472Long COVIDIN010 East Central District1.5 ACG01/27/2024
142473Family and Child Mental HealthIN010 East Central District1.5 CG01/27/2024
142421Occupational Therapy: Tools of the TradeIN004 First District1 ACG01/16/2024
142266Patient Blood ManagementIN004 First District1 CG11/14/2023
142059Exploitation of Children/TeensIndiana Society of Medical Assistants3 ACG11/04/2023
142226MAR Month Mental MadnessIN010 East Central District3 ACG10/28/2023
142105Coping with Stress at Work and BeyondIN004 First District1 G10/10/2023
142024A Journey to a Balanced LifeIN004 First District1 G09/12/2023
141988Suicide Prevention Training: Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)IN004 First District1 ACG09/09/2023
141991Transformative HealthcareIN004 First District1 AG09/09/2023
141989Outpatient Dermatology PearlsIN004 First District1 C09/09/2023
141990Advance Care PlanningIN004 First District1 AG09/09/2023
141992General Overview of HealthcareIN004 First District1 AG09/09/2023
141875Immunizations From A to ZIndiana Society of Medical Assistants3 ACG08/26/2023
141958Cyber Security in HealthcareIN010 East Central District1.5 AG08/12/2023
141959Breaking Bad NewsIN010 East Central District1.5 G08/12/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143178CNOS Orthopaedic SymposiumIA006 Siouxland7 C09/27/2024
142693Pediatric Eye CareIA004 Linn1 C05/08/2024
142824How Integrative Medicine Saved Our Lives!Iowa State Society1 CG04/27/2024
142827Long Haul CovidIowa State Society1 C04/27/2024
142829The Why's of Proper DocumentationIowa State Society1 AC04/27/2024
142830What is OSHA and Why Do We Care?Iowa State Society1 AG04/27/2024
142828Show Up, Nobody is Going to Do it for YouIowa State Society1 G04/27/2024
142831Workers Compensation 101Iowa State Society1 AG04/27/2024
142825Physical Therapy: Stronger and Wiser than You Were BeforeIowa State Society1 CG04/26/2024
142820Cpap/BiPap and CGMIowa State Society1 AC04/26/2024
142822Who Runs the World-Girls! Updates in Women's HealthIowa State Society1 C04/26/2024
142823Ethics in the Medical FieldIowa State Society1 AG04/26/2024
142826Pediatric Obesity: The Food We Eat and the Habits We CreateIowa State Society1 CG04/26/2024
142821Occupational Therapy: Who Are We and What Do We Do?Iowa State Society1 G04/26/2024
142946Latent Tuberculosis InfectionIA004 Linn1 C04/10/2024
142701Migraines: What Influences Them and Current TreatmentsIA008 Shoquoquon2 C03/26/2024
142692Healthy Work Design and Well-Being InitiativeIA004 Linn1 CG03/13/2024
142806DaVinci: The Surgical RobotIA002 North Iowa1 C03/11/2024
142351Simplify Medication Prior AuthorizationIA008 Shoquoquon1 A01/16/2024
142071The Midwifery World and the Importance of its Role in Labor CareIA004 Linn1 CG01/10/2024
142290Oncology 101IA004 Linn1 AC12/13/2023
142286Setting Goals to Improve Your CareerIA002 North Iowa1 G12/11/2023
142239Pre-AuthorizationsIowa State Society1 AG12/02/2023
142240TelemedicineIowa State Society1 ACG12/02/2023
142241Blood Pressure: Orthostatic Blood PressureIowa State Society1.5 C12/02/2023
142109Stop the BleedIA008 Shoquoquon1 C11/21/2023
142180BotoxIA002 North Iowa1 C11/13/2023
142072Sexually Transmitted Infection TrendsIA004 Linn1 CG11/08/2023
142157What CMAs Need to Know about Sex TherapyIA003 Des Moines1.5 ACG10/18/2023
142110Public Health UpdateIA008 Shoquoquon1 AG10/17/2023
142200Atrial FibrillationIA002 North Iowa1 C10/02/2023
141953CNOS Orthopaedic SymposiumIA006 Siouxland6.5 C09/22/2023
141995Nutrition and the Person with CancerIA004 Linn1 C09/13/2023


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142851The Knowledge Bowl of CodingKY017 South Central Kentucky1.5 AC05/16/2024
142765“What Did You Say and Did I Hear You Correctly?”— Effectively Communicate with OthersKentucky State Society1 G04/21/2024
142766The Health Insurance Industry in the United States: Past, Present, and FutureKentucky State Society1 AG04/21/2024
142513Injections and Injection SafetyKentucky State Society1 C04/20/2024
142758Diabetes: Oh No, What Can I Eat?Kentucky State Society2 CG04/20/2024
142767Exercise for Cardiovascular Health and Chronic Disease PreventionKentucky State Society1 CG04/20/2024
142698Telehealth for the Medical AssistantKentucky State Society1 ACG04/20/2024
142768Update on Healthcare during the 2024 Kentucky Legislative SessionKentucky State Society1 AG04/20/2024
142769Weight Loss Meds vs Diabetic MedsKentucky State Society1 CG04/20/2024
142843Type 1 Diabetes and the Insulin PumpKentucky State Society1 CG04/19/2024
142511Affirming Care for the LGBTQ PopulationKentucky State Society1.5 CG04/19/2024
142561Been There - Seen That - Now What?Kentucky State Society1 CG04/19/2024
142562A Person-Centered Approach to TraumaKentucky State Society1 CG04/19/2024
142478Coaching for Employee PerformanceKY017 South Central Kentucky1 AG03/21/2024
1424772024 CPT UpdatesKY017 South Central Kentucky2 A02/15/2024
141954Mental Health in AmericaKY017 South Central Kentucky1 ACG08/17/2023


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141048Utilizing Spirituality as Grounding and Healing Tools for Patient and Self-CareME001 Penobscot2 CG09/21/2024
141783LGBTQ+ Informed ConsentME001 Penobscot2 ACG09/21/2024
142790Advanced ICD-10-CMMaine State Society1 A04/27/2024
142789Durable Medical EquipmentMaine State Society1 ACG04/27/2024
142791Stress Resilience in HealthcareMaine State Society1 G04/27/2024
142792Rock Steady BoxingMaine State Society1.5 CG04/27/2024
142774Common Foot Disease in the Clinical SettingME002 Kennebec Valley1 C04/06/2024
142773Chart ReconciliationME002 Kennebec Valley1 AC04/06/2024
142775Penicillin Allergy De-labellingME002 Kennebec Valley1 C04/06/2024
142776Vaccinate: The Down and Dirty History of VaccinationsME002 Kennebec Valley1 CG04/06/2024


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143016Respiratory Care for the Medical ProfessionalMA010 Worcester District5 ACG05/18/2024
142977Scope of Practice - MassachusettsMassachusetts State Society1 AG05/11/2024
142984Gender Dysphoria and Voice TrainingMassachusetts State Society2 AG04/27/2024
142985Professionalism in HealthcareMassachusetts State Society1 G04/27/2024
142986Health LiteracyMassachusetts State Society1.5 AG04/27/2024
142553Diabetes Type 2MA010 Worcester District2 C03/06/2024
141985IBSMA010 Worcester District1.5 C02/07/2024
142392BLS-CPR-AEDMA004 Greater Fall River4 C02/03/2024
142280HemophiliaMA010 Worcester District2 CG12/13/2023
142196Marketing Healthcare Services: What the Next Five Years Looks LikeMassachusetts State Society1.5 A11/01/2023
142010Nourish to FlourishMassachusetts State Society1 G10/14/2023
142011Risk ManagementMassachusetts State Society1 AG10/14/2023
142014Wound CareMassachusetts State Society2 C10/14/2023
142012Understanding Medications Used for Substance Abuse DisorderMassachusetts State Society1 C10/14/2023
142013The Role of the Nurse Practitioner in Today's Health SystemMassachusetts State Society1 G10/14/2023
142007VaccineMA010 Worcester District1.5 CG09/06/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142734Understanding Autistic PatientsMI007 Genesee1.5 ACG08/05/2024
143152Presenting Yourself VirtuallyMI030 Southwest1 AG06/27/2024
143130Management and Employee AppreciationMI007 Genesee2 AG06/03/2024
143091Medical Assisting Variety of Knowledge KahootsMI009 Jackson1 ACG05/23/2024
143095Avoiding Bloodborne Pathogens Risk in a Healthcare EnvironmentMI022 Macomb1 CG05/21/2024
143032Presenting Yourself VirtuallyMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 AG05/18/2024
143033Resource HuntMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 AG05/18/2024
143031Connect the DotsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 G05/18/2024
143035Bowl of KnowledgeMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1.5 ACG05/18/2024
143034Medical Assistants and First Responders: Doing What’s Best for Our PatientsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG05/18/2024
142277Coding Issues and SolutionsMI007 Genesee1.5 AG05/06/2024
142853AI and Other Technology in the Medical OfficeMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 AG04/24/2024
142795Intermittent FastingMI004 Northwest Michigan1 C04/20/2024
142796PCMHMI004 Northwest Michigan1 AG04/20/2024
142797Hormonal Changes and Detoxification ProcessesMI004 Northwest Michigan1 C04/20/2024
142798Hit Me with Your Best Shot: An Evidence-based Review of ImmunizationsMI004 Northwest Michigan1 CG04/20/2024
142952Central Scheduling & InsuranceMI025 Greater Kent County1 A04/20/2024
142811Skin ConditionsMI004 Northwest Michigan1 C04/20/2024
142970Understanding TraumaMI019 Wayne County1 ACG04/18/2024
142999Osteoarthritis of the Major JointsMI022 Macomb1 C04/16/2024
142932Audiology Tests & Understanding ResultsMI026 Shiawassee1 C04/10/2024
142846Understanding and Living with DiabetesMI032 Greater Detroit1 CG04/09/2024
142859Peer Recovery CoachingMI021 Greater Wexford1 G04/06/2024
142716De-Escalation and Verbal Intervention for the Healthcare ProfessionalMI021 Greater Wexford1 G04/06/2024
142763Journey After a Breast Cancer DiagnosisMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG04/06/2024
142771MidwiferyMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG04/06/2024
142278Identifying Homeless Youth Patients Needs in Medical PracticeMI007 Genesee1.5 ACG04/01/2024
142801HIPAA Security BasicsMI022 Macomb1 AG03/19/2024
142702Patient Portal AwarenessMI019 Wayne County1.5 AC03/16/2024
142703Senior SafetyMI019 Wayne County1.5 CG03/16/2024
142530Cystic Fibrosis: When Salt isn't TastyMI025 Greater Kent County1 CG03/16/2024
142450Cyber SecurityMI019 Wayne County1.5 AG03/16/2024
142491Importance of Annual Comprehensive Eye ExaminationsMI019 Wayne County1.5 C03/16/2024
142694Review of Medical TerminologyMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 CG03/13/2024
142531MentoringMI025 Greater Kent County1 AG03/09/2024
142619Auditing is ComplianceMI007 Genesee1.5 AG03/04/2024
142535HIV Education and ManagementMI017 Great Lakes Bay1.5 ACG02/21/2024
142529Long CovidMI025 Greater Kent County1 CG02/17/2024
142510HPV and Cervical Cancer ScreeningMI032 Greater Detroit1 CG02/13/2024
142118Experience Shines the PathMI026 Shiawassee1 G02/13/2024
142506What to Do When Your Patient No Longer Wants to Receive CPRMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 ACG02/10/2024
142503Verbal De-escalation and Active Assailants in the Health Care SettingMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 G02/10/2024
142504Communication and ConnectionMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 G02/10/2024
142505Thyroid HormonesMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C02/10/2024
142507The Art of DelegationMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 AG02/10/2024
142466Meals on Wheels: The Ins and OutsMI019 Wayne County1 AG02/08/2024
142276Charting Before, During, and AfterMI007 Genesee1.5 ACG02/05/2024
142324Cardiac MonitoringMI019 Wayne County1 C01/11/2024
142396Back to Billing BasicsMI026 Shiawassee1 A01/10/2024
142334Unlocking Understanding: AutismMI032 Greater Detroit2 CG01/09/2024
142283An Overview of Tendinopathies & TendinitisMI022 Macomb1 C12/12/2023
142275Legal Effects of Integrating AIMI007 Genesee1.5 AG12/04/2023
142165Yoga for Health and Wellness Promotion in the General PopulationsMI022 Macomb1 CG11/21/2023
142112CHF: Signs, Symptoms, Causes & TreatmentsMI025 Greater Kent County1 C11/18/2023
142167Mentoring in the Office and Professional OrganizationsMI017 Great Lakes Bay1.5 AG11/15/2023
142248Veterans' Health CareMI032 Greater Detroit1.5 AG11/15/2023
142044Overview of Allergy and ImmunotherapyMI021 Greater Wexford1 C11/11/2023
142153Integrative MedicineMI021 Greater Wexford1 C11/11/2023
142139Henry Ford Comprehensive Transplant OverviewMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG11/11/2023
142223Mentoring: Experience Shines the PathMI021 Greater Wexford1 G11/11/2023
142194Interpretation Services and Cultural CompetenceMI021 Greater Wexford2 ACG11/11/2023
142198Experience Shines the PathMI019 Wayne County1 G11/09/2023
142045Seizure Recognition and First Aid CertificationMI007 Genesee1.5 CG11/06/2023
142159Endoscopy... What you Need to Know Before You GoMI026 Shiawassee1 ACG11/02/2023
141286Sciatica and Low Back PainMI019 Wayne County1.5 C10/21/2023
142111LGBTQ+ and the Medical AssistantMI019 Wayne County1.5 G10/21/2023
142147Mentoring: Experience Shines the PathMI009 Jackson1 G10/19/2023
142058Billers Versus CodersMI022 Macomb1 A10/17/2023
142076Experience Shines the PathMI032 Greater Detroit1 G10/15/2023
142141How Depression Can Impact the Working EnvironmentMI026 Shiawassee1 CG10/11/2023
142077Respiratory AwarenessMI032 Greater Detroit1 C10/10/2023
142095Keeping Cool in Conflict: Best Practices in the WorkplaceMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 G10/07/2023
142096Advance Care Planning: What is it and How it Helps Provide Care to Our CommunitiesMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 ACG10/07/2023
142094Dealing with Challenging PeopleMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1.5 G10/07/2023
142097The 7 Foundational Principals of LeadershipMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 G10/07/2023
142093Arnold Chiari Malformation SymptomsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG10/07/2023
14192065 Years Old: The TransitionMI017 Great Lakes Bay2 ACG10/04/2023
142021Understanding Pelvic Floor DisordersMI021 Greater Wexford1 C10/03/2023
141879Marketing Healthcare Services: What the Next Five Years Looks LikeMI007 Genesee1.5 A10/02/2023
142092ADA Impacts in Medical Offices for Service AnimalsMI025 Greater Kent County2 AG09/16/2023
141767Keeping the World of Diabetes SimpleMI026 Shiawassee1 CG09/16/2023
141769Patient Management for Quality ServicesMI026 Shiawassee1 AC09/16/2023
141821Memorial Cancer Center Overview and OperationsMI026 Shiawassee1 ACG09/16/2023
141820The Art of PreventionMI026 Shiawassee1 G09/16/2023
141809Office Equipment ProtocolMI019 Wayne County1 AG09/14/2023
142050Triaging In The Outpatient ClinicMI026 Shiawassee1 ACG09/12/2023
141956Suicide Prevention Awareness MonthMI021 Greater Wexford1 ACG09/05/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141913Social Determination of Health Screening and ImplementationMinnesota State Society1.5 CG04/14/2024
142229Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS): From Both a Health Provider and Parent PerspectiveMinnesota State Society1 CG04/14/2024
142690Let’s Get PPE’d!Minnesota State Society1 CG04/14/2024
142691Understanding ACEs: Building Self-Healing CommunitiesMinnesota State Society1.5 CG04/13/2024
141914Do You Know Where the Bathroom Is?Minnesota State Society1 C04/13/2024
142537Death, Dying, Donation and DisparityMinnesota State Society1 ACG04/13/2024
142326Stigma-free Care for Patients with Opioid Use Disorder: Medications, Harm Reduction, and NarcanMinnesota State Society1.5 CG04/13/2024
142106Disease….or Self-Will?Minnesota State Society2 CG04/13/2024
142273Knowledge BowlMinnesota State Society2 ACG04/12/2024
142536Post Infection Immune Related Disorders: Misunderstood and Neglected Old Syndromes and New DiseasesMinnesota State Society2 CG04/12/2024
142426Supporting Survivors and Violence Free CommunitiesMinnesota State Society1.5 AG04/12/2024
142427Assistance Dogs - How They Help Patients With DisabilitiesMinnesota State Society1.5 AG04/12/2024
142428The Splashes (Dos) and Waves (Don’ts) of a Professional ResumeMinnesota State Society1 AG04/12/2024
141970Let’s Talk Tobacco, Vaping, and Nicotine Dependency TreatmentMinnesota State Society1.5 ACG04/12/2024


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142975The WILS WayMissouri State Society1 ACG04/20/2024
142976Retrieving FreedomMissouri State Society1 AG04/20/2024
142964Domino Effect (Customer Service)Missouri State Society2 G04/20/2024
142966Where is Your Why?Missouri State Society1 G04/20/2024
142967Introduction to Pelvic Floor Physical TherapyMissouri State Society1 AC04/20/2024
142969LGBTQIA+ Healthcare ConsiderationsMissouri State Society1 CG04/20/2024
142963Comprehensive Diabetic Foot CareMissouri State Society1 AC04/20/2024
142965Sugar, We Need to Talk – The Not So Sweet Life of DiabetesMissouri State Society1 C04/20/2024
142968Substance Use and Mental HealthMissouri State Society1 CG04/20/2024
143019Colorectal Health and ColonoscopiesMissouri State Society1 CG04/20/2024


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142630Cannabis Utility in GI DiseaseMontana State Society1 C04/21/2024
142626Hospice/Palliative Care and OncologyMontana State Society1 AG04/21/2024
142627Basics of MedicareMontana State Society1 A04/20/2024
142628Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)Montana State Society1 C04/20/2024
142629Top 10 Issues and Disease Processes Seen in ENTMontana State Society1 C04/20/2024
142633AnemiaMontana State Society1 C04/20/2024
142625Insurance 101Montana State Society1 A04/20/2024
142632Intro to Breast CancerMontana State Society1 C04/20/2024
142631Community ResourcesMontana State Society1 AG04/20/2024
142880Durable Medical EquipmentMontana State Society1 ACG04/20/2024
142814Suicide Prevention: What We Can DoMontana State Society1 ACG04/19/2024


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142761Bone Health For LifeNebraska State Society1 C04/27/2024
142860A Potpourri of Rheumatology TopicsNebraska State Society1 C04/27/2024
142448How Did We Get in this Mess? Changing the Paradigm of How We Think of AddictionNebraska State Society1 ACG04/27/2024
142449Medical Response and Synthetic Drugs in PrisonNebraska State Society1 CG04/27/2024
142442Emergency PreparednessNebraska State Society1 G04/27/2024
142468Ostomy and Wound CareNebraska State Society1 C04/27/2024
142451Defining Workplace Violence and Ways to Minimize RiskNebraska State Society1 G04/26/2024
142533Developing and Increasing our ResiliencyNebraska State Society1 CG04/26/2024
142861Basic Tips on Leadership and Parliamentary ProcedureNebraska State Society1 AG04/26/2024
142762Transgender and Nonbinary: Understand How They Fit into the LGBTQ CommunityNebraska State Society3 CG04/26/2024
142713Personal Cybersecurity: Good Habits and Training Your “Healthy Paranoia”Nebraska State Society1 A04/26/2024


There are no program listings for this state.

New Hampshire

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142955Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)…More than TachycardiaNew Hampshire State Society1 C05/04/2024
142956Orthopedic Trauma InjuriesNew Hampshire State Society1 C05/04/2024
142957All Bodies Deserve Equal HealthcareNew Hampshire State Society1 CG05/04/2024
142959Common Exercise InjuriesNew Hampshire State Society1 C05/04/2024
142075Eliminating Medication Frustration! Navigating Through the Crowded World of PharmaceuticalsNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG10/14/2023
142056Motivational Interviewing in HealthcareNew Hampshire State Society1 G10/14/2023
142057The Utility of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound in Treating Chronic PainNew Hampshire State Society1 C10/14/2023
141903VNA Home Health: The Nuts and Bolts of Skilled Home CareNew Hampshire State Society1 AC08/12/2023
141902Hip and Knee Joint Pain: Conservative and Surgical InterventionsNew Hampshire State Society1 C08/12/2023
141924Continuing Education: What We Do to Support All Medical Assistants in Our StateNew Hampshire State Society1 AG08/12/2023
141813Current Concepts in Concussion ManagementNew Hampshire State Society1 C07/29/2023
141814What is Heart Failure + How Lifestyle Medicine Can Prevent and Reverse Chronic DiseaseNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG07/29/2023
141815Menopause OverviewNew Hampshire State Society1 C07/29/2023

New Jersey

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142678Nurturing Breast Health Through Awareness and EmpowermentNew Jersey State Society1 CG04/06/2024
142679Survival Prospects and Lived Experience on Childhood AbuseNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG04/06/2024
142680Understanding Cleft Lip & Palate: Navigating the Journey of Two SmilesNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG04/06/2024
142681Rare Diseases: One Family’s Daily Life with FOXG1 SyndromeNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG04/06/2024
142682Nutrition Assessment and Brief InterventionsNew Jersey State Society1 CG04/06/2024
142461Managing Non-Cancerous Pain in AdultsNew Jersey State Society1.5 ACG02/03/2024
142201Dwarfism, Diversity, and a Better UnderstandingNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG10/28/2023
142199Human TraffickingNew Jersey State Society1.5 ACG10/28/2023

New Mexico

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142921Knowledge BowlNew Mexico State Society2 ACG04/13/2024
142915DEI and Healthcare: Why it MattersNew Mexico State Society2 G04/13/2024
142918Human TraffickingNew Mexico State Society2 ACG04/13/2024
142919Science of Fentanyl and Overdose Recognition and ResponseNew Mexico State Society1 C04/12/2024
142916ECG BasicsNew Mexico State Society2 C04/12/2024
142917“QPR” Suicide PreventionNew Mexico State Society2 ACG04/12/2024
142920Science of Fentanyl and Overdose Recognition and Response Part 2: Narcan, the Good, Bad, and UglyNew Mexico State Society1 C04/12/2024

New York

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143026The Role of Medical Interpreters in HealthcareNY008 Monroe1 AG05/18/2024
143027Empathetic Distress: Working in HealthcareNY008 Monroe1 CG05/18/2024
143028The Importance of the Healthcare ProxyNY008 Monroe1 AG05/18/2024
143010Weight Loss DrugsNY004 Erie1 AC04/23/2024
142833Hearing LossNY004 Erie1 CG03/23/2024
142835Today's Chiropractic: MVA InjuriesNY004 Erie1 C03/23/2024
142837MedicareNY004 Erie1 A03/23/2024
142834What is the Vestibular System?NY004 Erie1 C03/23/2024
142832Pelvic Floor 101NY004 Erie1 C02/29/2024
142836Fall Prevention AwarenessNY004 Erie1 C02/20/2024
142402Artificial Intelligence in Medical AssistingNY004 Erie1 AG11/21/2023
142274Allergy and AsthmaNY008 Monroe1 C11/18/2023
142269Cultural Competence and Patient CareNY008 Monroe1 G11/18/2023
142267Professionalism in HealthcareNY008 Monroe1 G11/18/2023
142403Quality Care, Quality OutcomesNY004 Erie1 AG10/17/2023
141373Deception Awareness and Resilience Training: Part 2NY004 Erie1 AG09/19/2023

North Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143107ReikiNC047 Gaston1 CG08/20/2024
143184Pediatric Dermatology UpdateNC002 Burke1 C08/13/2024
143097Best Practices through Ritz Carlton Leadership Program to Create a Culture of Service ExcellenceNC051 Alamance1 G08/13/2024
141981What is a Child Advocacy Center?North Carolina State Society1 AG08/10/2024
143101More than a Diagnosis: How Alzheimer's Affects the Entire CommunityNorth Carolina State Society1 CG08/10/2024
143104Leadership Styles in the Medical OfficeNorth Carolina State Society1 AG08/10/2024
143102Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism: Pathophysiology, Labs and TreatmentNorth Carolina State Society1 C08/10/2024
143103Healthcare Finance Simplified and the Patient Financial Experience: Reality vs. PerceptionNorth Carolina State Society1 A08/10/2024
143105Making a Difference, One Patient at a TimeNorth Carolina State Society1 G08/10/2024
143166Surgery ReferralsNC041 Foothills Chapter1 A07/16/2024
142854Personality Types in the Medical OfficeNC021 Haywood1 G07/16/2024
142930Chronic and Preventative Care Patient EducationNC047 Gaston1 C07/16/2024
143169Digging in the Dirt: Health Benefits of GardeningNC052 Lexington1 CG07/09/2024
143170Heart Disease in WomenNC008 Greensboro1 C07/09/2024
143140How Hurricanes Can Impact Your Mental and Physical Well-BeingNorth Carolina State Society1 CG07/03/2024
143149Anatomy RefresherNC041 Foothills Chapter1 C06/25/2024
142929Kidney CancersNC047 Gaston1 C06/18/2024
142662Understanding Insurance and Selfpay BillingNC021 Haywood1 A06/18/2024
143131Scope of Practice - North Carolina (FSD)NC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 AG06/18/2024
143119Super SeniorsNC052 Lexington1 ACG06/11/2024
143100Aging In PlaceNC002 Burke1 ACG06/11/2024
143108Legal and Ethical Principles for Medical AssistantsNC011 Union1 AG06/11/2024
143090Diabetic Retinopathy ScreeningNC008 Greensboro1 CG06/11/2024
143096Orthopedic Urgent CareNC051 Alamance1 C06/11/2024
143042Medical Assistant's Role in Value-Based CareNC026 Albemarle1 AG06/06/2024
143085Enhancing Health Literacy: A Medical Assistant's RoleNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 CG06/01/2024
143087Comprehensive Overview of Athletic Training: Roles, Settings, and Concussion ManagementNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 CG06/01/2024
143088Navigating the Complexities of Long COVID: A Comprehensive OverviewNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 CG06/01/2024
143086Addressing Period Poverty: Implications for Health ProfessionalsNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 ACG06/01/2024
143123Lead Poisoning and Exposure in ChildrenNC021 Haywood1 CG05/28/2024
143092Front Office Techniques and EtiquetteNC041 Foothills Chapter1 AG05/21/2024
142928Patient SafetyNC047 Gaston1 CG05/21/2024
143132PlexusNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G05/21/2024
142995The Fundamentals of Skincare: What You Didn't Know Was the Most ImportantNC011 Union1.5 CG05/18/2024
142993Unlocking Potential: Artificial Intelligence in HealthcareNC011 Union1 ACG05/18/2024
142994Understanding Celiac DiseaseNC011 Union1.5 CG05/18/2024
142996Don't Judge a Book by its Cover: Patient Approaches to Uncomfortable DiagnosisNC011 Union1 CG05/18/2024
143037Eating to Live, Not Living to EatNC052 Lexington1 CG05/14/2024
143046Vascular Surgery: The Ins and OutsNC008 Greensboro1 C05/14/2024
142958Diabetes: Back to BasicsNC002 Burke1 C05/14/2024
143043Reviewing Encounter Specialist Program and the Benefits to Overall Patient CareNC017 High Point1 ACG05/13/2024
142892Scope of Practice - North CarolinaNC037 Nash1 AG05/02/2024
142950Abbreviations: The Real Language in MedicineNC026 Albemarle1 C05/02/2024
142978Heart Disease and Heart HealthNC037 Nash1 CG04/30/2024
142979Kidney Disease AwarenessNC037 Nash1 C04/30/2024
142754How Proper Coding Affects Health Care DollarsNorth Carolina State Society1 AC04/27/2024
142755Caring for Vulnerable PopulationsNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/27/2024
142756NCSMA Knowledge BowlNorth Carolina State Society2 ACG04/27/2024
142757Helping Patients Navigate Legal Issues Along the Elder Care JourneyNorth Carolina State Society1 ACG04/27/2024
142914Taking Care of Those Who Care: Understanding the Importance of Self-CareNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/27/2024
142913The Arc and the Ark of Medicine: How Medicine has Changed and How a Medical Career Can Be a LifeboatNorth Carolina State Society1 G04/26/2024
142759The Changes in Hospice & Palliative CareNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/26/2024
142745Will the Real Me Please Stand Up!North Carolina State Society1 G04/26/2024
142749Exploring the Shared Principles of Teaching in Patient and Classroom SettingsNorth Carolina State Society1 G04/26/2024
142751SPICE: The Ever-Changing Face of Infection Prevention and ControlNorth Carolina State Society1 C04/26/2024
142752Medicare 2024 UpdateNorth Carolina State Society1 A04/26/2024
142753Continuous Glucose Monitoring WorkflowNorth Carolina State Society1 C04/26/2024
142988How to Reach Your Highest Potential in 2024North Carolina State Society1 AG04/26/2024
143012New Horizons Adult Day ServiceNC041 Foothills Chapter1 AG04/23/2024
142663Fundamentals of EpidemiologyNC021 Haywood1 CG04/16/2024
142927Heart Attacks in WomenNC047 Gaston1 CG04/16/2024
143030Inked Up: Understanding Tattoos – The Implications and Considerations for Medical AssistantsNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 ACG04/16/2024
142732Building Rapport and Improving Health Outcomes for Transgender and Non-binary PatientsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 ACG04/11/2024
142947Nuts and Bolts of an Accountable Care Organization (ACO)NC052 Lexington1 AG04/09/2024
142903Well-Being and Self-CareNC051 Alamance1 G04/09/2024
142785The Patient ExperienceNC002 Burke1 G04/09/2024
142945Skin CancerNC017 High Point1 C04/08/2024
142654Tobacco Prevention and Control ManagementNC026 Albemarle1 CG04/04/2024
142906Safe KidsNC013 Catawba1 G03/26/2024
142350Understanding the Role of a PA in Clinical and Surgical SettingsNC047 Gaston1 G03/19/2024
142800Effective CommunicationNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G03/19/2024
142804Building Your Team and CultureNC021 Haywood1 AG03/19/2024
142809Marijuana, Substance Abuse, and How to Manage the Patient’s IssueNC041 Foothills Chapter1 ACG03/19/2024
142707Team-Building and Enhancing Your Communications Skills through PsychogeometricsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 G03/14/2024
142650CBD OilNC052 Lexington1 CG03/12/2024
142470The Orthopedic Surgical Patient and Presenting Office ComplicationsNC002 Burke1 C03/12/2024
142623E/M Guidelines and the Importance of Proper DocumentationNC008 Greensboro1.5 AC03/12/2024
142712Best Practices for Front Desk and Back Desk in the Medical OfficeNC017 High Point1 A03/11/2024
142714Charlotte Family HousingNC004 Charlotte Area1 G03/09/2024
142508Understanding Nutrition as it Relates to Patient CareNC026 Albemarle1 ACG03/07/2024
142609Saving Lives: Understanding Narcan and Medication-Assisted TreatmentNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 CG03/02/2024
142610Compassionate Care: Mastering Soft Skills for Healthcare ExcellenceNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 G03/02/2024
142611Managing a Medical PracticeNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 AG03/02/2024
142612Caring for Patients with Kidney Disease, Kidney Disease AwarenessNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 CG03/02/2024
142481Are You Smarter than a Medical Assisting Student?NC026 Albemarle1 ACG02/29/2024
142905Functional Nutrition, MicronutrientsNC013 Catawba1 CG02/27/2024
142534Wound Care and How to HelpNC021 Haywood1 C02/20/2024
142502Spinal EdemaNC041 Foothills Chapter1 ACG02/20/2024
142512Colon CancerNC047 Gaston1 CG02/20/2024
142471Yoga Practice and Its BenefitsNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG02/20/2024
142404Quality Care at the End Of LifeNC002 Burke1 CG02/13/2024
142399Labor and Staffing in a Changing WorldNC008 Greensboro1 AG02/13/2024
142667Screening for Emotional Risk Using Evidenced Based Screening ToolsNC051 Alamance1 CG02/13/2024
142474Social Determinants of HealthNC011 Union1 ACG02/13/2024
142394Hearing Care is Health CareNC026 Albemarle1 CG02/01/2024
142444Medical Terminology RefresherNC041 Foothills Chapter1 ACG01/23/2024
142447RSV in ChildrenNC021 Haywood1 C01/23/2024
142904Seasonal DepressionNC013 Catawba1 CG01/23/2024
142138Women and Heart DiseaseNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C01/20/2024
142152Concussion Recognition and ManagementNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C01/20/2024
141951Autism and Healthcare: Support for Neurodiverse PatientsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG01/20/2024
141860Human Trafficking Basics: Healthcare Professional's Introduction to Human TraffickingNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 ACG01/20/2024
142243Topics of DermatologyNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C01/20/2024
142212Bariatric Surgery in a NutshellNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG01/20/2024
142048Caring for Patients with Kidney Disease/FailureNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C01/20/2024
141005Adverse Childhood Events and the Impact on Overall HealthNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1.5 CG01/16/2024
142270Skin CancerNC047 Gaston1 C01/16/2024
142035Mind-Body Fitness & Well-Being for the MANC002 Burke1 CG01/16/2024
142395The Medical Assistant's Role in Mohs Skin CancerNC004 Charlotte Area1 ACG01/13/2024
142405PodiatryNC017 High Point1 CG01/08/2024
142330Communication EtiquetteNC026 Albemarle1 AG01/04/2024
142400Prior Authorizations and Utilization Management Reform PrinciplesNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 AG12/12/2023
142325Updates for Sleep Apnea and Other Respiratory DiseasesNC021 Haywood1 ACG12/12/2023
142242What Would You Do if You Were the Manager?NC026 Albemarle1 AG12/07/2023
142271Compassionate Hospitality in HealthcareNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 G12/06/2023
142397Community Awareness ProgramsNC013 Catawba1 AG12/05/2023
142251Understanding Substance Use and Reducing Stigmatizing LanguageNC011 Union1 ACG12/02/2023
142252Public Health Across The CommunityNC011 Union1 AG12/02/2023
142253Phlebotomy at A Glance: Basics OverviewNC011 Union1 C12/02/2023
142254Why The RSV Vaccine?NC011 Union1 ACG12/02/2023
142282Early Safe DischargeNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 ACG11/21/2023
142227Allergy TestingNC041 Foothills Chapter1 AC11/16/2023
142289Clinical Procedure OverviewNC021 Haywood1 CG11/16/2023
142231Diabetes PathophysiologyNC013 Catawba2 C11/14/2023
142192Motivational Interviewing and TraumaNC008 Greensboro1 CG11/14/2023
141672Medical Assistant ChallengeNC047 Gaston1 C11/14/2023
142236Abnormal Liver Tests: When is Fatty Liver More than "Just Fatty Liver"NC002 Burke1 C11/14/2023
142256Update of Genomic Technologies and Precision MedicineNC051 Alamance1 CG11/14/2023
142262Complex Regional Pain SyndromeNC017 High Point1 CG11/13/2023
141952Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)NC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C11/09/2023
142321Child Sexual Abuse Response, Reporting, and Advocacy for Medical AssistantsNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 ACG11/06/2023
142049Are You Listening?NC026 Albemarle1 G11/02/2023
142225What Makes a Great LeaderNorth Carolina State Society1 G10/28/2023
142155Kahoot Review for Medical AssistantsNorth Carolina State Society1 C10/28/2023
142154Health Information Technology and the Patient be or not to be?North Carolina State Society1 A10/28/2023
142230Organizational Service LinesNC013 Catawba1 AG10/24/2023
142143Fire SafetyNC026 Albemarle1 G10/21/2023
142144Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary CareNC026 Albemarle1 ACG10/21/2023
142145What's the Big Deal About Fraud and Abuse?NC026 Albemarle1 A10/21/2023
142170Breast Cancer Awareness WordsNC021 Haywood1 CG10/18/2023
142203Empowering Medical Assistants to Improve Overall Community HealthNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG10/17/2023
142169Active Shooter in the Medical Office SettingNC041 Foothills Chapter1 G10/17/2023
142001Breast Cancer: Surviving and ThrivingNC047 Gaston1 CG10/17/2023
142142Non-Verbal Communication Tips for Medical AssistantsNC004 Charlotte Area2 G10/14/2023
141949Pharmacists/Clinical Pharmacy Practitioners (CCP's) Clinic RolesNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG10/12/2023
142069C2Life- Lifestyle MedicineNC002 Burke1 C10/10/2023
141931NAMINC008 Greensboro1 CG10/10/2023
142255In Our Own Voice: Personal Perspective of Mental Health ConditionsNC051 Alamance1 CG10/10/2023
141950Community Health Work and Social Determinants of HealthNC017 High Point1 ACG10/09/2023
142102Domestic Violence Trends in NC: Recognizing, Responding, and Assisting Victims of DVNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 ACG10/09/2023
142160Breast Cancer from a Patient's PerspectiveNC021 Haywood1 CG10/07/2023
142158Lifestyle Medicine to Improve Health for AllNC021 Haywood1 CG10/07/2023
142120KAHOOT Review for Medical AssistantsNC021 Haywood1 AG10/07/2023
142067The Administrative Medical AssistantNC021 Haywood1 A10/07/2023
142068Are You Listening?NC021 Haywood1 G10/07/2023
142020Clinical Skills 101NC026 Albemarle1 C10/05/2023
142070Types of Migraine HeadachesNorth Carolina State Society1 C10/03/2023
142178CPR TrainingNC013 Catawba2 C09/26/2023
142034OSHA Training OverviewNC021 Haywood1 AG09/19/2023
142202Nervo Pain StimulatorNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 AC09/19/2023
141787Importance of Value-Based CareNC047 Gaston1 A09/19/2023
141851Leading a Healthy Active LifestyleNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG09/14/2023
141852Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)NC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C09/14/2023
142008Skincare 101: How to Improve Your Skin’s Health and AppearanceNC008 Greensboro1.5 AC09/12/2023
142104Community Paramedic ServicesNC041 Foothills Chapter1 AG09/12/2023
141936NC Vaccine for Children ProgramNC002 Burke1 ACG09/12/2023
141929Neonatal JaundiceNC051 Alamance1 CG09/12/2023
142179Pediatric OrthopedicsNC017 High Point1 CG09/11/2023
141993PhlebotomyNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 C09/11/2023
142027Diabetic NeuropathyNC047 Gaston1 C09/09/2023
141982The ABCs of ADHDNC047 Gaston1 CG09/09/2023
141983Fire Safety in the Home and OfficeNC047 Gaston1 G09/09/2023
141979Healthcare on the Horizon: Priorities and VisionNC047 Gaston1 A09/09/2023
141980The Importance of Colorectal ScreeningNC047 Gaston1 CG09/09/2023
141957A Review of Administrative Medical AssistingNC026 Albemarle1 A09/07/2023
141955P.O.T.S.: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia SyndromeNC037 Nash1 ACG09/05/2023
142019Surry Medical MinistriesNC041 Foothills Chapter1 ACG08/22/2023
141853ADHD - Diagnosis and TreatmentNorth Carolina State Society1.5 CG08/19/2023
141854Best Care for the Complex PatientNorth Carolina State Society1.5 CG08/19/2023
141855Long COVIDNorth Carolina State Society1 CG08/19/2023
141856The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)North Carolina State Society1 A08/19/2023
141857People First Language and CareNOTEBOOKNorth Carolina State Society1 G08/19/2023
141905The Importance of Consent FormsNC047 Gaston1.5 AG08/15/2023
141973Pain ManagementNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG08/15/2023
141916Skin Cancer: The Types, Diagnosis and TreatmentsNC011 Union1 ACG08/15/2023
141960HIPAA TrainingNC021 Haywood1 AG08/15/2023
141947Pediatric Hospice and Palliative CareNC017 High Point1 AC08/14/2023
141934Venous InsufficiencyNC004 Charlotte Area1 CG08/12/2023
141930Medication Safety, Errors, and AdministrationNC008 Greensboro1 C08/08/2023
141935Perinatal Mental Health DisordersNC002 Burke1 CG08/08/2023
141918Lyme DiseaseNC052 Lexington1 C08/08/2023
141965What is Stigma?NC051 Alamance1 CG08/08/2023
141925What’s Growing in Your Garden? Cultivating Leaders within Your EnvironmentNC040 Wilkes, Ashe and Alleghany Chapter of Medical Assistants1 AG08/07/2023
141275A&P ScrabbleNC026 Albemarle1 C08/03/2023
141850Medical TranscriptionNC037 Nash1 AG08/01/2023
142177Diagnosis and Treatment of NAFLD and NASHNC013 Catawba1 C07/25/2023
141861Professionalism of a Medical AssistantNC004 Charlotte Area1 AG07/22/2023

North Dakota

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143040How Climate Change Affects PatientsOH029 Southwest Ohio1 CG05/18/2024
143039Social Determinants of Health Contribute to Health Care DisparitieOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 ACG05/18/2024
142736Congestive Heart FailureOH016 Tri-County1 C05/07/2024
142815Suicide Prevention: What We Can DoOH003 Franklin1 ACG05/04/2024
142660OSSMA Conference Knowledge BowlOH029 Southwest Ohio1 ACG04/27/2024
142651Self-Improving Health with Self-Awareness: Part 1OH029 Southwest Ohio1 CG04/27/2024
142652Identifying Stress and Triggers to Control Health Outcomes: Part 2OH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 CG04/27/2024
142661The Tragedy of Elder AbuseOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 ACG04/27/2024
142653Self Treating with Several Holistic ModalitiesOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 CG04/27/2024
142558Using Pharmacogenomic Testing to Inform Treatment in DepressionOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 C04/26/2024
142559Cultural Competence and Spirituality in Healthcare, Social Determinants of Health, and Implicit BiasOH029 Southwest Ohio1 CG04/26/2024
142560Healthcare Insurance & the Healthcare Revenue CycleOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 AG04/26/2024
142665CDECC for Effective Leading and Team-building for Medical Assistants: Part 1OH029 Southwest Ohio1 AG04/26/2024
142666CDECC Workshop: Part 2OH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 AG04/26/2024
142764Past, Present, and Future Treatments for a Broken HeartOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 C04/26/2024
142480Unlocking Talent: Strategic Guide for Employers in the Interview ArenaOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 AG04/25/2024
142479Understanding Lead PoisoningOH029 Southwest Ohio1 C04/25/2024
142971Renal Care Options in the CommunityOH027 West Central1 ACG04/24/2024
142810Allergy and AsthmaOH016 Tri-County1 C04/02/2024
142490Testicular CancerOH016 Tri-County1 C03/05/2024
142620Saying No Without GuiltOH012 NorthWest Ohio1 G02/27/2024
142465Introduction to FASDs: The Role of Medical AssistantsOH016 Tri-County1 CG02/06/2024
142409Physical Activity for Healthcare ProfessionalsOH003 Franklin1 CG01/13/2024
142391Healthcare DisparitiesOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 G01/13/2024
142489VapingOH016 Tri-County1 CG01/09/2024
142257Two-Way CommunicationOH012 NorthWest Ohio1 AG11/11/2023
142258Grief: What It Is and What It Isn’tOH012 NorthWest Ohio1 G11/11/2023
142026Evaluation of Suspected Eating DisordersOH016 Tri-County1 ACG11/07/2023
142211Reduction to Infant Mortality in Franklin County, OhioOH003 Franklin2 ACG11/04/2023
142217The A Word . . . ArthritisOhio State Society1.5 C10/21/2023
142216Can You Hear me through the Roar?Ohio State Society2 CG10/21/2023
142116Peer Interviewing and Building A Successful Team in the Medical OfficeOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 AG10/14/2023
142117Chronic Pulmonary Diseases: Which One is Which?OH029 Southwest Ohio1 C10/14/2023
142215Health DisparitiesOH016 Tri-County1 CG10/03/2023
1419215th Annual Healthy State Alliance Opioid SymposiumOH027 West Central4 ACG09/30/2023
1420462023 Cardiovascular Session #1 (morning)OH027 West Central4 C09/27/2023
1420472023 Cardiovascular Session #2 (afternoon)OH027 West Central3 C09/27/2023
142025Connecting Patients to the Right ResourcesOH016 Tri-County1 ACG09/12/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143162The Power of Showing Up for YOU: Rest EditonOklahoma State Society1.5 G07/20/2024
143163Managing Stress in a Changing WorldOklahoma State Society1 G07/20/2024
143164Charting Your Leadership PathOklahoma State Society1.5 AG07/20/2024
143160Managing Burnout and Retention Through Servant LeadershipOklahoma State Society1.5 AG07/20/2024
143161Inclusive Leadership in HealthcareOklahoma State Society1.5 AG07/20/2024
143157Leadership Development and ResilienceOklahoma State Society1.5 AG07/19/2024
143159Annual Knowledge BowlOklahoma State Society1 ACG07/19/2024
143158Position Doesn't Define LeadershipOklahoma State Society1 G07/19/2024
143156Leadership BeginningsOklahoma State Society1.5 AG07/19/2024
142848How Vaccines WorkOklahoma State Society2 CG04/20/2024
142849Functional/Integrative Approach to Health CareOklahoma State Society2 C04/20/2024
141971Medical Minimally Invasive Osteoporosis and Pain ManagementOklahoma State Society2 C08/26/2023
141972The Power of Showing up for YOU: Resiliency vs. Burnout EditionOklahoma State Society2 CG08/26/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143146Oregon OSHAOregon State Society1.5 G07/20/2024
142931Vitals Signs and Why They Are So VitalOregon State Society1.5 ACG05/11/2024
142840Pelvic Health Physical Therapy (PHPT) 101Oregon State Society1.5 CG05/11/2024
142841The COVID Pandemic: What Did We Learn?Oregon State Society1.5 ACG05/11/2024
142799Becoming Familiar with Chronic Kidney Disease (CDK) and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)Oregon State Society1.5 C05/11/2024
142737Update on Washington Licensing LawsOregon State Society1.5 AG05/11/2024
1427382024 Admnistrative Updates for the Medical AssistantOregon State Society1.5 AG05/11/2024
142739History of Hygiene: The Good, Bad, and YuckyOregon State Society1.5 C05/11/2024
142740Workplace Spirituality: The Best Drug You'll Ever TakeOregon State Society1.5 G05/11/2024
142729Meningococcal Disease 2024Oregon State Society1.5 C05/10/2024
142730Advances in the Acute Treatment of Ischemic StrokeOregon State Society1.5 C05/10/2024
142728Empowering Longevity: Navigating the Five Domains of Healthy AgingOregon State Society1.5 CG05/10/2024
142731Improving Out-of-Hospital Sudden Cardiac Arrent Survival RatesOregon State Society1.5 C05/10/2024
142724Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking and Awareness Response for Medical ProfessionalsOregon State Society1.5 ACG05/10/2024
142725Sleep DeprivationOregon State Society1.5 C05/10/2024
142726Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) for Parkinson's - A Patient and Caregiver PerspectiveOregon State Society1.5 CG05/10/2024
142922Medical Assisting BINGOOregon State Society1.5 ACG05/10/2024
143047Scope of Practice - OregonOregon State Society1.5 AG05/10/2024
142722What Do We Owe Each Other?Oregon State Society1.5 G05/09/2024
142668Mindfulness and Meditation: A Day in the Life of a Medical AssistantOregon State Society1.5 G05/09/2024
142684Resist Resisting! You Can Thrive in Times of ChangeOregon State Society1.5 G05/09/2024
142697Empathic Listening within the Communication CycleOregon State Society1.5 G05/09/2024
142717Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder over the Life SpanOregon State Society1.5 CG05/09/2024
142685Riding Out the Storm: Intro to Calming & De-escalation SkillsOregon State Society1.5 G05/09/2024
142686Benefits of Prehab and Rehab for Total Knee ReplacementOregon State Society1.5 C05/09/2024
142493Management Lessons that Help You Deal with the DramaOregon State Society2 AG02/17/2024
142494Are You Smarter Than a Medical Assisting Student?Oregon State Society2 ACG02/17/2024
142193Hiding In Plain Sight: Youth Mental IllnessOregon State Society2.5 CG11/04/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143045Health Service and Community ResourcesPennsylvania State Society1 ACG05/04/2024
143007The Correlation Between Dental Care and IllnessesPennsylvania State Society1.0 C05/04/2024
143008VFC ReviewPennsylvania State Society1.0 CG05/04/2024
143009Leadership Excellence and its BenefitsPennsylvania State Society1.0 AG05/04/2024
143004InsomniaPennsylvania State Society1 CG05/04/2024
143005Childhood Immunizations from a School Nurse PerspectivePennsylvania State Society1.0 ACG05/04/2024
143006Detoxifying a Toxic Work EnvironmentPennsylvania State Society1.0 G05/04/2024
142710Menopause: Beyond the Hot FlashesPennsylvania State Society1.0 CG05/02/2024
142709Pancreatic CancerPennsylvania State Society1.0 C03/28/2024
142708HypertensionPennsylvania State Society1.0 CG03/22/2024
142711Management of Non-Cancer PainPennsylvania State Society1.0 CG03/04/2024
142149It Takes a Team: Providing Evidence Based Tools you Can Use to Fight the Opioid CrisisPennsylvania State Society1.0 CG12/14/2023
142151Reflux and Hiatal Hernias: Exploring Medical and Surgical OptionsPennsylvania State Society1.0 C11/08/2023
142209Chiropractic Care in ChildrenPennsylvania State Society1.0 CG11/04/2023
142210Children's ImmunizationsPennsylvania State Society1.0 C11/04/2023
142150Is Biologic Therapy a Treatment Option for Your Asthma?Pennsylvania State Society1.0 C10/25/2023
142161Robotic and Minimally Invaasive Surgery: Is it Right for YouPennsylvania State Society1.0 CG10/24/2023
142052PTSDPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG09/30/2023
142051DementiaPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG09/09/2023

Rhode Island

There are no program listings for this state.

South Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142989Newborn Genetic ScreeningSC005 Pickens1 CG11/12/2024
142911PT FirstSC005 Pickens1 ACG10/01/2024
142908What is ALS?SC005 Pickens1 C09/21/2024
142909Dry NeedlingSC005 Pickens1 C09/21/2024
142910What Do You Mean Hospice?SC005 Pickens1 ACG09/21/2024
143186Lifelong Learning with Personal and Professional GrowthSC005 Pickens1 G09/21/2024
142907Cardiovascular DiseaseSC005 Pickens1 C09/21/2024
142902Burnout and Bringing it HomeSC005 Pickens1 CG09/21/2024
143165Investigational MedicineSC005 Pickens1 C09/21/2024
142744Human TraffickingSC004 Columbia1 ACG09/14/2024
143139Does Your Patient Qualify for Bariatric SurgerySC003 Spartanburg1 AC08/20/2024
142961Long COVIDSC009 Trident1 ACG08/13/2024
142743Active ShooterSC004 Columbia2 G08/10/2024
142606Active Shooter and Self DefenseSC005 Pickens1 G08/06/2024
143179Medical Assistant Vocab ReviewSC006 Greenville1.00 CG07/23/2024
143138Access Health: Indigent Care for Patients Unable to Obtain InsuranceSC003 Spartanburg1 AG07/16/2024
143011Medical Assistant JeopardySC006 Greenville1 ACG06/25/2024
143099Current Concepts in the Management of Multiple SclerosisSC020 Aiken1 C06/18/2024
143127Home HealthcareSC003 Spartanburg1 ACG06/18/2024
142844Mandated Reporter TrainingSC004 Columbia2 ACG06/15/2024
142960Medical Assistants Responsibilities in TelemedicineSC009 Trident1 ACG06/11/2024
143098Dry NeedlingSC011 Anderson1 C06/04/2024
142605Order of DrawSC005 Pickens1 C06/04/2024
142933Scheduling Total Knee Replacement SurgerySC003 Spartanburg1 ACG05/21/2024
142948Dietary Approaches to Multiple Sclerosis: Utilizing Diet to Increase Energy and Reduce InflammationSC020 Aiken1 C05/21/2024
142997Medical Assisting BINGOSC009 Trident1 ACG05/14/2024
142842PhlebotomySC004 Columbia1 CG05/11/2024
143024Lumbar and Cervical SpineSC011 Anderson1 C05/07/2024
142604Adult Healthcare Consent ActSC005 Pickens1 AG05/07/2024
142813Anatomy TriviaSC003 Spartanburg1 C04/16/2024
142954What is Diabetes?SC020 Aiken1 C04/16/2024
142655You Have Been Served!SC009 Trident1.5 AG04/09/2024
142839Certified Hand TherapistsSC011 Anderson1 CG04/02/2024
142603Breast HealthSC005 Pickens1 C04/02/2024
142855Human Body Organs SystemsSC006 Greenville1 C03/26/2024
1425702024 CPT Codes, Additions, Deletions, and UpdatesSouth Carolina State Society2 A03/16/2024
142621Bowl Of KnowledgeSouth Carolina State Society2.5 ACG03/16/2024
142569Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) UpdatesSouth Carolina State Society1 C03/15/2024
142575What Happened to You? How Traumatic Events Shape Our Patients' Lives and HealthSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/15/2024
142576Organ, Tissue, and Eye DonationSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/15/2024
142577Active ShooterSouth Carolina State Society2 G03/15/2024
142567Balance and Fall PreventionSouth Carolina State Society1 C03/15/2024
142568American Sign Language in the Medical OfficeSouth Carolina State Society2 AG03/15/2024
142572SC Dogs: Soft Paws, Warm HeartsSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/14/2024
142574First Impressions: Make or Break New Patient ExperiencesSouth Carolina State Society1 AG03/14/2024
142622Leadership StylesSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/14/2024
142571Chiropractic Care: What, Why, When, and Where?South Carolina State Society1 ACG03/14/2024
142573HIV Disease: Do You Really Know What's Going On?South Carolina State Society1 CG03/14/2024
142566Fat Phobia and Weight Stigma:Decouple Weight and Health and Build Body Friendly PracticesSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/14/2024
142565Working as a TeamSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/14/2024
142718MentoringSC011 Anderson1 G03/14/2024
142723What Your Mother Did Not Tell You About SexSC004 Columbia1 CG03/09/2024
142602Pet Therapy: Little Things MatterSC005 Pickens1 CG03/05/2024
142599Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and NeglectSC006 Greenville1 AG02/27/2024
142659Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect TrainingSC006 Greenville1 AG02/27/2024
142544Rural HealthSC003 Spartanburg1 ACG02/20/2024
142438Improve Patient Experiences from Greeting to GoodbyeSC009 Trident1 AG02/13/2024
142206An Overview of Lifestyle MedicineSC004 Columbia1 CG02/10/2024
142388OsteoporosisSC005 Pickens1 C02/06/2024
142119Fall Risk Assessment across the LifespanSouth Carolina State Society2 CG01/27/2024
142429The Little Things MatterSC006 Greenville1 G01/23/2024
142031Weight Management: Separating Fact from FictionSouth Carolina State Society2 CG01/20/2024
142328CPRSC003 Spartanburg1 C01/16/2024
142195Chronic Care ManagementSC004 Columbia1 ACG01/13/2024
142398Home Health vs. Hospice CareSC011 Anderson1 ACG01/02/2024
142371Different DM Treatment OptionsSC005 Pickens1 CG01/02/2024
142322Body Systems BingoSC003 Spartanburg1 C12/19/2023
142327Medical Terminology UpdateSC003 Spartanburg1 C11/21/2023
142221Teamwork in the OfficeSC005 Pickens1 G11/14/2023
141963Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)SC009 Trident1 C11/14/2023
142163Diet in American Society: Medical Diets vs Commercial DietsSC004 Columbia1 CG11/11/2023
142228Advanced Care PlanningSC011 Anderson1 AG11/07/2023
142331Medical Assistant JeopardySC006 Greenville1 ACG10/24/2023
141962Vaccine Administration 2SC009 Trident1 CG10/18/2023
142166Bowl of KnowledgeSC003 Spartanburg1 ACG10/17/2023
142162How to Administer Injections as a Medical AssistantSC004 Columbia1 C10/14/2023
141906Pelvic Floor HealthSC005 Pickens1 C10/03/2023
142247Ingrown NailsSC011 Anderson1 C10/03/2023
142074PCOSSC006 Greenville1 C09/26/2023
142032Diet Consistencies and the IDDSI System: Definitions and StrategiesSC020 Aiken1 CG09/19/2023
142063Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health for Surgical Weight Loss PatientsSC003 Spartanburg1 CG09/18/2023
141961Vaccine Updates 1SC009 Trident1 CG09/12/2023
141406Eating DisordersSC004 Columbia1 ACG09/09/2023
141729American Sign Language for HealthcareSC011 Anderson1 AG09/05/2023
141987Benefits of Proper DocumentationSC005 Pickens1 AC09/05/2023
141812Law & Ethics SCSMA (BINGO)South Carolina State Society2 AG08/19/2023
141848Finding Your Balance: Self-Care and Mental HealthSouth Carolina State Society2 CG08/19/2023
141901ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding for the Physician's OfficeSouth Carolina State Society1 A08/19/2023
141904Telephone EtiquetteSouth Carolina State Society1 AG08/19/2023
141915Career Growth/Advancement in Medical Assisting: Broadening Your Skill SetSC020 Aiken1 G08/15/2023
141871Casting: Learning the Basics for Application and RemovalSC003 Spartanburg1 CG08/15/2023
141946All About SupplementsSC004 Columbia1 CG08/12/2023
141986Bylaws and Why We Need ThemSC011 Anderson1 AG08/01/2023
141805Active Shooter TrainingSC005 Pickens1 G08/01/2023

South Dakota

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142864Satisfaction Through Reflection Efficacy, without Sabotaging SelfSouth Dakota State Society1 G04/27/2024
142865Managing Five Generations in the WorkplaceSouth Dakota State Society1 AG04/27/2024
142866Self Defense, Detecting Danger, De-escalationSouth Dakota State Society2 G04/27/2024
142770Functional Wellness: Educate, Equip, EmpowerSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/23/2024
142672Poverty Escape Room (Part II)South Dakota State Society2 AG03/23/2024
142497Positive ImpactsSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/22/2024
142501Preventative Dental HealthSouth Dakota State Society1 C03/22/2024
142643Injury Prevention in Rural AreasSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/22/2024
142644RSV Immunization: Who and When?South Dakota State Society1 C03/22/2024
142645The Foster Network: Empowering Foster FamiliesSouth Dakota State Society1 AG03/22/2024
142498Chiropractic 101South Dakota State Society1 CG03/22/2024
142495DTOM Veteran's RanchSouth Dakota State Society1 AG03/22/2024
142496Benefits of Therapy and Therapy AnimalsSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/22/2024
142499Sleep Apnea in DentistrySouth Dakota State Society1 C03/22/2024
142500Men's HealthSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/22/2024
142318Poverty Escape RoomSouth Dakota State Society2 AG12/02/2023
142316Bringing Injury Prevention to Your CommunitySouth Dakota State Society2 CG12/02/2023
142317Supporting Children and Families in BereavementSouth Dakota State Society1 G12/02/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142962Legal Pitfalls in Documentation in the Medical Record and the Patient EncounterTN001 Cherokee1 ACG08/03/2024
142520Cochlear ImplantTN001 Cherokee1 CG02/24/2024
142521Three Types of Musculoskeletal PainTN001 Cherokee1 C02/24/2024
142522Alpha-gal Syndrome: "The Unknown"TN001 Cherokee1 C02/24/2024
142191Medical Transcription: Is it Alive or Dead?TN001 Cherokee1 AG10/28/2023
142174Skeletal System ReviewTN001 Cherokee1 C10/28/2023
142190Hands-On Administrative Competencies ReviewTN001 Cherokee1 A10/28/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142940Managing Student Anxiety: The Power of Coaching in the Health ProfessionsTexas State Society1.5 G05/18/2024
142937Patient AdvocacyTexas State Society1.5 AG05/18/2024
142990Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)Texas State Society1 G05/18/2024
143018Linguistic MarginalizationTexas State Society1 AG05/18/2024
142891Scope of Practice - TexasTexas State Society1 AG05/18/2024
143000ScattergoriesTexas State Society1 ACG05/17/2024
143001Self–Care Is Not Selfish; It Is EssentialTexas State Society1.5 CG05/17/2024
142938AI in Healthcare: Opportunities and ChallengesTexas State Society1.5 AG05/17/2024
142939Skills Needed to Excel as a LeaderTexas State Society1.5 AG05/17/2024
142936Knowledge BowlTexas State Society1 ACG05/17/2024
142410HPVTexas State Society1.5 CG01/27/2024
142411Human TraffickingTexas State Society1.5 ACG01/27/2024
142175Patient Navigation from Start to FinishTexas State Society1.5 ACG10/21/2023
142133HypertensionTexas State Society1.5 C10/21/2023
142134If it isn't Documented it Didn't HappenTexas State Society1.5 A10/21/2023
142135Parachute Health Ordering PlatformTexas State Society1.5 A10/21/2023
141874Diagnostic Codes for Specialties UpdateTexas State Society1.5 AC07/22/2023
141872Communication for LeadershipTexas State Society1 AG07/22/2023
141864Leading by Example: Inspiring Wellness through Personal Health and MentorshipTexas State Society1.5 G07/22/2023
141866Stressors and How to Reduce StressTexas State Society1 CG07/22/2023
141868Refresh Your MindTexas State Society1.5 CG07/22/2023
141865Verbal De-EscalationTexas State Society1.5 CG07/22/2023
141873Moral Courage and Ethical Dilemmas: The Importance of Being Empowered to Speak UpTexas State Society1.5 AG07/22/2023
141867Finding Your VoiceTexas State Society1.5 G07/21/2023
141863Mindfulness in Medicine in a Burnout ClimateTexas State Society1.5 CG07/21/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142817Sleep ApneaUtah State Society1 CG04/20/2024
142818Knowledge BowlUtah State Society1 ACG04/20/2024
142819Suicide Prevention, QPRUtah State Society2 ACG04/20/2024
142816Hyperbaric Therapy for Wound CareUtah State Society1.5 C04/20/2024
142218Social Determinants of Health, Principles to Improve Patient-Centered CareUtah State Society3 ACG11/18/2023


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143181The Ins and Outs of AnemiaVirginia State Society1 C08/10/2024
142779Leashes of ValorVirginia State Society1 G04/06/2024
142780The Patawomeck TribeVirginia State Society1 G04/06/2024
142781Wellness: Thriving thru the PainVirginia State Society1 ACG04/06/2024
142782So, You Want to be a Successful Medical Assistant?Virginia State Society2 G04/06/2024
142783Downcoding: Define It, Defeat It!Virginia State Society1 A04/06/2024
142784The Intentional Cultivation of WellbeingVirginia State Society1 G04/06/2024
142459Empowering Medical Assistants: Navigating the Human Factor, Digital Frontiers, and WellnessVirginia State Society2 AG01/27/2024
142219Death EducationVirginia State Society2 ACG11/18/2023
142220Parenting in the Cyber WorldVirginia State Society2 AG11/18/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143136Employee Safety in the Medical ClinicWA010 Whatcom1 AG11/19/2024
143022Organ Donation 101WA010 Whatcom1 ACG09/10/2024
143141Family Mental HealthWA001 Snohomish1 G06/15/2024
143029Active Listening in CommunicationWA003 Kitsap1 G06/05/2024
143124Nutrition 101WA010 Whatcom1 CG06/04/2024
143044Washington State Scope of PracticeWA010 Whatcom1 AG05/21/2024
142787Health MisinformationWA016 Southwest1 AG05/18/2024
142998Bad Bugs/Funky Fungi: What You Need To KnowWA003 Kitsap1 CG05/15/2024
142850Personal and Professional Boundaries in HealthcareWA006 Yakima1 AG04/25/2024
142808Introduction to Mohs Surgery for the Medical AssistantWA006 Yakima1 CG04/25/2024
142802Introduction To Mohs Surgery for the Medical AssistantWA003 Kitsap1 C04/17/2024
142733Back to BasicsWA004 Thurston2 CG04/17/2024
142949Health MisinformationWA010 Whatcom1 AG04/16/2024
142706Dealing with Needle Fear in All Ages and Sensory TypesWA016 Southwest1 CG03/30/2024
142664Neurological ImpairmentsWA003 Kitsap1 CG03/20/2024
142760Rooming in EpicWA010 Whatcom1 AC03/19/2024
142788Medical Assistant BingoWashington State Society1 AG03/16/2024
142656To Zoom or Not to Zoom: Facilitating Business and Educational Meetings in a Virtual EnvironmentWashington State Society1.5 AG03/16/2024
142657The Changing Workforce in HealthcareWashington State Society1 AG03/16/2024
142482Medical Billing and Coding in 2024WA006 Yakima1 A02/29/2024
142646Body Modifications: What to Know about Piercings and TattoosWA003 Kitsap1 CG02/28/2024
142532Vaccination AdministrationWA010 Whatcom1 CG02/20/2024
142445HIPAA in 2024WA001 Snohomish1 AG02/17/2024
142406Testicular Cancer EducationWA001 Snohomish1 C01/20/2024
142408Being Aware: Increasing Safety In A Clinical SettingWA003 Kitsap1 G01/17/2024
142437Diabetes Overview: Diagnosis, Physiology and TreatmentWA010 Whatcom1 C01/16/2024
140965Medical Assisting Jeopardy 2023WA003 Kitsap1.5 ACG12/06/2023
142244Mental Health of the Medical AssistantWA006 Yakima1 CG11/28/2023
142224Obesity as a DiseaseWA004 Thurston2 CG11/15/2023
142238What You Need To Know About Long Term CovidWA003 Kitsap1 CG11/15/2023
142246Open Forum: Foot Injuries, Conditions, and TreatmentsWA010 Whatcom1 C11/14/2023
142107Avoiding Burnout for the Medical AssistantWA001 Snohomish1 G10/21/2023
142073End of Life IssuesWA006 Yakima1.5 ACG10/19/2023
142140A Breast Cancer Journey, 2023WA003 Kitsap1 CG10/18/2023
142146Workstation ErgonomicsWA010 Whatcom1 G10/17/2023
142041Nephrology, Hypertension, and the Importance of the Medical Assistant's RoleWA004 Thurston2 AC09/27/2023
142042Human Trafficking 101 for Medical Providers (2023)WA003 Kitsap1.5 CG09/27/2023
142018The New THCWA010 Whatcom1 CG09/07/2023

West Virginia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
143144Cranial Remolding OrthosisWI010 Valley1 C05/18/2024
143151New Cancer TherapiesWI010 Valley1 C05/18/2024
142862Obesity is a Chronic DiseaseWI015 Waukesha1 CG05/11/2024
142863Current Treatments for ObesityWI015 Waukesha1 CG05/11/2024
142847Dane County Immunization Coalition Annual Symposium: 2024 Immunization UpdateWisconsin State Society2 CG04/30/2024
142634BrachytherapyWisconsin State Society1 C04/20/2024
142635Life is Not Measured By The Number of Breaths You Take, But By the Things That Take Our Breathe AwayWisconsin State Society1 ACG04/20/2024
142636Overview of Alzheimer's, Dementia, and Fox Valley Memory ProjectWisconsin State Society1 ACG04/20/2024
142637Forensic Toxicology for the Medical AssistantWisconsin State Society1 CG04/20/2024
142638Awaken Justice: Sex Trafficking 101Wisconsin State Society1 AG04/20/2024
142639The 5 W's of Wound CareWisconsin State Society1 C04/20/2024
142673Reclaim Balance Through EnergyWisconsin State Society1 G04/19/2024
142640MA Trivia GameWisconsin State Society1 ACG04/19/2024
142600Respiratory Disease after the Pandemic: RSV and Vaccines DemystifiedWisconsin State Society2 CG04/19/2024
142601Music For WellnessWisconsin State Society1 CG04/19/2024
142704Balancing Hormone and Metabolic HealthWisconsin State Society1 C03/09/2024
142705Kidney Stones: Types, Prevention, and InterventionWisconsin State Society1.5 C03/09/2024
142641Your Brain on IT: Managing the Human Impact of Information TechnologyWI015 Waukesha1 CG03/09/2024
142642Sleep: How Your Nights Make or Break Your DaysWI015 Waukesha1 CG03/09/2024
142460Outpatient Documentation and Coding Based on MDM or TimeWI016 Central Wisconsin2 A01/27/2024
143145Kidney StonesWI010 Valley1 C01/20/2024
142359Diabetes Mellitus OverviewWI015 Waukesha1 CG01/13/2024
142379Hypertension OverviewWI015 Waukesha1 CG01/13/2024
142285Infection PreventionWisconsin State Society2 C11/28/2023
142264Proper Stretching to Prevent InjuryWI015 Waukesha1 C11/11/2023
142245Long Head Proximal Bicep Tendon InjuriesWI015 Waukesha1 C11/11/2023
142016Tips for Interacting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals (Eau Claire)Wisconsin State Society3.5 AG10/28/2023
142284Medicare 101Wisconsin State Society2 AG10/28/2023
142015Digestive Health and FunctionsWI010 Valley2 C09/09/2023
142043Katy’s Kloset Medical Equipment Lending LibraryWI015 Waukesha1 ACG09/09/2023


There are no program listings for this state.