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AAMA Approved CE Programs

The following programs are worth AAMA CEUs.

CPR  |  Two-year CPR cards issued within the applicant’s recertification period will be counted as four clinical AAMA recertifica­tion points. Up to three two-year CPR cards may be submitted for a total of 12 CEUs.

FASDs Program  |  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Collaborative for Alcohol-Free Pregnancy are offering free online training courses on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). These courses provide strategies to improve the delivery of care related to FASDs, including prevention, identification, and management. Earn AAMA CEUs by taking the following courses:

  • “Diagnostic Overview of FASDs: Recognition and Referral” (1 gen/clin AAMA CEU)
  • “FASD Primer for Healthcare Professionals” (2 gen/clin AAMA CEU)
  • “Implementing Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in Clinical Practice” (1 gen/clin AAMA CEU)
  • “Interprofessional Collaborative Practice as a Model for Prevention of AEPs” (1 gen AAMA CEU)
  • “Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies (AEPs)” (1 gen/clin AAMA CEU)

Learners can save their work as they progress through a course.

To access the courses, click “Learn More” on the right-hand side of the FASDs Training and Resources webpage, select a course from the list, and follow the Resource Link.

Note: These courses have been approved by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) for 0.1 CEUs. Although “0.1 CEUs” is IACET terminology, 0.1 equates to one hour of continuing education, which is 1 CEU in AAMA nomenclature.

Smiles for Life Program  |  Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum is a product of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) that provides educational resources to ensure the integration of oral health and primary care. The curriculum makes it easy for individual medical assistants to access the curriculum and learn on their own time and at their own pace. Each of the eight courses is available online with free continuing education credit. Each course (found under Course Quick Links) has been approved for 1 AAMA CEU credit. All eight modules also are available in downloadable format for classroom or small group education.

Disclaimer: Your overseeing provider must confirm with his or her licensing board that it is allowable for the provider to delegate to medical assistants the applying of fluoride varnish.

Get CEU credit  |  Submit documentation of completion in one of three ways:

Find a Program  |  View currently available information on programs by AAMA state societies and local chapters in the dropdown sections below.

Start a Program  |  If your state or chapter is not currently conducting any programming, help out by volunteering.

If you are a member-at-large, find out how to start a state or local chapter by contacting the AAMA Membership Department or calling 800/228-2262.

For more information about any of these programs, contact your state president.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137993CMA (AAMA) Knowledge Bowl #2Alabama State Society1 ACG06/26/2020
137890Best Practices in the Front OfficeAlabama State Society1 A04/25/2020
137476Wound InvestigatorsAlabama State Society1 CG04/25/2020
137477Laboratory Best Practices: Inspector ExpectationsAlabama State Society2 ACG04/25/2020
137478CMA (AAMA) Knowledge BowlAlabama State Society1 ACG04/25/2020
137475Civilians Response to Active Shooter Events: In and Out of the Medical OfficeAlabama State Society2 G04/25/2020
137469Trends in Mental Health and Their Impact on the Medical CommunityAlabama State Society1 AG04/24/2020
137472Metabolic SyndromeAlabama State Society1 C04/24/2020
137470Advances in Robotic Assisted Total Joint ArthroplastyAlabama State Society1 CG04/24/2020
137471Medical Necessity: Do You Have What it Takes?Alabama State Society1 AG04/24/2020
137473Drug Addictions and WithdrawalsAlabama State Society1 ACG04/24/2020
137474Effective Time Management Skills for the Front OfficeAlabama State Society1 G04/24/2020
137295Orthopaedic, Spine, and Sports Medicine SymposiumAL006 Southeast Alabama6 C02/08/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138097Patient-centered CommunicationAK001 Anchorage1.5 G09/19/2020
138096The Practice of LeadershipAK001 Anchorage1.5 G09/19/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138179Medications Used to Treat Depression and AnxietyArkansas State Society1.5 CG10/03/2020
138177The Who, What, Why and How of Anxiety DisordersArkansas State Society1.5 CG10/03/2020
138178I Am…a Survivor of a (rare) Breast CancerArkansas State Society1 CG10/03/2020
137609The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent BrainArkansas State Society1 CG03/07/2020
137608Diagnosing and Coding Disney Diseases and ConditionsArkansas State Society1 ACG03/07/2020
137657Sickle Cell DiseaseArkansas State Society1 C03/07/2020
137658GBM Brain CancerArkansas State Society1 CG03/07/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137544Telephone, Front and Back Office EtiquetteCalifornia State Society1 AG04/19/2020
137078Parenting a Young Child with Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, and AnxietyCalifornia State Society1 G04/19/2020
137073Suicide PreventionCalifornia State Society1 CG04/18/2020
137075Active Shooter IncidentsCalifornia State Society2 G04/18/2020
137074Mental Health 101California State Society1 ACG04/18/2020
137076Patient NavigationCalifornia State Society1 AG04/18/2020
137077Addiction: Drugs, Alcohol, Caffeine and Teen Cell Phones AddictionCalifornia State Society1 CG04/18/2020
137072PTSDCalifornia State Society2 CG04/17/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138174Elder Care and the Medical Assisting RoleColorado State Society2.5 ACG12/12/2020
138173Wound Care BasicsColorado State Society2.5 C11/14/2020
138172Contact TracingColorado State Society2.5 CG10/24/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138407PHQ-9 Depression ScaleConnecticut State Society1 CG11/30/2020
138046Five Ways Telehealth is Taking Modern Healthcare to the Next LevelConnecticut State Society1 AG08/01/2020
137780CPRConnecticut State Society3 C03/21/2020
137769Leadership RainbowConnecticut State Society1 G03/21/2020
137768Helping Patients and Families with End-of-Life CareConnecticut State Society1 G03/21/2020
137744Lifestyle MedicineConnecticut State Society1 CG03/21/2020
137870CTSMA Family Game NightConnecticut State Society2 ACG03/21/2020
137803The Power of Positivity: Changing Your Thoughts and ActionsConnecticut State Society1 G03/21/2020
137804How Important is Your Brand?Connecticut State Society1 AG03/21/2020
137759Cultural Awareness & Sensitivity in Customer ServiceConnecticut State Society1 G03/20/2020
137835What Healthcare Personnel Should Know About Caring for Patients With Coronavirus Disease 2019Connecticut State Society1 CG03/20/2020
137733JeopardyConnecticut State Society1 ACG03/20/2020
137770Fee-for-Service and Value-Based ModelsConnecticut State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137596Understanding Parkinson's DiseaseConnecticut State Society1 CG03/20/2020
137599Supporting People with Diabetes Using the AADE 7 Self-Care BehaviorsConnecticut State Society1 G03/20/2020
137597The Role of the MA in Patient-Centered Medical HomesConnecticut State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137598Manual Lymphatic DrainageConnecticut State Society1 G03/20/2020
137600Epilepsy and SeizureConnecticut State Society1 ACG03/20/2020
137601DNA: What Does it Take and Why?Connecticut State Society1 CG03/20/2020
137267Health Coaching in the Teamlet Model: A Case StudyConnecticut State Society1 G02/13/2020


There are no program listings for this state.

District of Columbia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138298Dealing with Stress and Work During the PandemicFL004 Southwest1.5 CG12/12/2020
138243DME for Obstructive Sleep ApneaFL004 Southwest1 CG11/14/2020
138197Hospice 101FL003 Brevard1 ACG11/07/2020
137434Formaldehyde: An Allergic Reaction or Something More SeriousFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 CG10/22/2020
138176Suboxone Treatment for Those Addicted to OpiatesFL004 Southwest1 CG10/10/2020
138150Depression and Diabetes, Dealing with Chronic Illnesses with a Multifaceted ApproachFL003 Brevard2 ACG10/01/2020
138098COVID-19: Cleaning Before and After ExposureFL004 Southwest1.5 CG09/12/2020
137895Learning StylesFlorida State Society2 G09/10/2020
137894The Educator and Practitioner Connection to Create Excellence in Medical AssistingFlorida State Society2 G09/10/2020
137542Coding Game FSMA 2020Florida State Society1 A05/02/2020
137543Sexual Assault Awareness and PreventionFlorida State Society2 AG05/02/2020
137540Cultural and Linguistic CompetenceFlorida State Society2 AG05/02/2020
137541Human TraffickingFlorida State Society2 ACG05/02/2020
137433Alpha-gal SyndromeFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 C04/23/2020
137288Genetics Across the LifespanFlorida State Society2 C04/01/2020
137584Medical MarijuanaFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 ACG04/01/2020
137493Utilizing Yoga for Patients of Varying Abilities: Exercise Recommendations and the Social HistoryFL003 Brevard2.0 CG03/21/2020
137505Authorization 101FL003 Brevard1.0 A03/17/2020
137569Administrative Medical Assistant VS Clinical Medical AssistantFL004 Southwest1 AG03/07/2020
137570Why is it Important to Have a Yearly Eye Exam?FL004 Southwest2 C03/07/2020
137571Stop the BleedFL004 Southwest1.5 C03/07/2020
137947Women's Health Promotion and PreventionFL004 Southwest1.5 CG03/07/2020
137030Medicare: How much do YOU know?FL037 Treasure Coast1.5 AG03/05/2020
137287GI BleedingFL040 North Florida1 C03/01/2020
137432Thunderstorm AsthmaFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 C02/27/2020
137357Female UrologyFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 CG02/24/2020
137296Domestic Violence 101 TrainingFL010 Central Florida1.5 AG01/18/2020
137274Understanding Alzheimer's and DementiaFL010 Central Florida1.5 CG01/18/2020
137275Knowledge BowlFL010 Central Florida1 ACG01/18/2020
137029Male UrologyFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 C01/16/2020
136977Patient's Pain, Opioids and the Medical AssistantFlorida State Society1 CG01/01/2020
136978The CDC's Latest on TBFlorida State Society1 ACG01/01/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138411Virtual Medical Trivia - KahootGA016 Hall2 CG12/02/2020
138157Hereditary Cancer Genetic TestingGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG09/23/2020
138121Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Crossword Puzzles: Part 1GA004 Lowndes1.5 CG09/09/2020
138060Physical Fitness in the WorkplaceGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG06/16/2020
137758Emergency Preparedness: Key Factors for Correctly Applying a Respirator and Pandemic PreparednessGA016 Hall3 CG03/18/2020
137595Nutrition Label Facts and Nutritional DisordersGA016 Hall4 C03/11/2020
137681What's Going on Down ThereGA001 Cobb2 C02/22/2020
137590Back to the BasicsGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG02/18/2020
136732Anatomy & Physiology, Medical Terminology, Crossword Puzzles: Part 3GA004 Lowndes1.5 CG02/06/2020
137283Actionary TrainingGA001 Cobb2 AG01/25/2020
137289Molecular DiagnosticsGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG01/21/2020
137315Sterile TechniqueGA012 Rome1 CG01/20/2020
137137Sex: Was it Consensual?GA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG12/17/2019
137066Medical Terminology - It's a KAHOOT!GA012 Rome1 G12/10/2019


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138189Time Management and Revenue Cycle BasicsIdaho State Society1 AG10/02/2020
137986TRANSceiver PatientsIdaho State Society1.5 CG07/20/2020
137966Human Trafficking 101Idaho State Society1.5 AG06/25/2020
137695Infection Prevention and ControlID002 Magic Valley1.5 CG03/14/2020
137809Serving Uninsured and Underinsured PatientsID002 Magic Valley1.5 AG03/14/2020
137533Helping Physicians Be SuccessfulID001 Idaho Falls1 G02/26/2020
137265HIPAA: The Ins and OutsID003 Gate City1 AG02/07/2020
137381Role of Medical Assistants in the PharmacyID001 Idaho Falls1 CG01/22/2020
137068A Day in the Life of a DermatologistID002 Magic Valley1.5 G12/14/2019
137007Diabetes ManagementID002 Magic Valley1.5 C12/14/2019


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138413Influenza and RSV Disease Burden in Pediatric PopulationIllinois State Society1 C12/02/2020
138259A History of PandemicsIL013 Central Illinois2 CG11/04/2020
138087A History of Pandemics 1918 - PresentIL013 Central Illinois4 CG09/19/2020
137673Metals in MedicineIllinois State Society1.5 CG04/25/2020
137674Multi-Generational Work Environment- How Do I Fit In?Illinois State Society1.5 G04/25/2020
137675Cannabis Culture: How it Affects the Communities of Law Enforcement and Medical ProfessionalsIllinois State Society1.5 ACG04/25/2020
137676Automated Breast Ultrasound, a Journey to SuccessIllinois State Society1 CG04/25/2020
137672The Medical Assistant’s Role in the Evolving Healthcare LandscapeIllinois State Society1.5 AG04/25/2020
137735Parliamentary Rules: Why Do I Need to Know This Stuff?Illinois State Society2 AG04/24/2020
137800Sexual Harassment Awareness and PreventionIL038 Rockford1 AG03/19/2020
137801Not Another Talk About Reducing StressIL038 Rockford1 G03/19/2020
137802Your Patient Is Scheduled for an MRI. Do You Know What That Means for Them...And You?IL038 Rockford1 G03/19/2020
137465Human TraffickingIL038 Rockford2 AG02/29/2020
137466Stress Reduction and Your JobIL038 Rockford1.5 AG02/29/2020
137467Medical MarijuanaIL038 Rockford1.5 CG02/29/2020
137468Behavioral HealthIL038 Rockford2 ACG02/29/2020
137363Pain ManagementIL014 Northwest Cook1.5 CG02/08/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138267Coding for Virtual Physician's VisitsIN028 West Central District2 AG11/21/2020
13831812th District November WorkshopIN013 Twelfth District4 CG11/14/2020
138169COVID-19 Coding and ICD-10, CPT UpdatesIN010 East Central District1.5 A11/14/2020
138170Hands in AutismIN010 East Central District1.5 CG11/14/2020
138161Mental Health of Healthcare Employees During COVID-19Indiana State Society1.5 CG11/07/2020
138070Scope of Practice - Indiana and KentuckyIndiana State Society1.5 G11/07/2020
138066HIV 101IN010 East Central District1.5 CG08/29/2020
138067The ABCs of HepatitisIN010 East Central District1.5 C08/29/2020
138022Leadership Skills for the Medical AssistantIndiana State Society3 AG08/15/2020
137927A New Era-Virtual Meetings and TelemedicineIndiana State Society2 AG06/06/2020
137691Modern Day Slavery (Sex Trafficking): The Hidden Problem/Sexually Transmitted DiseasesIndiana State Society3 ACG04/05/2020
137689Interventional CardiologyIndiana State Society2 CG04/04/2020
137690Chiropractic Techniques and Reimbursement MethodologiesIndiana State Society2 ACG04/04/2020
137688Eye CareIndiana State Society2 CG04/03/2020
137379Abdominal PainIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG03/21/2020
137585CancerIN011 St. Joseph District1 C03/21/2020
137866Coronavirus (COVID-19)IN011 St. Joseph District1 ACG03/21/2020
137700You Got the Job.........Now What!IN010 East Central District1 G03/07/2020
137610Women and Heart Disease - What Your Mother Never Told YouIN004 First District1 CG03/07/2020
137611Practice Transformation: Helping Spell out MIPSIN004 First District1 AG03/07/2020
137612Robotic-Assisted Knee ReplacementIN004 First District1 CG03/07/2020
137613Depression: Signs, Symptoms, and TreatmentIN004 First District1 CG03/07/2020
137614Laughter: The Best MedicineIN004 First District1 G03/07/2020
137682"You Know You're a Medical Assistant When.." or, MAs: Valued Members of the Health Care TeamIN011 St. Joseph District1 AG03/07/2020
137854Men's HealthIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG03/07/2020
137580Evidence-Based Acupuncture AssessmentsIN011 St. Joseph District1 CG03/07/2020
137581Medical Terminology Refresh and Blood Borne PathogensIN011 St. Joseph District1 ACG03/07/2020
137582ArthritisIN011 St. Joseph District1 C03/07/2020
137583Averting Burnout in Your PracticeIN011 St. Joseph District1 G03/07/2020
137698Cosmetic DermatologyIN010 East Central District1.5 CG03/07/2020
137699Outpatient Coding and Missed RevenuesIN010 East Central District1.5 A03/07/2020
137484Heart Smart Tips for Healthy LivingIN004 First District1 CG02/11/2020
136996CBD vs OpiateIndiana State Society3 ACG02/08/2020
137279100 Men and Trauma SurvivorsIN010 East Central District1 AG01/18/2020
137282Holistic MedicineIN010 East Central District1.5 CG01/18/2020
137278Urology and Today's Treatments and TechnologyIN010 East Central District1.5 ACG01/18/2020
137025Healthy Joints and How to Maintain ThemIN004 First District1 CG01/14/2020
137079Holiday StressIN004 First District1 G12/10/2019


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138303Covid-19IA004 Linn1 CG11/11/2020
138186Feeding Baby - Science and Indications of Different Infant FormulasIA004 Linn1 C10/14/2020
137945Conducting a Meeting Via ZoomIA006 Siouxland1.0 AG06/29/2020
137935Telemedicine and Covid-19IA008 Shoquoquon1 AG05/05/2020
136613Blood PressureIA004 Linn1 C04/08/2020
137523Vaping Trends and ConsequencesIA004 Linn1 ACG03/11/2020
137396Healthcare Documentation: The Basics, the Importance, the Tough QuestionsIA006 Siouxland1.0 AG03/03/2020
137359Type II Diabetes/ObesityIA002 North Iowa1 C02/18/2020
138125Migraines and YouIA008 Shoquoquon1 C02/18/2020
137406Women's Health and Public HealthIA004 Linn1 CG02/12/2020
137350Peripheral Vascular Disease With Focus on DiabeticsIA003 Des Moines1 CG02/08/2020
137349Is It My Thyroid?IA003 Des Moines1 C02/08/2020
137356Practice Management TipsIA003 Des Moines2 AG02/08/2020
137041Stop the BleedIA004 Linn1 C12/11/2019


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138315Patient and PerceptionsKY017 South Central Kentucky1 AG12/10/2020
138314Crazy for CodingKY017 South Central Kentucky1 A12/03/2020
138316Shoot for the Stars - Measures That Is!KY017 South Central Kentucky1 A11/19/2020
138317Mission AA: Appointment AgendaKY017 South Central Kentucky1 A11/12/2020
137713What Would You Do If...?KY017 South Central Kentucky1 G03/19/2020
137266Robotics and the Future of HealthcareKY017 South Central Kentucky2 CG02/20/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137677The Role of Medical Assistants in Suicide PreventionMaine State Society2 ACG04/18/2020
137678Human Trafficking Presentation in Clinical SettingMaine State Society1.5 ACG04/18/2020
137680ICD-10 for Orders and ComorbiditiesMaine State Society1 AC04/18/2020
137654Vaccination Storage Facts, Background and Proper Administration Including the 7 Rights and Post-EvaME002 Kennebec Valley1.5 CG03/14/2020
137653Medication NonadherenceME002 Kennebec Valley1 AG03/14/2020
137655Viral Infections Including Influenza, RSV, and Current COVID-19 OutbreakME002 Kennebec Valley1 C03/14/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138077The Treatment of Physical TherapyMA010 Worcester District1.5 CG01/06/2021
138078Home Wound CareMA010 Worcester District1.5 ACG12/02/2020
138211DiabetesMA010 Worcester District1.5 C11/04/2020
138158The Patient Experience and Service Excellence Post COVID-19MA004 Greater Fall River1.5 G10/13/2020
138030Maternal Update: Preterm Birth and PreeclampsiaMassachusetts State Society1 C10/03/2020
138028EHR/EMRMassachusetts State Society1.5 A10/03/2020
138029Simplifying MedicareMassachusetts State Society1.5 AG10/03/2020
138031Psychological First AidMA010 Worcester District1.5 CG09/02/2020
137461Understanding Health Literacy and Effective CommunicationMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 G05/13/2020
137588Be Still my Heart - Basic EKG interpretationMA005 Hampden District1 CG04/02/2020
137587Self Care for Health Care ProvidersMA005 Hampden District1 G03/19/2020
137586Trauma Informed Care - Part 1 - What It Is and Why We Want to Do ItMA005 Hampden District1 CG03/17/2020
137430Caring for the Sexual Violence Patient - Part 2MA005 Hampden District1 ACG02/21/2020
137054CPR recertification AEDMA004 Greater Fall River5.0 C02/08/2020
137094Simplifying MedicareMA010 Worcester District1.5 A02/05/2020
137000The Evolving Role of Medical Assistants in the Digital Health AgeMA010 Worcester District1.5 A01/08/2020
137059Glucose TestingMA003 Greater Boston1.5 CG12/07/2019
136999Intro to AnesthesiaMA010 Worcester District1.5 C12/04/2019


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138312Leader DogsMI032 Greater Detroit1 AG01/12/2021
138420Living Well for LifeMI025 Greater Kent County1 C11/21/2020
138410Medical Terminology ReviewMI009 Jackson1.0 ACG11/19/2020
137496Stem Cell Therapy Changed My LifeMI019 Wayne County1 CG11/14/2020
136976Information Security Reporting Security IncidentsMI019 Wayne County2 A11/14/2020
138296Overview of Telemedicine During the Covid-19 PandemicMI032 Greater Detroit1 AG11/10/2020
138233Environmental SafetyMI009 Jackson1.0 G10/24/2020
138192COVID-19MI009 Jackson1.0 CG10/24/2020
138193Medical Administration Scavenger Hunt!MI009 Jackson1.0 AG10/24/2020
138194General Anatomy ReviewMI009 Jackson1.0 CG10/24/2020
138195Pharmacology and VaccinesMI009 Jackson1.0 CG10/24/2020
138196EKGMI009 Jackson1.0 C10/24/2020
138281Stroke TalkMI025 Greater Kent County1 C10/17/2020
138242Patient Care and CommunicationMI032 Greater Detroit1 G10/13/2020
138226Coding Updates 2021MI026 Shiawassee1 A10/10/2020
138227Preparing Healthcare Professionals for an Increasingly Violent WorkplaceMI026 Shiawassee1 G10/10/2020
138228Telemedicine Billing During the COVID-19 PandemicMI026 Shiawassee1 AG10/10/2020
138215Intro to MS for Medical AssistantsMI026 Shiawassee1 C10/10/2020
138166Being a Patient Advocate and Providing Community ResourcesMI019 Wayne County1 AG10/08/2020
138117SIRI Doesn’t Work Here AnymoreMI009 Jackson1.0 AG09/17/2020
138128Maintaining Mental Health and Well-Being During PandemicsMI026 Shiawassee1 ACG09/09/2020
1380262020 Vaccine Storage and HandlingMI007 Genesee4 CG08/01/2020
138025COVID-19 Planning to Restart Medical Practice – Business and Administrative FocusMI007 Genesee1.5 AG07/17/2020
137949CDC Precautions for Communicable Disease PreventionMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 CG07/08/2020
137930All Things Medical Assisting!MI009 Jackson1.0 ACG05/21/2020
136653Equine Assisted TherapyMI022 Macomb2 G05/19/2020
137869Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) WorkshopMI021 Greater Wexford4 C05/06/2020
137670CMA (AAMA) Certification Review Scavenger HuntMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 ACG05/06/2020
137661Brain and Body HealthMI022 Macomb1 C04/21/2020
137901Get your Sleep OnMI009 Jackson1.0 CG04/16/2020
137867ACE's and ResilienceMI021 Greater Wexford1.5 CG04/01/2020
137874Zoonotic Diseases Part IMI024 Sunrise Side2 C03/28/2020
137728Breast Cancer AwarenessMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1.5 C03/21/2020
137348Human BehaviorMI019 Wayne County1 CG03/21/2020
137687Human TraffickingMI019 Wayne County1 AG03/21/2020
137602Tips and Techniques for Dealing with Patients with AutismMI004 Northwest Michigan1 CG03/21/2020
137603Omega Procedure for MigrainesMI004 Northwest Michigan1 CG03/21/2020
137604OpioidsMI004 Northwest Michigan1 CG03/21/2020
137605Intermittent FastingMI004 Northwest Michigan1 CG03/21/2020
137606Effective CollectionsMI004 Northwest Michigan1 A03/21/2020
137607Opioid Overdose Prevention Training with Harm Reduction MichiganMI004 Northwest Michigan2 CG03/21/2020
137495A New Life for JamesMI019 Wayne County1 CG03/21/2020
137494Living with Cerebral PalsyMI019 Wayne County1 CG03/21/2020
137868Medical KahootMI009 Jackson1.0 CG03/19/2020
136652Surgical AsepsisMI022 Macomb1 C03/17/2020
137668AIDETMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 G03/14/2020
137671Prior AuthorizationsMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 A03/14/2020
1376692020 Medicare Changes that Affect the Ordering Process of DME EquipmentMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 A03/14/2020
137782Vaping Challenges in HealthcareMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG03/14/2020
137784Communicating in HealthcareMI021 Greater Wexford2 G03/14/2020
137783Bed Bugs, Head Lice, and other ParasitesMI021 Greater Wexford1 C03/14/2020
137745Nutrition CounselingMI026 Shiawassee1 CG03/11/2020
137781Ergonomics in the Workplace - HealthcareMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG03/10/2020
137351Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know to Help Your PatientMI009 Jackson1.0 CG02/25/2020
137660Leader Dog for the Blind ADLsMI022 Macomb1 G02/18/2020
137346Cystic Fibrosis and Its Effects on the FamilyMI019 Wayne County1 CG02/13/2020
137386Community Resources for PatientsMI026 Shiawassee1 AG02/12/2020
137367Bias in HealthcareMI024 Sunrise Side1 G02/08/2020
137389Influenza, Back to the BasicMI021 Greater Wexford1 C02/05/2020
137338True Colors Personality Test for EmployeesMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 G02/05/2020
138020Learning to Reduce Stress in the WorkplaceMI032 Greater Detroit1 G02/04/2020
137323Robert's RulesMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 AG01/26/2020
137318Following the Life of an Insurance ClaimMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 A01/25/2020
137319Google Drive and How it WorksMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 A01/25/2020
137320Preventing Alcohol-Exposed PregnanciesMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG01/25/2020
137321Bipolar DisorderMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C01/25/2020
137322Leadership BootcampMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 G01/25/2020
137317Interviewing SkillsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 AG01/24/2020
137316Lewy Body DementiaMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C01/24/2020
136903Preventing Burnout in the Medical FieldMI031 Allegan1 G01/15/2020
137085Orthopedists vs. Emergency Room: Modifiers 54 & 55Michigan Society of Medical Assistants1 AC01/15/2020
137204Freestyle Libra and Trulicity UseMI019 Wayne County1 AC01/09/2020
137134Google Drive Features and BenefitsMI026 Shiawassee1 A01/08/2020
136627Medical Business Office Design and Equipment for Patient Safety and EfficiencyMI022 Macomb2 AG01/07/2020
137039Living with Maple Syrup Urine DiseaseMI022 Macomb1 CG12/10/2019
137061Quiz BowlMI017 Great Lakes Bay1 ACG12/04/2019


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138422Advance Care PlanningMN007 Hennepin/Ramsey1.5 AG11/30/2020
138129Seizures, Treatment Options, and Safety ConsiderationsMinnesota State Society2 CG10/03/2020
137138Seizure Smart TrainingMinnesota State Society1 CG07/29/2020
137128Vaping, Juuling, Suoring: The Addiction That’s Hidden in Plain SightMinnesota State Society1 CG05/21/2020
137127Consumed: When Food Is On The BrainMinnesota State Society1 CG04/26/2020
137277The Skinny on Obesity and Weight LossMinnesota State Society1 CG04/26/2020
137324I’m a Lotter, What are You?Minnesota State Society2 G04/26/2020
137139How to Be a Rockstar PreceptorMinnesota State Society2 G04/25/2020
137126The Collaborative Bridge: Assisting the Addict Clinically and CollaborativelyMinnesota State Society1.5 ACG04/25/2020
137141The World at Our Doorstep: Recognizing and Managing High Consequence Infectious Diseases (HCIDs)Minnesota State Society2 CG04/25/2020
137140Using Multi-Target Stool DNA (mt-sDNA)in Primary Care: A Colorectal Cancer Screening OptionMinnesota State Society1 CG04/24/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137795Addressing the Impact of Opioids: From Stock to SolutionsMissouri State Society1.5 ACG04/19/2020
137792Missouri Medical Marijuana ProgramMissouri State Society1 AG04/19/2020
137793Unrolling Medical Marijuana: Best Practices and TrendsMissouri State Society1 AG04/19/2020
137788Benefit of Diabetic Shoes and InsertsMissouri State Society1.5 ACG04/18/2020
137791A Primary Care Perspective on Transgender Health CareMissouri State Society1 CG04/18/2020
137794Role of Physical Therapy in Today’s Health Care ClimateMissouri State Society1 CG04/18/2020
137796The Other Kind of DoctorMissouri State Society2 CG04/18/2020
137797Knowledge Bowl April 2020Missouri State Society1 A04/18/2020
137789Keep Yourself and Loved Ones Safe from Cyber Threats When Using TechnologyMissouri State Society1.5 A04/17/2020
137790Human TraffickingMissouri State Society1 AG04/17/2020
137373Early Hospice InterventionMO013 Springfield1.0 CG03/12/2020
137175Sleep and Chronic Pain – Importance of Sleep Hygiene, Barriers to Sleep and MedicationsMO013 Springfield1 CG01/09/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137454Laser Therapy for PainMT006 Flathead1 CG03/07/2020
137456HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) in Adults and AdolescentsMT006 Flathead1 CG03/07/2020
137451Common Stigma Surrounding Chemically Dependent Patients and How to Avoid ThemMT006 Flathead1 G03/07/2020
137452Millennium Health Signals Report: National Drug Use TrendsMT006 Flathead1 CG03/07/2020
137453Physical TherapyMT006 Flathead1 CG03/07/2020
137455Speech-Language PathologistsMT006 Flathead2 ACG03/07/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137268Novel Approaches to Treating Moderate to Severe AsthmaNE002 Lincoln1 C04/25/2020
137270Overview of HCC-codingNebraska State Society1 A04/25/2020
137364Ergonomics in Daily Life, Posture, and Spinal HygieneNebraska State Society2 CG04/25/2020
137734MIPS/APM Requirements and Medicare Changes in 2021Nebraska State Society1 A04/25/2020
137371Say What! I Have to Document That?Nebraska State Society1 A04/25/2020
137372Ischemic StrokeNebraska State Society1 C04/24/2020
137345How the Color Grey Can Reshape How We View Work, Leadership, and LifeNebraska State Society1 AG04/24/2020
137271Obstructive Sleep Apnea: The Importance of Diagnosis and TreatmentNebraska State Society1 CG04/24/2020
137269Reducing Opioid Use and How Chiropractic Can Bridge That GapNebraska State Society1 CG04/24/2020
137347Idiopathic Pulmonary FibrosisNebraska State Society1 C04/24/2020


There are no program listings for this state.

New Hampshire

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138139A Discussion on What MAs in NH Are Doing or Seeing in Their Organization(s) in Response to COVID-19New Hampshire State Society1 G10/17/2020
137702Care Pathways for Patients With Diabetes. Where Do We Go Next?New Hampshire State Society1 CG10/17/2020
137859Resources and Tools for Improving Asthma ManagementNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG10/17/2020
138088Keynote Speaker: My Journey!New Hampshire State Society1 G09/12/2020
138089LGBTQ Health Introduction: Patient ExperienceNew Hampshire State Society1 CG09/12/2020
138090Patient Panel with Q&ANew Hampshire State Society1 G09/12/2020
138080Reproductive Healthcare for LGBTQ FamiliesNew Hampshire State Society1 CG09/12/2020
138081Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy OverviewNew Hampshire State Society1 C09/12/2020
138082Gender Affirming Surgery OverviewNew Hampshire State Society1 C09/12/2020
138083LGBTQ Preventive CareNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG09/12/2020
138084LGBTQ Healthcare in PediatricsNew Hampshire State Society1 CG09/12/2020
138085Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIVNew Hampshire State Society1 C09/12/2020
137694Navigating the General Court Web SiteNew Hampshire State Society1 AG04/18/2020
137872The DoorwayNew Hampshire State Society2 ACG04/18/2020
137871Family Planning, Beyond the PillNew Hampshire State Society1 CG04/18/2020
137873Allergic Rhinitis and ENT; Otolaryngologic PerspectivesNew Hampshire State Society1 C04/18/2020
137858NH Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program and 1-800-Quit-NowNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG04/17/2020
137692A Shot to Prevent Cancer: Promoting the HPV Vaccine in Your ClinicNew Hampshire State Society1 CG04/17/2020
137693Understanding Impacts of Trauma and Providing Trauma-Informed Care.New Hampshire State Society1 CG04/17/2020
137037Women’s Urological HealthNew Hampshire State Society1 C12/07/2019
137005Biliary Anatomy and Disorders of the GallbladderNew Hampshire State Society1 C12/07/2019
137036The Impact of Office Billing & Coding Procedures on Quality and Payer PerformanceNew Hampshire State Society1 A12/07/2019

New Jersey

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137853Essential OilsNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG04/18/2020
137805Cultural SensitivityNew Jersey State Society1.5 G04/18/2020
137806Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind SensitivityNew Jersey State Society1.5 AG04/18/2020
137807Role of the Chaplain in the Healthcare SettingNew Jersey State Society1.5 AG04/18/2020
137808Coronavirus and other Viral EpidemicsNew Jersey State Society1.5 ACG04/18/2020

New Mexico

There are no program listings for this state.

New York

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138309Wound CareNY004 Erie1 C11/17/2020
138244Urethral BulkingNY004 Erie1 C10/20/2020
138147Face2Face in the WorkplaceNY004 Erie1 CG09/15/2020
137462Parkinson's DiseaseNY004 Erie1 CG02/18/2020
137378How to Treat Acne With Long-term ResultsNY009 Nassau2 CG02/05/2020

North Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137457Patient Experience and Survey DataNC008 Greensboro1 AG01/12/2021
138310Anatomy and Physiology ReviewNC026 Albemarle1 C12/03/2020
138311Are You Smarter Than a Medical Assistant Student?NC026 Albemarle1 ACG12/03/2020
138429Minimally Responsive and Unresponsive PatientsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG12/01/2020
138306Cardiology: The BasicsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C11/24/2020
138308HypertensionNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C11/17/2020
138235Listening to Our PatientsNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G11/17/2020
138261Cancer Treatment from the Patient's PerspectiveNC021 Haywood1 ACG11/17/2020
138408What We Don't SeeNC018 Lenoir1 G11/16/2020
138304Medical Assistant Jeopardy BowlNC047 Gaston2 ACG11/14/2020
138307Immune Boosting FoodsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C11/12/2020
138300Interactive Considerations with People Living with a Mental IllnessNC051 Alamance1 CG11/10/2020
138292What is "Pain Management"NC002 Burke1 C11/10/2020
138198Zooming and the Medical AssistantNC026 Albemarle1 A11/05/2020
138404TEMPLESNC013 Catawba1 G10/27/2020
138191Administrative Knowledge BowlNC003 Cabarrus2 A10/27/2020
137436Youth Mental HealthNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG10/20/2020
138209COVID-19 Testing in the Medical OfficeNC047 Gaston2 ACG10/17/2020
138175Pap SmearNC051 Alamance1 C10/13/2020
138205CMA (AAMA) KnowledgeNC008 Greensboro1 ACG10/13/2020
138160Freestyle Libre 2: Continuous Glucose Monitoring SystemNC002 Burke1 C10/13/2020
138165VertigoNC017 High Point1 ACG10/12/2020
138183Educational Resources for People with DiabetesNC013 Catawba1 ACG09/22/2020
138152Allergy Testing/Allergy 101NC047 Gaston1.5 C09/19/2020
138142ITB TherapyNC041 Surry1 CG09/15/2020
137972Cancer Screening RecommendationsNC021 Haywood1 CG09/15/2020
137983Medical Assisting JeopardyNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 ACG09/15/2020
138137Medical Assisting JeopardyNC017 High Point1 ACG09/14/2020
138074COVID-19 Barriers and How to Overcome ThemNC002 Burke1 ACG09/08/2020
138108Well-Being in the Midst of COVID-19NC008 Greensboro1 G09/08/2020
136786Health Informatics/ICD-10 CodesNC051 Alamance1 A09/08/2020
138059The Importance of Medication/Vaccine Administration and Documentation with EMRNC011 Union1 AG08/25/2020
138120Resources and Referral Information for Individuals with Developmental DisabilitiesNC013 Catawba1 AG08/25/2020
137943Migraine HeadacheNC021 Haywood1 CG08/18/2020
138054Covid-19 Basics and the Medical AssistantNC047 Gaston2 ACG08/15/2020
138055Hard of Hearing and the Use of Masks in the Geriatric PopulationNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG08/12/2020
138051Challenges in Caring for Our Spina Bifida PopulationNC051 Alamance1 CG08/11/2020
138013Decisions, Decisions: Advance Care PlanningNC002 Burke1 AG08/11/2020
138057Pediatric Care: Well Child Checks, Immunizations, and What You Need to KnowNC017 High Point1 ACG08/10/2020
138056Medical Terminology ReviewNC026 Albemarle1 G08/06/2020
138038Recognition of a StrokeNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG07/30/2020
137944Obesity ManagementNC021 Haywood1 CG07/21/2020
138021Anorexia and BulimiaNC021 Haywood1 ACG07/21/2020
138114Colon Cancer RisksNC047 Gaston1 C07/18/2020
138012ADHDNC008 Greensboro1 CG07/14/2020
137990Before You Go! Primary Care, Urgent Care or Emergency Room?NC017 High Point1 CG07/13/2020
137982Chronic Care ManagementNC026 Albemarle1 ACG07/02/2020
137889MenopauseNC013 Catawba1 C06/30/2020
138071Recurrent Ear InfectionsNC047 Gaston1 C06/27/2020
137950Kyphosis, Lordosis, and ScoliosisNC021 Haywood1 AC06/16/2020
137948Rehabilitation of Musculoskeletal InjuriesNC008 Greensboro1 CG06/09/2020
137763Complementary and Alternative MedicinesNC002 Burke1 CG06/09/2020
137951What Happens for a Pap Smear?NC017 High Point1 CG06/08/2020
137942The Annual Wellness Visit and Quality Measures for Family PracticesNC026 Albemarle1 ACG05/28/2020
137862Traumatic GriefNC021 Haywood1 AG05/19/2020
137925Breast Cancer: Types and TreatmentsNC017 High Point1 CG05/18/2020
137578LiveStrong at the YMCANC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG04/21/2020
137860Communication with PatientsNC021 Haywood1 G04/21/2020
137210Scheduling IssuesNC022 Pitt1 AG04/07/2020
137511Hereditary PancreatitisNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/05/2020
137508Office "Taters": What Category Do You Fit in To?North Carolina State Society1 G04/04/2020
137509Practicing Self Care: The Three W's, What, Why, and WhenNorth Carolina State Society1 G04/04/2020
137510CABG: Communication is Always the Basis of Good RelationsNorth Carolina State Society1 G04/04/2020
137504Trauma Focus Techniques and InterventionsNorth Carolina State Society1 ACG04/04/2020
137506Podiatry Today: My Feet are Killing MeNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/04/2020
137507Medical Billing RefresherNorth Carolina State Society1 AG04/04/2020
137503Knowledge/Quiz BowlNorth Carolina State Society2 ACG04/03/2020
137497Cultural AwarenessNorth Carolina State Society1 G04/03/2020
137498Teens: Digital Screens and BeyondNorth Carolina State Society1 AG04/03/2020
137499EMR:Impact on HealthcareTodayNorth Carolina State Society1 AG04/03/2020
137500Workplace Violence in HealthcareNorth Carolina State Society1 AG04/03/2020
137501TriggerPoint Dry Needling (TDN)North Carolina State Society1 CG04/03/2020
137502Practical Approach to Childhood Obesity in Primary Care SettingNorth Carolina State Society1 CG04/03/2020
137592Reducing the Risk of Foodborne IllnessesNC022 Pitt1 CG03/28/2020
137591Success to LeadershipNC022 Pitt1 G03/28/2020
137712Influenza and CoronavirusNC022 Pitt1 C03/28/2020
137855Chronic Kidney DiseaseNC022 Pitt1 C03/28/2020
137387Oral HealthNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG03/17/2020
137799Many Hats of Hospice and Palliative CareNC047 Gaston1 AG03/17/2020
137857Modifiers UseNC021 Haywood1 A03/17/2020
137779Robotic SurgeryNC037 Nash1 CG03/11/2020
137760Autoimmune Diseases and the Role of the Certified Medical AssistantNC008 Greensboro1 CG03/10/2020
137903The Administrative Medical AssistantNC052 Lexington1 ACG03/10/2020
137341Physical Activity Benefits for Older AdultsNC017 High Point1 CG03/09/2020
137923Healthy Habits for Health Care WorkersNC051 Alamance1 G03/05/2020
137703Medical Debt and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - A ReviewNC022 Pitt1 AG03/03/2020
137513Home HealthNC010 Wilmington1 ACG02/25/2020
137531Vision Screening for the Pediatric PopulationNC013 Catawba1 C02/25/2020
137380Mental HealthNC041 Surry1 CG02/18/2020
137330Heart HealthNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG02/18/2020
137206ALSNC021 Haywood1 CG02/18/2020
137798Intro to Insulin Pump and Continuous Glucose MonitorNC047 Gaston1 C02/18/2020
137445Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver DiseaseNC037 Nash1 C02/12/2020
137902Salivary Gland TumorsNC052 Lexington1 C02/11/2020
137264Medical Orders for Scope of TreatmentNC018 Lenoir1 AG02/11/2020
137358Let’s Talk About MidwiferyNC011 Union1 ACG02/11/2020
137388Care Management for High-Risk PatientsNC051 Alamance1 AG02/11/2020
137444The Role of the Medicare Wellness Nurse in the Ambulatory SettingNC022 Pitt1 AG02/11/2020
137390Quaker MedicineNC008 Greensboro1 G02/11/2020
137431Nurse Navigation in Ambulatory CareNC017 High Point1 ACG02/10/2020
137366Heart Healthy DietsNC026 Albemarle1 C02/06/2020
137209Parliamentary ProcedureNC026 Albemarle1 AG02/06/2020
137313Birth Control OptionsNC013 Catawba1 CG01/28/2020
137297DwarfismNC010 Wilmington1.5 C01/28/2020
136953Developing Better Care Through ReflectionNorth Carolina State Society1.5 CG01/25/2020
136951Understanding GenderNorth Carolina State Society1 G01/25/2020
136952Correct Use of Mobility AidsNorth Carolina State Society1.5 ACG01/25/2020
136954Infertility and SubfertillityNorth Carolina State Society1 CG01/25/2020
136955Quality and Value Based HealthcareNorth Carolina State Society1 A01/25/2020
137405The Ouches of Allergy: Allergy TestingNC047 Gaston1 CG01/21/2020
137331Hereditary Breast CancerNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C01/21/2020
137284Introduction to AutismNC041 Surry1 CG01/21/2020
137207Lead PoisoningNC021 Haywood1 ACG01/21/2020
137286Providing Excellent Customer Service in the Medical OfficeNC037 Nash1 G01/15/2020
137280Pulmonary HypertensionNC052 Lexington1 C01/14/2020
137241History, Detection, and Treatment of H.pyloriNC051 Alamance1 C01/14/2020
137242Generational Expectations in the WorkforceNC008 Greensboro1 G01/14/2020
137205The In's and Out's of the Front OfficeNC017 High Point1 ACG01/13/2020
137162Organ & Tissue Donation: The Power To Save & Heal LivesNC026 Albemarle1 AG01/02/2020
137048Knowledge of Phlebotomy and the Role of Phlebotomists TodayNC021 Haywood1 ACG12/17/2019
137080Our Skin and AgingNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C12/10/2019
137069Helping the Asthma Patient use a Peak Flow MeterNC052 Lexington1 C12/10/2019
136430Safe HarborNC013 Catawba1 AG12/10/2019
136946Promoting Health Equity for Special Needs PatientsNC011 Union1 AG12/10/2019
137084The Role of a Medical Assistant in a Community Mental Health ClinicNC017 High Point1 G12/09/2019
137071The Medical Assistant’s Role in the CommunityNC026 Albemarle1 AG12/05/2019
136974What You Need to Know About Allergy TestingNC022 Pitt1 CG12/03/2019

North Dakota

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138162Overview of Family and Medical LeaveOH016 Tri-County1 AG01/05/2021
138406Supporting Your Patients Experiencing GriefOH029 Southwest1 CG12/05/2020
138263Collaborative Care in Otolaryngology: The Medical Assistant and the (Grateful) PhysicianOH027 West Central1 CG11/21/2020
138256Podiatry Care RefresherOH027 West Central1 CG11/21/2020
138260Inherited Cancer SyndromesOH027 West Central1 CG11/21/2020
138262Required Reporting for 2021: The CMS Gift That Keeps on Giving!OH027 West Central1 AG11/21/2020
138264Creating a Positive Work EnvironmentOH027 West Central1 G11/21/2020
138265Allergy UpdateOH027 West Central1 CG11/20/2020
138257Closing Care Gaps to Achieve Quality GoalsOH027 West Central1 A11/20/2020
138255Team CoachingOH027 West Central1 G11/20/2020
138290Management of DyslipidemiaOH003 Franklin1 C11/14/2020
138403Our Role in Preventing SuicideOH003 Franklin1 ACG11/14/2020
138234Helping Your Patient Navigate Breast HealthOhio State Society1 C10/26/2020
138206Improving Patient Care & Communications During a PandemicOH029 Southwest1 ACG10/20/2020
138164Virtual Pediatric Collaborative ColloquiumOH027 West Central4 CG10/17/2020
138159Finding Balance in the Midst of ChaosOH003 Franklin1 G10/09/2020
138200Breast Health Cancer Awareness MonthOH016 Tri-County1 AC10/06/2020
138163Effective Approaches to Addiction TreatmentOH027 West Central4 CG10/03/2020
138149Virtual Interoffice Communications: In the Zoom Age of Covid-19OH029 Southwest1 A09/19/2020
138113Living and Working With People Who Display Dementia CharacteristicsOH016 Tri-County1 CG09/01/2020
137934Coding UpdatesOhio State Society1 AG06/29/2020
137697Effective Coaching Techniques During Times of UncertaintyOH027 West Central1 G05/13/2020
137492Management of Dyslipidemia in a Variety of Patient PopulationsOH003 Franklin1 C05/02/2020
137838ADAPT: A Primer for Healthcare Professionals and ViolenceOhio State Society1.5 G05/01/2020
137839Tips for Guiding an Injured Worker’s Treatment from Injury to RecoveryOhio State Society1 AG05/01/2020
137840Case Management Collaboration: Working Together to Achieve Recovery GoalsOhio State Society1 AG05/01/2020
137841Getting Paid: Best Practices for Timely Billing and ReimbursementOhio State Society1.5 A05/01/2020
137837What’s in Your Toolbox? An Overview of BWC Resources for Medical ProvidersOhio State Society1 AG05/01/2020
137729Benchmarking Accounts ReceivableOH016 Tri-County2 A04/25/2020
137719Incident CommandOH016 Tri-County1 AG04/25/2020
137721Mass Casualty TriageOH016 Tri-County1 CG04/25/2020
137856Good DeathOH016 Tri-County1 ACG04/07/2020
137665The ABCs of Primary Cardiovascular Prevention & Antiplatelets, Anticoagulants, and BleedsOH027 West Central1 C03/26/2020
137666Journey to the Heart, A Brief Walk through Nine Decades of Cardiology & Surgical Therapy InnovationsOH027 West Central1 C03/26/2020
137667Overview of AFib, Recent Updates in the Management of Heart Failure & the Forgotten ValveOH027 West Central2 C03/26/2020
137664I Am so Compressed & Culture of MobilityOH027 West Central1 C03/26/2020
137663Severe Hypertension in Pregnancy & Peri-particum Cardiomyopathy (PPCM)OH027 West Central1 C03/26/2020
137594Maximizing Office Based Immunization (MOBI)Ohio State Society1 CG03/23/2020
137659Teen Immunization Education Sessions (TIES)Ohio State Society1 C03/23/2020
137556How Medical Office Location and Design Enhance the Patient ExperienceOhio State Society1 A03/20/2020
137557Medical Marijuana Updates, Adverse Reactions, and Regulatory InteractionsOhio State Society2 CG03/20/2020
137561The M&Ms of Healthcare: MIPS & ModelsOhio State Society1 A03/20/2020
137545Anatomy of Private Equity Transaction and Current Merger & Acquisition Trends for Medical PracticesOhio State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137546Wage and Hour IssuesOhio State Society1 A03/20/2020
137549Paradigm Senior Care Advantage: A Case Study in Transforming CareOhio State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137553What Can You Do Now to Prepare For E/M Changes in the FutureOhio State Society1 A03/20/2020
137554Supervising Friends, Family & PeersOhio State Society1 G03/20/2020
137555A Breakdown of Medicare’s New Policy Development ProcessOhio State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137547Communicating with Patients to Improve CollectionsOhio State Society1 G03/20/2020
137548Alleviate Physician Burnout by Leveraging the HER Power of Informatics and AnalyticsOhio State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137550The CBD Craze: What is an Employer to DoOhio State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137551Team-Based Care and Practice TransformationOhio State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137552Cultivating a Winning Practice CultureOhio State Society1 G03/20/2020
137558Gender Identity, EMR and InsuranceOhio State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137559Complaint Procedures and Difficult EmployeesOhio State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137560Implementing Opioid Prescribing Rules in the Primary Care SettingOhio State Society1 CG03/20/2020
137562What Consumers Really WantOhio State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137686Phobias: How to OvercomeOH009 Heartland2.0 CG03/17/2020
137737Phlebotomy Refresher CourseOH027 West Central1.5 CG03/06/2020
137593Question, Persuade, Refer Suicide Prevention TrainingOH004 Cuyahoga2 AG02/29/2020
137281Someone You Love: The HPV EpidemicOH016 Tri-County1.5 CG02/04/2020
137135Human TraffickingOhio State Society1 AG01/27/2020
137136ImmunizationsOhio State Society1 CG01/27/2020
137260Creating a Care Management ProgramOH027 West Central1 AG01/25/2020
137360Business Ethics for Healthcare ProfessionalsOH003 Franklin1 AG01/25/2020
137142Leg Swelling Is often MultifactorialOH003 Franklin1 C01/25/2020
137257Overview of Structural Heart Conditions and Future Treatment OptionsOH027 West Central1 CG01/25/2020
137258Medicare 2020 Part B UpdateOH027 West Central1 A01/25/2020
137259Stem Cell TherapyOH027 West Central1 C01/25/2020
137335Conservative Treatment Options for Pelvic Floor DysfunctionOH029 Southwest1.5 C01/25/2020
137334OB/GYN BingoOH029 Southwest1 CG01/25/2020
137003Immunizations, What's All the HypeOH029 Southwest1 CG01/25/2020
135906Safety and Health in the Workplace EnvironmentOH016 Tri-County1 G01/07/2020
137027Stroke Prevention, Recognition & TreatmentOH009 Heartland2.0 CG12/10/2019


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137649Striving for MasteryOklahoma State Society3 AG04/18/2020
137651Why Our Body Needs Sleep and What it Does to Us When We Don't Get Enough SleepOklahoma State Society2 C04/18/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137984Caution: Upcoding! The Need for Accurate DocumentationOR013 River Cities2 AG12/12/2020
134737EKG BasicsOR013 River Cities2 C11/14/2020
138207Food and Environmental Allergies-What Is Anaphylaxis and What We Need to KnowOR003 Lane1 C10/15/2020
137995Dissecting Addiction and Extracting StigmaOR013 River Cities1.5 ACG10/10/2020
137994BH and MH Referrals, Mental Health Defined, and Simple Practices that Help Us Sustain ItOregon State Society1.5 ACG10/10/2020
137996Behavioral Health in Society: Implications for Provision of Medical ServicesOR013 River Cities1.5 CG10/10/2020
138119Nurturing Your Awesome: How to Take Care of Yourself While Moving through BurnoutOR003 Lane1.5 G09/17/2020
137261Overcoming Barriers to AdherenceOR013 River Cities2 CG09/12/2020
136831Introduction to Trauma Informed Care (TIC)OR013 River Cities2 CG08/08/2020
137941Medical Office Compliance Program and Payment Integrity RisksOR013 River Cities2 AG07/11/2020
137929The Doctor Will Tweet You Now: New Frontiers in Social Media and MedicineOR013 River Cities2 AG06/16/2020
137918Nurturing Your Awesome: How to Take Care of Yourself While Moving through BurnoutOR013 River Cities2 G06/13/2020
137110Female Incontinence: Patient Education and ResourcesOR013 River Cities2 CG05/09/2020
137711Knowledge Bowl (backup)Oregon State Society1 ACG03/19/2020
137685Coronavirus: Who is at Risk?OR003 Lane1 CG03/19/2020
136904Leadership for the Medical Assistant: Seven Secrets Emerging Leaders Need to KnowOregon State Society5 G02/22/2020
137053Understanding Dementia/Neurocognitive DisordersOR003 Lane1 CG02/20/2020
136792Ethical Challenges in HealthcareOR013 River Cities2 ACG02/08/2020
137262Injection Fundamentals and Best PracticesOR013 River Cities2 ACG02/08/2020
137243Introduction to Sexual Assault ServicesOregon State Society1.5 G01/25/2020
137244Human TraffickingOregon State Society2.5 ACG01/25/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138291Health Insurance: Diving into the Audit ProcessPennsylvania State Society2 ACG11/14/2020
138148Talk Saves LivesPennsylvania State Society1.5 ACG10/24/2020
137726The Vape Talk/Vaping 101Pennsylvania State Society1.5 CG08/29/2020
137727Human Trafficking AwarenessPennsylvania State Society2.5 ACG08/14/2020

Rhode Island

There are no program listings for this state.

South Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138412Low Back PainSC003 Spartanburg1 C11/17/2020
138127The Benefits of Hospice HomesSC003 Spartanburg1 AG11/17/2020
138305Low Back PainSC005 Pickens1 C11/10/2020
138302Mental Illness: Services and ChallengesSC006 Greenville1 ACG11/06/2020
138199Bowl of KnowledgeSC003 Spartanburg1 ACG10/20/2020
138141Initiating Hospice Discussion and the Benefit of HospiceSC006 Greenville1 CG09/22/2020
138151Telephone Etiquette for the Medical AssistantSC003 Spartanburg1 G09/15/2020
138053Does Your Patient Meet Criteria for Bariatric Surgery?SC003 Spartanburg1 CG08/25/2020
137639Domestic Violence: Interviewing and Identifying Signs and SymptomsSouth Carolina State Society1 AG08/20/2020
137643PT FirstSouth Carolina State Society1 CG08/18/2020
1376272020 CPT Code Additions, Changes, and DeletionsSouth Carolina State Society2 A08/11/2020
138014Overview of Occupational TherapySC003 Spartanburg1 CG07/21/2020
137579Equipment We Never Want to Use- Medical EmergenciesSC009 Trident1 C07/14/2020
137985Coding for E-visits during Covid-19 PandemicSC003 Spartanburg1 AG06/23/2020
137992Women's HealthSC006 Greenville1 C06/23/2020
137928Medical TerminologySC003 Spartanburg1 G05/26/2020
137931Medical Terminology ChallengeSC003 Spartanburg1 G05/26/2020
137539Self-care and WellnessSC006 Greenville1 G05/26/2020
137913Conducting Effective Business MeetingsSC003 Spartanburg1 A04/21/2020
137512Time to Refer a Patient for Vestibular RehabilitationSC009 Trident1 AC04/14/2020
137634Governance StylesSouth Carolina State Society1 G03/22/2020
137638Depression and Anxiety (Backup)South Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/21/2020
137630Selecting Talent Using Behavioral-Based InterviewingSouth Carolina State Society1 AG03/21/2020
137632Human TraffickingSouth Carolina State Society2 AG03/21/2020
137635Home is Where the Heart Is: The Guide to Home Care Services and What is Best for Your Patient?South Carolina State Society1 ACG03/21/2020
137624Principles of Diabetes ManagementSouth Carolina State Society2 CG03/21/2020
137637Anatomy and Common Issues of the GYN SystemSouth Carolina State Society1 C03/21/2020
137626ALSSouth Carolina State Society1 C03/21/2020
137625AFib UpdatesSouth Carolina State Society2 C03/20/2020
137628Proper Patient/Client Care and Motivational InterviewingSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/20/2020
137631Interaction Between HIV and the Immune SystemSouth Carolina State Society1 C03/20/2020
137641Protecting Yourself and Your Patients from Potentially Dangerous Medical CareSouth Carolina State Society2 CG03/20/2020
137644Working as a TeamSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/20/2020
137646Caring for the Physical and Mental Health of Pediatric PatientsSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/20/2020
137645Interactive Dementia Caregiver TrainingSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/20/2020
137647Non-Narcotic Pain ManagementSouth Carolina State Society1 C03/20/2020
137648Social Media and Protecting Patient PrivacySouth Carolina State Society1 AG03/20/2020
137623Can You Hear Me Now?: Working with ASL Interpreters in Medical SettingsSouth Carolina State Society2 AG03/20/2020
137640Administrative Bingo II (Backup)South Carolina State Society1 A03/20/2020
137642Medication-Assisted Therapy for Opiate AddictionSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/20/2020
137633There is No "W" in ChiropracticSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/19/2020
137629Understanding PAMA and Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC)South Carolina State Society1 AG03/19/2020
137636Hospice: Living Well at the End of LifeSouth Carolina State Society1 ACG03/19/2020
137865Medication Reconciliation and Patient EducationSC003 Spartanburg1 CG03/17/2020
136926MA TriviaSC006 Greenville1 ACG02/25/2020
137464Bariatric Surgery and Steps to Insurance ApprovalSC003 Spartanburg1.0 AG02/18/2020
137337Teamwork Makes the Office WorkSC009 Trident1 G02/11/2020
137365Heart Disease : Just Say KnowSC004 Columbia2 CG02/08/2020
137428Professionalism: Developing Vital CharacteristicsSC011 Anderson1 G02/04/2020
137160What is Regenerative Medicine?SC006 Greenville1 CG01/28/2020
137272Allergy and Immunology Tips from Dr. GoSC003 Spartanburg1 CG01/21/2020
136856Administrative BINGO IISouth Carolina State Society1 A01/18/2020
136857Effects of Vaping on Our PatientsSouth Carolina State Society1 CG01/18/2020
136858CBD Oil vs THC: Effects on Our PatientsSouth Carolina State Society1 CG01/18/2020
137067Palliative vs. Hospice CareSC009 Trident1 AG01/14/2020
138135Influenza: Know the FactsSC004 Columbia2 C01/11/2020
137144Patient Safety: Their Lives Are in Our HandsSC011 Anderson1 CG01/07/2020
137208Medical Assistant BingoSC003 Spartanburg1 CG12/17/2019

South Dakota

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137384Equine TherapySouth Dakota State Society1 AG02/08/2020
137385Dental Preventative Services in Primary CareSouth Dakota State Society1 C02/08/2020
137382School-Based Health ClinicsSouth Dakota State Society1 AG02/08/2020
137383Cardiovascular DiseaseSouth Dakota State Society2 C02/08/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137439Administrative Skills in the OfficeTN001 Cherokee1 AG03/28/2020
137440What to Know to Help Your Patients in and out of the Medical OfficeTN001 Cherokee1 AG03/28/2020
137438Multiple SclerosisTN001 Cherokee1 CG03/28/2020
137394Living with FibromyalgiaTN002 Chattanooga1 CG02/13/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138168Genetics and Cancer: What We Know and Why It Is ImportantTX003 Bexar1.5 C10/24/2020
138167Are You Ready to Report that Lab Value?TX004 Dallas1.5 CG10/24/2020
138254Medical Assistants: Past, Present, and FutureTX036 Bay Area1 G10/24/2020
138238Hepatitis-B Vaccination FactsTX037 Northeast Harris1.5 CG10/24/2020
138118Leadership PrinciplesTexas State Society1.5 AG09/01/2020
138044Educating about the Dire Need to Practice COVID-19 ProtocolsTX037 Northeast Harris1.5 CG08/08/2020
138045Respiratory Therapy Through a PandemicTX037 Northeast Harris1.5 CG08/08/2020
138047People Affected by COVID-19TX037 Northeast Harris1.5 ACG08/08/2020
138048Healthcare on the Frontline of COVID-19TX037 Northeast Harris1.5 CG08/08/2020
138023On the Front Line with COVID-19 in New York, NYTX037 Northeast Harris1.5 CG08/08/2020
137933Newborn Hearing ScreeningTexas State Society1.5 CG06/13/2020
137921HCC Coding BasicsTexas State Society2 A06/13/2020
137922The Efficacy of Immunotherapy as a Treatment for Allergic RhinitisTexas State Society2 CG06/13/2020
137954Customer Experience Overview Including ITIL & CRM Principle PhilosophiesTexas State Society1 AG06/13/2020
137932Helping Humanity in CrisisTexas State Society2.0 ACG05/19/2020
137875Consequences of Sleep ApneaTX003 Bexar1.5 CG04/18/2020
137876What MA's Should Know About VirusesTX003 Bexar1 C04/18/2020
137563Patient Interviewing Health History in the Clinical SettingTX037 Northeast Harris1 ACG03/28/2020
137361TSMA Annual Leadership RetreatTexas State Society2.0 AG01/25/2020
137292Patient EducationTX003 Bexar2 G01/18/2020
137049Patient Education in the Clinical OfficeTX037 Northeast Harris1 G12/07/2019


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138188Medical Assistant's Role in TelehealthUtah State Society1.5 ACG10/24/2020
138187Mindfulness and MeditationUtah State Society1.5 CG10/24/2020
137707Organ/Tissue DonationUtah State Society1.5 ACG03/21/2020
137708Spinal Cord Injuries/Disability ResourcesUtah State Society1.5 ACG03/21/2020
137709AllergiesUtah State Society1.5 CG03/21/2020
137710Knowledge BowlUtah State Society1.5 CG03/21/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138293Dealing with Historical TraumaVirginia State Society1 G11/14/2020
138294Vitamin D: The Sunshine VitaminVirginia State Society1 C11/14/2020
138295AestheticsVirginia State Society1 CG11/14/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138289Communication Skills for Success as an MAWA016 Southwest1 AG11/21/2020
138258Anxiety And How To Cope: Don't Take a Spill, Use Your SkillsWA003 Kitsap1 CG11/18/2020
138190Preparing Your Orthopedic Patient for Surgery: Pre and Post RecommendationsWA003 Kitsap1 CG10/21/2020
138236De-EscalationWA016 Southwest1 G10/17/2020
138086Obstructive Sleep Apnea--The Dental PerspectiveWA003 Kitsap1.5 C09/16/2020
137861Standard PrecautionsWA016 Southwest1 C03/21/2020
137757Building RapportWA010 Whatcom2 G03/17/2020
137263Vitality and Lifestyle Medicine: How to Make the Best out of the Wellness Program for PatientsWA008 NCW1 CG03/13/2020
137589Respiratory DME (Durable Medical Equipment)WA003 Kitsap1.5 AG03/11/2020
137403Navigating the Health Care System When You Are the PatientWA006 Yakima1 CG02/20/2020
137404Changes to Evaluation and Management Services in 2021WA006 Yakima1 A02/20/2020
137276Up in Smoke - Vaping ... The Laws and Your HealthWA004 Thurston2 ACG02/19/2020
137344Kidney Dialysis 101WA003 Kitsap1.5 CG02/19/2020
137463Carotid SenosisWA016 Southwest1 CG02/15/2020
137441Aging and Adult Care: Assistance for Your Home and CaregiversWA008 NCW1.5 AG02/13/2020
137174Minor Consent in the State of WAWA016 Southwest1 AG01/18/2020
137173Current Ethical Issues In HealthcareWA003 Kitsap1.5 AG01/15/2020
137273Psychological AutopsiesWA001 Snohomish1.5 G01/11/2020
137340Kahoots! Medical TerminologyWA015 Skagit/Island1 G01/11/2020
137091Mental Health First AidWA015 Skagit/Island8 CG12/07/2019
137031Medical Assisting Jeopardy 2019WA003 Kitsap1.5 ACG12/04/2019

West Virginia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138288Ryan's ( Survivor) Story on Meningococcal Disease, Transmission, and Clinical PresentationWI021 LaCrosse Area1 CG11/18/2020
138409The Integrative Medicine Approach to Emotional and Physical IllnessWI015 Waukesha1 CG11/14/2020
138313The Benefits of CBD OilWI015 Waukesha1 CG11/14/2020
138237GERD and Procedures Performed in GIWI011 Lakeshore1.5 C10/19/2020
138123POTS: From the Patient PerspectiveWI015 Waukesha1 CG09/19/2020
138124POTS: From the Patient PerspectiveWI015 Waukesha1 CG09/19/2020
137863Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS): Diagnosis, Management, and Current ResearchWI015 Waukesha1 CG09/19/2020
137683DCIC Symposium 2020 Immunization UpdateWI002 Dane1 CG04/21/2020
137684DCIC Symposium 2020 Immunization Update, PanelWI002 Dane1 CG04/21/2020
137724Genetics: What You're Prone ToWisconsin State Society1 CG04/18/2020
137725Vaccines DemystifiedWisconsin State Society1 CG04/18/2020
137720Behavioral Health Integration in Primary CareWisconsin State Society1 CG04/18/2020
137722Forensic Toxicology: Navigating the Rapids Without Any OarsWisconsin State Society1 CG04/18/2020
137718Hospice 101: What You Need to KnowWisconsin State Society1 G04/18/2020
137723Medicare: Understanding 5 Basic Medicare OptionsWisconsin State Society1 A04/18/2020
137714Oncology SymptomsWisconsin State Society1 CG04/17/2020
137716BrachytherapyWisconsin State Society1 CG04/17/2020
137717Cold Cap TherapyWisconsin State Society1 CG04/17/2020
137732Recertification Exam Trivia GameWisconsin State Society1 ACG04/17/2020
137715Palliative CareWisconsin State Society1 ACG04/17/2020
137762Integrated Behavioral HealthWI021 LaCrosse Area1 ACG03/21/2020
137435Dry NeedlingWI003 Dodge1 G03/19/2020
137864Becoming a Leader in Mitigating HIPAA RisksWI015 Waukesha1 AG03/14/2020
137766Urology UpdatesWI011 Lakeshore1 C03/09/2020
137767Organic Acid TestWI011 Lakeshore1 CG03/09/2020
137490Alzheimer's or Something ElseWI009 Greater Milwaukee1 CG02/20/2020
137400Ongoing Opioid and Heroin AddictionWI003 Dodge1 CG02/13/2020
137437ImmunizationsWI011 Lakeshore2 ACG02/10/2020
137374Anaphylaxis Training/CertificationWisconsin State Society2 CG02/08/2020
137352Birth control, HPV and Abnormal Pap Smears….Oh My!Wisconsin State Society1 C02/08/2020
137353Reviewing Preventative Care GuidelinesWisconsin State Society1 AC02/08/2020
137354ALIVE in the WorkplaceWisconsin State Society2 G02/08/2020
137355Shoulder Pain, Causes and Treatment OptionsWisconsin State Society1 CG02/08/2020
137325Hematopoietic Cellular TherapyWI016 Central Wisconsin1 C02/01/2020
137328Medication History: The Who, What, When, and Where, and WhyWI016 Central Wisconsin1 ACG02/01/2020
137294Workplace BehaviorsWI016 Central Wisconsin1 G02/01/2020
137326Keto Diet for Treatment of EpilepsyWI016 Central Wisconsin1 C02/01/2020
137293Exercise Is Medicine: But Are We PrescribingWI016 Central Wisconsin1 CG02/01/2020
137327Primary Care of the Degenerative SpineWI016 Central Wisconsin1 C02/01/2020
137329Obesity and Weight LossWI016 Central Wisconsin1 C02/01/2020
137290Lactose or Milk Allergy?WI009 Greater Milwaukee1 C01/16/2020
137172A Total Review of Foot & Ankle PathologyWI015 Waukesha2 CG01/11/2020
137092Child Sexual Abuse – What You Need to KnowWI010 Valley1 AG01/11/2020
137093Medical Assistant's Guide to Aging & Disability ResourcesWI010 Valley1 AG01/11/2020
137086Urine: Is it Really a Clean Catch?WI003 Dodge1 CG01/09/2020


There are no program listings for this state.