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AAMA Approved CE Programs

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CPR  |  Two-year CPR cards issued within the applicant’s recertification period will be counted as four clinical AAMA recertifica­tion points. Up to three two-year CPR cards may be submitted for a total of 12 CEUs.

FASDs Program  |  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Collaborative for Alcohol-Free Pregnancy are offering free online training courses on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). These courses provide strategies to improve the delivery of care related to FASDs, including prevention, identification, and management. Earn AAMA CEUs by taking the following courses:

  • “Diagnostic Overview of FASDs: Recognition and Referral” (1 gen/clin AAMA CEU)
  • “FASD Primer for Healthcare Professionals” (2 gen/clin AAMA CEU)
  • “Implementing Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in Clinical Practice” (1 gen/clin AAMA CEU)
  • “Interprofessional Collaborative Practice as a Model for Prevention of AEPs” (1 gen AAMA CEU)
  • “Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies (AEPs)” (1 gen/clin AAMA CEU)

Learners can save their work as they progress through a course.

To access the courses, click “Learn More” on the right-hand side of the FASDs Training and Resources webpage, select a course from the list, and follow the Resource Link.

Note: These courses have been approved by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) for 0.1 CEUs. Although “0.1 CEUs” is IACET terminology, 0.1 equates to one hour of continuing education, which is 1 CEU in AAMA nomenclature.

Smiles for Life Program  |  Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum is a product of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) that provides educational resources to ensure the integration of oral health and primary care. The curriculum makes it easy for individual medical assistants to access the curriculum and learn on their own time and at their own pace. Each of the eight courses is available online with free continuing education credit. Each course (found under Course Quick Links) has been approved for 1 AAMA CEU credit. All eight modules also are available in downloadable format for classroom or small group education.

Disclaimer: Your overseeing provider must confirm with his or her licensing board that it is allowable for the provider to delegate to medical assistants the applying of fluoride varnish.

Start a Program  |  If your state or chapter is not currently conducting any programming, help out by volunteering.

If you are a member-at-large, find out how to start a state or local chapter by contacting the AAMA Membership Department or calling 800/228-2262.

For more information about any of these programs, contact your state president.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135425Scope of Practice - AlabamaAlabama State Society1 G04/13/2019
135871Surviving an Active Shooter EventAlabama State Society1 G04/13/2019
135870Knee Arthritis and Common Shoulder ConditionsAlabama State Society1 C04/13/2019
135873Home Health Services in GeneralAlabama State Society1 AG04/13/2019
135864Making a Difference Through Effective CommunicationAlabama State Society1 G04/13/2019
135865Personality Types in the WorkplaceAlabama State Society1 G04/13/2019
135888Hospice Nurse Perspective on Curative vs. Aggressive CareAlabama State Society1 G04/12/2019
135866Opiate Use DisorderAlabama State Society1 CG04/12/2019
135861Sun DamageAlabama State Society1 C04/12/2019
135862HormonesAlabama State Society1 C04/12/2019
135863Assistive TechnologyAlabama State Society1 ACG04/12/2019
135872Emergency First RespondersAlabama State Society1 G04/12/2019
135889Learning to Thrive with DiabetesAlabama State Society1 CG04/12/2019
134500Posture Analysis in the HomeAL006 Southeast Alabama1.5 C12/04/2018
134625Best Practices in the Front OfficeAL001 Northeast Alabama1 A11/13/2018
134315A Tender Hand in the Presence of DeathAL006 Southeast Alabama2 G08/30/2018
134208Evaluation and Treatment of Hip Injuries In AthletesAL006 Southeast Alabama1.5 C08/20/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135752Testosterone Replacement Therapy: A Panacea for Middle-Aged MenAlaska State Society1 C04/07/2019
135753ImmunizationsAlaska State Society1 CG04/07/2019
135754Air Quality Control in AlaskaAlaska State Society1 C04/07/2019
135755The Medical Burdens of ObesityAlaska State Society1 C04/07/2019
135756Addiction Medicine in Interior AlaskaAlaska State Society1.5 ACG04/07/2019
135747Common Wrist and Hand InjuriesAlaska State Society1.5 C04/06/2019
135749Wounds and Wound HealingAlaska State Society1.5 C04/06/2019
135750Benign Prostatic Enlargement (BPH)Alaska State Society1 C04/06/2019
135748Cardiology: Afib and EKGAlaska State Society1.5 C04/06/2019
135751Osteopathic Manipulation TreatmentAlaska State Society1 C04/06/2019
135371Stop the BleedAK001 Anchorage3 C02/23/2019
134539Scope of Practice - AlaskaAlaska State Society1 G11/03/2018
134613Data Security in a Clinical EnvironmentAK001 Anchorage2 A11/03/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
134309Atwood Knowledge BowlArizona State Society2 ACG10/13/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135536Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies: The Key Role of Medical Assistants Arkansas State Society2 CG03/09/2019
135537Medical Assisting JeopardyArkansas State Society1 CG03/09/2019
135535Understanding Autism Spectrum DisordersArkansas State Society1 CG03/09/2019
134467A Review of MACRAs Quality Payment ProgramArkansas State Society1 A10/06/2018
134390Healing Thyself!Arkansas State Society1.5 CG10/06/2018
134466Professionalism: From Start to FinishArkansas State Society1 G10/06/2018
134392Quality in HealthcareArkansas State Society1 AG10/06/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135520Exploring Dyslexia as a Type of NeurodiversityCalifornia State Society1 C03/31/2019
135521Music TherapyCalifornia State Society1 C03/31/2019
135517Fundamentals of Twelve Lead EKGCalifornia State Society2 C03/30/2019
135518Current Guidelines for Colon Cancer ScreeningCalifornia State Society1 C03/30/2019
135519Exercise, Nutrition, and MoodCalifornia State Society1 C03/30/2019
135512Solving Scheduling Nightmares While Creating Team UnityCalifornia State Society2 AG03/30/2019
135516Self-Compassion for Healthcare WorkersCalifornia State Society1 G03/30/2019
135509Oriental Medicine: Cannabinoids in Pain ManagementCalifornia State Society2 C03/29/2019
135506SleepCalifornia State Society1 C03/29/2019
135507Anxiety and Depression in Older AdultsCalifornia State Society1 CG03/29/2019


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136364Top 7 Ways Leaders Create AccountabilityColorado State Society2 G07/28/2019
136362Everyone in Healthcare Can Be a LeaderColorado State Society2 G07/27/2019
136363Management, Leadership, and Mentorship - Oh MyColorado State Society4 G07/27/2019
136361Advanced Imaging Pre-Authorization and Clinical Decision SupportColorado State Society2 AC07/26/2019
135548What to Order for Radiology ProceduresColorado State Society1 C04/11/2019
135547What to Order for Radiology Procedures: GastroenterologyColorado State Society1 C03/21/2019
135545What to Order for Radiology Procedures: Internal MedicineColorado State Society1 C03/14/2019
135544What to Order for Radiology ProceduresColorado State Society1 C03/13/2019
135471Phlebotomy Certification ReviewColorado State Society6 ACG03/09/2019
134506Human Trafficking and STD/STI: Pathology and Treatment TrendsColorado State Society4 ACG10/20/2018
134665Office Conflict ResolutionColorado State Society2 G10/13/2018
134385Mental Health Issues and Resources for Parents, Medical Assistants, and ProvidersColorado State Society8 G10/13/2018
134666Clickers & Clackers Anatomy-Physiology ReviewColorado State Society2 C10/13/2018
134384What to Order When - Radiology Workshop for Medical AssistantsColorado State Society2 AC10/11/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135217Scope of Practice - ConnecticutConnecticut State Society1 G03/23/2019
135486The Opiate Crisis and How To Deal With ItConnecticut State Society2 G03/22/2019
135488Pain Management Vs AddictionConnecticut State Society1 C03/22/2019
135662Understanding Seizure Disorders and Seeking HelpConnecticut State Society1 C03/22/2019
135663Living with and Fighting a rare Disease: AdrenoleukodystrophyConnecticut State Society1 C03/22/2019
135664CPRConnecticut State Society3 C03/22/2019
135483Medication Safety and Error PreventionConnecticut State Society2 C03/22/2019
135484Boundaries, Ethics, and SelfcareConnecticut State Society1 CG03/22/2019
135495MA Exam ReviewConnecticut State Society2 ACG03/22/2019
135497How to Be a Positive, Unforgettable Medical AssistantConnecticut State Society2 G03/22/2019
135499What is Critical about Customer Service?Connecticut State Society1 G03/22/2019
135485Director of Harm, Reduction, and PreventionConnecticut State Society1 CG03/22/2019
135487Issues In Children's OrthopedicsConnecticut State Society1 C03/22/2019
135489Elder Abuse: A Community Approach to Recognition and InterventionConnecticut State Society1 CG03/22/2019
135491Skin CancerConnecticut State Society1 C03/22/2019
135493Proper Ergonomics in the WorkplaceConnecticut State Society1 G03/22/2019
135496Wound Management, Principles, and PracticeConnecticut State Society1 C03/22/2019
135498The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Communication, Ethics and EtiquetteConnecticut State Society1 G03/22/2019
135490American Red Cross Blood DriveConnecticut State Society1.5 CG03/22/2019
135492Availity: Multi-Payer PortalConnecticut State Society1 A03/22/2019
135494Every Possible Diagnosis for Knee PainConnecticut State Society2 C03/22/2019
135378Understanding Alzheimer Disease and Related DementiaConnecticut State Society2 C03/22/2019
134259Advanced DirectivesConnecticut State Society1 AG09/01/2018
134260Effective CommunicationConnecticut State Society1 CG09/01/2018


There are no program listings for this state.

District of Columbia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136497Knowledge BowlFL010 Central Florida1 ACG10/19/2019
136498Motivational InterviewingFL010 Central Florida1 G10/19/2019
136499Innovations in Heart SurgeryFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 C09/09/2019
136418Wireless Pain ReliefFL004 Southwest1 C08/03/2019
136417Wound CareFL004 Southwest1.5 C08/03/2019
136408HIPAAFL004 Southwest1.5 AG08/03/2019
136252Pre Hospital Stroke CareFL040 North Florida1 CG08/01/2019
136284Perhaps the Most Vital Sign: Blood PressureFL040 North Florida1 C07/15/2019
136032Perils of Medication ErrorsFlorida State Society2 ACG07/01/2019
136031All About HIPAA and DocumentationFL040 North Florida2 AG06/08/2019
136206Summer Safety for ChildrenFL040 North Florida1.5 CG06/08/2019
136207Colon Diseases and ScreeningFL040 North Florida1 CG06/08/2019
136208Immunizing Pediatric Patients: Staying on Schedule with Pediatric VaccinesFL040 North Florida1 ACG06/08/2019
136030Telephone Screening and Documentation in the Medical OfficeFL040 North Florida1.5 AG06/08/2019
136104Post-Traumatic Stress DisorderFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 C05/23/2019
135328Pediatric Foot and Ankle ProblemsFL010 Central Florida1 C04/27/2019
135327Basics of a ColonoscopyFL010 Central Florida1 C04/27/2019
135332Educating Your Diabetes Patient/ Nutrition UpdateFlorida State Society2 C04/27/2019
135333Care for the Caregiver – Learn to Leave the Job at WorkFlorida State Society1.5 G04/27/2019
135329Keep Your Practice Operating SuccessfullyFlorida State Society1.5 A04/27/2019
134084NutritionFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 AC04/15/2019
135698Diabetes BasicsFL003 Brevard1 C04/13/2019
135700Depression and Diabetes, Dealing with Chronic Illnesses with a Multifaceted ApproachFL003 Brevard1 CG04/13/2019
135701Documentation 101FL003 Brevard1 A04/13/2019
135858Making Sense of Healthcare: Connecting Patients, Professionals and ProvidersFL037 Treasure Coast7 AG04/13/2019
135745Technology in Healthcare-Electronic Medical RecordsFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 A04/04/2019
134825Geriatric TraumaFlorida State Society1 C04/01/2019
134826Infection Control and Prevention in Outpatient Settings: Back to BasicsFlorida State Society1 AC04/01/2019
136103Hospice vs Palliative CareFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 CG03/28/2019
135724How to Kick the Sugar HabitFL037 Treasure Coast1 A03/25/2019
135697Preventing Falls and Transfer TrainingFL003 Brevard1 C03/22/2019
135699Natural Body Detox SystemsFL037 Treasure Coast1 C03/21/2019
135658Communication At Its BestFL040 North Florida1.5 G03/21/2019
135603GI Diseases and the Importance of ScreeningFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 C03/16/2019
135605Sniff the Diff: A Review of New Guideline Recommendations for Antibiotics for C. Difficile InfectionFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 C03/16/2019
135602Cardiopulmonary RehabFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 C03/16/2019
135607Impact of Rapid Diagnostic Technologies on Antimicrobial StewardshipFL037 Treasure Coast1 C03/16/2019
135606Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)FL037 Treasure Coast2 C03/16/2019
135604Drug InteractionsFL037 Treasure Coast1 C03/16/2019
135659Billing and CodingFL010 Central Florida1.5 A03/16/2019
135661Medical MarijuanaFL010 Central Florida1.5 CG03/16/2019
135660Knowledge BowlFL010 Central Florida1 ACG03/16/2019
135465Relay for LifeFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 C03/13/2019
135431Active Shooter ResponseFL004 Southwest1 G03/09/2019
135434Smoking CessationFL004 Southwest1 C03/09/2019
135432Attitude is EverythingFL004 Southwest1 G03/09/2019
135433Audiology 101 for the Medical AssistantFL004 Southwest1 C03/09/2019
135377Morning HuddlesFL004 Southwest1.5 CG03/07/2019
135374After Organ Transplantation: What Comes Next?FL040 North Florida1 C03/01/2019
135429Narcan Science, Myths, and Implications for the Opioid PandemicFL037 Treasure Coast2 CG02/28/2019
135430Strategies for Better Billing and CollectionsFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 A02/28/2019
135339ImmunizationsFL003 Brevard1 C02/09/2019
135340Preventative Care MeasuresFL003 Brevard1 ACG02/09/2019
135341Orthopedic ProceduresFL003 Brevard1 C02/09/2019
135286NeuropathyFL004 Southwest1.5 C02/07/2019
135269Skin Care in Sunny FloridaFL010 Central Florida1 C01/26/2019
135270Common Foot and Ankle ProblemsFL010 Central Florida1 C01/26/2019
135271Brain HealthFL010 Central Florida1 C01/26/2019
135272Knowledge BowlFL010 Central Florida1 ACG01/26/2019
134085Patient Blood ManagementFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 AC01/14/2019
134798Body in NatureFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 C01/05/2019
134377Telephone Screening and DocumentationFlorida State Society1 AC01/01/2019
134381Telemedicine: New Trends in HealthcareFlorida State Society1 AC01/01/2019
134652North Florida 2018 Bowl of KnowledgeFL040 North Florida2 ACG12/01/2018
134653Preventing Harassment in the WorkplaceFL040 North Florida1 G12/01/2018
134612Legal ImplicationsFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 G11/18/2018
133968Medical Ethics for the Medical AssistantFlorida State Society1 G11/17/2018
133969Vitamin D Deficiency: An EpidemicFlorida State Society1 C11/17/2018
133970Make No Bones About It: A Medical Assistant’s Guide to OrthopedicsFlorida State Society1.5 C11/17/2018
133971Chronic Care Management: Patient and Practice BenefitsFlorida State Society1 A11/17/2018
133967Holistic and Nutritional Management of InsomniaFlorida State Society1.5 C11/17/2018
134641What is a Fibro Scan?FL004 Southwest1.5 C11/03/2018
134642Is an Accountable Care Organization Right for You?FL004 Southwest1.5 AG11/03/2018
134644Do Words Wack Body Language?FL004 Southwest1 G11/03/2018
134637Cultural Competency in HealthcareFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 CG10/25/2018
134083Breast Cancer Myths vs Facts and IORTFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 AC10/18/2018
134421Update on Medicare, Medicaid, ACAFL010 Central Florida1 A10/16/2018
134433Knowledge BowlFL010 Central Florida1 ACG10/13/2018
134420Stop the BleedFL010 Central Florida1.5 C10/13/2018
134561Updates on ICD-10, MACRA, MIPSFL010 Central Florida1.5 A10/13/2018
134313High Performance TeamsBayCare Health System1.5 G10/09/2018
134333Geriatric TraumaFL010 Central Florida1 C10/06/2018
134360Breast Cancer: Not for Women OnlyFL004 Southwest1.5 C10/04/2018
134386TriglyceridesFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 C09/27/2018
134340Advance DirectivesFL010 Central Florida1 A09/12/2018
134240Opiate Medications for Nerve PainFL004 Southwest1 ACG09/06/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136435Osteoporosis and TreatmentGA001 Cobb1 C08/17/2019
136358ScoliosisGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG07/16/2019
136313Getting to the Heart of the MatterGA012 Rome1 AG06/20/2019
136303Ultrasound Use in OB/GYNGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C06/18/2019
136223Prescription Medication SafetyGA013 Thomas1 CG05/30/2019
136194Organ DonationGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG05/21/2019
136502Allergic Rhinitis: Symptoms, Causes and OTC TreatmentGA026 Paulding County1 C05/18/2019
135894Children Have Arthritis TooGeorgia State Society1 CG05/05/2019
135901Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies: The Key Role of Medical AssistantsGeorgia State Society1 CG05/04/2019
136018Science Behind Hand Hygiene: The Role of the Frontline Health Care WorkerGeorgia State Society1 C05/04/2019
136014HEDIS: What is it and Why is it Important?Georgia State Society1 AG05/04/2019
136016Protecting At-Risk Adults from Abuse, Neglect, and ExploitationGeorgia State Society1 ACG05/04/2019
135895Oral Hygiene CareGeorgia State Society1 C05/04/2019
135896Myths and Facts Associated with HospiceGeorgia State Society1 G05/04/2019
135900Realistic, Simplistic, and Effective Approach to Exercise and NutritionGeorgia State Society1 CG05/04/2019
136015High Reliability Organizing and Journey to Zero HarmGeorgia State Society1 G05/04/2019
136017The Beauty of HospiceGeorgia State Society1 G05/04/2019
136010Self-Coaching for Personal and Professional SuccessGeorgia State Society1 G05/03/2019
136012Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Daytime SleepinessGeorgia State Society1 C05/03/2019
136011Wellness for the CommunityGeorgia State Society1 G05/03/2019
136013Surgery and Therapy: Two Sides of Carpal Tunnel, Arthritis, and Trigger FingersGeorgia State Society2 C05/03/2019
135902Managed Care: Serving Up Acronym Soup!Georgia State Society1 G05/03/2019
135898Being Present and Positive for the PatientGeorgia State Society1 G05/03/2019
135716How to Survive an Active Shooting Situation in the OfficeGA001 Cobb1 G04/20/2019
135715Basic Wound Prevention/Treatment and Ostomy CareGA001 Cobb1 C04/20/2019
135943Reconciliation of a Medication List in an EHR and Other Intake WorkflowsGA012 Rome1 A04/18/2019
135856Universal Precautions: Infection ControlGA004 Lowndes1.5 C04/11/2019
135892Emergency Preparedness in the Medical OfficeGA016 Hall1 G04/10/2019
135669Kidney Disease Community ForumGA013 Thomas2 C03/25/2019
135667Amputation and ProstheticsGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C03/19/2019
135714Insurance 101GA001 Cobb1 A03/16/2019
135444Mastering Medical TermsGA016 Hall1 ACG02/19/2019
135446Heart HealthGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C02/19/2019
135420Tuberculosis In SchoolGA026 Paulding County1 C02/16/2019
135419Basics of Kidney DiseaseGA001 Cobb1 C02/16/2019
135297Basic ICD-10 CodingGA004 Lowndes1.5 A02/04/2019
135267Surgery for Acid RefluxGA013 Thomas1 C01/29/2019
135237Carseat SafetyGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG01/15/2019
134741Abdominal Aortic AneurysmsGA012 Rome1 C12/06/2018
134765Lung Cancer: Are You at Risk?GA013 Thomas1 C11/27/2018
134764Clinical Review of MedicationGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C11/20/2018
134709Hospice & Palliative Care: What’s the Difference?GA013 Thomas1 CG11/13/2018
134640Serving Up Acronym SoupGA001 Cobb1 G10/27/2018
134602Connective Tissue DisordersGeorgia State Society1 C10/20/2018
134601Improving Care for Complex PatientsGeorgia State Society1 C10/20/2018
134603Tissue and Organ DonationGeorgia State Society1 CG10/20/2018
134610Fire Safety in the Home and OfficeGeorgia State Society1 G10/19/2018
134604Pain ManagementGeorgia State Society1 C10/19/2018
134609Living with BipolarGeorgia State Society1 CG10/19/2018
134600Burns and WoundsGeorgia State Society2 C10/19/2018
134599Adult VaccinesGA012 Rome1 C10/18/2018
1346082019 ICD-10 UpdatesGA012 Rome1 A10/18/2018
134627Infectious DiseasesGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C10/16/2018
134413Nevro HF10™: A New Weapon Weapon in the Battle Against Chronic PainGA013 Thomas1 C09/25/2018
134314Educating the AdultGA001 Cobb2 G09/22/2018
134308Office Safety: Hidden DangersGA004 Lowndes2 AG09/10/2018
134187Coumadin ComplianceGA012 Rome1 C08/30/2018
134255Benefits of Social Work in HealthcareGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 G08/21/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136111Patient and Practitioner Safety: Ergonomics and Assistive DevicesHawaii State Society2 CG05/18/2019
136113Kidney 101 for Health ProfessionalsHawaii State Society2 CG05/18/2019
134685Menopause: How Confused Are You?Hawaii State Society2 C12/01/2018
134686Domestic ViolenceHawaii State Society1 G12/01/2018
134687Healthcare For AllHawaii State Society1 G12/01/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136437DiabetesID002 Magic Valley1.5 CG09/14/2019
136436HIPAA: Privacy and SecurityID002 Magic Valley1.5 AG09/14/2019
136316Why Anticoagulation? The IndicationsID003 Gate City1 C06/22/2019
136317What Does Sensory Processing Look like in Children?ID003 Gate City1 CG06/22/2019
136301The Pelvic FloorID003 Gate City1 AC06/22/2019
136249NutritionID002 Magic Valley1.5 CG06/15/2019
136245Skin Cancer and AcneID002 Magic Valley1.5 C06/15/2019
136079Orthopedic Surgery, Musculoskeletal Care, and Communication in MedicineID001 Idaho Falls1 CG05/04/2019
136077Management Bootcamp: Use of Soft Skills in LeadershipID001 Idaho Falls1 G05/04/2019
136078Recognizing Medical EmergenciesID001 Idaho Falls1 C05/04/2019
135796Idaho Time-Sensitive Emergency SystemIdaho State Society1.5 G04/13/2019
135798Active Shooter ResponseIdaho State Society1.5 G04/13/2019
135797Operation ShieldIdaho State Society1 AG04/13/2019
135795Tech Tips for Medical AssistantsIdaho State Society1 A04/12/2019
135793Back PainIdaho State Society1 C04/12/2019
135794Telehealth vs. TelemedicineIdaho State Society1 AG04/12/2019
135727BLS/CPR Class and CertificationID003 Gate City4 C03/30/2019
135372COPD: Definitions, Diagnosis, Treatment, and PreventionID001 Idaho Falls1 C03/27/2019
135584Top 10 Urologic Areas of InterestID002 Magic Valley1.5 C03/16/2019
135585What Is Audiology and Why Is It Important?ID002 Magic Valley1.5 C03/16/2019
135373DiabetesID001 Idaho Falls1 C02/27/2019
135448Sleep Apnea in ChildrenID003 Gate City1 C02/23/2019
135379Oral Health and HygieneID003 Gate City1 C02/23/2019
135449What To Do In Dental EmergenciesID003 Gate City1 C02/23/2019
134793How Strong Are Your Bones: OsteoporosisID001 Idaho Falls1 C01/23/2019
132776Signs and Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel SyndromeID003 Gate City1 C12/15/2018
134752Immunization Brush-UpID002 Magic Valley3 AC12/08/2018
134705Highly Reliable Employee and Patient SafetyID002 Magic Valley1.5 CG11/10/2018
134706Dementia 101ID002 Magic Valley1.5 C11/10/2018
134565Patient Billing in the Clinic SettingID001 Idaho Falls1 A10/13/2018
134472Diabetes EducationID001 Idaho Falls1 C10/13/2018
134473Long Term Consequences of Unmanaged DiabetesID001 Idaho Falls1 C10/13/2018
133742Understanding Laboratory ResultsID003 Gate City1 C10/10/2018
133741Proper Weight Loss and Nutritional HelpID003 Gate City1 C09/12/2018
134252Home Health Indicators and the Role of Home Health in Treatment PlansID001 Idaho Falls1 CG08/22/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136021Breathe Easy: Chronic Lung DiseaseIllinois State Society1 C04/27/2019
136022Hypertension: The Medical Assistant's PerspectiveIllinois State Society1 C04/27/2019
136023It's More than a List: Making an Appropriate ReferralIllinois State Society1 AG04/27/2019
136025Alternative TeachingIllinois State Society1 CG04/27/2019
136019The Complexities of Prior AuthorizationsIllinois State Society1 A04/26/2019
136024DiabetesIllinois State Society1.5 C04/26/2019
136020Domestic Violence: The Role of the Medical AssistantIllinois State Society1 AG04/26/2019
136027Opioid CrisisIL038 Rockford2 CG04/23/2019
135450Common Cardiac DiseasesIL038 Rockford2 C02/26/2019
134558Sexual Transmitted InfectionsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional2 C11/03/2018
134559Can I Splint That? Common Pediatric Orthopaedic Injuries and ConditionsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional2 C11/03/2018
134560Emotional IntelligenceIL017 Southern Illinois Regional2 G11/03/2018
134476Pathways to HopeIL038 Rockford7 G10/13/2018
134409Wound PresentationIL038 Rockford2 AC09/25/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136440Sex TraffickingIndiana State Society3 AG08/17/2019
136247Benign Anorectal DiseaseIN004 First District1 C06/11/2019
136248Leadership, Communication, and Computer SkillsIndiana State Society3 AG06/08/2019
136171Delivering Excellent Healthcare in Indiana through Wellness ProgramsIN010 East Central District1.5 CG05/18/2019
136172Opioid Safety and Current Issues, CBD Current Issues and FormulationsIN010 East Central District1.5 CG05/18/2019
136173Modifier Mysteries: The Importance of Supportive DocumentationIN010 East Central District1 A05/18/2019
135907Immunizations from A to Z 2019IN011 St. Joseph District4 AC05/18/2019
135734Understanding Active Shooter Situations/Benefits of Learning Self-DefenseIndiana State Society3 G04/07/2019
135730Myths and Facts Related to Privacy and Security of Patient InformationIndiana State Society2 A04/06/2019
135732Skin Cancer and PreventionIndiana State Society1 C04/06/2019
135731Stop the BleedIndiana State Society1 C04/06/2019
135733Atopic Dermatitis and Acne: Symptoms and TreatmentsIndiana State Society1 C04/06/2019
135729Laughter Is the Best MedicineIndiana State Society1 CG04/05/2019
135596Risk and Legal Issues in the Outpatient SettingIN010 East Central District1 G03/16/2019
135594STDs: They're Still PrevalentIN010 East Central District1 C03/16/2019
135595Living Kidney DonorsIN010 East Central District1 C03/16/2019
135597Pelvic Floor Relaxation/Uterine ProlapseIN010 East Central District1 C03/16/2019
135529Quality Improvement In the Physician PracticeIN011 St. Joseph District1 G03/09/2019
135528Direct Primary CareIN011 St. Joseph District1 C03/09/2019
135522Common Pediatric ConditionsIN011 St. Joseph District1 C03/09/2019
135468Acupuncture vs Dry Needling: Differences and SimilaritiesIN011 St. Joseph District1 C03/09/2019
1359042019 Coding and ComplianceIN011 St. Joseph District1 A03/09/2019
135905Oncology NavigationIN011 St. Joseph District1 AG03/09/2019
135351Occupational HealthIN004 First District1 AG02/12/2019
135348Suicide Training (QPR): Question, Persuade, ReferIndiana State Society2 CG02/09/2019
134857Hemangiomas, Phaces SyndromeIN010 East Central District1.5 C01/19/2019
134858Professionalism in the WorkforceIN010 East Central District1.5 G01/19/2019
134859Coolsculpting: Facial and Breast Reconstruction and Plastic SurgeryIN010 East Central District1.5 C01/19/2019
134860Risky Business: Workplace Bullying and Lateral ViolenceIN010 East Central District1.5 G01/19/2019
135236Workmen's CompensationIN004 First District1 AG01/15/2019
134757Ever Changing Healthcare and Its ChallengesIN011 St. Joseph District1 AG11/17/2018
134661Diabetes PreventionIN004 First District1 C11/13/2018
134486Mortality Data and New Toxicology Data FindingsIndiana State Society1 CG11/10/2018
134403The Opioid Epidemic and HIV/HCVIndiana State Society1 CG11/10/2018
134395Comprehensive and In-Depth of Naloxone DrugIndiana State Society1 CG11/10/2018
134635Diabetes, Breast Cancer, and A/RIN013 Twelfth District6 AC10/20/2018
134566Hemp-derived CBD: The Goal is BalanceIN004 First District1 C10/09/2018
134503How to Prep the PatientIN011 St. Joseph District1 C10/06/2018
134504Transforming the Treatment of Aortic Valve DiseaseIN011 St. Joseph District1 C10/06/2018
134511Improving Adult Immunizations and the Importance of Healthcare Worker ImmunizationIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG10/06/2018
134492Back Injury PreventionIN011 St. Joseph District1 C10/06/2018
134212Breast Self-AwarenessIN004 First District1 C09/11/2018
134272Customer ServiceIN010 East Central District2 G09/08/2018
134274Hanger Orthotics and ProstheticsIN010 East Central District2 CG09/08/2018
134273Medicare Wellness Codes and Insurance CoverageIN010 East Central District2 A09/08/2018
134275The Certified Medical Assistant's Role in Understanding ProstheticsIN010 East Central District2 C09/08/2018
134081Someone You Love: "The HIV Epidemic" DocumentaryIndiana State Society2 CG08/25/2018
134160Coding/Billing/Reimbursement For HPVIndiana State Society1 A08/25/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135910Immunize Iowa: Promote, Protect, PreventIA003 Des Moines6 CG06/20/2019
136182Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases - Pink Book CourseIA003 Des Moines6 CG06/19/2019
136337Ronald McDonald House of Central IowaIA003 Des Moines2 G06/18/2019
136253Effects of Stress and Cortisol on the BodyIA007 Northwest Iowa1 CG06/10/2019
136254What Your Genes Can Tell You about Breast CancerIA007 Northwest Iowa1 CG06/10/2019
136255Abnormal Uterine BleedingIA007 Northwest Iowa1 CG06/10/2019
136145Ehlers-Danlos SyndromeIA004 Linn1.5 ACG06/04/2019
136159Pediatric Acute CareIA004 Linn1 AG05/08/2019
135881Exercise for Brain HealthIowa State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135882Wellness with Essential OilsIowa State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135880Sleep Apnea: What the Heck Is It and How Do You Fix It?Iowa State Society1 C04/27/2019
135883CMA (AAMA) 2019: Best Practices for Today's Medical AssistantsIowa State Society1 AG04/27/2019
135884Pediatric Illnesses and EmergenciesIowa State Society1 C04/27/2019
135885Cannabidiol in IowaIowa State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135886Skin CancerIowa State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135887Opioid CrisisIowa State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135938What is a Federally Qualified Health Center?Iowa State Society1 G04/27/2019
135878Adverse Childhood ExperiencesIowa State Society1 CG04/26/2019
135879Healthy Aging in the WorkplaceIowa State Society1 G04/26/2019
135876Why Chiropractic Works and What it Helps WithIowa State Society1.5 CG04/26/2019
136163Iowa Prescription Monitoring ProgramIA003 Des Moines2 AC04/16/2019
135855Birth Control MethodsIA008 Shoquoquon1 C04/16/2019
135761Rad News You Can UseIA004 Linn1 C04/10/2019
135738The Importance of Mammograms and Iowa LawIA003 Des Moines2 CG03/26/2019
135590Impact of a Pharmacist: Beyond the Medication PoliceIA004 Linn1 C03/13/2019
135439What's New with ImmunizationIA002 North Iowa1 ACG02/21/2019
135417Podiatry Overview and Wound TreatmentIA003 Des Moines1 AC02/16/2019
135358Patient Ediucation in the Prevention of Pediatric UTI and IncontinenceIA003 Des Moines2 C02/16/2019
135359Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic StimulationIA003 Des Moines1 AC02/16/2019
135354Sleep Hygiene: The Dos and Don'ts of Getting Your Best SleepIA004 Linn1 C02/13/2019
134831PAP TherapyIA002 North Iowa1 C01/21/2019
134745ShockIA004 Linn1 C12/12/2018
134615Nuclear Medicine: Unclear MedicineIA004 Linn1 C11/14/2018
134719The Magic of AnesthesiaIA008 Shoquoquon1 A11/13/2018
134591Think PinkIA002 North Iowa1 C11/05/2018
1344562018 North Iowa Trauma ConferenceMercy Medical Center - North Iowa6 C11/02/2018
134569Mercy Home Care and HospiceMercy Medical Center1 C11/01/2018
134383Fall 2018 CME ConferenceMercy Medical Center-Des Moines5 C10/27/2018
134533ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and TIC (trauma Informed Care)IA003 Des Moines2 C10/17/2018
134371Infectious Disease Update 2018IA003 Des Moines7 CG10/15/2018
1344682018 Fall SymposiumMercy Medical Center-Des Moines4 C10/06/2018
134382TAVR UpdateMercy Medical Center1 C10/04/2018
134367Melanoma Update: Staging, Prognosis, TreatmentMercy Medical Center - North Iowa1 C10/04/2018
134530Theragel Oral Coating and RinseIA008 Shoquoquon1 C09/30/2018
134319Utilizing Community Resources: Start to FinishIA006 Siouxland1 AG09/27/2018
134276Hereditary CancersIA003 Des Moines2 C09/25/2018
134307De-Escalation techniques for Challenging BehaviorsIA004 Linn1 G09/12/2018
134209Coding & Billing UpdateMercy Medical Center1 A09/06/2018


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136360Workplace Ergonomics as It Relates to Neck and Back Pain and Nonsurgical Treatment for Low Back PainKY013 Purchase Area2 CG07/15/2019
136269Medical Coding PracticeKY009 Madison1 A06/10/2019
136059Drug Dependence and the Reality of the Socioeconomic Impact Around the U.S.KY017 South Central Kentucky1 CG05/16/2019
135989Fever in Pediatric PatientsKentucky State Society1 CG04/28/2019
135988Spotting Anxiety in Children and Doing Something About ItKentucky State Society1 CG04/28/2019
135987Basics of CardiologyKentucky State Society1 C04/28/2019
135983Stroke Care and After Care for the Medical AssistantKentucky State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135986Knowledge BowlKentucky State Society2 ACG04/27/2019
135982First Aid for the Medical AssistantKentucky State Society1 C04/27/2019
135984The Pros and Cons of NARCANKentucky State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135985Oral Health is the Gateway to Overall HealthKentucky State Society1 CG04/27/2019
136028MACRA and the Quality Payment Program: The Shift Toward Value-Based CareKentucky State Society1 AG04/27/2019
135977Hepatitis A and the CommunityKentucky State Society1 CG04/26/2019
135978Emergency Preparedness for the Medical Office and the CommunityKentucky State Society1 G04/26/2019
135976Recovery Care for Women: What Ambulatory Care Needs to KnowKentucky State Society1 ACG04/26/2019
135979Pain Management with Stem CellsKentucky State Society1 CG04/26/2019
135980Scope of Practice: Medical Assistant Role and ResponsibilitiesKentucky State Society1 G04/26/2019
136174What is a Watchman Procedure?KY013 Purchase Area1 C04/22/2019
135460Sleep: The Basics for LifeKY017 South Central Kentucky1 C03/21/2019
135326Palliative Care ReimbursementKY017 South Central Kentucky1 A02/21/2019
134469The Hospitalist Program and DocumentationKY017 South Central Kentucky1 AG11/22/2018
134475Economic Barriers, to Evaluation and Management Services in KentuckyKY013 Purchase Area2 AG10/25/2018
134190Cancer Rehabilitation and Physical TherapyKentucky State Society2 C08/28/2018


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136487Tier Team-Based Care - Tier 2Maine CDC Chronic Disease Prevention and Control4 CG07/01/2019
136486Tier Team-Based Care - Tier 1Maine CDC Chronic Disease Prevention and Control3 CG07/01/2019
136157Rashes Seen in the Office SettingME002 Kennebec Valley2 C06/08/2019
136156Tick TalkME002 Kennebec Valley1 C06/08/2019
136192CLIAME002 Kennebec Valley1 AC06/08/2019
135911Heart of Maine: Oncology SymposiumME001 Penobscot6 CG04/27/2019
135759NutritionMaine State Society1 C04/20/2019
135757Skin Cancer PreventionMaine State Society1.5 C04/20/2019
135758The Important Role that Medical Assistants Play in the Behavioral Health Needs of PatientsMaine State Society1.5 CG04/20/2019
135760Care Coordination in the Patient-Centered Medical HomeMaine State Society1.5 AG04/20/2019
134733Fruit Basket Surprise!ME001 Penobscot1 ACG12/08/2018
134732Financial Navigation in Health CareME001 Penobscot1.5 A12/08/2018
134734Caring for the Care ProviderME001 Penobscot1.5 CG12/08/2018
134593Signs and Symptoms of PancreatitisME003 Southern Maine1 C11/08/2018
134594Care Co-ordinationME003 Southern Maine1 G11/08/2018
134592Alternative Treatment for AnxietyME003 Southern Maine1 C11/08/2018
134596Cartilage Replacement ProceduresME003 Southern Maine1 C11/08/2018
134595Home Health CareME003 Southern Maine1 AG11/08/2018
134543Navigating Challenging Personalities in the WorkplaceNorthern Light Health3 G11/07/2018
134567Oncology Nutrition Applications in SurvivorshipME001 Penobscot1 C10/27/2018
134490Nutrition Services for the Elder PopulationME001 Penobscot1 CG10/27/2018
134493PCMA Fall SeminarME001 Penobscot1.5 C10/27/2018
134542Resonant Leadership: The Importance of Emotional IntelligenceNorthern Light Health3 G10/23/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
134735Traumatic Brain Injury: Immediate and Subsequent CareMaryland State Society3 CG11/10/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
134761How to Navigate SNIFMA010 Worcester District1.5 A11/06/2019
136240Obesity Medicine: Non-Surgical Guide to Weight LossMassachusetts State Society1.5 CG10/19/2019
136242Healing Song: The Power of Music to Restore the BrainMassachusetts State Society1.5 G10/19/2019
136239Health and Wellness Guide to Health, Fitness, and NutritionMassachusetts State Society1.5 CG10/19/2019
136241Antimicrobial Resistance: A Growing Global Health ThreatMassachusetts State Society1.5 CG10/19/2019
136420Blood Pressure Assessment and TreatmentMA005 Hampden District1 CG09/28/2019
136421Workers' Compensation in Health Care SystemsMA005 Hampden District1 AG09/28/2019
136422"The Changes Going On - and YOU'RE Part of It."MA005 Hampden District1 G09/28/2019
136294Turner's SyndromeMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 CG09/11/2019
136318Hemophilia 101MA010 Worcester District1.5 C09/04/2019
136462Psychiatric Mental Health PotpourriMA005 Hampden District1 CG08/22/2019
136371Measles Action PlanMA005 Hampden District1 CG08/08/2019
136369Birth Control Options and Side EffectsMA005 Hampden District1 CG08/06/2019
136370Medical Emergencies in the WorkplaceMA005 Hampden District1 CG08/01/2019
136368Screening for Sexually Transmitted IllnessMA005 Hampden District1 CG07/31/2019
136332Radiology ReviewMA005 Hampden District1 CG07/16/2019
136272Specimen Collection and Laboratory ScienceMA005 Hampden District1 CG06/19/2019
136271Health Insurance 101MA005 Hampden District1 AG06/13/2019
1360492019 Lowell Medical Assistant Day InstituteMiddlesex Community College4.5 CG06/08/2019
136238NutritionMA005 Hampden District1 CG06/04/2019
134810Yoga Is AgelessMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 CG05/08/2019
135311Medical Assistant and Nursing CommunicationMassachusetts State Society1.5 G04/27/2019
135312Legal and Ethical PracticeMassachusetts State Society1.5 AG04/27/2019
136034HemophiliaMassachusetts State Society1.5 CG04/27/2019
135903Wound CareMA005 Hampden District1 C04/23/2019
134809Patient SafetyMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 CG04/10/2019
135462Respiratory Therapy for Medical AssistantsMA010 Worcester District5 AC03/23/2019
135580Concussions: Recognition and ManagementMA005 Hampden District1 C03/19/2019
135538Referral Tracking and ProcessMA005 Hampden District1 AG03/16/2019
135403Celiac Disease – Symptoms, Testing and TreatmentMA005 Hampden District1 C03/16/2019
135404So, You Have Been Assigned to a Team: Roles, Responsibilities, and ObligationsMA005 Hampden District1 G03/16/2019
134808The Medical Assistant and the Geriatric PatientMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 CG03/13/2019
134862Advancements in Infant & Pediatric NutritionMA010 Worcester District1.5 C02/07/2019
134760Managing Home Health CareMA010 Worcester District1.5 AG01/09/2019
134834MeningitisMA005 Hampden District1 C01/09/2019
134832Common Labs in Primary CareMA005 Hampden District1 C01/09/2019
134833Pediatric Communication and AssessmentMA005 Hampden District1 C01/09/2019
132878Irritable Bowel SyndromeMA010 Worcester District1 C12/05/2018
134110Obesity/Metabolic SyndromeMA010 Worcester District1 C11/07/2018
134630Healthcare Maintenance Quality for PatientsMA005 Hampden District1 CG11/03/2018
134631Bloodborne Exposures, Needlestick and Sharps Injuries - Prevention and TreatmentMA005 Hampden District1 CG11/03/2018
134632Epidemic of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Metabolic SyndromeMA005 Hampden District1 C11/03/2018
134479Phlebotomy: The Role of the Medical AssistantMassachusetts State Society1.5 C10/13/2018
134477Performing Safe Ear IrrigationsMassachusetts State Society1.5 C10/13/2018
134478The NCBI Coalition BuildingMassachusetts State Society2.5 G10/13/2018
134419Healing Song: The Power of Music to Restore the BrainMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 C10/10/2018
134112Top 10 Foods To Detoxify Your BodyMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 C09/12/2018
134120Top 10 Foods to Detoxify Your BodyMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 C09/12/2018
132844Risk Management: Communication, Documentation, and Scope of MA PracticeMA010 Worcester District1 AG09/05/2018
134176Medical Assistant Day Institute 2018Middlesex Community College4 CG08/25/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136474Practitioner's Guide on Health Care Fraud and Drug DivisionMI030 Southwest2 AG08/10/2019
136475Medicare OutlookMI030 Southwest1 A08/10/2019
136476Controlled Substance Laws in Michigan and Community PharmacyMI030 Southwest1 CG08/10/2019
136477True ColorsMI030 Southwest1 G08/10/2019
136287Prior Authorizations for MedicationsMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 A06/19/2019
134378TelemedicineMI022 Macomb1 AG05/21/2019
136186Pediatric Preventive Care CodingMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 A05/18/2019
136185Understanding Hospice ServicesMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 ACG05/18/2019
136188Paul's Top 10 Tips for Great Customer ServiceMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 G05/18/2019
136187Medical Examination Process for Victim/Accused Cases of Sexual AssaultMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 CG05/18/2019
136148Avoid the Burnout: How to Avoid the Stress in a Patient Care SettingMI009 Jackson1 CG05/16/2019
136237Medical MarijuanaMI024 Sunrise Side1 CG05/11/2019
135875ReikiMI019 Wayne County1 G05/09/2019
136244The Basics of a CBCMI021 Greater Wexford1 C05/01/2019
135961Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: The ABC ModelMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 CG04/28/2019
135958Active ShooterMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 G04/27/2019
135959OB/GYN JeopardyMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 C04/27/2019
135960Networking and Hiring the Right Person for the JobMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 G04/27/2019
135957New Advances in Mammography'sMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C04/25/2019
136076Pharmacists, Narcs, and SuchMI009 Jackson1 ACG04/18/2019
135890Addiction Recovery HomesMI015 Oakland1 AG04/17/2019
135392Autism AwarenessMI022 Macomb1 C04/16/2019
136222Intradermal InjectionsMI019 Wayne County1 C04/11/2019
135501Patients: From the Outside Looking InMI004 Northwest Michigan1 G04/06/2019
135503Diabetes UpdateMI004 Northwest Michigan1 C04/06/2019
135504Preventing Alcohol-Exposed PregnanciesMI004 Northwest Michigan2 CG04/06/2019
135502Opioid UseMI004 Northwest Michigan1 ACG04/06/2019
135505Iron Deficiency in Pediatric PatientsMI004 Northwest Michigan1 C04/06/2019
135315Medical Examination Process for Victim/Accused Cases of Sexual AssaultMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 C03/27/2019
135666Communication Strategies for the Ambulatory Care SettingMI009 Jackson1.5 CG03/21/2019
135608Cancer 101MI022 Macomb1 C03/18/2019
135586Adverse Childhood ExperiencesMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG03/16/2019
135589All You Ever Wanted to Know About Medical Abortion Part 2MI021 Greater Wexford2 C03/16/2019
135587Medical Marijuana, Just Step 1 to Recreational MarijuanaMI021 Greater Wexford1 G03/16/2019
135588All You Ever Wanted to Know About Medical Abortion Part 1MI021 Greater Wexford2 C03/16/2019
135583Perinatal and Infant LossMI019 Wayne County1 C03/14/2019
135555Public Health, Medical Ethics, and Vaccine Waivers for Vaccine Preventable DiseasesMI024 Sunrise Side1 CG03/09/2019
135562Fracture or Sprain: Recognizing the Signs and TreatmentsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C03/07/2019
135467Men's HealthMI026 Shiawassee1 C03/02/2019
135258Preparing Healthcare Professionals for an Increasingly Violent WorkplaceMI026 Shiawassee1 G03/02/2019
135259Coding Updates for 2019MI026 Shiawassee2 A03/02/2019
135427Advanced Care Planning: Five Wishes and DPOAMI026 Shiawassee1 AG03/02/2019
135464Insulin Pump Therapy and Continuous Glucose Monitoring SystemsMI026 Shiawassee1 C03/02/2019
135422Communicating the MA Scope of Practice and Standard of CareMI009 Jackson1 CG02/21/2019
134174Speak Up for Speech TherapyMI022 Macomb1 C02/19/2019
135352Principals and Practice of Radiation OncologyMI026 Shiawassee1 C02/13/2019
135323Therapeutic NutritionMI024 Sunrise Side1 C02/09/2019
135252Achieving BalanceMI015 Oakland1 G01/23/2019
134856Health Literacy and Its Effect On Patient OutcomesMI025 Greater Kent County1 CG01/19/2019
134794Modern Concept of Regenerative MedicineMI019 Wayne County1 C01/19/2019
134795Handling Lab Specimens AppropriatelyMI019 Wayne County1 C01/19/2019
134182How Healthy are You?MI022 Macomb1 C01/15/2019
134723Community ParamedicineMI024 Sunrise Side1 CG01/12/2019
135248Audiology: Hearing Loss and DementiaMI026 Shiawassee1 C01/09/2019
134320What Language Does Your Patient Hurt In?MI022 Macomb1 C12/11/2018
134755Embracing Diversity and Creating Health EquityWest Michigan Cancer Center1 G12/07/2018
134718Giving Immunizations: Vaccine Administration and Pain ManagementMI009 Jackson1 C12/06/2018
134811American Sign LanguageMI022 Macomb1 G12/01/2018
134606Implicit Bias in the Work PlaceMI022 Macomb1 G11/20/2018
134720Child Abuse Recognition and ReportingMiKids Pediatrics1 AG11/17/2018
132673Recognizing Pediatric EmergenciesMiKids Pediatrics1 C11/17/2018
134716Updates in 2018/2019 ICD-!0 and CPT CodesMI030 Southwest2 A11/15/2018
134756Burnout in Healthcare and How to Avoid ItMI026 Shiawassee1 G11/14/2018
134715VaccinesMI015 Oakland1 C11/14/2018
134781Scope of Practice - Michigan (Oakland Chapter)MI015 Oakland1 G11/10/2018
134696Surgical Breast Cancer CareMI021 Greater Wexford1 C11/10/2018
134698Come as you are, Lets start thereMI021 Greater Wexford1 G11/10/2018
134695LBGTIQ and Relationship ViolenceMI021 Greater Wexford1 G11/10/2018
134697Workplace DiversityMI021 Greater Wexford1 G11/10/2018
134588A Systems Approach for the Recognition, Identification, and Communication of Information Regarding aMI024 Sunrise Side1 CG11/10/2018
134684Anatomical DonationMI019 Wayne County1 AG11/08/2018
134482Long Term Side Effects of Radiation TherapyWest Michigan Cancer Center1 C11/02/2018
134619Opioid Dependency: Presentation, Diagnosis and TreatmentMI009 Jackson1 C10/27/2018
134624A Treatment Court Judge’s Perspective on Criminal Defendants and Substance UseMI009 Jackson1 G10/27/2018
134621Overview of Chronic Hepatitis CMI009 Jackson1 C10/27/2018
134622Opiate AwarenessMI009 Jackson1 C10/27/2018
134623Understanding the Opioid EpidemicMI009 Jackson1 G10/27/2018
134620Illegal Narcotics in the Jackson CommunityMI009 Jackson1 G10/27/2018
134638How to Implement Natural Health Alternatives in the OfficeMI030 Southwest1 C10/25/2018
134458Human Trafficking at the Intersection of HealthcareMacomb Community College1.5 CG10/23/2018
134471Hazardous MedicationsMI025 Greater Kent County1 C10/20/2018
134548Peripheral Vascular DiseaseMI031 Allegan1 G10/17/2018
134296Beauty is More than Skin DeepMI022 Macomb1 C10/16/2018
134481Tumor Lysis SyndromeWest Michigan Cancer Center1 C10/12/2018
134501Fire Safety and PreventionMI019 Wayne County1 G10/11/2018
134415AsthmaMI015 Oakland1 C10/10/2018
134707InfluenzaMI026 Shiawassee1 C10/10/2018
134489Detroit Opioid Prevention CollaborativeMI032 Greater Detroit1 G10/04/2018
134474Venous Ulcers/Wound CareMI021 Greater Wexford1 C10/02/2018
134130HypnosisMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG09/28/2018
134343Emergency MedicineMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C09/28/2018
134127Excel SoftwareMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 A09/28/2018
134128Google Drive Features and BenefitsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 A09/28/2018
134129Communication In the Workplace: Tips for Success and EfficiencyMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 G09/28/2018
134131Rustic First AidMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C09/28/2018
134344Addiction and Medication-Assisted TreatmentMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 C09/28/2018
134345Birth Control Options With MA AssistanceMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C09/28/2018
134346Physical TherapyMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG09/28/2018
134347Communication In the Workplace: Tips for Success and EfficiencyMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 G09/28/2018
134348Google Drive Features and BenefitsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 A09/28/2018
134126Huron Undercover Narcotics TeamMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 G09/28/2018
134424Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program (MSMA Journal)Michigan Society of Medical Assistants1 A09/24/2018
134359Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS): Information & ChangesMI009 Jackson1 A09/20/2018
134328Understanding the Growth and Transmission of LegionellosisMI025 Greater Kent County1 C09/15/2018
134327Coding For Medical AssistantsMI019 Wayne County1 A09/13/2018
134221Population Health ManagementMI026 Shiawassee1 G09/12/2018
134285Doulas in the Birth Room SettingMI015 Oakland1 CG09/12/2018
134323Medical MarijuanaWest Michigan Cancer Center1 C09/07/2018
134189Mercy Health Hauenstein Neuroscience Annual Symposium 2018Mercy Health Hauenstein Neurosciences7.5 CG09/07/2018
134508Recognizing Symptoms of DepressionMI032 Greater Detroit1 CG09/06/2018
134294Health Department Updates - Reproductive/Sexual HealthMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG09/05/2018
134196How to Prevent Burn OutMI030 Southwest1 G08/25/2018
134195Herpes ZosterMI030 Southwest1 C08/25/2018
134197Health Benefits of MassageMI030 Southwest1 G08/25/2018
134198Vaccine Management: Storage and HandlingMI030 Southwest1 C08/25/2018
134199Health Literacy and the Effect On Patient OutcomesMI030 Southwest1 CG08/25/2018
134191The Importance of Healthy Relationships in the Medical OfficeMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 G08/22/2018
134251Human Trafficking Awareness for Healthcare: W.A.R. on SlaveryMichigan Public Health Institute1.5 CG08/20/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136467Sexual Harassment and Workplace ViolenceMN002 South Suburban1 AG10/05/2019
136471Managing Clients with Cognitive Impairment in the Clinic SettingMN002 South Suburban1 CG10/05/2019
136469NeuroplasticityMN002 South Suburban1.5 CG10/05/2019
136472Transgender HealthcareMN002 South Suburban1 CG10/05/2019
136468Screening for Gynecologic CancerMN002 South Suburban1 CG10/05/2019
136470Durable Medical EquipmentMN002 South Suburban1 CG10/05/2019
135951Native American Health Concerns and the History of Their Treatment by State and Federal GovernmentsMinnesota State Society1 CG05/05/2019
135952Interesting Cases in Primary CareMinnesota State Society1 CG05/05/2019
135950QA/QC in the LaboratoryMinnesota State Society1.5 AC05/05/2019
135944Meningitis SurvivorMinnesota State Society1 CG05/04/2019
135945Rejuvenate You: Mind, Body, SoulMinnesota State Society1.5 G05/04/2019
135946Emotions: The Code to Change Your LifeMinnesota State Society1 G05/04/2019
135947AIDET TrainingMinnesota State Society1 G05/04/2019
135948Orthotics/Prosthetics: Proper FittingMinnesota State Society1.5 C05/04/2019
135949Surviving CancerMinnesota State Society1 CG05/04/2019
135241Internet Safety and AwarenessMinnesota State Society1 G02/09/2019
134777Preceptor Essentials: SEMNMayo Clinic Health System - Austin6.5 G01/01/2019
134388The One and Only: Injection SafetyMinnesota State Society1 CG10/13/2018
134389Honey I Have a HeadacheMinnesota State Society1 CG10/13/2018
134387Quality ImprovementMinnesota State Society1.5 AG10/13/2018
134393ConcussionsMinnesota State Society1 C10/13/2018
134394Health Care DirectivesMinnesota State Society1 CG10/13/2018
1343915 Keys to Wellness /The CANES TalkMinnesota State Society1.5 G10/13/2018


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136346Medical Excellence and Creating a Five-Star Patient ExperienceMO013 Springfield1 G07/18/2019
136048Knowledge BowlMO013 Springfield1 AG05/14/2019
135925Understanding Missouri Worker’s Compensation SystemMissouri State Society1.5 AC04/26/2019
135926Diversity and BiasMissouri State Society1.5 G04/26/2019
135927Techniques for Dealing with Pesky, Annoying or Frustrating Office SituationsMissouri State Society1.5 G04/26/2019
135929Current Immunization Trends for Adults and ChildrenMissouri State Society1.5 CG04/26/2019
135928My 10+ Year Journey with PancreatitisMissouri State Society1.5 CG04/26/2019
135334Concussion: Is It Giving You a Headache?St. Luke's College of Health Sciences1 C02/05/2019
134188Trauma Informed CareSt. Luke's College of Health Sciences1 CG09/12/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135616Healthcare Disparities Experienced by LGBTQ CommunitiesMontana State Society1 G04/14/2019
135617GI DisordersMontana State Society1 C04/14/2019
135615Exercise as MedicineMontana State Society1 C04/14/2019
135612Essential Oils in HealthcareMontana State Society1 CG04/13/2019
135613Medicare 101 for Medical ProfessionalsMontana State Society1 A04/13/2019
135610Hearing LossMontana State Society1 CG04/13/2019
135609DepressionMontana State Society1 CG04/13/2019
135611Phishing - CybersecurityMontana State Society1 A04/13/2019
135614Stem Cell: Regenerative and Restorative MedicineMontana State Society1 C04/13/2019
135368Pharmacology and How It Pertains to Medical AssistantsFlathead Community Health Center1 C02/16/2019
135364Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): What to Look ForFlathead Community Health Center1 C02/16/2019
135366Medical AstheticsFlathead Community Health Center1 C02/16/2019
135363Osteopathic Manipulative TherapyFlathead Community Health Center1 C02/16/2019
135365Women's Health ConditionsFlathead Community Health Center1 C02/16/2019
135367Body Mechanics and Ergonomics for Medical AssistanceFlathead Community Health Center1 G02/16/2019


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135541Teamwork Means EverybodyNebraska State Society1.5 AG04/27/2019
135542Diabetes PreventionNebraska State Society1 C04/27/2019
135539Virtual Dementia TourNebraska State Society1.5 AC04/27/2019
135540Out Of The Shadows: Human Trafficking AwarenessNebraska State Society2 AG04/27/2019
135532Hospice in the Community and How to Identify a Hospice PatientNebraska State Society2 AG04/26/2019
135533Organ and Tissue Donation: A Story of Courage and Kindness and Your Role in Giving HopeNebraska State Society2 AG04/26/2019
135534Self-DefenseNebraska State Society1.5 G04/26/2019
135633Physical Therapy Helping After an Injury and To Prevent Injury With Good Body MechanicsNE002 Lincoln1.5 C03/18/2019
135325Scope of Practice - Nebraska 2019Nebraska State Society1 G02/05/2019
134830Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opiate Use DisorderNE002 Lincoln1.5 C01/14/2019
134730Overview of MACRA and Healthcare Landscape ChangesNE002 Lincoln1.5 AG12/10/2018
134555Medical Decision Making and Patient Care DirectivesNebraska Methodist College3 C11/02/2018
134611Oncology Grand Rounds: New Staging for Oropharyngeal CancerNebraska Methodist College1 C10/31/2018
134263The Health Safety NetNE002 Lincoln1.5 G09/24/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
134514Protecting your patients through HIPAARenown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 A10/20/2018
134513To Screen or Not to Screen - That is the QuestionRenown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 C10/20/2018
134516Who Heals the Healers?Renown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 CG10/20/2018
134515Infection Prevention; It’s in Your HandsRenown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 C10/20/2018
134517Transformational Health Care Before NoonRenown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 G10/20/2018
134518Let’s Talk About Sex - ChavezRenown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 ACG10/20/2018
134519Let’s Talk About Sex- CarsonRenown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 ACG10/20/2018
134520Strategies for Responding to Vaccine-Hesitant Patients and ParentsRenown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 C10/20/2018
134521Overview of the Most Common Rheumatic DiseasesRenown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 C10/20/2018
134522Panel session: HIPAA, Patient Grievances, and Grievance ReportingRenown Medical Group – Oncology/Hematology1 AG10/20/2018

New Hampshire

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136365Sleep Deprivation: Prioritizing Sleep to Help Maximize Your Own HealthNew Hampshire State Society1 CG08/10/2019
136366Psychiatric EmergenciesNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG08/10/2019
136367How One Hospital Offers Aromatherapy in Both Inpatient and Outpatient SettingsNew Hampshire State Society1 CG08/10/2019
136193Clinical Concepts and Current Treatment of Low Back PainNew Hampshire State Society1 C06/08/2019
136058Assessing Tobacco Use in Clinical Practice: Team Approach to Coordinating and Improving Patient CareNew Hampshire State Society1 CG06/08/2019
136057Breast Cancer Surgery Overview: From Techniques to SurvivorshipNew Hampshire State Society1 C06/08/2019
135764Kidney StonesNew Hampshire State Society1 C04/06/2019
135765PTSD: Recognizing Signs in Your PatientsNew Hampshire State Society1.5 CG04/06/2019
135767MA Pub TriviaNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG04/06/2019
135770Medications, Injectables and Insulin for People with DiabetesNew Hampshire State Society1.5 AC04/06/2019
135768The Complexities of Prior AuthorizationsNew Hampshire State Society1 A04/06/2019
135771Colorectal Cancer (CRC) ScreeningNew Hampshire State Society1 C04/06/2019
135762Antimicrobial Stewardship and the Important Role Medical Assistants PlayNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG04/06/2019
135763Lessons Learned from My Own Emergency: How Public Safety Professionals Can Better Prepare CiviliansNew Hampshire State Society1 G04/05/2019
135565Introduction to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: The Medical Assistant’s RoleNew Hampshire State Society2 CG04/05/2019
135769Advance Care Planning for Medical AssistantsNew Hampshire State Society2 G04/05/2019
135766COPDNew Hampshire State Society1 CG04/05/2019
135361Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Opioid Dependence and Abuse in the Primary Care SettingNew Hampshire State Society1 C02/16/2019
135360Dementia and Delirium: How are They Different and Why Does It Matter?New Hampshire State Society1 C02/16/2019
135362Health Care Disparities Among the LGBTQ Community: Creating an Inclusive EnvironmentNew Hampshire State Society1 CG02/16/2019
134759Scope of Practice - VermontNew Hampshire State Society1 G12/01/2018
134616Stamp Out the ANTSNew Hampshire State Society1 G11/10/2018
134654Vaping Unveiled: What Everyone Should KnowNew Hampshire State Society1 G11/10/2018
134662Know the Point (in performing Point of Care Testing)New Hampshire State Society1 AC11/10/2018
134154Integrative Medicine and the Medical Assistant's RoleNew Hampshire State Society1.5 CG10/17/2018
134337Impact of Stigma for People with Substance Use DisordersNew Hampshire State Society1.5 C10/13/2018
134373Understanding and Applying Breathing Techniques in Patient CareNew Hampshire State Society1.5 C10/13/2018
134338Co-Production of Patient Care: How We All Fit TogetherNew Hampshire State Society1 G10/13/2018
134368The A,B,C's and D' of Medicare Oxygen & CMNsNew Hampshire State Society1.5 AC10/13/2018

New Jersey

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135962Radiation Oncology: Halcyon, The New System for Image-Guided Cancer TreatmentsNew Jersey State Society1.5 AC05/04/2019
135963Home Instead Senior CareNew Jersey State Society1.5 ACG05/04/2019
135965Employment Law and Employee RelationsNew Jersey State Society1.5 AG05/04/2019
135964Honor YogaNew Jersey State Society1.5 G05/04/2019
135966Vaping: What are the Risks?New Jersey State Society1.5 CG05/04/2019
134680Organ DonationNew Jersey State Society1.5 G11/10/2018
134682Gender Reassignment SurgeryNew Jersey State Society1.5 C11/10/2018
134679Insurance Fraud of All KindsNew Jersey State Society1.5 A11/10/2018
134681Why Acupuncture?New Jersey State Society1.5 C11/10/2018
134683The Transgender Patient: Issues, Considerations, and CounselingNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG11/10/2018

New Mexico

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135515Coding for Psychiatric Care: CPT and ICD-10-CMNew Mexico State Society2 A03/10/2019
135511Positive PsychologyNew Mexico State Society2 CG03/09/2019
135513Health Care Integration and ChangeNew Mexico State Society2 G03/09/2019
135514Recognizing Signs of Mental IllnessNew Mexico State Society2 C03/09/2019
135508Pediatric ChiropracticsNew Mexico State Society2 C03/08/2019
135510Types of AnemiaNew Mexico State Society2 C03/08/2019

New York

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136105Dangers of Diabetes: Common Sense HelpsNY004 Erie1 CG05/21/2019
136140Increasing Blood Flow with ElectroceuticalsNY008 Monroe1 CG05/18/2019
136142Engaging in Difficult Conversations and Addressing MicroaggressionsNY008 Monroe1 G05/18/2019
136141Homeopathy: Layman's Medicine for the 21st CenturyNY008 Monroe1 CG05/18/2019
135647Ask the Carriers 2019NY013 Onondaga5 A05/09/2019
135908Rheumatology diseases and treatmentsNY009 Nassau2 C05/02/2019
135939Plantar FascitisNY009 Nassau2 C05/02/2019
135781Defining Yourself and Standing out in a Sea of Medical ProfessionalsNew York State Society1 G04/11/2019
135783The Dangers of Sugar: What You Don't Know Could Kill YouNew York State Society1 C04/11/2019
135785Understanding Lewy Body DementiaNew York State Society1 AC04/11/2019
135780Emergency Preparedness for the Medical Assistant: What Do We Need to Know and How Do We Fit InNew York State Society1 G04/11/2019
135782Migraines: Understanding Migraines, Approach to the Migraine Patient and TreatmentNew York State Society1 C04/11/2019
135784What Your Patients Are Saying but Not Saying: A Look at Nonverbal CommunicationNew York State Society1.5 G04/11/2019
135777Medical Cannabis: Let's Start with the BasicsNew York State Society1 CG04/11/2019
135778Cost Saving Measures in Medical PracticesNew York State Society1 A04/11/2019
135779Substance Abuse 101: Trends You Need to Know that are Impacting Teens and AdultsNew York State Society1.5 CG04/11/2019
135918From Med-Wreck to Med Rec: Understanding and Improving Medication ReconciliationNew York State Society1 C04/11/2019
135803How to Make a Difference in Value-Based HealthcareNew York State Society1.5 AG04/11/2019
135786PolymedicationNew York State Society1 C04/11/2019
135719The Fresh Aesthetic Look with Laser Hair 101NY009 Nassau2 C04/04/2019
135453How a Long Forgotten Virus Could Help us Solve the Antibiotic CrisisNY013 Onondaga1.5 C02/27/2019
135423Hospice Medicare BenefitsNY004 Erie1 AG02/19/2019
134807Lifelike Simulations That Make Real Life Surgery SaferNY013 Onondaga1.5 C12/18/2018
134758DiabetesNY004 Erie1 C11/20/2018
134688Rochester RHIONY008 Monroe1 AG11/10/2018
134689How to Provide Bereavement SupportNY008 Monroe1 G11/10/2018
134690Impact of Trauma on Children and FamiliesNY008 Monroe1 CG11/10/2018
134617What do you know about the silent killer, called Ovarian Cancer?NY013 Onondaga1.5 C10/30/2018
134585Lose the Sugar - You're Sweet EnoughNY004 Erie1 C10/20/2018
134586Sleep Apnea and CPAP TherapyNY004 Erie1 C10/20/2018
134584An Overview of Postpartum Mental Health ConcernsNY004 Erie1 C10/20/2018
134587Medicare: MIPS and MACRANY004 Erie1 A10/20/2018
134376The Grieving ProcessNew York State Society1 G10/06/2018
134375Active Shooters, Violent Intruders, Mass Shooting, Self Defense and MoreNew York State Society2 G10/06/2018
134435Children's CharityNY013 Onondaga1.5 G09/27/2018
134306Understanding Alzheimer's and DementiaNY004 Erie1 C09/18/2018

North Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136430Safe HarborNC013 Catawba1 AG12/10/2019
136424How to Advocate for Patients Diagnosed with CancerNC013 Catawba1 CG10/22/2019
136357Meaningful Use RoundtableNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 A10/15/2019
136345Providing Quality Care to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Patients: Introduction for StaffNC008 Greensboro1 G10/08/2019
136267CPRNC013 Catawba4 C09/24/2019
136444Basic Patient PositioningRelias LLC1 C08/30/2019
136446Pharmacology for Medical AssistantsRelias LLC1 C08/30/2019
136429Basics of Heart FailureNC013 Catawba1 CG08/27/2019
136445Mind Your Manners... MulticulturallyRelias LLC1 G08/25/2019
136348Prior Authorizations: Terminology, Documentation, and CommunicationNorth Carolina State Society1 AG08/24/2019
136349What Medical Assistants Need to Know About PhlebotomyNorth Carolina State Society1 C08/24/2019
136347Professional Ethics and ConfidentialityNorth Carolina State Society1 AG08/24/2019
136419Navigating the Cancer PatientNC021 Haywood1 AG08/20/2019
136396Allergy TestingNC041 Surry1 AC08/20/2019
136356Immune FunctionNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C08/20/2019
136321Integrated Behavioral Health Care in the Primary Care SettingNC008 Greensboro1 CG08/13/2019
136455The What and How To Obtaining Resources for Your Pediatric PatientNC011 Union1 ACG08/13/2019
136485Simulated EHR: Preparing Students for the WorkplaceNC051 Alamance1 A08/13/2019
136465Respiratory & Phototherapy ManagementNC002 Burke1 CG08/13/2019
136416Anatomy and Administrative BingoNC052 Lexington1 AC08/10/2019
136412Fire Safety in the Workplace and the HomeNC052 Lexington1 G08/10/2019
136413What Next? How PT Works After the Visits Stop and the Role You PlayNC052 Lexington1 G08/10/2019
136414DementiaNC052 Lexington1 CG08/10/2019
136415Bring Back Natural into HealthcareNC052 Lexington1 G08/10/2019
136463Trauma-Informed Screening and AssessmentNC010 Wilmington6.0 ACG08/08/2019
136439Point of Service Lab Testing in Physican OfficeNC026 Albemarle1 C08/01/2019
136447Violence and FamiliesRelias LLC2 AG08/01/2019
136448Health Literacy and Discharge Education: I Didn’t Understand!Relias LLC1 AG08/01/2019
136449Fall Prevention for Older AdultsRelias LLC1 CG08/01/2019
136450Up-to-Date on Asthma in Adults: The Current GuidelinesRelias LLC1 C08/01/2019
136451Staying Cool Under FireRelias LLC1 G08/01/2019
136452Promoting a Culture of Safety to Prevent Medical ErrorsRelias LLC1 G08/01/2019
136454Healthcare FraudRelias LLC1 AG08/01/2019
136453Interprofessional Education and Teamwork: What? When? How?Relias LLC1 G08/01/2019
136268StrokeNC013 Catawba1 CG07/23/2019
136382Infection ControlNC003 Cabarrus2 C07/23/2019
136355Endometriosis: Updates and ControversiesNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C07/16/2019
136399Mindful Yoga for CancerNC021 Haywood1 CG07/16/2019
136425Community ResourcesNC047 Gaston1 AG07/16/2019
136328DementiaNC041 Surry1 ACG07/16/2019
136338Toe DeformitiesNC026 Albemarle1 C07/11/2019
136184Autism AwarenessNC008 Greensboro1 CG07/09/2019
136341Healthcare LiteracyNC017 High Point1 ACG07/08/2019
136270Preventing Falls in Our SeniorsNC013 Catawba1 CG06/30/2019
136312Low VisionNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 ACG06/18/2019
136246Customer Service in the Medical OfficeNC021 Haywood1 G06/18/2019
136290Dieting with DiabetesNC041 Surry1 AC06/18/2019
136326Opioid Safe GastonNC047 Gaston1.5 ACG06/18/2019
136280Effective CommunicationNC037 Nash1 G06/11/2019
136183Human and Animal Bites in Outpatient CareNC008 Greensboro1 C06/11/2019
136264Struggles During ClinicalsNC052 Lexington1 G06/11/2019
136197How To Be a Better Employee LeaderNC002 Burke1 G06/11/2019
136225Secret Life Of NarcolepsyNC026 Albemarle1 CG06/06/2019
136209Becoming a Better PhlebotomistNC011 Union1 CG05/30/2019
136335The Sacroiliac JointNC013 Catawba1 C05/28/2019
136191Psychiatry: Why Are You Feeling This Way?NC010 Wilmington1.5 C05/28/2019
136152Obesity and HealthNC003 Cabarrus1 CG05/28/2019
136168Body Language Matters in Patient CareNC003 Cabarrus1 G05/28/2019
136202Ronald McDonald House of Winston-SalemNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G05/21/2019
136033TelehealthNC041 Surry1 AG05/21/2019
136205The Ins and Outs of Office CodingNC047 Gaston1 A05/21/2019
136473Working in PulmonologyNC037 Nash1 C05/14/2019
136106Health Effects of Sleep Deprivation and How to Prioritize SleepNC008 Greensboro1 CG05/14/2019
136101Customer Service: What Are You Saying or Not Saying to Your Patients?NC002 Burke1 G05/14/2019
136155OSHANC017 High Point1 G05/13/2019
136154Improved Technology for DiabeticsNC018 Lenoir1 C05/07/2019
136054Medicaid UpdatesNC021 Haywood1 A05/04/2019
136055Equinox RanchNC021 Haywood1 CG05/04/2019
136051Full Circle RecoveryNC021 Haywood2 CG05/04/2019
136052Sleep ApneaNC021 Haywood1 CG05/04/2019
136053Cyber SecurityNC021 Haywood1 AG05/04/2019
136035Professionalism and PatientsNC026 Albemarle1 G05/02/2019
135832Pre and Post Medical Management of Liver and Kidney Transplant PatientsNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/28/2019
135833Are You Using Humor Appropriately in the Workplace?North Carolina State Society1 G04/28/2019
135828Domestic Violence: Effects of Trauma on Healthy RelationshipsNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135830Opioid Use and AbuseNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135827Communicating for Mutual SuccessNorth Carolina State Society1 G04/27/2019
135831Scribing: Add to Your Skill SetsNorth Carolina State Society1 AG04/27/2019
135829Recognizing and Responding to Victims of Human Trafficking for the Healthcare ProfessionalNorth Carolina State Society2 AG04/27/2019
135823Importance of Tumor Markers and Molecular ScoresNorth Carolina State Society1 C04/26/2019
135825Communication and Collaboration in HealthcareNorth Carolina State Society1 G04/26/2019
135821What Do You Know About Office Radiology?North Carolina State Society1 CG04/26/2019
135822Hereditary Cancer Syndromes: Why TestNorth Carolina State Society1 AC04/26/2019
135824ProfessionalismNorth Carolina State Society1 G04/26/2019
135826Knowledge BowlNorth Carolina State Society2 ACG04/26/2019
135975MENOPAUSE: WHAT'S UP DOWN THERE?NC010 Wilmington1.5 C04/23/2019
135922EHR: Right or Wrong?NC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 A04/16/2019
136243Importance of Medication Management with SeniorsNC013 Catawba1 ACG04/16/2019
135972Medication Options for DiabetesNC047 Gaston1 C04/16/2019
135773What Do You Know?NC041 Surry1 ACG04/16/2019
135436Communicable DiseasesNC021 Haywood1 AG04/16/2019
135789Cranial Banding: How and WhyNC011 Union1 C04/13/2019
135791Early Identification of Patients in Need of Rehab ServiceNC011 Union1 ACG04/13/2019
135790Test Your Knowledge BowlNC011 Union1.5 ACG04/13/2019
135792EMR: The Role It Plays in Healthcare TodayNC011 Union1.5 A04/13/2019
135804What to do When Lecture Does Not Work!North Carolina State Society1 G04/12/2019
135857Professional Accountability and DevelopmentNC002 Burke1 G04/09/2019
135805Prior AuthorizationNC008 Greensboro1 A04/09/2019
135788Social Determinants of HealthNC052 Lexington1 AG04/09/2019
135854Prior AuthorizationsNC017 High Point1 AG04/08/2019
135772Surviving Sepsis: Sepsis 101NC026 Albemarle1 C04/04/2019
136046Autism Recognition and ResourcesNC018 Lenoir1 AC04/02/2019
135736Heart HealthyNC013 Catawba1 C03/26/2019
135737Introduction to Hospice ServicesNC003 Cabarrus1 C03/26/2019
135739Ask the Shrink: A Focused Discussion of Self-Care While Providing Patient CareNC003 Cabarrus1 C03/26/2019
135342Meaningful Use and Why So Many Offices Are DifferentNC041 Surry1 A03/19/2019
135435Elder AbuseNC021 Haywood1 C03/19/2019
135418Memory Care: Much More Than MedicineNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C03/19/2019
135634Diabetes: How To Treat, When To Treat, and the MechanismNC047 Gaston1 C03/19/2019
135560Colon Cancer Screening, Chrohn's Disease, and ColitisNC008 Greensboro1 C03/12/2019
135561The Diverse Roles of a Geriatrician Within a CommunityNC002 Burke1 CG03/12/2019
135559Sudden Sensorineural Hearing LossNC052 Lexington1 C03/12/2019
135554Personal Presence: It Matters!North Carolina State Society1 G03/12/2019
135557What Does Wholly Well MeanNC017 High Point1 G03/11/2019
135523Internal Controls for Your Medical PracticeNC026 Albemarle1 AG03/07/2019
135424Introduction to Cochlear ImplantsNC013 Catawba1 C02/26/2019
135426STIs Prevention Measures: The Good. the Bad, and the UglyNC010 Wilmington1.5 CG02/26/2019
135369Hearing LossNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C02/19/2019
135421Wellness for 2019NC021 Haywood1 C02/19/2019
135370ObesityNC047 Gaston1 C02/19/2019
135428Quiz BowlNC037 Nash1 ACG02/13/2019
135215Pica and OrthorexiaNC041 Surry1 AC02/12/2019
135349"She Gets Her Eyes From" - Opioids: What Are They?NC051 Alamance1 CG02/12/2019
135309TraumaNC011 Union1 C02/12/2019
135353Knee and Shoulder ArthroscopyNC008 Greensboro1 C02/12/2019
135288GI Updates for 2019NC002 Burke1 C02/12/2019
135316Importance of CMAs in the Medical FieldNC026 Albemarle1 G02/07/2019
135800Neonatally Acquired InfectionsNC018 Lenoir1 C02/05/2019
135273Mammography and Patient Centered CareNC003 Cabarrus1 C01/29/2019
135278Integrated Care: How Does It Work?NC010 Wilmington1.5 CG01/22/2019
134463Medical Coding Updates for 2019NC013 Catawba1 A01/19/2019
134460Saving Lives Through Tissue and Organ DonationNC013 Catawba1 CG01/19/2019
134461Living Life After Breast Cancer/Breast Cancer RisksNC013 Catawba1 CG01/19/2019
134462Human/Sex TraffickingNC013 Catawba1 G01/19/2019
134464Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Recognizing/Awareness/Family and PatientNC013 Catawba1 CG01/19/2019
134529Tardive DyskinesiaNC021 Haywood1 C01/15/2019
135235Pink Broomstick Program and SurvivorshipNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG01/15/2019
135260Coming Up for AirNC047 Gaston1 C01/15/2019
135234Seasonal Affective DisorderNC017 High Point1 C01/14/2019
135247Maintaining a Passion for Your CareerNC018 Lenoir1 G01/08/2019
135218Safe Strides Fall Prevention Program and Cardiopulmonary ProgramNC002 Burke1 C01/08/2019
134780Coding for 2019NC041 Surry1 A01/08/2019
135227IGA NephropathyNC052 Lexington1 C01/08/2019
134816Preventing Violence in the WorkplaceNC026 Albemarle1 G01/03/2019
134806Shelter Home of Caldwell County: Services for Women and ChildrenNC013 Catawba1 G12/18/2018
134528Mental Disorders and TreatmentNC021 Haywood1 C12/18/2018
134805Providing Inclusive Services for LGBT PatientsNC022 Pitt1 G12/11/2018
134782A Review of Medical Law & Ethics for the Medical AssistantNC003 Cabarrus1 G12/11/2018
134769Medical Assisting ScategoryNC052 Lexington1 CG12/11/2018
134767Ho, Ho, Ho: Holidays, Hormones, and HomeostasisNC026 Albemarle1 G12/06/2018
134766LymphedemaNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C12/04/2018
134550Communicating for General SuccessNC051 Alamance1.5 G12/01/2018
134551Donation: The Power of OneNC051 Alamance1 AC12/01/2018
134553Ambulatory Medication Resources 101NC051 Alamance1 C12/01/2018
134552Injuries of the Knee in AthletesNC051 Alamance1 C12/01/2018
134554Concussion Update 2018NC051 Alamance1 C12/01/2018
134455Identifying Services for High Risk PatientsNC013 Catawba1 CG11/27/2018
134527Chemo Treatment TypesNC021 Haywood1 C11/20/2018
134181Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy for Parkinson's DiseaseNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C11/20/2018
134016Are You Smarter Than a Medical Assisting Student?NC047 Gaston1 G11/20/2018
134470Communication and Collaboration in the Healthcare SettingEastern Area Health Education Center4 G11/14/2018
134691Consents: How Do They Apply to the CMA?NC052 Lexington1 A11/13/2018
133477Communication with PatientsNC041 Surry1 G11/13/2018
134710The Role of the CMA in the Medical HomeNC002 Burke1 CG11/13/2018
134714The Basics of Wound CareNC008 Greensboro1.5 C11/13/2018
134711Alamance Elder Care Services: Benefits to Patients and CommunityNC051 Alamance1 CG11/13/2018
135968Urinary IncontinenceNC037 Nash1.5 C11/13/2018
135967Tackling Customer Service with a Fist!NC037 Nash1.5 C11/13/2018
134804Evaluation Management and Treatment of Cervical SpineNC017 High Point1 C11/12/2018
135802Adult and Pediatric PulmonologyNC018 Lenoir1 C11/06/2018
135806Adult and Pediatric PulmonologyNC018 Lenoir1 C11/06/2018
134668Stroke Prevention BasicsNC026 Albemarle1 C11/01/2018
134667Professionalism: Elevating Medical Assisting from Trade to ProfessionNC003 Cabarrus1 G10/30/2018
134454Breast Cancer AwarenessNC013 Catawba1 C10/28/2018
134597Top 10 Ways to Guarantee a Lawsuit or Compliance BreachNC026 Albemarle2 G10/17/2018
134598Quality Payment Program and the True Colors of Your OfficeNC026 Albemarle2 AG10/17/2018
134526DwarfismNC021 Haywood1 CG10/16/2018
134457Ronald McDonald House of Winston-SalemNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G10/16/2018
134015When Your Patient Has Cancer: What Every Health Care Worker Should KnowNC047 Gaston1 C10/16/2018
134111CPR Certification/RecertificationNC041 Surry4 C10/16/2018
134428Behavioral Health Services and ReferralsNC011 Union1 A10/13/2018
134429Michael’s StoryNC011 Union1 CG10/13/2018
134430Suicide Prevention - Question, Persuade, and ReferNC011 Union1 CG10/13/2018
134431Professionalism Part I: Differences in Trade and ProfessionNC011 Union1 G10/13/2018
134432Professionalism Part TwoNC011 Union1 G10/13/2018
134532Stroke PreventionNC011 Union1 C10/13/2018
134562Critical ThinkingNorth Carolina State Society1.5 G10/13/2018
134400Before and After Total Knee ReplacementNC052 Lexington1 C10/09/2018
134305Obstructive Sleep ApneaNC002 Burke1 C10/09/2018
134300Ritz Carlton for Your PatientsNC008 Greensboro1 G10/09/2018
134502Parkinson's DiseaseNC017 High Point1 C10/08/2018
134401Proper Interviewing TechniquesNC021 Haywood1 A10/06/2018
134248Childhood VaccinesNC022 Pitt1 C10/06/2018
134249Medicare WellnessNC022 Pitt1 CG10/06/2018
134250Leadership In MedicineNC022 Pitt1 CG10/06/2018
134402Documentation and Coding ComplianceNC021 Haywood1 A10/06/2018
134397Harassment Prevention at WorkNC021 Haywood2 AG10/06/2018
134398Drugs in Our MidstNC021 Haywood2 CG10/06/2018
134245Tips for Providing Excellent Customer Service in Health CareNC022 Pitt1 G10/06/2018
134246Professional Ethics & ConfidentialityNC022 Pitt1 G10/06/2018
134247Overview of the CMS Merit-Based Payment Incentive Payment System (MIPS)NC022 Pitt1 A10/06/2018
134663Scope of Practice - North CarolinaNorth Carolina State Society1 G10/06/2018
135801Cardiac ProceduresNC018 Lenoir1 C10/02/2018
135807Cardiac ProceduresNC018 Lenoir1 C10/02/2018
134214Monitoring in Diabetes – Why Does Control Matter?NC002 Burke1 C09/29/2018
134217Food as MedicineNC002 Burke1 C09/29/2018
134218Referrals/Orders for Diagnostic ServicesNC002 Burke1 AC09/29/2018
134213Immunizations: What You Need To KnowNC002 Burke1 C09/29/2018
134215Ethics for Medical AssistantsNC002 Burke1 G09/29/2018
134216Professionalism in the WorkplaceNC002 Burke1 G09/29/2018
134219Medical Record PreparationNC002 Burke1 A09/29/2018
134051GI Bleeds: What You Need to KnowNC022 Pitt1 C09/25/2018
134399CPR recertificationNC013 Catawba4 C09/25/2018
134125Intravenous Therapy: A Guide to Basic PrinciplesNC047 Gaston6 C09/24/2018
134364Overview of Cosmetic and Reconstructive SurgeryNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C09/18/2018
134161Leadership and Management: The ConceptsNC047 Gaston1 G09/18/2018
134269Infection Control and the Role of the MA/Flu Vaccine UpdateNC008 Greensboro1 C09/11/2018
134332Privacy and IT Security: Protecting Confidential InformationNC052 Lexington1 A09/11/2018
134418Carpal Tunnel SyndromeNC017 High Point1 C09/10/2018
134124Phlebotomy Education Refresher for Medical Assistants and PhlebotomistsNC047 Gaston6 CG09/10/2018
134322Palliative Care: The Roles MA's Have in Palliative Care and Patient CareNC026 Albemarle1 C09/06/2018
134339Evaluating and Creating Effective Patient Education MaterialsNC026 Albemarle1 G09/06/2018
134262How To Be A Leader In And Out Of The OfficeNC041 Surry1 G09/04/2018
134325Improving Patient EducationNC018 Lenoir1 CG09/04/2018
134363Diabetes Skills ClassCarolinas HealthCare - Blue Ridge3 CG09/01/2018
134362Immunization ClassCarolinas HealthCare - Blue Ridge3 CG09/01/2018
134207Pharmacology for Medical AssistantsRelias LLC1 C08/30/2018
134206Basic Patient PositioningRelias LLC1 C08/30/2018
134074Liver Cirrhosis: An Overview of Complications & ManagementNC022 Pitt1 C08/28/2018
134277Selfcare: Taking Care of YourselfNC010 Wilmington1 C08/28/2018
134205Mind Your Manners... MulticulturallyRelias LLC1 G08/25/2018
1340113rd Annual Clinical Update for Medical AssistantsMountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)6 CG08/25/2018
134123Treatment for Benign Paroxysmal Positional VertigoNC047 Gaston1 C08/21/2018
134171Maximizing Fertility Through Natural and Artifiicial MeansNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C08/21/2018
134326Medical Billing for InsuranceNC021 Haywood1 A08/21/2018

North Dakota

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
135906Safety and Health in the Workplace EnvironmentOH016 Tri-County1 G01/07/2020
136330Prescription Drug Assistance ProgramOH016 Tri-County1 AG11/02/2019
136162Extreme Coding: Physicians VisitsOH016 Tri-County2 A11/02/2019
136423HIPAA in the WorkforceOH016 Tri-County1 AG09/03/2019
136464Cracking the Genetic CodeOH009 Heartland2.0 CG08/27/2019
135917Medicare 2019 Coding & Billing UpdatesOhio State Society1.5 A08/01/2019
135916Ohio Medicaid 2019 Coding & Billing UpdatesOhio State Society1.5 A08/01/2019
135915Medicaid Managed Care and Medicare Advantage 2019 Billing & Coding UpdatesOhio State Society1 A08/01/2019
136291The Alzheimer's ProjectOH009 Heartland2 C06/18/2019
136204Warning: This Drug Could Kill You- Opioid AddictionOH009 Heartland2 CG05/21/2019
136167Understanding Asthma: A Breathtaking ExperienceOH027 West Central1 C05/20/2019
136178Hereditary Breast Cancer: Are You at Risk?OH029 Southwest1 C05/18/2019
135874Lasers in Plastic SurgeryOH016 Tri-County1 CG05/07/2019
136003Interventional RadiologyOhio State Society1 CG04/27/2019
136004Senior ResourcesOhio State Society1 AG04/27/2019
136005Bridging the Gap Between Natural Health and MedicineOhio State Society1 CG04/27/2019
136008The Importance of Patient Advocate NavigatorsOhio State Society1 AG04/27/2019
136009Proper Medical Business CommunicationOhio State Society1 AG04/27/2019
136002Developing Relationships with Your PatientsOhio State Society1 G04/27/2019
136006Medical Marijuana in Ohio Q and AOhio State Society1 CG04/27/2019
136007Leadership TrainingOhio State Society1 G04/27/2019
135996Blood Donation DetailsOhio State Society1 CG04/26/2019
135997Pediatric AsthmaOhio State Society1 C04/26/2019
135994Medical Assistants: The Heart of HealthcareOhio State Society1 G04/26/2019
135995MIPS, Promoting Interoperability and Appropriate Use Criteria Reporting Requirements for 2019/2020Ohio State Society1 A04/26/2019
135998HIV and STDOhio State Society1 CG04/26/2019
135999The Second Brain: The Brain-Gut Connection and Managing Challenging BehaviorOhio State Society1 CG04/26/2019
136000Guardianships of Kids/EldersOhio State Society1 AG04/26/2019
136001Knowledge BowlOhio State Society1.5 ACG04/26/2019
135993HPVOhio State Society2 CG04/25/2019
135992Adjusting Care for Autism PatientsOhio State Society2 CG04/25/2019
135914Heart Disease: TreatmentOH009 Heartland2.5 C04/16/2019
135395Healthier At HomeOH016 Tri-County1 C04/06/2019
135393Sexual Assault Nurse ExaminerOH016 Tri-County1 CG04/06/2019
135394Human TraffickingOH016 Tri-County1 G04/06/2019
135396Easter SealsOH016 Tri-County1 ACG04/06/2019
135402Expanding Care and Convenience for Better Patient CareOH016 Tri-County1 CG04/06/2019
135543Calm Your ADHD ChaosOH016 Tri-County1 CG04/06/2019
135231Top 4 Essential Tools Every Manager NeedsOhio State Society1.5 G04/05/2019
135228Medical Marijuana: Indications & Contraindications and Patient & Practice Management IssuesOhio State Society1.5 C04/05/2019
135229Shifting Your Perspective: Implicit Bias in Healthcare and in the Medical OfficeOhio State Society1 G04/05/2019
135230HR Headaches and Easy Ways to Avoid ThemOhio State Society1 G04/05/2019
135710Pulmonary Hypertension in Adults with Congenital Heart Disease (ACHD)OH027 West Central1 C04/04/2019
135711Mitral ValveOH027 West Central1 C04/04/2019
135705Overview/Treatment of Lymphedema, DVT in Pregnancy, and DiscussionOH027 West Central1 C04/04/2019
135706CHF: No, Your Heart is Not FailingOH027 West Central1 CG04/04/2019
135707Cardiac Arrest, Pharmaceutical Treatment and Carotid StentingOH027 West Central1 C04/04/2019
135708Five-Box Thoracoscopic Maze Procedure & Patient PerspectiveOH027 West Central1 C04/04/2019
135709EMS to ED: Care of STEMIOH027 West Central1 C04/04/2019
135743RoboticsOH016 Tri-County1 CG04/02/2019
135690March to EducationOH012 NorthWest Ohio3 CG03/23/2019
135722MIPS and Modifiers: Performance Measures to Improve RevenueOH028 Montgomery1 A03/23/2019
135723Colorectal CancerOH028 Montgomery1 C03/23/2019
135920Uses and Benefits of Essential OilsOH028 Montgomery1 C03/23/2019
135921Robotic Colectomy, Rectal Resection, and Hernia SurgeryOH028 Montgomery1 C03/23/2019
135703Benign Breast DiseasesOH029 Southwest1 C03/23/2019
135440What a Sedentary Lifestyle Does to the HeartOH016 Tri-County1 C03/05/2019
135461The Facts: Marijuana as MedicineOH027 West Central2 ACG03/02/2019
135443End of Life CareOH003 Franklin2 CG02/02/2019
134824Mammography: Behind the ScenesOH029 Southwest1.5 C01/26/2019
135266Sexually Transmitted DiseasesOH029 Southwest1 C01/26/2019
135254What MAs Need To Know About Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) MedicationsOH027 West Central1 C01/21/2019
134107Breaking Bad NewsOH016 Tri-County1 G01/08/2019
134768Heart Disease: DetectionOH009 Heartland2.5 C12/11/2018
134692Someone You Love: The HPV EpidemicOH027 West Central2 C11/19/2018
135469Medical Assistant Must KnowsOH003 Franklin1 ACG11/17/2018
135470Administrative Excellence: Being Valued in the WorkplaceOH003 Franklin1 G11/17/2018
134505Hearing Loss In ChildrenOH003 Franklin1 C11/17/2018
134712The Story of PolioOH009 Heartland2 CG11/13/2018
134576Federal Regulations regarding the Management of PainOH016 Tri-County1 AC11/06/2018
134465Applications of Manual Therapy and Yoga to COPD and GI DysfunctionOH029 Southwest1.5 C11/03/2018
134618Customer Service: It Matters All the Time!OH029 Southwest1 G11/03/2018
134329Lung Disease and Spirometry TestingOH029 Southwest1 C11/03/2018
134556H. Pylori: The Science Behind Testing and TreatmentOH029 Southwest1 C11/03/2018
134497Children with Urinary Tract Infection: When to Worry About VUR and What Work Up Should You Do?OH027 West Central1 C10/27/2018
134499Suicide Prevention: It takes a CommunityOH027 West Central1 CG10/27/2018
134495Cochlear Implantation in ChildrenOH027 West Central1 C10/27/2018
134498Fetal Echocardiography: Indications and OutcomesOH027 West Central1 C10/27/2018
134524HPV and Cervical CancerOH009 Heartland2 C10/16/2018
134281Reducing Denial Claims, Medical Necessity, and Fighting the FightOH016 Tri-County1 A10/02/2018
134303Food Matters: Diet and DiseaseAshland County Kidney Ctr2 C09/25/2018
134335Understanding Your Leadership Style and How To Build a High Performance TeamOH029 Southwest1 G09/22/2018
134417From Routine to Rare: Burn Therapies and Pediatric SpecialtyOH029 Southwest1 C09/22/2018
134295The Revenue Cycle: How To Follow the MoneyOH027 West Central1 A09/20/2018
134334MA to RNOH002 Ohio Valley1 CG09/18/2018
134184Full Circle of Pregnancy Through DeliveryOH016 Tri-County1 AC09/04/2018
134175Understanding Your Leadership Style and How to Build a High Performance TeamOhio State Society1 G08/25/2018
134204Post Mortem: The Death InvestigationOH009 Heartland2 C08/21/2018
134331Phlebotomy: Blood DrawsOH002 Ohio Valley1 C08/21/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136478Compassion Fatigue for Medical WorkersOklahoma State Society1 G08/24/2019
136479Disability Etiquette TrainingOklahoma State Society1 G08/24/2019
136483Stop-the-BleedOklahoma State Society1 C08/24/2019
136480Opioid Overdose and Response TrainingOklahoma State Society1 CG08/24/2019
136481Musculoskeletal TraumaOklahoma State Society1 C08/24/2019
136482Violence in the Emergency DepartmentOklahoma State Society1 G08/24/2019
135819Acute Flaccid MyelitisOklahoma State Society1.5 C04/27/2019
135816Opioid AbuseOklahoma State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135817Medical MarijuanaOklahoma State Society1 CG04/27/2019
135818CMS UpdateOklahoma State Society1.5 A04/27/2019


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136509Diabetes Client EducationOR013 River Cities2 CG11/09/2019
136512Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)OR003 Lane1 C09/19/2019
136466Resiliency: Developing a Skill to Make Your Life and Patient’s Lives AwesomeOR013 River Cities2 G09/14/2019
136351Aging in PlaceElmcroft Senior Living1 AG08/14/2019
136251Clinical Safety in De-escalationOR003 Lane1 G06/20/2019
135799Maintaining Your Awesome When Everything is BananasOR013 River Cities2 G06/08/2019
135787LEAN Six Sigma for HealthcareOR013 River Cities2 AG05/11/2019
136122Heart Failure - It's SwellOR005 Marion-Polk3 CG05/11/2019
135646Medication Management of Mood DisordersOregon State Society1.5 C04/13/2019
135641Knowledge BowlOregon State Society1.5 ACG04/13/2019
135642The OIG 2019 Work PlanOregon State Society1.5 A04/13/2019
135643Coding Changes for 2019Oregon State Society1.5 AC04/13/2019
135645Current Ethical Issues in HealthcareOregon State Society1.5 AG04/13/2019
135644Communicable Disease and Infection Control for Medical AssistantsOregon State Society1.5 C04/13/2019
135682Diabetic UpdateOregon State Society1.5 C04/12/2019
135683Introduction to Cannabis ScienceOregon State Society1.5 C04/12/2019
135684Therapy Dogs In a Clinical SettingOregon State Society1.5 G04/12/2019
135678The ABC’s of Stars and HEDISOregon State Society1.5 AG04/12/2019
135679Risk Adjustment and Enhanced DocumentationOregon State Society1.5 AG04/12/2019
135680Patient Experience Through the Eyes of the PatientOregon State Society1.5 G04/12/2019
135681Women’s Cancer Screenings and Colorectal ScreeningsOregon State Society1.5 C04/12/2019
135877Low Back PainOregon State Society1.5 C04/12/2019
135672Depression, Anxiety, Suicidality, and Non-Suicidal Self-Injury in AdolescentsOregon State Society1.5 CG04/11/2019
135674Understanding and Responding to Dementia Related Behavior and Effective Communication StrategiesOregon State Society1.5 CG04/11/2019
135670Create Your Own Path with HumorOregon State Society2 G04/11/2019
135671Culture of HIPAA Compliance: Risk, Assessment and ReviewOregon State Society1.5 AG04/11/2019
135673The Surprising Power of Liberating Structures: Simple Rules to Unleash a Culture of InnovationOregon State Society1.5 G04/11/2019
135675Female Incontinence: Patient Education and ResourcesOregon State Society1.5 CG04/11/2019
135676BOOST Oregon and Vaccine Hesitancy: How to Communicate Effectively with ParentsOregon State Society1.5 G04/11/2019
135677Championing the Use of Medications in the Treatment of Opioid Use DisordersOregon State Society1.5 CG04/11/2019
135632How the Medical Home and Team-Based Care are Changing Ambulatory CareOR013 River Cities1.5 G04/10/2019
135631Trauma-Informed CareOR013 River Cities1.5 G04/10/2019
135665Cochlear Implants Vs Bone-Anchored Hearing Aids: What You Need To KnowOR003 Lane1 C03/21/2019
135310Developing a Multi-cultural Perspective to Enhance a Patient-centered Model of CareOR013 River Cities2 G03/09/2019
135324Those Darn OpioidsOR005 Marion-Polk3 CG02/23/2019
134737EKG BasicsOR013 River Cities2 C02/09/2019
134797Postpartum and BeyondOregon State Society2 C01/26/2019
134796Medical Care of the Pregnant PatientOregon State Society2 C01/26/2019
134799Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: Diagnosis and TreatmentsOR003 Lane1 C01/17/2019
134778De-escalating Aggression through Trauma Informed CareOR013 River Cities2 CG01/12/2019
134374You are the Turkey at Thanksgiving Dinner: Why Your Clinic Cannot Function Without YouOR013 River Cities2 G11/17/2018
134753Childhood & Adolescent Wellness Best PracticesOR003 Lane1 C11/15/2018
134496How to Bring Mindfulness and Self-Compassion to WorkOR005 Marion-Polk4 CG11/03/2018
134563Patient ExperienceOR004 Linn-Benton2 G10/20/2018
134512Social Determinants of Health and Upstream ThinkingOR004 Linn-Benton2 G10/20/2018
134525Huntington's Disease: Genetics to Treatments of the FutureOR003 Lane1 C10/18/2018
133937Engaging Patients To Improve Their HealthOR013 River Cities2 AG10/13/2018
134194Five Areas to Help you Succeed in the Dynamic and Changing World of Health CareOR013 River Cities2 G10/05/2018
134076Type 2 Diabetes: Gut Microbiome and Care Team Management ApproachesCentral Oregon Health Council1 C09/25/2018
133962Osteoarthritis, Management, Treatment, and Patient OptimizationOR013 River Cities2 C09/22/2018
133880An Introduction to LymphedemaOR003 Lane1 AC09/20/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136325Common Foot and Ankle ProblemsPennsylvania State Society1.5 C06/27/2029
136409De-Escalation for Aggressive/Confrontational BehaviorsPennsylvania State Society1.5 G07/27/2019
136410Understanding Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and the Local Resources from OUSCPPennsylvania State Society1 AG07/27/2019
136411Bullying in Healthcare: A Disruptive Force Linked to Compromised Patient SafetyPennsylvania State Society1 AG07/27/2019
136029Interventional RadiologyPA005 Cambria1 C05/20/2019
135940The Role of the CoronerPA005 Cambria1 CG05/20/2019
136116Effective Communication for the Social Media GenerationPennsylvania State Society2 AG05/18/2019
136120Success as a Medical Assistant Starts with HypertensionPennsylvania State Society1 C05/18/2019
136121Body Mechanics and Ergonomics: Medical Assistant Injury PreventionPennsylvania State Society1 C05/18/2019
136114Dangers of VapingPennsylvania State Society1 CG05/18/2019
136115DiabetesPennsylvania State Society1 C05/18/2019
136441PharmacologyPennsylvania State Society1 C05/18/2019
136119PhlebotomyPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG05/17/2019
136117Common Summer Food-Borne Illnesses: Uninvited Microbial GuestsPennsylvania State Society1.5 C05/17/2019
136118Medical Assistant Knowledge BowlPennsylvania State Society1 ACG05/17/2019
136150The Role of the Medical Assistant: Improving Blood Pressure ControlThe Health Federation of Philadelphia2 C04/26/2019
135969Muscular Dystrophy: Outcomes for LifePennsylvania State Society1.5 C04/22/2019
135525The CRISPR revolution: Dawn of a New Era In Gene EditingPennsylvania State Society1 G03/23/2019
135524HIPAAPennsylvania State Society1.5 A03/23/2019
135526Clinical Specimen Collection Best PracticesPennsylvania State Society1 C03/23/2019
134579Advanced Directives and Living WillsPennsylvania State Society1 A10/20/2018
134580Hospice and Community Care Life ReviewPennsylvania State Society1 CG10/20/2018
134581Suspected Child Abuse and NeglectPennsylvania State Society2 AG10/20/2018
134578Overdose Reversal and Prescription Medication Security TrainingPennsylvania State Society1 C10/20/2018
134423How To Do an ID ConsultPennsylvania State Society1 C10/15/2018
134405Complaints and Disorders Typically Referred to Pediatric Rheumatology ClinicsPennsylvania State Society1 C10/15/2018
134407Diabetes and Cancer Prevention Screening MeasuresPennsylvania State Society1 CG10/15/2018
134404Abusive Head Trauma/Shaken Baby Syndrome (ABT/SBS)Pennsylvania State Society1 C10/15/2018
134406Understanding and Caring for the Lumbar SpinePennsylvania State Society1 C10/15/2018
134408American Heart Association Blood Pressure StandardsPennsylvania State Society1 C10/15/2018

Rhode Island

There are no program listings for this state.

South Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136433Non-Narcotic Pain ManagementSC005 Pickens1 C11/05/2019
136262Women's Health and Men's CareSC005 Pickens1 C10/01/2019
136432Diabetes MedicationSC005 Pickens1 C09/03/2019
136505Hospice 101SC006 Greenville1 AG08/27/2019
136320Running an Effective Business MeetingSouth Carolina State Society2 AG08/10/2019
136319Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisorderSouth Carolina State Society3 CG08/10/2019
136261Occupational TherapySC005 Pickens1 CG08/06/2019
136461Safety Strategy for Violence in the WorkplaceSC011 Anderson1 G08/06/2019
136339Professionalism in the Healthcare SettingSC006 Greenville1 G07/23/2019
136331Audiology Diagnostics and TestingSC003 Spartanburg1 C07/16/2019
136281Benefits of the Meningitis B VaccineSC006 Greenville1 CG06/25/2019
136398Making an Observation: How Can I Determine if My Patient/Family Needs Supportive ServicesSC001 Charleston1 AG06/15/2019
136434General Audiology and Effects on Overall HealthSC005 Pickens1 C06/04/2019
136286Most Common Types of CancerSC011 Anderson1 CG06/04/2019
136333Mental Health Diagnosing Codes and Reasons for the CodesSC006 Greenville1 AC05/28/2019
136146Splinting & BracingSC003 Spartanburg1 C05/21/2019
136397Measles: Why the United States is Seeing an Uptick in the Number of Measles CasesSC001 Charleston1 CG05/18/2019
136107Running an Efficient Business MeetingSC009 Trident1.5 G05/14/2019
136108Healthcare and HomelessnessSC011 Anderson1 ACG05/07/2019
136164Cardiovascular Disease: The Disease Process, Risk Factors, and How it Affects CodingSC006 Greenville1 AC04/23/2019
135909911 CommunicationSC004 Columbia2 G04/13/2019
135973Benefits of Medical Assistant ExternshipSC011 Anderson1 G04/02/2019
135531Diabetes and ControlSC005 Pickens1 C04/02/2019
135527Women's Heart Health AwarenessSC006 Greenville1 CG03/26/2019
136279Diabetes RefresherSC003 Spartanburg1 CG03/19/2019
135630ProfessionalismSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/17/2019
135625Cancer PreventionSouth Carolina State Society1 C03/16/2019
135629Knowledge BowlSouth Carolina State Society2 AC03/16/2019
135626Patient Education StrategiesSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/16/2019
135627Stress Management and Self-CareSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/16/2019
135628Pregnancy and Infant LossSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/16/2019
135621Genetic Screening and Interpersonal Communication Within the LaboratorySouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/15/2019
135622Centering PregnancySouth Carolina State Society1 C03/15/2019
135623Human Trafficking 101 for Medical ProfessionalsSouth Carolina State Society1 AG03/15/2019
135624Healthcare DeliverySouth Carolina State Society1 AG03/15/2019
135620ALSSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/15/2019
135618Work-Life BalanceSouth Carolina State Society1.5 G03/14/2019
135619Lumbar and Cervical SpineSouth Carolina State Society1.5 C03/14/2019
135530Physical TherapySC005 Pickens1 C03/05/2019
134801Go Red for Women Heart Disease AwarenessSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/01/2019
135452Pediatric Sleep MedicineSC006 Greenville1 C02/26/2019
136278Diagnosing Sleep ApneaSC003 Spartanburg1 C02/19/2019
135350The Importance of PodiatrySouth Carolina State Society1 C02/12/2019
135318Heart Disease in Women: Know your Risk FactorsSC004 Columbia2 C02/09/2019
135314Domestic ViolenceSC011 Anderson1 G02/05/2019
135303Prescription Drug Abuse: From Pills to HeroinUpstate Area Health Education Center1.5 C02/01/2019
135338Cervical HealthSC020 Aiken1 C01/28/2019
136277Workplace Hazards and SafetySC003 Spartanburg1 G01/15/2019
134829Communicating with the Angry Patient: How to De-escalate a Tricky SituationSC001 Charleston1 CG01/12/2019
134814On the Job Safety Hazards for the Medical AssistantSouth Carolina State Society2 CG01/12/2019
134802Safety and Hazard in the WorkplaceSouth Carolina State Society2 G01/12/2019
135233911 Communication: What Information To Have Ready in the Office SettingqceuSouth Carolina State Society1 G01/12/2019
134736Impact of Breast Cancer in South CarolinaSouth Carolina State Society2 CG01/12/2019
134660Administrative BINGOSouth Carolina State Society1 A01/12/2019
135219Neurological Imposters and the Different TypesSC005 Pickens1 C01/08/2019
135225Overview of CT and MRISC011 Anderson1 C01/08/2019
134772Upstate Referral Resources (Community)SC006 Greenville1 G12/01/2018
136276Non-Invasive Home VentilatorSC003 Spartanburg1 CG11/20/2018
134704Hospice 101SC001 Charleston1 AC11/10/2018
135244PTSDSC004 Columbia1.5 C11/10/2018
134693Breast Cancer Screening and Diagnostic MethodsSC011 Anderson1 C11/06/2018
134636Administrative BingoSC006 Greenville1 A10/23/2018
134605Breast CancerSC011 Anderson1 C10/18/2018
136275Knowledge BowlSC003 Spartanburg1 AC10/16/2018
134564Mental Disorders and DepressionSC020 Aiken1 CG10/15/2018
135243Pregnancy and Infant LossSC004 Columbia1 C10/13/2018
134484Referral Process and DocumentationSC005 Pickens1 A10/02/2018
134336Medication Assisted Therapy for Opiate AddictionSC011 Anderson1 C10/02/2018
134312AA: Why Medical Assistants Should Attend MeetingsSC006 Greenville1 C09/28/2018
136274DME Approval and MedicareSC003 Spartanburg1 A09/18/2018
134358Orangeburg Area Sickle Cell Anemia FoundationSC020 Aiken1 CG09/17/2018
134317Dementia Follow-Up DiscussionSC011 Anderson1 C09/04/2018
134299Dx and Treatment of Venous InsufficiencySC005 Pickens1 C09/04/2018
134254Emergency Services: Flight TransportSC003 Spartanburg2 C08/21/2018

South Dakota

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136352CNOS Foundation Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine SymposiumCNOS Foundation6.5 C09/13/2019
135648Coding 101 and How You Fit In!South Dakota State Society1 A03/29/2019
135653Medical Assisting Team JeopardySouth Dakota State Society2 ACG03/29/2019
135649You are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention: Best Practices and Why the Vaccine Still MattersSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/29/2019
135650What’s All This Talk About Population Health?South Dakota State Society1 G03/29/2019
135651HIPAA BasicsSouth Dakota State Society1 AG03/29/2019
135652Treatment Beyond the PainSouth Dakota State Society2 ACG03/29/2019
135654DeskerciseSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/29/2019
135655Female Pelvic Medicine for the Healthcare ProviderSouth Dakota State Society1 C03/29/2019
135656Put Yourself First to Love OthersSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/29/2019
135657Intimate Partner Violence and MedicineSouth Dakota State Society2 AG03/29/2019
134302CNOS Foundation Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine SymposiumCNOS Foundation6.5 CG11/01/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136506Total Knee ReplacementTN001 Cherokee1 AC08/24/2019
136507Allergy Injections...What You May Want to KnowTN001 Cherokee1 C08/24/2019
136508Emergency First Aid in an Office SettingTN001 Cherokee1 C08/24/2019
134651My Diabetes Mistakes and Diabetes EducationTennessee State Society2 C05/18/2019
136109Family Presence During ResuscitationTennessee State Society1.5 CG05/18/2019
136110Measles Outbreak PreparednessTennessee State Society1 CG05/17/2019
136350Medication Adherence "The Next Frontier in Quality Improvement"Tennessee State Society1 CG05/17/2019
136170Recognizing People in Desperate Situations: Mental Illness and AddictionTennessee State Society1 CG05/17/2019
134649Overview of InfluenzaTennessee State Society1.5 C05/17/2019
134650Let's Stay TogetherTennessee State Society1 CG05/17/2019
136169Leadership RebootTennessee State Society1 G05/17/2019
135974Communication Within a Doctor's Office Regarding Patient InformationTN001 Cherokee1 AG04/27/2019
135357Transcription – Then & NowTN001 Cherokee1 AG02/16/2019
135356Manual Neurological Touch and its Benefits to the Medical CommunityTN001 Cherokee1 C02/16/2019
134813The Ethics of Self-Care: Let Go of Your Cape!TN001 Cherokee1 G02/16/2019
134779Workplace ViolenceTN003 Knoxville-Knox1 G12/03/2018
134509Anatomy review – Cardiovascular systemTN001 Cherokee1.5 G11/10/2018
134510Anatomy review – Digestive systemTN001 Cherokee1.5 G11/10/2018
134146Two-Day HIPAA Conference: NM Compliance and Training CertificateVyne Education, LLC12 A09/20/2018
134150Two-Day HIPAA Conference: AZ Compliance and Training CertificateVyne Education, LLC12 A09/18/2018
134018Two-Day HIPAA Conference: UT Compliance and Training CertificateVyne Education, LLC12 A08/23/2018
134017Two-Day HIPAA Conference: CO Compliance and Training CertificateVyne Education, LLC12 A08/21/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136177Pediatric Medical Assistant Conference 2019Children’s Medical Center Dallas5 CG06/22/2019
135981Self Help: Do You Know The Real You?TX004 Dallas2 G06/15/2019
136190The Role of Medical Assistants in Physical TherapyTX004 Dallas1 G06/15/2019
136189Bloodborne PathogensTX004 Dallas1 CG06/15/2019
136047What Employers Are Looking ForTX003 Bexar1 A05/14/2019
135970Health Law ForumTexas State Society2 AG05/04/2019
135971Quality Healthcare: The Important role MA’s play on the Care TeamTexas State Society2.5 AG05/04/2019
135991Child Abuse Advocacy: Knowing the Right StepsTexas State Society1.5 ACG05/04/2019
136158Child Abuse: Be the Best Advocate you Can BeTexas State Society1.5 ACG05/04/2019
135500Intimate Partner Violence: Medical Advocacy TrainingTexas State Society1.5 ACG05/04/2019
135744Healthcare Fraud and ScamsTexas State Society2 A05/03/2019
135853Next Generation of Biological Therapeutic ProductsTexas State Society2.5 CG05/03/2019
1354722019 BAGC CEU Session & General MeetingTX036 Bay Area1 AC03/16/2019
135401IMPACT: How Your Words and Actions Affect OthersTX004 Dallas1 G02/21/2019
135221Scope of Practice - TexasTexas State Society1 G01/26/2019
135277Active ShooterTexas State Society2 G01/26/2019
134540Scope of Practice - Bay AreaTX036 Bay Area1 G10/20/2018
134546Hip InjuriesTX036 Bay Area1 C10/20/2018
134544Stress and Stress ReliefTX036 Bay Area2 CG10/20/2018
134545Athletic Trainers - Roles in Clinics and Patient OutcomesTX036 Bay Area2 CG10/20/2018
134547Kahoot TriviaTX036 Bay Area2 ACG10/20/2018
134485Best Practices for Managing EmployeesTX004 Dallas1 G10/09/2018
134443Best Practices for Managing EmployeesTX004 Dallas1 G10/09/2018
134256Professional Liability and Medical Malpractice: The Four D’s of NegligenceTX004 Dallas1 AG09/11/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136200Peripheral IV Placement and IV Therapy WorkshopUtah State Society8 C05/18/2019
135860Northern Utah Immunization CoalitionUtah State Society4 CG04/18/2019
135599Prior Authorization (Pre-Certification, Pre-Determiniation)Utah State Society1.5 A03/16/2019
135598Collin Kartchner: On a CrusadeUtah State Society1.5 C03/16/2019
135600Sexual Assault SurvivorUtah State Society1.5 C03/16/2019
135601Knowledge BowlUtah State Society1.5 ACG03/16/2019
134669Diabetic Foot CareUtah State Society1.5 C11/03/2018
134670At Home Cardiovascular Diagnostic TestingUtah State Society1.5 CG11/03/2018
134106Physical TherapyUtah State Society1.5 C08/25/2018
134105Getting the Job DoneUtah State Society1.5 C08/25/2018


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136039Massage Therapy: Another AlternativeVirginia State Society1 CG04/28/2019
136040Be in the Moment or an Alternative RealityVirginia State Society1 G04/28/2019
136041Alternatives in CodingVirginia State Society1 A04/28/2019
136038Interviewing AlternativesVirginia State Society1 G04/27/2019
136036Alternatives in CareVirginia State Society1 CG04/27/2019
136037Alternative Effects on Laboratory TestingVirginia State Society1 AC04/27/2019
134671HIPAA: Up Close and PersonalVirginia State Society1 AG11/03/2018
134674Domestic Violence: Does it Hit Home?Virginia State Society1 AG11/03/2018
134675Leadership in the WorkplaceVirginia State Society1 G11/03/2018
134672Hidradenitis Supportive: Can you Feel it?Virginia State Society1 C11/03/2018
134673Early Childhood Development and What CMAs (AAMA) Need to KnowVirginia State Society1 ACG11/03/2018
134676Name that PartVirginia State Society1 CG11/03/2018


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136491Diabetes Medication/AdherenceWA016 Southwest1.5 CG10/12/2019
136492State Privacy Regulation/HIPAAWA016 Southwest1 AG10/12/2019
136493Pain Reduction in PediatricsWA016 Southwest1 CG10/12/2019
136494Urgent Care vs Emergency RoomWA016 Southwest1 C10/12/2019
136495Infection PreventionWA016 Southwest1 CG10/12/2019
136496How to Make a Lasting ImpressionWA016 Southwest1 AG10/12/2019
136329Multidisciplinary Critical Limb Ischemia SummitWA016 Southwest4 C09/28/2019
136442WA State Labor & Industries Provider Billing Workshop: Basics of Medical Best Billing PracticesWA015 Skagit/Island3.5 A09/21/2019
136504Putting Your Best Foot ForwardWA004 Thurston2 CG09/18/2019
136309Addressing the Opioid Epidemic: The Medical Assistant's RoleWA010 Whatcom1 CG06/18/2019
136285The Myths and Reality of Back PainWA008 NCW1 C06/13/2019
1362662019 STI's Update and Office ReportingWA003 Kitsap1.5 ACG06/05/2019
136395Coding Update 2019Washington State Society1 A05/18/2019
136391Huntington’s DiseaseWashington State Society1.5 C05/18/2019
136392Knowledge BowlWashington State Society1.5 ACG05/18/2019
136390Behavioral Health Basics: Foundational Concepts for Integrated CareWashington State Society1.5 CG05/18/2019
136404Breast Cancer—Specimen Prep & Analogy of Tissue—How MAs Affect PathologyWashington State Society1.5 C05/18/2019
136405Matters of the Nose!Washington State Society1.5 C05/18/2019
136407Current Ethical Issues in HealthcareWashington State Society1.5 G05/18/2019
136384Breast Health and Surviving CancerWashington State Society1 C05/17/2019
136387Erectile DysfunctionWashington State Society1 C05/17/2019
136385MA Survey in WA and National Study of Apprenticeship—Medical Assistants’ Career PathwaysWashington State Society1 G05/17/2019
136386STI’s and HIVWashington State Society1 C05/17/2019
136388Leadership Skills for Conflict Management and Topnotch TEAM BuildingWashington State Society1 G05/17/2019
136389Advance Care Planning for WAWashington State Society1 G05/17/2019
136406Diabetic Pumps and Glucose MonitorsWashington State Society1 C05/17/2019
136403WSSMA CSI: Fact and Fiction of Death InvestigationWashington State Society1.5 G05/17/2019
136161Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Educational ResourcesWA006 Yakima1 A05/17/2019
136373Safety Tips for Home, Work & Community—Including Gun Violence Tips for Survival in the Public ArenaWashington State Society1 G05/16/2019
136374Don’t Scratch the ArteriesWashington State Society1 C05/16/2019
136375Measles: It’s Not Just a Rash!Washington State Society1 CG05/16/2019
136376Oncology Nurse Navigators: Empowering Patients, Demystifying CancerWashington State Society1 AG05/16/2019
136377Bleeding Disorders: Detection and Treatment—Could You Have One and Not Know it?Washington State Society1 C05/16/2019
136378State of Healthcare—MAs Vital to Integrated HealthcareWashington State Society1 AG05/16/2019
136379DiVa Laser Therapy and So Much More!Washington State Society1 C05/16/2019
136380Cheers for Ears! Can You Hear Me Now?Washington State Society1.5 C05/16/2019
136381Living with Sjogren’sWashington State Society1 CG05/16/2019
136383Risk Management CodingWashington State Society1 A05/16/2019
136394Sleep Changes as we Age Washington State Society1 C05/16/2019
136393Scope of Practice and MA LawWashington State Society1.5 G05/16/2019
136125Pelvic Floor, Core, and More: A Physical Therapist's Approach To Pelvic Health DysfunctionWA003 Kitsap1.5 C05/08/2019
136235MeaslesWA009 Greater Spokane1 CG05/04/2019
136160Immunization Best PracticeWA001 Snohomish1.5 C04/27/2019
136224Opioids Crisis: Part 2WA016 Southwest1 CG04/20/2019
136026Intro to Integrative MedicineWA006 Yakima2 CG04/18/2019
135912Got Measles?WA004 Thurston2 CG04/17/2019
135891Living With Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Patient's PerspectiveWA003 Kitsap1.5 CG04/17/2019
136256Communication in the WorkplaceWA010 Whatcom1 G04/16/2019
135869The Opioid CrisisWA008 NCW1 CG04/11/2019
136234Adult Congenital Heart DiseaseWA009 Greater Spokane2 CG04/06/2019
135735Role of Technology In Diabetes ManagementWA010 Whatcom1 C03/19/2019
135592Proper Coding for Preventive Medicine Labs/DX in the Changes of CodingWA008 NCW1 A03/14/2019
135556The Key Role of the CMA (or MA) in Diabetes EducationWA009 Greater Spokane2 C03/09/2019
135474Men's Urological HealthWA003 Kitsap1.5 C03/06/2019
135391Using American Sign Language in the Medical SettingWA003 Kitsap1.5 G02/20/2019
135447Medical Assisting JeopardyWA004 Thurston2 ACG02/20/2019
135720Measles 2019WA010 Whatcom1 C02/19/2019
135355Soft SkillsWA016 Southwest2 G02/16/2019
135317Helping Patients Through the Health Insurance MazeWA008 NCW1 A02/07/2019
135343Leading with Love: How to Bring out the Best in Others and Yourself: Part 2WA001 Snohomish1.5 G01/26/2019
134827Psychiatry 101WA003 Kitsap1 C01/16/2019
134800Vaccine Training for Medical AssistantsWithinReach1 C01/01/2019
135242AsthmaWA010 Whatcom1 C12/18/2018
134740Medical Assisting Jeopardy 2018WA003 Kitsap1.5 ACG12/05/2018
134742MA Staff Meeting: Healthcare Organizations on Climate Change and SustainabilitySeattle Childrens Hospital1 G12/04/2018
134722The Importance of Advance Care PlanningWA010 Whatcom1 AG11/20/2018
134721Arteriovenous Fistula (AVF)WA016 Southwest1.5 A11/17/2018
134568Diabetes and Foot Wounds: A True Healthcare Epidemic and the Role Of the Entire Healthcare TeamWA003 Kitsap1.5 C11/14/2018
134726Leading with Love: How to Bring out the Best in Others and YourselfWA001 Snohomish1 G11/13/2018
134708Trauma Informed CareWA008 NCW1 C11/08/2018
134694SarcomaWA009 Greater Spokane1.5 C11/08/2018
134583Medication AdministrationWA016 Southwest1.5 C10/20/2018
134589Stroke AwarenessWA008 NCW1 C10/18/2018
134436Key Components of Blood Dyscrasias for the Medical AssistantWA003 Kitsap1 C10/17/2018
134700Safety in the OfficeWA009 Greater Spokane1.5 G10/11/2018
134701Recognizing the Signs of Human TraffickingWA010 Whatcom1 G10/11/2018
134349The Why And How Of Female Preventative Care And ScreeningWA003 Kitsap1 CG09/26/2018
134414Medical Assisting JeopardyWA004 Thurston1 ACG09/26/2018
134370Communication Skills: Keeping Harmony in the Work Place in 2018WA006 Yakima2 G09/20/2018
134365General Communicable DiseasesWA010 Whatcom1 C09/18/2018
134089Infection Prevention - Cornerstone to Patient CareWA016 Southwest1.5 C09/01/2018
134091Leadership and Community EducationWA016 Southwest1 G09/01/2018
134088Understanding CRPSWA016 Southwest1 C09/01/2018
134090Opioids and Alternative TherapyWA016 Southwest1 C09/01/2018
134092Basics of PhlebotomyWA016 Southwest1 C09/01/2018

West Virginia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
136342OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens(BBP), Infectious Disease, and Respirator EducationGroup Health Cooperative1 CG07/15/2019
136343Safety and OSHA EducationGroup Health Cooperative1 G07/15/2019
136503System Preceptor WorkshopAurora Health Care Medical Group5.5 AG07/01/2019
136127CRASEWI002 Dane2 G06/01/2019
135251Ins and Outs of Insurance Prior AuthorizationsWI002 Dane1 A06/01/2019
135913ABN: What is It?WI003 Dodge1 A05/16/2019
136153Community NursingWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 G05/16/2019
136056The Basics of UrologyWI010 Valley1 C05/13/2019
136112Introduction to Genetics: A Focus on Prenatal Genetics and Hereditary CancerWI015 Waukesha2 C05/11/2019
135848Update on Fad Diets, Facts and Fiction and Diabetes Refresher: Critical Role of Medical AssistantsWisconsin State Society1 C04/27/2019
135846The Benefits of CBD OilWisconsin State Society1 C04/27/2019
135746Understanding Diabetes in the 21st CenturyWisconsin State Society1 C04/27/2019
135845Refocusing on the Forest: Studying Interventions to Improve Patients’ Quality of LifeWisconsin State Society1 ACG04/27/2019
135852Caring for the Transgender PatientWisconsin State Society1 ACG04/27/2019
135851CMA (AAMA) Recertification Trivia!Wisconsin State Society2 ACG04/26/2019
135847Domestic Abuse: Strategies for Supporting Survivors in Healthcare SettingsWisconsin State Society1 AG04/26/2019
135849Utilizing the Wisconsin Immunization Registry (WIR) to Improve Vaccine DeliveryWisconsin State Society1 AC04/26/2019
135850HPV Vaccination: Fighting Cancer Shot by ShotWisconsin State Society1 CG04/26/2019
135476Panel Discussion: Lowering the Barriers that Providers/Systems CreateWI002 Dane1 CG04/23/2019
1354752019 CDC Immunization UpdatesWI002 Dane1 C04/23/2019
135919More Than Skin DeepWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 C04/18/2019
135859Safety in the WorkplaceWI003 Dodge1 G04/11/2019
135635Lipids and Cardiovascular Risk ManagementWI011 Lakeshore1 C04/06/2019
135639Splint ApplicationsWI011 Lakeshore1 C04/06/2019
135637Blood PressureWI011 Lakeshore1 C04/06/2019
135638AsthmaWI011 Lakeshore1 C04/06/2019
135640Cervical CancerWI011 Lakeshore1 C04/06/2019
135636MRI Technology and Patient SafetyWI011 Lakeshore1 C04/06/2019
135668OB/GYN: Care, Recommendations and ManagementWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 C03/21/2019
135591The Sneaky Meningococcal - Serotype B That No One Thinks About...WI021 LaCrosse Area1 C03/16/2019
135581Lifestyle Approaches to Treating HypertensionWI015 Waukesha1 C03/09/2019
135582International MedicineWI015 Waukesha1 G03/09/2019
135376You Are the Key to HPV Cancer PreventionWisconsin State Society1 C03/02/2019
135397Bardet-Biedl Syndrome: An Opportunity to Make a Difference in a Rare DiseaseWisconsin State Society1 C03/02/2019
135400RBCs, WBCs, Leukemias - Oh My!Wisconsin State Society1 C03/02/2019
135344Patient NavigatorWisconsin State Society1 AG03/02/2019
135398Ketogenic Diet for Treatment of EpilepsyWisconsin State Society1 C03/02/2019
135399The "Routine" Annual PhysicalWisconsin State Society1 C03/02/2019
135466CMC (carpometacarpal) Joint Arthritis and TreatmentsWisconsin State Society1 C03/02/2019
134775Dementia: A Guide To SuccessWI003 Dodge1 C02/21/2019
135336Wound Care BasicsWI021 LaCrosse Area1 C02/16/2019
135335Molecular Breast ImagingWI021 LaCrosse Area1 C02/16/2019
135405Live Life Awake: MindfulnessWI010 Valley1 G02/11/2019
135261ROI: Disability and FMLA CompletionWI016 Central Wisconsin1 AG01/26/2019
135262Normal Sleep and Sleep Disorders in ChildrenWI016 Central Wisconsin1 C01/26/2019
135263Two Words That Wil Stop You in Your Tracks: Child AbuseWI016 Central Wisconsin1 AG01/26/2019
135264ABCs of Mindfulness in the WorkplaceWI016 Central Wisconsin1 G01/26/2019
135265Total Joint ReplacementWI016 Central Wisconsin1 C01/26/2019
135276Am I Somebody?WI016 Central Wisconsin1 G01/26/2019
135250Health Care During a Pivotal Life Stage: Why MAs Should Support Breastfeeding FamiliesWI002 Dane1 C01/26/2019
135249Basics of Sensory DifferencesWI002 Dane1 CG01/26/2019
135245GUT TalkWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 C01/17/2019
135232Important Attributes for the Successful MAWI015 Waukesha1 G01/12/2019
134773The Uniqueness of Individuals: The Only Way to DISSOLVE ProblemsWI010 Valley2 G01/12/2019
134817Using CBD and the Potential Benefits It May ProvideWI010 Valley1 C01/12/2019
134434Scope of Practice - WaukeshaWI015 Waukesha1 G01/12/2019
134647Gluten Free Nutrition TherapyWI003 Dodge1 C01/10/2019
134739Urine Sample Collection from Foley Catheter and Suprapubic CatheterAurora Health Care1 C01/01/2019
134523Addiction Webinar Series: Addiction TreatmentMetaStar, Inc1 C11/27/2018
134507Addiction Webinar Series: Addiction ScreeningMetaStar, Inc1 C11/20/2018
134717AnticoagulationWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 C11/15/2018
134713An Overview of Concussion ManagementWI010 Valley1 C11/13/2018
134702Opioids and the BodyWI015 Waukesha1 C11/10/2018
134703Overview of the WI Prescription Drug Monitoring ProgramWI015 Waukesha1 ACG11/10/2018
134538Human TraffickingWI003 Dodge2 G11/08/2018
134577Interrupting Everyday RacismGroup Health Cooperative1 G11/07/2018
134353Drug and Alcohol CertificationAurora Health Care Medical Group8 AC11/06/2018
134573Thyroid CancerWisconsin State Society1 C11/03/2018
134572Pediatric UrologyWisconsin State Society1 C11/03/2018
134677Fetal Alcohol Syndrome DisorderWisconsin State Society2 C11/03/2018
134570Affirming Care of Transgender YouthWisconsin State Society1 CG11/03/2018
134571Abnormal Uterine BleedingWisconsin State Society1 C11/03/2018
134574Peripheral Vascular DiseaseWisconsin State Society1 C11/03/2018
134459Addiction Webinar Series: Sentinel SyndromesMetaStar, Inc1 C11/01/2018
134258LiceUW Health1 C10/31/2018
134491CMA ConferenceWisconsin Indianhead Technical College (Rice Lake)6 CG10/27/2018
134537Update On Respiratory InhalersWI003 Dodge1 C10/25/2018
134534ENT EmergenciesWI021 LaCrosse Area1 C10/20/2018
134535Overview of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery for Medical AssistantsWI021 LaCrosse Area2 C10/20/2018
134536Pre-Participation PhysicalsWI021 LaCrosse Area1 C10/20/2018
134628Heartburn, GERD (Gastroesophageal Disease), Gastritis OH MY!WI009 Greater Milwaukee1 C10/18/2018
134483Risk Adjustment and Hierarchical Condition Category CodingWI016 Central Wisconsin1 A10/18/2018
134304Advances in Breast CancerWI020 Southwest Wisconsin1 C10/17/2018
134396End of Life Doula 101WI010 Valley1 G10/15/2018
1346342018 Diabetes UpdatesSSM Health Dean Medical Group - Madison East1 C10/15/2018
134549MA Education SessionGundersen Lutheran Health Systems3.5 CG10/13/2018
134361Medical Assistant ConferenceNorthcentral Technical College6 CG10/06/2018
134265Effective Communication in the WorkplaceWisconsin State Society2 G10/06/2018
134264Effective Meeting SkillsWisconsin State Society2 G10/06/2018
134266Creating a Successful TeamWisconsin State Society2 G10/06/2018
134288Transfer Mobility CoachAurora Health Care Medical Group4 G10/01/2018
134369Women's Health: Strokes in WomenWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 C09/20/2018
134291Skin Cancer: An Overview for Medical Assistants and Case StudiesWI021 LaCrosse Area2 C09/15/2018
1342906 Degrees of Separation: How Patients with Sjogrens's Syndrome Influenced My CareerWI021 LaCrosse Area1 CG09/15/2018
134292Infection, Prevention, and Diseases for Medical AssistantsWI021 LaCrosse Area1.5 C09/15/2018
134156Vestibular Rehab: What Is It?WI003 Dodge1 C09/13/2018
134210OsteoporosisWI010 Valley1 C09/08/2018
134211Changing Behavior One Thought At a Time, EverytimeWI010 Valley2 G09/08/2018
134324Skeletal System UpdateWI015 Waukesha2 CG09/08/2018
134411Preceptor 2.0: Documentation Tools and ResourcesAurora Health Care Medical Group1.5 G09/01/2018
134289Transfer Mobility Coach Refresher ClassAurora Health Care Medical Group2 G09/01/2018
134410Preceptor 2.0: Life of the PreceptorAurora Health Care Medical Group1.5 G09/01/2018
134412Preceptor 2.0: FeedbackAurora Health Care Medical Group1.5 G09/01/2018


There are no program listings for this state.