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AAMA Approved CE Programs

The following programs are worth AAMA CEUs.

CPR  |  Two-year CPR cards issued within the applicant’s recertification period will be counted as four clinical AAMA recertifica­tion points. Up to three two-year CPR cards may be submitted for a total of 12 CEUs.

Smiles for Life Program  |  Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum is a product of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) that provides educational resources to ensure the integration of oral health and primary care. The curriculum makes it easy for individual medical assistants to access the curriculum and learn on their own time and at their own pace. Each of the eight courses is available online with free continuing education credit. Each course (found under Course Quick Links) has been approved for 1 AAMA CEU credit. All eight modules also are available in downloadable format for classroom or small group education.

Disclaimer: Your overseeing provider must confirm with his or her licensing board that it is allowable for the provider to delegate to medical assistants the applying of fluoride varnish.

Get CEU credit  |  Submit documentation of completion in one of three ways:

Find a Program  |  View currently available information on programs by AAMA state societies and local chapters in the dropdown sections below.

Start a Program  |  If your state or chapter is not currently conducting any programming, help out by volunteering.

If you are a member-at-large, find out how to start a state or local chapter by contacting the AAMA Membership Department or calling 800/228-2262.

For more information about programs within your state, contact your state president.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141795Long Term Acute Care Hospital and Your PatientAlabama State Society1 CG06/03/2023
141796Managing the Patient with a TBI in the Primary Care SettingAlabama State Society2 CG06/03/2023
141794Basic Ergonomics for the Medical ProfessionalAlabama State Society2 CG06/03/2023
140809Metabolic SyndromeAlabama State Society1 C06/03/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141828Fostering Wellness in the Healthcare TeamAlaska State Society2 CG06/17/2023
141741Elder Care From Start to FinishAlaska State Society1 CG05/20/2023
141742The Journey to and thru CancerAlaska State Society2 CG05/20/2023
141743Chronic Pain Management: An Osteopathic ApproachAlaska State Society1 CG05/20/2023
141744Circumcision: The Avoided ControversyAlaska State Society1 CG05/20/2023
141745Immunization: Tricks, Tips, and ChangesAlaska State Society1 CG05/20/2023


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141291Vaccine UpdatesArkansas State Society1 CG03/28/2023
141290Endotracheal Intubation TechniquesArkansas State Society1 C03/04/2023
141288Preparing Your Business for Unexpected DisruptionsArkansas State Society1 AG03/04/2023
140873Workplace Evaluation: Safe vs. UnsafeArkansas State Society1 G10/01/2022
140874Meaningful Music Therapy with Dementia PatientsArkansas State Society1 CG10/01/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142023Refresh Your Mind: Mental AwarenessCalifornia State Society2 CG10/21/2023
141666The Use of Social Media for Professional Growth Within the Health Care FieldCalifornia State Society1 AG04/22/2023
141447AutismCalifornia State Society1 ACG04/21/2023
141448Wearable Glucose Monitors and Weekly InjectablesCalifornia State Society1 CG04/21/2023
140976VertigoCalifornia State Society2 C01/14/2023
140678General Overview of Interventional Pain MedicineCalifornia State Society2 C09/24/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141977Alzheimer’s Disease Review and NewsColorado State Society2.5 CG11/04/2023
141976Customer Service: Pet Peeves and Best PracticeColorado State Society2.5 G10/14/2023
141975STD/STI Update and Research TrendsColorado State Society2.5 CG09/09/2023
141162Female Genital MutilationColorado State Society2.5 C05/13/2023
141161Orthopedic Conditions of the Lower ExtremitiesColorado State Society2.5 C04/29/2023
141160Orthopedic Conditions of the Upper ExtremitiesColorado State Society2.5 C03/11/2023
141159Phlebotomy: More than Rainbows and ButterfliesColorado State Society2.5 CG02/25/2023
140655Mental Health First AidColorado State Society8 CG09/24/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141205Vaccine Administration RefresherConnecticut State Society2 C04/01/2023
141493Quick Facts on Donating BloodConnecticut State Society1 CG04/01/2023
141262Keeping Pace with Today's Workforce Needs: New Models for Training Medical AssistantsConnecticut State Society1 G03/31/2023
141263MA Trivia & RefresherConnecticut State Society2 ACG03/31/2023
141246Mental Health First AidConnecticut State Society1 CG03/31/2023
141139Chronic MigraineConnecticut State Society1 CG03/31/2023
141140Transitioning from Medical Assistant to Supervisor RolesConnecticut State Society1 AG03/31/2023
141221Medical Assistants: Being a Valuable Member of the Clinical Care TeamConnecticut State Society1 CG03/31/2023
141138What You and Your Patients Need to Know: Viral Hepatitis and Fatty Liver DiseaseConnecticut State Society1 CG03/31/2023
141202Strategies for Providing Trauma-Informed Care to Survivors of Intimate Partner ViolenceConnecticut State Society2 ACG03/31/2023
141203Interrupting Implicit Bias in Clinical SettingsConnecticut State Society1 G03/31/2023
141204Breast Imaging and BiopsyConnecticut State Society1 C03/31/2023
141017The Evolving Role of Medical Assistants in TelehealthConnecticut State Society1 ACG01/01/2023
140950CTSMA Knowledge BowlConnecticut State Society1 ACG11/05/2022
140945DysautonomiaConnecticut State Society1.0 C11/05/2022
140946Preparing for Difficult ConversationsConnecticut State Society1.0 G11/05/2022
140687Helping Families Through Common Feeding Concerns in the First Year of LifeConnecticut State Society1 C11/05/2022
140870The Role of the Family Care GiverConnecticut State Society1 CG11/05/2022


There are no program listings for this state.

District of Columbia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142033Trauma Informed CareFL003 Brevard2.0 CG11/15/2023
142022Come Together: Working in a Multi-Generational Medical OfficeFL003 Brevard2.0 G09/13/2023
141808Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results: A Book Review of Atomic Habits by James ClearFL003 Brevard2 G06/21/2023
141740Managing Diabetes.FL010 Central Florida1 CG05/20/2023
141478Human Trafficking in the Healthcare SettingFL003 Brevard2.0 ACG05/17/2023
141077Leadership BeginningsFlorida State Society2 AG04/22/2023
141629Anatomy and Physiology in Patient CoachingFlorida State Society2 ACG04/22/2023
141394Robotic Surgery in Bariatric MedicineFlorida State Society2 CG04/22/2023
141646Workplace CivilityFL003 Brevard1 G04/19/2023
141401Elder AbuseFL010 Central Florida1 ACG04/01/2023
141261Be the Hero: Active Bystander InterventionFL004 Southwest1 G03/04/2023
141256Confronting Health MisinformationFlorida State Society1 AG02/25/2023
141257Effective Patient EducationFlorida State Society1 AG02/25/2023
141080The Role of Medical Assistants in Dermatology: cosmetic and General AspectsFlorida State Society1 C02/25/2023
141078Workplace Expectations and Soft SkillsFlorida State Society1 G02/25/2023
141079The Role of Medical Assistants in Mohs SurgeryFlorida State Society1 C02/25/2023
141213Personal Growth: A Book Review of the 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth by John C. MaxwellFL003 Brevard2 G02/15/2023
141098Insurance BasicsFL003 Brevard1 A01/21/2023
141099Government Insurances 101: Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, and VAFL003 Brevard1 A01/21/2023
141100Private or Commercial Insurance 101FL003 Brevard1 A01/21/2023
141101Automobile Insurance and Workers' CompFL003 Brevard1 A01/21/2023
141102Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, No Surprises Act, and EstimatesFL003 Brevard1 A01/21/2023
141103Authorizations 101FL003 Brevard1 A01/21/2023
141087Sexual Assault Awareness and PreventionFL010 Central Florida1 ACG01/14/2023
141130SarcoidosisFL010 Central Florida1 C01/14/2023
140919Effectively Educating Patients Without Adding Shame To Their ExperienceFL038 Mid Gulf Coast1 G11/15/2022
140837Bariatric Surgery and ObesityFL010 Central Florida1.5 C11/05/2022
140890Language Matters: Communication Strategies to Promote Alcohol Free PregnanciesFL003 Brevard2 CG10/12/2022
140782Finding your Passion and PurposeFL004 Southwest1 G10/08/2022
140740The Inclusive Clinical Setting: Sexual Orientation and Gender IdentificationFL037 Treasure Coast1.5 CG09/29/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142017Sleep ApneaGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C09/19/2023
142030The Mind-Body ConnectionGA001 Cobb1 CG09/16/2023
141948DiabetesGA016 Hall1 CG08/16/2023
141847NetiquetteGA026 Paulding County1 AG06/24/2023
140675Glossary of Common Health Insurance Term Definitions and Use of Each Term: Part 2GA004 Lowndes2 AG05/27/2023
141788Emergency Plan for Nonresponsive CoworkersGA001 Cobb1 CG05/20/2023
141793Preventative Care in AdultsGA026 Paulding County1 CG05/20/2023
141554Home Care Referral ProcessGeorgia State Society1 ACG04/15/2023
141555Organ DonationGeorgia State Society1 ACG04/15/2023
141556The Administrative Process of Home Healthcare ReferralsGeorgia State Society1 A04/15/2023
141557Skin Cancer AwarenessGeorgia State Society1 CG04/15/2023
141558Hospice 101Georgia State Society1 ACG04/15/2023
141559Atraumatic CareGeorgia State Society1 C04/15/2023
141337Glossary of Common Health Insurance Term Definitions and Use of Each Term: Part 2Georgia State Society2 AG04/15/2023
141548MigraineGeorgia State Society1 C04/14/2023
141549Three Pillars of Genetic TestingGeorgia State Society1 CG04/14/2023
141550Motivational InterviewingGeorgia State Society1 G04/14/2023
141553The Team Approach to Patient CareGeorgia State Society1 CG04/14/2023
141551Bariatric SurgeryGeorgia State Society1 CG04/14/2023
141552Trauma Informed CareGeorgia State Society1 ACG04/14/2023
141336Glossary of Common Health Insurance Term Definitions and Use of Each Term: Part 1Georgia State Society2 AG04/13/2023
141265Courage: What is it and Why Do We Need It?GA016 Hall1 G03/28/2023
141301Needles and InjectionsGA001 Cobb1 C02/25/2023
141175Global Solution to Pediatric HealthcareGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C02/21/2023
140674Glossary of Common Health Insurance Term Definitions and Use of Each Term: Part 1GA004 Lowndes2 AG02/04/2023
141131Cancer Prevention through NutritionGA016 Hall1 C01/31/2023
141055Understanding ObesityGA001 Cobb1 C01/28/2023
141142An Evolving Landscape for Medical AssistantsGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 ACG01/17/2023
141051Medical TerminologyGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 CG01/17/2023
141016Administrative vs. Clinical Medical AssistantGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 ACG12/20/2022
140931Medical Terminology CrosswordGA016 Hall1 CG11/15/2022
140932Religion, Culture, and MedicineGA016 Hall1 G11/15/2022
140858Better Conversations EverydayGA001 Cobb1 G10/29/2022
140866Medical Assisting 101GA014 Central Savannah River Area1 ACG10/18/2022
140812Breast CancerGeorgia State Society1 C10/08/2022
140813SIDSGeorgia State Society1 C10/08/2022
140817Suicide PreventionGeorgia State Society1.5 ACG10/08/2022
140818MA Knowledge TestGeorgia State Society2 ACG10/08/2022
140814Heart FailureGeorgia State Society1 C10/08/2022
140815Healthcare AbroadGeorgia State Society1 ACG10/08/2022
140816Managing Obesity in Primary CareGeorgia State Society1 CG10/08/2022
140819Special Needs Education & HealthGeorgia State Society1 ACG10/08/2022
140701Recognizing Toxic Work EnvironmentsGA001 Cobb1 AG09/24/2022


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141800Meningitis and the Importance of VaccinesID001 Idaho Falls1 C08/23/2023
141928Why Be in Leadership?ID002 Magic Valley2 G08/05/2023
141826Office Management TrainingIdaho State Society2 AG06/17/2023
141799Chiropractic Care for Both Rehabilitation and Sports PerformanceID001 Idaho Falls1 C05/20/2023
141797Heart Healthy Eating and LifestyleID001 Idaho Falls1 C05/20/2023
141798Facial Aesthetics Using Botox and FillersID001 Idaho Falls1 C05/20/2023
141661Summer AilmentsID003 Gate City1 C05/17/2023
141752Gestational DiabetesID001 Idaho Falls1 C04/26/2023
141404Colon CancerID003 Gate City1 CG04/26/2023
141390Bylaws ReviewIdaho State Society1 AG04/01/2023
141391Skin Cancer 101Idaho State Society1 C04/01/2023
141392Allergic Upper and Lower Airway DiseasesIdaho State Society1 C04/01/2023
141388Type II DiabetesIdaho State Society1 CG04/01/2023
141389Pharmaceutical Compounding 101Idaho State Society1 C04/01/2023
141393Practical Mindfulness Practices to Guide Us through Turbulent TimesIdaho State Society1 CG04/01/2023
141387Integrative Medicine with Pain ManagementIdaho State Society2 CG03/31/2023
141219The Cardiac ProcessID003 Gate City1 C02/22/2023
141751Newest Medications and Technology to Help Patients with DiabetesID001 Idaho Falls1 C02/22/2023
141173Organ Donation: The Personal SideID002 Magic Valley1.5 CG02/18/2023
141750Self-Care and How to Avoid BurnoutID001 Idaho Falls1 CG01/25/2023
141143Patient Centered Medical HomesID003 Gate City1 AG01/25/2023
140973Substance Use Disorder in Healthcare WorkersID002 Magic Valley1 CG12/05/2022
140939Pediatric Respiratory IllnessesID003 Gate City1 C11/15/2022
141736PhlebotomyID001 Idaho Falls1 CG10/15/2022
141737Skin Cancer 101ID001 Idaho Falls1 C10/15/2022
141738Domestic ViolenceID001 Idaho Falls1 ACG10/15/2022
140807ENT In A NutshellID003 Gate City1 C10/12/2022
141735Preventative HealthID001 Idaho Falls1 CG09/28/2022
140731Why Am I Losing My Hair?ID003 Gate City1 C09/28/2022
140684Life and Nutrition after Bariatric SurgeryID002 Magic Valley2 C09/24/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141964Prior AuthorizationsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 C11/04/2023
142029Pacemakers and DefibrillatorsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 C11/04/2023
142040Surveyor Training Workshop (MAERB)American Association of Medical Assistants8 G09/25/2023
142039MAERB ForumAmerican Association of Medical Assistants2 G09/24/2023
142038Self-Study Workshop (MAERB)American Association of Medical Assistants8 G09/22/2023
141715Remote Telemetry and Virtual Nursing Support ServicesIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 ACG05/20/2023
141560Addiction Touches All of UsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 ACG05/20/2023
14156136 Years and 13 Days of SafetyIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 G05/20/2023
141714Kinesiology Taping: Supplementary Treatments for Musculoskeletal CareIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 G05/20/2023
141839Diabetes TodayIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 C05/20/2023
141840Problem Solving in the Medical OfficeIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 AG05/20/2023
141081Let's Dive Deeper into Cannabis, Cancer and My Personal JourneyIllinois State Society1.5 C04/22/2023
141082Cannabis & PTSD: Discussing the Benefits of Cannabinoids in the Treatment of PTSDIllinois State Society1.5 CG04/22/2023
141084Faith into Hope: Organ and Tissue Donation Transforms LivesIllinois State Society1.5 CG04/22/2023
141085Emotional and Social Intelligence: Creating a Better Awareness of Implicit BiasIllinois State Society2 G04/22/2023
141083Our Personalities and Perceptions: How Do They Impact Our Work Environment?Illinois State Society2 G04/22/2023
141326Stress Less for SuccessIllinois State Society1.5 CG04/21/2023
141331PreceptingIL038 Rockford1 G03/11/2023
141333Diabetes EducationIL038 Rockford1.5 ACG03/11/2023
141330Advance DirectivesIL038 Rockford1 AG03/11/2023
141329COVID-19 and Respiratory SystemIL038 Rockford1.5 C03/11/2023
141332Vaccines and Injection SitesIL038 Rockford1.5 AC03/11/2023
141335Postpartum DepressionIL038 Rockford1 CG03/11/2023
141334STDs and ContraceptionIL038 Rockford1.5 CG03/11/2023
140926MonkeypoxIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 C11/12/2022
140927Atomic Habits: How to Build Successful Habits in achieving Health GoalsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 G11/12/2022
140922HIV: Disease Process and Current TreatmentsIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 C11/12/2022
139533To Modify or Not to Modify and WhyIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1.5 A11/12/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142024A Journey to a Balanced LifeIN004 First District1 G09/12/2023
141988Suicide Prevention Training: Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)IN004 First District1 ACG09/09/2023
141991Transformative HealthcareIN004 First District1 AG09/09/2023
141992General Overview of HealthcareIN004 First District1 AG09/09/2023
141989Outpatient Dermatology PearlsIN004 First District1 C09/09/2023
141990Advance Care PlanningIN004 First District1 AG09/09/2023
141875Immunizations From A to ZIndiana Society of Medical Assistants3 ACG08/26/2023
141958Cyber Security in HealthcareIN010 East Central District1.5 AG08/12/2023
141959Breaking Bad NewsIN010 East Central District1.5 G08/12/2023
141827Leadership StylesIndiana Society of Medical Assistants1 AG06/24/2023
141817Parliamentary Procedure: Just the BasicsIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 A06/24/2023
141833Putting the Well Back in Medicare WellnessIN004 First District1 AG06/13/2023
141790Delta-8 THCIN010 East Central District1.5 CG05/20/2023
141791The Life of a Staff MeetingIN010 East Central District2 AG05/20/2023
141328Tattoo Safety Education, Poison Prevention Education, STD/STI EducationIndiana Society of Medical Assistants3 CG04/30/2023
141462Foods That Inhibit Alzheimer and Dementia's ProgressIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 CG04/29/2023
141421Mainstream Holistic PlantsIndiana Society of Medical Assistants1.5 CG04/28/2023
1413272020 Through an Optometrist's Eyes: A Crash CourseIndiana Society of Medical Assistants2 CG04/28/2023
141345How Communication Can Help You to Be a "Leader" at WorkIndiana Society of Medical Assistants1.5 G04/28/2023
141413Bone HealthIN011 St. Joseph District1 C04/15/2023
141945Breast Cancer UpdateIN004 First District1 C04/11/2023
141424Stroke Update: Neuro Strategic PlanningIN004 First District1 C03/21/2023
141446Parenting in the Cyber WorldIN010 East Central District1.5 AG03/18/2023
141420MonkeypoxIN010 East Central District1.5 CG03/18/2023
141253Emergency Management Agency Resources: Update for Medical CommunityIN004 First District1 CG02/21/2023
141011Patient Capacity and Advance Care PlanningIndiana Society of Medical Assistants3 ACG02/18/2023
141095Heart HealthIN004 First District1 C01/17/2023
141088Introduction to Palliative and Hospice CareIN010 East Central District2 CG01/14/2023
141089Transgender Competent CareIN010 East Central District2 CG01/14/2023
140769Chronic Kidney Disease and Renal Replacement TherapyIndiana Society of Medical Assistants3 C11/12/2022
140938Phlebotomy Basics and Clinical Laboratory Standards InstituteIN004 First District1 CG11/08/2022
140937Social Isolation and Mental HealthIN004 First District1 CG10/11/2022
140767Emotional Fitness: SleepIN010 East Central District1.5 CG10/08/2022
140768Health MisinformationIN010 East Central District1.5 AG10/08/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141953CNOS Orthopaedic SymposiumIA006 Siouxland6.5 C09/22/2023
141995Nutrition and the Person with CancerIA004 Linn1 C09/13/2023
141709When IVF Is the Way: Financial Considerations When IVF Is Needed to Build Your FamilyIA004 Linn1.0 AG05/10/2023
141565Cyber Security and OverviewIowa State Society1 A04/22/2023
141650Removing the Stigma: Mental HealthIowa State Society1 CG04/22/2023
141682Vitals: The Vital Importance of VitalsIowa State Society1 C04/22/2023
141570Vaping EducationIowa State Society1 CG04/22/2023
141564The Importance of DocumentationIowa State Society1 A04/22/2023
141567Federally Qualified Health Centers: A Focus on Underserved PopulationsIowa State Society1 ACG04/22/2023
141569Parenting in the Cyber WorldIowa State Society1 AG04/22/2023
141568Gender-Affirming CareIowa State Society2 CG04/21/2023
141566VitalsIowa State Society1 C04/21/2023
141651Drug Screen and Breath Alcohol TestingIowa State Society1 CG04/21/2023
141563It's a Choice to Become a LeaderIowa State Society1 G04/21/2023
141631Vascular DiseaseIA003 Des Moines1 C04/15/2023
141499Early Recognition of Diabetic Foot Ulcers and Diabetic FootcareIA003 Des Moines1 C04/15/2023
141503To Fast Or Not To Fast: Fat-Burning Questions in Obesity ManagementIA003 Des Moines1 AC04/15/2023
141806Skin Cancer: Cutaneous OncologyIA004 Linn1 AC04/12/2023
1414222023 EM documentation/CPT and ICD-10 UpdateIA008 Shoquoquon1 A03/21/2023
141572Breast Cancer, Tobacco Cessation, and Alcohol RisksIA002 North Iowa1 CG03/15/2023
141323Interpreting in HealthcareIA004 Linn1 ACG03/08/2023
141277Emotional Intelligence in the WorkplaceIA004 Linn1 G02/17/2023
141194NarcanIA002 North Iowa1 CG02/13/2023
141128Education on TMSIA011 Blackhawk1 C02/09/2023
141075Systemic Diseases with Ocular ComplicationsIA004 Linn1 C01/11/2023
140974Genetic Testing in the GI Oncology WorldIA004 Linn1 C12/14/2022
140943Mental Health Issues in Today's SocietyIA011 Blackhawk1 CG12/01/2022
140928Bariatric CareIA004 Linn1 CG11/09/2022
140877Use of Enriched PlasmaIA002 North Iowa1 C11/07/2022
140862Functional MedicineIA008 Shoquoquon1 G10/18/2022
140840Connecting with the Dermatology Patient through PrintIA004 Linn1 AG10/12/2022
140733Providing Culturally Competent HealthCareIA011 Blackhawk1 AG10/06/2022
140986Healthy Eating 101IA001 Ames1 C10/01/2022
14098712-Lead EKGIA001 Ames1 C10/01/2022
140989Me FirstIA001 Ames1 CG10/01/2022
140990Common Topics in PodiatryIA001 Ames1 C10/01/2022
140988ImmunizationsIA001 Ames2 CG10/01/2022


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141954Mental Health in AmericaKY017 South Central Kentucky1 ACG08/17/2023
141768What's up with CHF?KY017 South Central Kentucky1 CG05/18/2023
141574Alternative Medicine: What are the Basic Considerations?Kentucky State Society1 CG04/23/2023
141579Prior AuthorizationsKentucky State Society1 A04/23/2023
141575Active Shooter ClassKentucky State Society2 G04/22/2023
141580Safety in the WorkplaceKentucky State Society1 AG04/22/2023
141583Scoliosis: Watch Those CurvesKentucky State Society1 AC04/22/2023
141339The Knowledge BowlKentucky State Society2 ACG04/21/2023
141573Great Customer Service in Health CareKentucky State Society1.5 G04/21/2023
141581Emotional Intelligence with HealthcareKentucky State Society1 G04/21/2023
141576Lowering the LDL with a PCSK9I and Getting it PreauthorizedKentucky State Society1 AC04/21/2023
141577Developing Personal WellnessKentucky State Society1 G04/21/2023
141578Time Sensitive Emergencies: What to Do Until EMS ArrivesKentucky State Society1.5 C04/21/2023
141338Finding the Right MA Hire through the Resume Review and Interview ProcessKY017 South Central Kentucky1.5 AG03/16/2023


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141783LGBTQ+ Informed ConsentME001 Penobscot2 ACG05/20/2023
141607Drug RecognitionMaine State Society1.5 CG04/29/2023
141610Mentoring for the Health Care TeamMaine State Society1 AG04/29/2023
141608A Personal Journey of Aortic Stenosis and TAVRMaine State Society1 C04/29/2023
141609Human Trafficking and the Role of an MAMaine State Society2 ACG04/29/2023
141374Managing Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the Wearable Defibrillator (Life Vest)ME001 Penobscot2 C03/25/2023
141125Making Wishes Come True: The Maine Make-A-Wish FoundationME001 Penobscot2 AG02/18/2023
141048Utilizing Spirituality as Grounding and Healing Tools for Patient and Self-CareME001 Penobscot2 CG01/21/2023
140970Maine State Lung Cancer Screening ProgramME001 Penobscot2 ACG12/10/2022
140381The Bridge ProgramME001 Penobscot2 CG10/01/2022


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141985IBSMA010 Worcester District1.5 C12/13/2023
142012Understanding Medications Used for Substance Abuse DisorderMassachusetts State Society1 C10/14/2023
142013The Role of the Nurse Practitioner in Today's Health SystemMassachusetts State Society1 G10/14/2023
142011Risk ManagementMassachusetts State Society1 AG10/14/2023
142014Wound CareMassachusetts State Society2 C10/14/2023
142010Nourish to FlourishMassachusetts State Society1 G10/14/2023
142007VaccineMA010 Worcester District1.5 CG09/06/2023
141342Transgender Health CareMA005 Hampden District1 CG05/13/2023
141619Chair YogaMA004 Greater Fall River1.5 G05/10/2023
141587Endometriosis and Pregnancy PreventionMassachusetts State Society1.5 C04/29/2023
141585Compassionate Care for Trans ClientsMassachusetts State Society1.5 CG04/29/2023
141586PhlebotomyMassachusetts State Society1.5 ACG04/29/2023
141297Safety Needles and Vaccine Error PreventionMA004 Greater Fall River1 C03/21/2023
140925Sterilization Course: Part 2MA010 Worcester District2 C03/01/2023
141158Phone TriageMA004 Greater Fall River1 ACG02/15/2023
140999DepressionMA010 Worcester District2 CG12/14/2022
140879Sterilization Course: Part 1MA010 Worcester District2 C11/02/2022
140723Importance of Screening and Brief Interventions for Substance Misuse Throughout the LifespanMassachusetts State Society1.5 CG10/01/2022
140722COVID and DepressionMassachusetts State Society2 CG10/01/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
14192065 Years Old: The TransitionMI017 Great Lakes Bay2 ACG10/04/2023
142021Understanding Pelvic Floor DisordersMI021 Greater Wexford1 C10/03/2023
141879Marketing Healthcare Services: What the Next Five Years Looks LikeMI007 Genesee1.5 A10/02/2023
141767Keeping the World of Diabetes SimpleMI026 Shiawassee1 CG09/16/2023
141769Patient Management for Quality ServicesMI026 Shiawassee1 AC09/16/2023
141820The Art of PreventionMI026 Shiawassee1 G09/16/2023
141821Memorial Cancer Center Overview and OperationsMI026 Shiawassee1 ACG09/16/2023
141809Office Equipment ProtocolMI019 Wayne County1 AG09/14/2023
141956Suicide Prevention Awareness MonthMI021 Greater Wexford1 ACG09/05/2023
141819Management of Non Sport Injuries: Concussion Across the LifespanMI007 Genesee1.5 ACG07/10/2023
141642Written Communication Etiquette & ProfessionalismMI025 Greater Kent County1 AG06/17/2023
141074Confronting Health MisinformationMI007 Genesee1.5 AG06/05/2023
141668The Life of a Staff MeetingMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 AG04/23/2023
141489Collections in the Medical OfficeMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 A04/22/2023
141490Bowl of KnowledgeMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1.5 ACG04/22/2023
141491Personalities in the Medical OfficeMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1.5 AG04/22/2023
141667Modifiers: They Tell the Rest of the StoryMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 A04/22/2023
141627Breastfeeding Medicine: A Basic Primer for the Healthcare ProviderMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG04/22/2023
141628Vision TherapyMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C04/22/2023
141486Medical Law and Ethics Kahoot: Knowing Who You AreMI009 Jackson1 ACG04/20/2023
141645Equine TherapyMI022 Macomb1 CG04/18/2023
141641Exercise is MedicineMI025 Greater Kent County1 CG04/15/2023
141238MonkeypoxMI019 Wayne County1.5 CG03/25/2023
141534Office PoliciesMI019 Wayne County1 A03/25/2023
141402Cyber Security and Healthcare: How these Industries Collide and Merge at the Same Time!MI019 Wayne County1.5 AG03/25/2023
141403Fire Safety and PreventionMI019 Wayne County3 G03/25/2023
141286Sciatica and Low Back PainMI019 Wayne County1.5 C03/25/2023
141276Everything You Wanted to Know about Pharmacy, But Were Afraid to Ask!MI022 Macomb1 ACG03/21/2023
141267Customer Service in Fast-Paced EnvironmentsMI009 Jackson1 G03/16/2023
141415The World of Medicare InsuranceMI030 Southwest1 A03/16/2023
141382Anxiety in Children and AdolescentsMI026 Shiawassee1 ACG03/08/2023
141141Advanced Treatment in Diabetic NeuropathyMI022 Macomb1 C02/21/2023
141307Understanding Varicose Veins and TreatmentMI030 Southwest1 C02/16/2023
141177Hand HygieneMI009 Jackson1 C02/16/2023
141254Health Care Professional BurnoutMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG02/11/2023
141255Working and Thriving in a Challenging Environment with Challenging PeopleMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1.5 G02/11/2023
141199Your Anxiety Breakthrough in 3, 2, 1Michigan Society of Medical Assistants2 CG02/11/2023
141198Paperwork in the Medical OfficeMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 AG02/11/2023
141201Be Your Own Guest: Learning to Practice Targeted Self-HospitalityMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1.5 G02/11/2023
141200Prior Authorizations for Medications and ProceduresMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 ACG02/11/2023
141167Vital Sign ReviewMI019 Wayne County1 C02/09/2023
141136Specimen ProcessingMI026 Shiawassee1 C02/08/2023
141073Poison PreventionMI007 Genesee1.5 CG02/06/2023
141665The World of Medicare Insurance (MSMA Journal)Michigan Society of Medical Assistants1 A02/01/2023
141072Workplace EmpathyMI007 Genesee1.5 AG01/23/2023
141069Professionalism and Email EtiquetteMI022 Macomb1 AG01/17/2023
141076Medicare AwarenessMI019 Wayne County1.5 AG01/12/2023
141008ICD-10 Code ReviewMI019 Wayne County1 A12/08/2022
140960MonkeypoxMI007 Genesee1.5 CG12/05/2022
140967What it Takes to Be a DonorMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG11/19/2022
140962Laboratory Compliance: UrinalysisMI021 Greater Wexford1 AC11/19/2022
140947Joint Replacement CareMI021 Greater Wexford1 C11/19/2022
140948Back to the Basics: Pap SmearsMI021 Greater Wexford1 C11/19/2022
140951Ergonomics for Healthcare WorkersMI021 Greater Wexford1 CG11/19/2022
140958The Role of Medical Assisting in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in HealthcareMI030 Southwest1 G11/17/2022
140953Diabetic EducationMI009 Jackson1 CG11/17/2022
140772Regenerex Regenerative MedicineMI022 Macomb1 C11/15/2022
140933Accounts Receivable and Accounting PrinciplesMI019 Wayne County1 A11/10/2022
140969Workplace CommunicationMI032 Greater Detroit1 G11/08/2022
140959Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisorderMI007 Genesee2 CG11/07/2022
140847Top Medical Assistant Skills Valued by Every EmployerMI009 Jackson1 AG10/27/2022
140771Advancement in Interventional Pain ManagementMI022 Macomb1 C10/18/2022
140808Insurance TermsMI019 Wayne County1 A10/13/2022
141058Compassionate Care for Patients with Cycling Vomiting SyndromeMI025 Greater Kent County1 CG10/08/2022
140794So You Want to Be a Medical BillerMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 AG10/01/2022
140795Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisorderMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 CG10/01/2022
140796Cards vs VocabularyMichigan Society of Medical Assistants1 CG10/01/2022
140792Human Trafficking Education for Health Care ProvidersMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 ACG09/30/2022
140793Integrative Neurologic Dry NeedlingMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 C09/30/2022
140791Leadership BeginningsMichigan Society of Medical Assistants2 AG09/30/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141970Let’s Talk Tobacco, Vaping, and Nicotine Dependency TreatmentMinnesota State Society1.5 ACG04/12/2024
141914Do You Know Where the Bathroom Is?Minnesota State Society1 C04/12/2024
141913Social Determination of Health Screening and ImplementationMinnesota State Society1.5 CG04/12/2024


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141604Crisis Service in Missouri and How to Access ThemMissouri State Society2 AG04/16/2023
141605The Inpatient Query as a Tool for CommunicationMissouri State Society1 AG04/16/2023
141602Inspire Sleep TherapyMissouri State Society1 C04/15/2023
141603Active Shooter TrainingMissouri State Society1 G04/15/2023
141606Missouri Knowledge BowlMissouri State Society2 ACG04/15/2023
141601Trauma StewardshipMissouri State Society1 CG04/15/2023
141378Scope of PracticeMissouri State Society2 AG04/15/2023
141599Acute and Long Haul COVID: The Impacts of Lifestyle and BMIMissouri State Society1.5 CG04/14/2023
141600A Wellness JourneyMissouri State Society1.5 G04/14/2023
141260Tasks Delegable to, and Performable by, Medical AssistantsMissouri State Society2 AG03/02/2023
140706FASDsMO013 Springfield2 CG10/13/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141660CMN forms/O2 regulationsMontana State Society1 ACG04/23/2023
141659Medicare Health Coverages: "What's Best for Me?"Montana State Society1 A04/22/2023
141676The Hunger Games: How Fasting Affects Your HealthMontana State Society2 CG04/22/2023
141679Wound Care in the Clinical SettingMontana State Society1 C04/22/2023
141681Medicare Health Coverages: "What's best for me?"Montana State Society1 A04/22/2023
141683Leadership and MentoringMontana State Society1 AG04/22/2023
141674Hormones: How they Affect Your BodyMontana State Society2 C04/22/2023
141675Frequency and HealingMontana State Society1 CG04/22/2023
141680Mental Health Issues in the Clinical SettingMontana State Society1 CG04/22/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141615Weight ManagementNebraska State Society1 CG04/29/2023
141618Relaxology: Essentials to Calm the StormNebraska State Society1 CG04/29/2023
141614How an Eye Exam Saved My LifeNebraska State Society1 G04/29/2023
141617ThyroidNebraska State Society1 C04/29/2023
141623Patient Navigation from Start to FinishNebraska State Society1 ACG04/29/2023
141612Child and Adolescent Mental HealthNebraska State Society2 CG04/28/2023
141616Skin CancerNebraska State Society1 AC04/28/2023
141613Drug EducationNebraska State Society2 CG04/28/2023


There are no program listings for this state.

New Hampshire

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141924Continuing Education: What We Do to Support All Medical Assistants in Our StateNew Hampshire State Society1 AG08/12/2023
141903VNA Home Health: The Nuts and Bolts of Skilled Home CareNew Hampshire State Society1 AC08/12/2023
141902Hip and Knee Joint Pain: Conservative and Surgical InterventionsNew Hampshire State Society1 C08/12/2023
141813Current Concepts in Concussion ManagementNew Hampshire State Society1 C07/29/2023
141814What is Heart Failure + How Lifestyle Medicine Can Prevent and Reverse Chronic DiseaseNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG07/29/2023
141815Menopause OverviewNew Hampshire State Society1 C07/29/2023
141317Shoulders: Nothing to Shrug AtNew Hampshire State Society1 C03/25/2023
141348How Drugs Affect the Brain and Patient EngagementNew Hampshire State Society1.5 CG03/25/2023
141347An Integrated Approach to Wellness in the Veteran PopulationNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG03/25/2023
141314Pediatric Lead Level Testing, Surveillance Data, Lead Exposure Prevention and Testing, 2023 UpdateNew Hampshire State Society1.5 CG03/18/2023
141316Pediatric Pulmonary DiseasesNew Hampshire State Society1 C03/18/2023
141313Maternal Mental HealthNew Hampshire State Society1 CG03/18/2023
141315Peyronie's DiseaseNew Hampshire State Society1 C03/18/2023
140725Non-Suicidal Self-Injury and Suicidal Ideation and the Medical Assistant’s RoleNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG10/01/2022
140726The Unique Flow and Challenges of a FQHC in NHNew Hampshire State Society1 G10/01/2022
140727Mission PossibleNew Hampshire State Society2 ACG10/01/2022
140724Critical Role of Medical Assistants in Public Health Response to Emerging Health IssuesNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG10/01/2022

New Jersey

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141504How the ARC Serves those with Intellectual and Developmental DisabilitiesNew Jersey State Society1.5 ACG04/01/2023
141506Fragile XNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG04/01/2023
141507Healthcare Workforce IssuesNew Jersey State Society1.5 AG04/01/2023
141508Congestive Heart FailureNew Jersey State Society1.5 C04/01/2023
141505Mental Health Awareness and the Services Provided by NAMINew Jersey State Society1.5 ACG04/01/2023
140889MonkeypoxNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG11/05/2022
140888The Return of Polio: Transmission and PreventionNew Jersey State Society1.5 C11/05/2022
140709Multi-Payer Medicine Nightmare Made in the USA - Major Reason for Bankruptcy!New Jersey State Society1.5 AG09/24/2022

New Mexico

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141640Knowledge BowlNew Mexico State Society2 ACG04/23/2023
141639Metabolic Syndrome/Botox TreatmentsNew Mexico State Society2 C04/22/2023
141637Anatomy, Diseases, and ICD-10 Coding for Injuries of Bone and SkinNew Mexico State Society2 AC04/22/2023
141638Ergonomics and Best Practices in HealthcareNew Mexico State Society2 CG04/22/2023
141635Dealing with Active Shooter ResponseNew Mexico State Society2 G04/21/2023
141636Speak Up! You’re Worth It. Communication in the WorkplaceNew Mexico State Society2 G04/21/2023

New York

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141373Deception Awareness and Resilience Training: Part 2NY004 Erie1 AG09/19/2023
141782Narcan TrainingNY004 Erie1.5 CG05/16/2023
141592Basics of Respiratory CareNew York State Society1 C04/29/2023
141597Embracing the Journey of a Personal Wellness StrategyNew York State Society1 CG04/29/2023
141620Diabetes Screening and BeyondNew York State Society1 AC04/29/2023
141591The New Domestic Violence: Understanding Interpersonal ViolenceNew York State Society1 ACG04/29/2023
141595Music Therapy in the Field of MedicineNew York State Society1 CG04/29/2023
141596Balance and MobilityNew York State Society1 CG04/29/2023
141594True or False Medical Facts: Bloopers & Funny Charting ErrorsNew York State Society1 A04/28/2023
141598Be Red Cross ReadyNew York State Society1 CG04/28/2023
141593Mindfulness with EaseNew York State Society1 G04/28/2023
141590Home Health Care: A Better WayNew York State Society1 AG04/28/2023
141588Narcan TrainingNew York State Society1 C04/27/2023
141589Needle Exchange Program: Foundations of Harm ReductionNew York State Society1 ACG04/27/2023
141927ChosenNY004 Erie1 G04/18/2023
141376Sound TherapyNY004 Erie1 CG03/21/2023
141372Deception Awareness and Resilience Training: Part 1NY004 Erie1 AG02/21/2023
141375Sickle Cell DiseaseNY004 Erie1 CG01/24/2023
140994Alice in Wonderland SyndromeNY004 Erie1 C12/06/2022
140968Fetal Alcohol Spectrum DisordersNY004 Erie1 CG11/15/2022
140941Occupational Therapy: Developing Skills, Building LivesNY008 Monroe1 CG11/12/2022
140940What About Fentanyl?NY008 Monroe1 C11/12/2022
140942Mental Health & Nature TherapyNY008 Monroe1 CG11/12/2022
140913Journey to SurvivorshipNY004 Erie1 ACG10/18/2022

North Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141951Autism and Healthcare: Support for Neurodiverse PatientsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG01/20/2024
141860Human Trafficking Basics: Healthcare Professional's Introduction to Human TraffickingNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 ACG01/20/2024
142035Mind-Body Fitness & Well-Being for the MANC002 Burke1 CG01/08/2024
141672Medical Assistant ChallengeNC047 Gaston1 C11/14/2023
141952Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)NC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C11/09/2023
142001Breast Cancer: Surviving and ThrivingNC047 Gaston1 CG10/17/2023
141949Pharmacists/Clinical Pharmacy Practitioners (CCP's) Clinic RolesNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG10/12/2023
141931NAMINC008 Greensboro1 CG10/10/2023
141950Community Health Work and Social Determinants of HealthNC017 High Point1 ACG10/09/2023
142020Clinical Skills 101NC026 Albemarle1 C10/05/2023
142034OSHA Training OverviewNC021 Haywood1 AG09/19/2023
141787Importance of Value-Based CareNC047 Gaston1 A09/19/2023
141851Leading a Healthy Active LifestyleNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG09/14/2023
141852Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)NC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C09/14/2023
141929Neonatal JaundiceNC051 Alamance1 CG09/12/2023
141936NC Vaccine for Children ProgramNC002 Burke1 ACG09/12/2023
142008Skincare 101: How to Improve Your Skin’s Health and AppearanceNC008 Greensboro1.5 AC09/12/2023
141993PhlebotomyNC040 Wilkes1 C09/11/2023
141983Fire Safety in the Home and OfficeNC047 Gaston1 G09/09/2023
142027Diabetic NeuropathyNC047 Gaston1 C09/09/2023
141982The ABCs of ADHDNC047 Gaston1 CG09/09/2023
141979Healthcare on the Horizon: Priorities and VisionNC047 Gaston1 A09/09/2023
141980The Importance of Colorectal ScreeningNC047 Gaston1 CG09/09/2023
141981What is a Child Advocacy Center?NC047 Gaston1 AG09/09/2023
141957A Review of Administrative Medical AssistingNC026 Albemarle1 A09/07/2023
141955P.O.T.S.: Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia SyndromeNC037 Nash1 ACG09/05/2023
142019Surry Medical MinistriesNC041 Surry1 ACG08/22/2023
141853ADHD - Diagnosis and TreatmentNorth Carolina State Society1.5 CG08/19/2023
141854Best Care for the Complex PatientNorth Carolina State Society1.5 CG08/19/2023
141855Long COVIDNorth Carolina State Society1 CG08/19/2023
141856The Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)North Carolina State Society1 A08/19/2023
141857People First Language and CareNOTEBOOKNorth Carolina State Society1 G08/19/2023
141973Pain ManagementNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG08/15/2023
141905The Importance of Consent FormsNC047 Gaston1.5 AG08/15/2023
141916Skin Cancer: The Types, Diagnosis and TreatmentsNC011 Union1 ACG08/15/2023
141960HIPAA TrainingNC021 Haywood1 AG08/15/2023
141947Pediatric Hospice and Palliative CareNC017 High Point1 AC08/14/2023
141934Venous InsufficiencyNC004 Charlotte Area1 CG08/12/2023
141930Medication Safety, Errors, and AdministrationNC008 Greensboro1 C08/08/2023
141935Perinatal Mental Health DisordersNC002 Burke1 CG08/08/2023
141918Lyme DiseaseNC052 Lexington1 C08/08/2023
141965What is Stigma?NC051 Alamance1 CG08/08/2023
141925What’s Growing in Your Garden? Cultivating Leaders within Your EnvironmentNC040 Wilkes1 AG08/07/2023
141275A&P ScrabbleNC026 Albemarle1 C08/03/2023
141850Medical TranscriptionNC037 Nash1 AG08/01/2023
141861Professionalism of a Medical AssistantNC004 Charlotte Area1 AG07/22/2023
141670New Employee Training ChecklistNC047 Gaston1 ACG07/18/2023
141898PolycythemiaNC041 Surry1 CG07/18/2023
141917Seizures and Management of ThemNC021 Haywood1 C07/18/2023
141919Armed Threat AwarenessNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G07/18/2023
141862Communication SkillsNC052 Lexington1 AG07/11/2023
141137Loop RecorderNC008 Greensboro1 C07/11/2023
141810Food AllergiesNC017 High Point1 C07/10/2023
141662The Art and Science of Appointment SchedulingNC026 Albemarle1 AC07/06/2023
141859AppendicitisNC041 Surry1 C06/27/2023
141858Rooming Patients 101NC021 Haywood1 ACG06/21/2023
141844Inspire Therapy: Obstructive Sleep Apnea AlternativeNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 ACG06/20/2023
141786Pay for Performance as Part of the Affordable Care ActNC047 Gaston1 A06/20/2023
141781AirCare Capabilities and ServicesNC051 Alamance1 CG06/13/2023
141780NC Medicaid TransformationNC002 Burke1 AG06/13/2023
141816Organ DonationNC052 Lexington1 G06/13/2023
141803EEGNC008 Greensboro1 C06/13/2023
141811Essential OilsNC017 High Point1 CG06/12/2023
141719Radiation TherapyNorth Carolina State Society1 C06/06/2023
141468Making a Good First ImpressionNC026 Albemarle1 G06/01/2023
141766How Medical Billing and Coding Skills Complement Medical Assisting Skills and Vice VersaNC037 Nash1 A06/01/2023
141807Mental HealthNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 ACG05/18/2023
141771ACOs and Transitional Care Part 2NC041 Surry1 AG05/16/2023
141789Not Just a ReceptionistNC021 Haywood1 AG05/16/2023
141773Diverse WorkplaceNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 G05/11/2023
141274Epilepsy: A Patient's PerspectiveNC026 Albemarle1 CG05/11/2023
141718Kawasaki DiseaseNC052 Lexington1 C05/09/2023
141708What Does a Spine Surgeon Do?NC002 Burke1 C05/09/2023
141188Communication: Important in Every RelationshipNC051 Alamance1 C05/09/2023
141463Omnipod DashNC008 Greensboro1 ACG05/09/2023
141757Diabetic NeuropathyNC017 High Point1 CG05/08/2023
141476Generational CommunicationNorth Carolina State Society1 G05/07/2023
141471Pelvic Floor PT and Life-Changing TreatmentsNorth Carolina State Society1 C05/06/2023
141472Venous Reflux DiseaseNorth Carolina State Society1 C05/06/2023
141473Vestibular Rehabilitation- When Life Has You SpinningNorth Carolina State Society1 AC05/06/2023
141475Essential Oils and How Patients are Using ThemNorth Carolina State Society1 G05/06/2023
141474Student Quiz BowlNorth Carolina State Society2 ACG05/06/2023
141467Meeting Unique Medication NeedsNorth Carolina State Society1 CG05/05/2023
141469Inspire - Upper Airway StimulationNorth Carolina State Society1 ACG05/05/2023
141470Snap, Crackle, and Pop of Chiropractic CareNorth Carolina State Society2 ACG05/05/2023
141465Medical Marijuana/CBDNorth Carolina State Society1 ACG05/05/2023
141466Nutrition: The Power of FoodNorth Carolina State Society1 AC05/05/2023
141658Women's Health: An OverviewNC018 Lenoir1 CG05/03/2023
141671HPV Prevention and VaccinationNC047 Gaston1 CG05/02/2023
141785Medicare 101NC040 Wilkes1 CG05/02/2023
141749ACO and Transitional CareNC041 Surry1 AG04/28/2023
141630Are you a Professional Medical Assistant?NC011 Union1 AG04/27/2023
141423Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)NC010 Wilmington1 C04/25/2023
141730Becoming a Medical Assisting EducatorNC013 Catawba1 G04/25/2023
141500Hereditary Breast CancerNorth Carolina State Society1 C04/25/2023
141582Medical JeopardyNC047 Gaston1 ACG04/18/2023
141753Dementia-Related Behavior and How to Respond to the BehaviorNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG04/18/2023
141732Covid Vaccine UpdatesNC021 Haywood1 CG04/18/2023
141497Hospice 101NC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 ACG04/15/2023
141481Introduction to Microsoft ExcelNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 A04/15/2023
141482Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare Services: Clinical and Legal OverviewNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 ACG04/15/2023
141483Dry NeedlingNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C04/15/2023
141484Medical Care for the Transgender PopulationNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG04/15/2023
141480Back PainNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C04/13/2023
141494Review of Antibiotics Commonly Used in Outpatient MedicineNC002 Burke1 C04/11/2023
141487Hospice 101: Referrals and BeyondNC008 Greensboro1 ACG04/11/2023
141611Upper Extremity SplintingNC051 Alamance1 C04/11/2023
141678Medical Reasons Your Child Should Stay at Home from School or DaycareNC052 Lexington1 CG04/11/2023
141488Tactical/Law Enforcement MedicineNC017 High Point1 ACG04/10/2023
141273Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)NC026 Albemarle1 CG04/06/2023
141284Monkeypox DiseaseNC037 Nash1 C04/04/2023
141547Diabetes and the EyeNC013 Catawba1 C03/28/2023
141509EMR: Impact on Healthcare TodayNC010 Wilmington1 AG03/28/2023
141397Cultural Tradition Awareness in the Medical OfficeNC004 Charlotte Area1 G03/23/2023
141395Hospice CareNC041 Surry1 ACG03/21/2023
141414Case Manager Meeting with a Treating Physician for Workers Comp InjuryNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 ACG03/21/2023
141461Hand Surgery: Common ConditionsNC047 Gaston1 C03/21/2023
141477Insurance ScrabbleNC021 Haywood1 A03/21/2023
141344Depression and Suicide PreventionNC051 Alamance1 CG03/14/2023
141272Nutrition and HealthNC008 Greensboro1 C03/14/2023
141163Health Care Guideline Changes in 2023NC002 Burke1 CG03/14/2023
141383Overview of Orthotics and ProstheticsNC017 High Point1 C03/13/2023
141322Overview of Seizures and Seizure First AidNC008 Greensboro1 C03/11/2023
141165Mechanism of ActionNC008 Greensboro1 AC03/11/2023
141176Service RecoveryNC008 Greensboro1 AG03/11/2023
141208Medicaid TCMNC008 Greensboro1 A03/11/2023
141319Advance Care DirectiveNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 AG03/09/2023
141215Alzheimer’s DiseaseNC026 Albemarle1 CG03/02/2023
141278Understanding NC Managed CareNC010 Wilmington1 AG02/28/2023
141214Child Birth and C-SectionsNC041 Surry1 ACG02/21/2023
141270Elderly Abuse and NeglectNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 AG02/21/2023
141249Management of Non-Sport Injuries: Concussion across the LifespanNorth Carolina State Society1 C02/21/2023
141250Do You Have Leadership Skills?NC021 Haywood1 G02/21/2023
141059Up Close and Personal: A Medical Assistant's Experience as a Covid PatientNC047 Gaston1 C02/21/2023
141216Professional Communication for the MA in the Medical OfficeNorth Carolina State Society1 AG02/18/2023
141217Medical Assisting TriviaNorth Carolina State Society1 ACG02/18/2023
141218What Makes a Great LeaderNorth Carolina State Society1 G02/18/2023
141178Medical Assisting TriviaNC052 Lexington1 ACG02/14/2023
141164Challenges of Human Resources in HealthcareNC002 Burke1 AG02/14/2023
141343Taking Care of Those who Care: Understanding the Importance of Self-CareNC017 High Point1 CG02/13/2023
141166American Disabilities Act Amendment (ADAA)NC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 ACG02/09/2023
141186What is Stigma?NC022 Pitt1 CG02/07/2023
141122An Overview of ICD-10-CM and CPT Coding Updates for 2023NC026 Albemarle1 A02/02/2023
141776Misuse and Abuse of ADHD MedicationsNC018 Lenoir1 CG02/02/2023
141134Adult ImmunizationsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG01/19/2023
141144Basic Information about the Field of AudiologyNC047 Gaston1 C01/17/2023
141105Essential Oils 101NC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG01/17/2023
141132Balance TherapyNC021 Haywood1 CG01/17/2023
141135COVID-19 Office Procedure UpdatesNC041 Surry1 ACG01/17/2023
141005Adverse Childhood Events and the Impact on Overall HealthNorth Carolina State Society1 CG01/14/2023
141003Different Types of ProstheticsNorth Carolina State Society1 C01/14/2023
141004Pain Relief Therapy Awareness: Chronic Pain and Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy PainNorth Carolina State Society1 CG01/14/2023
141007Approach to the Infertility Patient in the 21st CenturyNorth Carolina State Society1 CG01/14/2023
141001AirCare Capabilities and ServicesNorth Carolina State Society1 CG01/14/2023
141002Understanding and Responding to Dementia-Related BehaviorNorth Carolina State Society1 ACG01/14/2023
141000Acute Management, Prevention, and Recovery for Stroke PatientsNorth Carolina State Society1 C01/14/2023
141097Caregiver StressNorth Carolina State Society1 CG01/14/2023
140998Best Practices for Patient Screenings and Wellness AssessmentsNC002 Burke1 ACG01/10/2023
141070Powers of Attorney, Guardianship, and ProbateNC008 Greensboro1.5 AG01/10/2023
141187Knowledge BowlNC051 Alamance1 C01/10/2023
141124ZOLL LifeVest DefibrillatorNC017 High Point1 CG01/09/2023
141010Generational CommunicationNC026 Albemarle1 G01/05/2023
140975Tobacco CessationNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG12/13/2022
141015Holistic Approach to a Pharmaceutical WorldNC021 Haywood1 CG12/13/2022
140997CMA (AAMA) JeopardyNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 ACG12/08/2022
140992Caldwell County DSSNC013 Catawba1 AG12/06/2022
140966Medical Terminology BingoNC026 Albemarle1 G12/01/2022
140944RSV - Respiratory Syncytial VirusNC018 Lenoir1 C11/30/2022
140934Health Disparities in Native Americans and Alaska NativesNC037 Nash1 CG11/29/2022
140952Alzheimer'sNC041 Surry1 ACG11/15/2022
140949Drug Diversion: Raising Awareness for TeammatesNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 ACG11/15/2022
141067Medical Trivia Review in Anatomy, Physiology, and Medical TerminologyNC047 Gaston1 CG11/15/2022
140991Body Shaping ProceduresNC021 Haywood1 CG11/15/2022
14093518th and 19th Century Medical InstrumentsNC017 High Point1 G11/14/2022
140871The Administrative Medical AssistantNC052 Lexington1 AC11/08/2022
140835The Truth About Sexually Transmitted InfectionsNC037 Nash1 C11/08/2022
140872Introduction to CardiologyNC002 Burke1 C11/08/2022
140882Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and Considerations in Conservative CareNC051 Alamance1 C11/08/2022
140497The Food Lover’s Guide to Good NutritionNC008 Greensboro1 C11/08/2022
140826Percent Body Fat Analysis: Why It Is Important to Our HealthNC021 Haywood1 CG11/05/2022
140829Lactation Consulting: More Than Just BreastfeedingNC021 Haywood1 CG11/05/2022
140836Hand, Foot, and Mouth DiseaseNC018 Lenoir1 C11/03/2022
140930Albemarle Hopeline: Crisis Response and AdvocacyNC026 Albemarle1 AG11/03/2022
140543The Purple Elephant and Narcan TrainingNC013 Catawba2 CG10/25/2022
140916What is Stigma?NC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG10/18/2022
140693Reel Recovery: A Different Approach for Cancer TherapyNC021 Haywood1 G10/18/2022
140708Excel BasicsNC008 Greensboro1 A10/15/2022
140755Early Days and Current State of COVIDNC008 Greensboro1 CG10/15/2022
140779Osteopathic MedicineNC008 Greensboro1 CG10/15/2022
140823MedicareNC008 Greensboro1 A10/15/2022
140834Tall Man Lettering TechniqueNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C10/13/2022
140881Paradigm Shift in Cancer Therapeutics: Immunotherapy and Targeted TherapyNC051 Alamance1 C10/11/2022
140810What's the Difference between Hospice and Palliative Care?NC002 Burke1 AG10/11/2022
140876Adrenal InsufficiencyNC047 Gaston1 C10/11/2022
140720Lung Nodules: Advancements in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Early Staged Lung CancersNC008 Greensboro1 C10/11/2022
140763What an Oncology Esthetician DoesNC017 High Point1 CG10/10/2022
140633CPR RecertificationNC041 Surry4 C10/06/2022
140764The Front Desk: Checking In Made Easier for Patient and Medical AssistantNC026 Albemarle1 AG10/06/2022
140732StressNC037 Nash1 CG10/04/2022
140691Mental Health First AidNC021 Haywood1 CG10/01/2022
140692The 4 "W's" of Communicable Disease ReportingNC021 Haywood1 ACG10/01/2022
140537CPR - BLS Healthcare Provision ClassNC013 Catawba2 C09/27/2022

North Dakota

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142026Evalutation of Suspected Eating DisordersOH016 Tri-County1 ACG11/07/2023
1419215th Annual Healthy State Alliance Opioid SymposiumOH027 West Central4 ACG09/30/2023
142025Connecting Patients to the Right ResourcesOH016 Tri-County1 ACG09/12/2023
141822Parkinson's Disease and New TherapiesOH012 NorthWest Ohio1 C06/10/2023
141823Healthy HeartOH012 NorthWest Ohio1 C06/10/2023
141760Chinese Medicine and Proposed MechanismsOH029 Southwest Ohio1 CG05/20/2023
141758Self Care for your Physical WellbeingOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 CG05/20/2023
141759Self Care for your Mental WellbeingOH029 Southwest Ohio1 CG05/20/2023
141761Myofascial Release: A Safe and Effective Hands-On Technique to Reduce Pain And Restore MobilityOH029 Southwest Ohio1 C05/20/2023
141706Stop the BleedOH003 Franklin1 C05/13/2023
141431Feeding Your Mental HealthOhio State Society1 CG05/06/2023
141432Connecting the Pieces Together and Creating HopeOhio State Society1 CG05/06/2023
141459Rising To Your Best Self: Lead, Take Control, and WinOhio State Society1 G05/06/2023
141429Coping With the Mental Health Impacts of TraumaOhio State Society1 CG05/06/2023
141430Facing Your Fears and Building Mental StrengthOhio State Society1 G05/06/2023
141428Understanding the Neurobiology of SuicideOhio State Society1 CG05/06/2023
141425Identifying Legal Concepts in Occupational MedicineOhio State Society1 AG05/05/2023
141426Examining the Mental Health CrisisOhio State Society1.5 CG05/05/2023
141427Speaking up and Speaking out on Mental HealthOhio State Society1 CG05/05/2023
141411Streaming a Live Shoulder Surgery: Insights to Recovery & Return to WorkOhio State Society1.5 C05/05/2023
141412Exploring Arthritis & Occupational Hand InjuriesOhio State Society1 C05/05/2023
141515Spreading Hope and Joy for Patients Living with a DisabilityOhio State Society1 AG05/04/2023
141407Applying Occupational Health Principles to Injured Worker RecoveryOhio State Society1.5 AG05/04/2023
141409Navigating Occupational Health Concepts During ReimbursementOhio State Society1 A05/04/2023
141410Changing the Odds for Health Equity: Does Your Zip Code MatterOhio State Society1.5 AG05/04/2023
141464Choosing Cultural Humility, Racial Empathy, and ResilienceOhio State Society1 CG05/04/2023
141748The Heart Muscle: How a Sedentary Life Can Damage ItOH016 Tri-County1 C05/02/2023
1415352023 Healthy State Alliance Spring Symposium: Communicating Compassion and Building TrustOH027 West Central3 CG04/29/2023
141539Leadership Excellence and Its BenefitsOhio State Society1.5 AG04/22/2023
1415402023 CMS UpdatesOhio State Society1.5 A04/22/2023
141541Knowledge BowlOhio State Society1.5 ACG04/22/2023
141622The ENT Practice and the Role of the MAOhio State Society1.5 CG04/22/2023
141545The Healthcare Growth MindsetOhio State Society1.5 G04/21/2023
141542Addressing Language Access as the First Social Determinant of Health to SolveOhio State Society2 AG04/21/2023
141536When Your Practice May Need Outside Assistance - ConsultingOhio State Society1.5 AG04/21/2023
141538Asthma & AllergiesOhio State Society1 C04/21/2023
141544Identifying Your Silent SuperstarsOhio State Society1 AG04/20/2023
141543Maneuvering Potential Recovery and Return to Work RoadblocksOhio State Society2 ACG04/20/2023
141584Balancing the Competing Needs of Work, Family, and CommunityOH016 Tri-County1 G04/04/2023
141385Uncomfortable Conversations: Critical for Career GrowthOH003 Franklin1.5 G03/11/2023
141281What is Healthcare Information??OH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 A03/11/2023
141280All Things UltrasoundOH029 Southwest Ohio1 C03/11/2023
141251Leadership and ProfessionalismOH016 Tri-County1.5 AG03/07/2023
141126Caring for the Aging ParentOH016 Tri-County1 CG02/07/2023
141052Patient Relations: Better Communication Equals Better Patient OutcomesOH029 Southwest Ohio1 G01/21/2023
141053Orthopedic Trauma Across the LifespanOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 C01/21/2023
141133Pathophysiology of Type 1 and Type 2 DiabetesOH003 Franklin2 C01/14/2023
140838Professionalism in the Medical OfficeOH016 Tri-County1 G01/03/2023
140929Managing Difficult Employees and Disruptive BehaviorsOH016 Tri-County1 AG12/06/2022
140963Thyroid Eye Disease: More Common than You ThinkOH029 Southwest Ohio1 C11/19/2022
140964Overview of Child Life Support ServicesOH029 Southwest Ohio1.5 G11/19/2022
140917Clinical Updates and Meeting Quality MeasuresOH014 Summit1 AC11/12/2022
140867Active Shooter PreparednessOH014 Summit1 G11/12/2022
140833Nature is Not Binary: Understanding Trans and Intersex PatientsOH004 Cuyahoga1 CG11/12/2022
140891Buckeye PawsOH003 Franklin1 CG11/05/2022
1409202022 Annual Cardiovascular SymposiumOH027 West Central6.5 CG11/02/2022
140868Living with Scleroderma from Adolescence to AdulthoodOH016 Tri-County1 CG11/01/2022
1408482022 Healthy State Alliance-Opioid SymposiumOH027 West Central4 CG10/15/2022
140801COVID-19 in Children & Adolescents: Current Research and Clinical ManagementOH027 West Central1 C10/01/2022
140800Coughing, Wheezing, Stridor, Oh My!OH027 West Central1 C10/01/2022
140799BRUEing and SIDS’OH027 West Central1 CG10/01/2022
140802Impact of COVID-19 on Youth: Mental Health Implications and RecommendationsOH027 West Central1 CG10/01/2022
140774Utilizing Kotter's 8-step Change Methodology for Effective Change ManagementOH016 Tri-County1 AG09/27/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141971Medical Minimally Invasive Osteoporosis and Pain ManagementOklahoma State Society2 C08/26/2023
141972The Power of Showing up for YOU: Resiliency vs. Burnout EditionOklahoma State Society2 CG08/26/2023
141669Greater Trochanteric Pain SyndromeOklahoma State Society2 C04/22/2023
141537Comprehensive and Multidisciplinary Diabetes Mellitus CareOklahoma State Society2 C04/22/2023


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141245The Oregon Medical Assistant's Scope of PracticeOregon State Society1 AG04/22/2023
141243It’s Fine. I’m Fine. Everything Is Fi...oh Wait. How to Truly Be Fine in 2023Oregon State Society1.5 G04/22/2023
141244Understanding Oregon End of Life ChoicesOregon State Society1.5 AG04/22/2023
141248Playfulness: The Vital Link to Your Health and SanityOregon State Society3 CG04/22/2023
141320No More Roe: The State of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare in OregonOregon State Society1.5 AG04/22/2023
141384Retina Injury and RepairOregon State Society1 CG04/22/2023
141268Diagnostic Imaging: So Many Ways to See Inside!Oregon State Society1.5 ACG04/22/2023
141229Active Violence Incident PreparednessOregon State Society1.5 AG04/21/2023
141230Hands-Only CPR and Cardiac Arrest ResponseOregon State Society1.5 C04/21/2023
141228Common Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgeries and Who Needs ThemOregon State Society1.5 CG04/21/2023
141231Grief and Loss Among Healthcare WorkersOregon State Society1.5 G04/21/2023
141220Managing Acute Mental Health Crisis in JuvenilesOregon State Society1.5 AG04/21/2023
141449Data Predicting the Future of HealthcareOregon State Society1.5 AG04/21/2023
141450Team-Based CareOregon State Society1.5 ACG04/21/2023
141321Medical Assisting BINGOOregon State Society1.5 ACG04/21/2023
141381Sexually Transmitted InfectionsOregon State Society1.5 CG04/21/2023
141269Combating Health Care Fraud in OregonOregon State Society1.5 AG04/20/2023
141380Stroke Risk Reduction: Addessing Lifestyle Related Behavior ChangeOregon State Society1.5 ACG04/20/2023
141207Maxillofacial ProsthodonticsOregon State Society1.5 CG04/20/2023
141211HPV Vaccine in the Era of COVID-19Oregon State Society1.5 CG04/20/2023
141212Trauma Informed Care for Medical ProfessionalsOregon State Society1.5 CG04/20/2023
141209Advance Care PlanningOregon State Society1.5 AG04/20/2023
141210Myasthenia GravisOregon State Society1.5 CG04/20/2023
140832Recognizing & Preventing Crisis: Basics for Healthcare WorkersOR003/DB Lane1 CG11/17/2022
140773Mental Health AwarenessOR003/DB Lane4 ACG10/08/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141763Sex Trafficking IndicatorsPennsylvania State Society1.0 ACG05/13/2023
141764Understanding the Dynamics of Sexual Violence through an Anti-Oppression FrameworkPennsylvania State Society1.0 G05/13/2023
141765What Do You See?Pennsylvania State Society1.0 CG05/13/2023
141762Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular DiseasePennsylvania State Society1.0 CG05/13/2023
141772HIV & STD InformationPennsylvania State Society1.0 AC05/13/2023
141825Leadership ToolsPennsylvania State Society1.0 AG05/13/2023
141398What is Cannabis?Pennsylvania State Society1.5 CG03/25/2023
141399Medical Forensic ExamsPennsylvania State Society1.5 AG03/25/2023
141485Medication Compliance/BingoPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG03/25/2023
141479Depression is Not a Normal Part of AgingPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG03/25/2023
141460Aqua Therapy: The Power of WaterPennsylvania State Society1.0 CG03/25/2023
140756Pennsylvania's LGBTQ Community: An Introduction to Affirming PracticesPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG09/24/2022
140757Sexual Assault: Prevalent and ImpactfulPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG09/24/2022
140758ALS 101Pennsylvania State Society1.5 CG09/24/2022
140759Chiropractic Care and PregnancyPennsylvania State Society1.5 C09/24/2022
140760Breast CancerPennsylvania State Society1.5 C09/24/2022

Rhode Island

There are no program listings for this state.

South Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142031Weight Management: Separating Fact from FictionSouth Carolina State Society2 CG01/20/2024
141963Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)SC009 Trident1 C11/14/2023
141962Vaccine Administration 2SC009 Trident1 CG10/18/2023
141906Pelvic Floor HealthSC005 Pickens1 C10/03/2023
142032Diet Consistencies and the IDDSI System: Definitions and StrategiesSC020 Aiken1 CG09/19/2023
141961Vaccine Updates 1SC009 Trident1 CG09/12/2023
141406Eating DisordersSC004 Columbia1 ACG09/09/2023
141987Benefits of Proper DocumentationSC005 Pickens1 AC09/05/2023
141729American Sign Language for HealthcareSC011 Anderson1 AG09/05/2023
141848Finding Your Balance: Self-Care and Mental HealthSouth Carolina State Society2 CG08/19/2023
141812Law & Ethics SCSMA (BINGO)South Carolina State Society2 AG08/19/2023
141904Telephone EtiquetteSouth Carolina State Society1 AG08/19/2023
141901ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding for the Physician's OfficeSouth Carolina State Society1 A08/19/2023
141915Career Growth/Advancement in Medical Assisting: Broadening Your Skill SetSC020 Aiken1 G08/15/2023
141871Casting: Learning the Basics for Application and RemovalSC003 Spartanburg1 CG08/15/2023
141946All About SupplementsSC004 Columbia1 CG08/12/2023
141986Bylaws and Why We Need ThemSC011 Anderson1 AG08/01/2023
141805Active Shooter TrainingSC005 Pickens1 G08/01/2023
141870Font Office Procedures RefresherSC003 Spartanburg1 A07/18/2023
141747Migraines: A Comprehensive ReviewSC020 Aiken1 C07/18/2023
141849Donate Life SCSC006 Greenville1 G06/27/2023
141711Effectively Handling Confrontation and Uncomfortable SituationsSC009 Trident2 G06/24/2023
141869CPT Coding for the Medical AssistantSC003 Spartanburg1 A06/20/2023
141739Humeral Fractures in the Adult: Why is it a Big Deal?SC020 Aiken1 C06/20/2023
141498Insurance BINGOSC009 Trident1 A06/13/2023
141405Transgender Patients/Gender Affirming CareSC004 Columbia1 ACG06/10/2023
141777Genetic Bone DiseasesSC005 Pickens1 C06/06/2023
141698Hospice vs Palliative CareSC011 Anderson1 ACG06/06/2023
141818Diabetic ShoesSC006 Greenville1 AC05/23/2023
141784ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Coding for the Physician's OfficeSC003 Spartanburg1 A05/16/2023
141633Boot Camp: 102SC020 Aiken1 AG05/16/2023
141746Scleroderma: Autoimmune DiseaseSC004 Columbia1 C05/13/2023
141495Basic First AidSC009 Trident1 C05/09/2023
141720Resume UpdateSC006 Greenville1 A04/25/2023
141516Law & Ethics SCSMA (BINGO)SC003 Spartanburg1 AG04/18/2023
141632Boot Camp: 101SC020 Aiken2 AG04/18/2023
141562Basics of Surgical Setups in Medical OfficesSC009 Trident1 CG04/11/2023
141624Diabetes Mellitus Type 2SC004 Columbia1 C04/08/2023
140984Neck PainSC005 Pickens1 C04/04/2023
141697Introduction and Benefits of Therapy DogsSC011 Anderson1 CG04/04/2023
141496Administrative Bowl of KnowledgeSC006 Greenville1.0 A03/28/2023
141225Appointment SettingSouth Carolina State Society1.5 A03/18/2023
141224Knowledge BowlSouth Carolina State Society3 ACG03/18/2023
1412262023 CPT UpdatesSouth Carolina State Society1.5 A03/18/2023
141223Suicide PreventionSouth Carolina State Society1.5 ACG03/17/2023
140488The Future Will Be Revealed in Lab TestsSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/17/2023
141240Simple Innovation in Therapy Service DeliverySouth Carolina State Society1.5 AG03/17/2023
141241Malnutrition in Acute Care SettingsSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/17/2023
141242Mandated ReportingSouth Carolina State Society1.5 ACG03/17/2023
141057Total Knee and Total Hip Smart ImplantsSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/16/2023
139999Surgical Asepsis in the Medical OfficeSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/16/2023
141068Compassion Resilience and Professional Boundaries in Health CareSouth Carolina State Society1.5 ACG03/16/2023
141121Chiropractic 20 QuestionsSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/16/2023
141239Bariatric Surgery Options, Differences, and Possible Post op ComplicationsSouth Carolina State Society1.5 C03/16/2023
141346What are STI's? (Sexually Transmitted Infections)SC004 Columbia1 C03/11/2023
140983Hospice vs. Palliative CareSC005 Pickens1 CG03/07/2023
141264Heart Health with DiabetesSC006 Greenville1 C02/28/2023
141222CPRSC003 Spartanburg2 CG02/21/2023
141206Law & Ethics SCSMA (BINGO)SC009 Trident1 AG02/21/2023
141197Borderline Personality DisordersSC004 Columbia1 CG02/11/2023
141259Medical Assisting Programs 101SC011 Anderson1 G02/07/2023
140982Blood Flow RestrictionsSC005 Pickens1 C02/07/2023
141054Active Shooter Response and Dealing with Difficult/Hostile IndividualsSC006 Greenville1 G01/24/2023
141019Genitourinary System Terminology ReviewSC003 Spartanburg1 C01/17/2023
140770Chronic Pain Management: Where Are We Today?South Carolina State Society1.5 CG01/14/2023
141013Diabetes: From the Feet On UpSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG01/07/2023
140831Diet in American Society: Medical Diets vs Commercial DietsSouth Carolina State Society2 CG01/07/2023
141120How Mental Health Affects Our LivesSC011 Anderson1 CG01/03/2023
140981Vagal Nerve ResponseSC005 Pickens1 C01/03/2023
141018Medical Terminology BingoSC003 Spartanburg1 C12/20/2022
140971Food and SafetySC006 Greenville1 C11/22/2022
140865IUDs: Indication, Risks, and BenefitsSC003 Spartanburg1 CG11/15/2022
140804What is Multiple Sclerosis (MS)?SC004 Columbia1 C11/12/2022
140915Hospice Care vs. Palliative CareSC011 Anderson1 CG11/01/2022
140673Patient AdvocacySC005 Pickens1 AG11/01/2022
140995Meals on Wheels GreenvilleSC006 Greenville1 AG10/25/2022
140803What is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)?SC004 Columbia1 C10/08/2022
140785Importance of Telehealth Documentation and HIPAA ComplianceSC005 Pickens1 AG10/04/2022
140914Balance and Fall PreventionSC011 Anderson1 C10/04/2022
140996Hormone TherapySC006 Greenville1 C09/27/2022

South Dakota

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141442Injection/Infusion Documentation and PaymentSouth Dakota State Society1 AC03/25/2023
141433Call to FreedomSouth Dakota State Society1 ACG03/25/2023
141434Domestic ViolenceSouth Dakota State Society1 ACG03/25/2023
141436Diabetic InfectionsSouth Dakota State Society1 C03/25/2023
141437Foot and Ankle PathologySouth Dakota State Society1 C03/25/2023
141443Sex TherapySouth Dakota State Society1 ACG03/25/2023
141444Leadership in HealthcareSouth Dakota State Society1 AG03/24/2023
141445Knowledge BowlSouth Dakota State Society2 ACG03/24/2023
141440Vaginal BleedingSouth Dakota State Society1 C03/24/2023
141441Patient ExperienceSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/24/2023
141438Perimenopause and MenopauseSouth Dakota State Society1 C03/24/2023
141439Suicide Prevention and Crisis SupportSouth Dakota State Society1 ACG03/24/2023
141435Sleep ApneaSouth Dakota State Society1 C03/24/2023
140954Refining Our Communication SkillsSouth Dakota State Society2 G11/19/2022
140956QuitlineSouth Dakota State Society1 CG11/19/2022
140955Bridging the GapSouth Dakota State Society1 AG11/19/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141517Self-Care and Caring for OthersTN001 Cherokee2 CG07/15/2023
141877Understanding DialysisTN001 Cherokee1 C07/15/2023
141876Applied Behavior AnalysisTN001 Cherokee1 ACG07/15/2023
141511Spinal Arthritis and Disc DiseaseTN001 Cherokee1 C04/15/2023
141512Front Desk/Receptionist 101TN001 Cherokee1 AG04/15/2023
140786Steps for TriageTN001 Cherokee1 ACG10/08/2022
140787Screening for Autism in ChildrenTN001 Cherokee1 CG10/08/2022
140783Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA)TN001 Cherokee1 CG10/08/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141874Diagnostic Codes for Specialties UpdateTexas State Society1.5 AC07/22/2023
141872Communication for LeadershipTexas State Society1 AG07/22/2023
141873Moral Courage and Ethical Dilemmas: The Importance of Being Empowered to Speak UpTexas State Society1.5 AG07/22/2023
141865Verbal De-EscalationTexas State Society1.5 CG07/22/2023
141864Leading by Example: Inspiring Wellness through Personal Health and MentorshipTexas State Society1.5 G07/22/2023
141866Stressors and How to Reduce StressTexas State Society1 CG07/22/2023
141868Refresh Your MindTexas State Society1.5 CG07/22/2023
141867Finding Your VoiceTexas State Society1.5 G07/21/2023
141863Mindfulness in Medicine in a Burnout ClimateTexas State Society1.5 CG07/21/2023
141723Mental & Emotional Well-being for YOU and Your PatientsTexas State Society1 CG05/21/2023
141727NAMI In Our Own VoiceTexas State Society1.5 CG05/20/2023
141725Healthcare Law BasicsTexas State Society1.5 AG05/20/2023
141755Leadership and MentoringTexas State Society1 AG05/20/2023
141754One Pill KillsTexas State Society1.5 CG05/20/2023
141289Newborn Baby Hearing TestingTexas State Society1 AC05/20/2023
141722The Power of ListeningTexas State Society1.5 G05/19/2023
141724Evaluation & Management of the Head and Neck Cancer PatientTexas State Society1.5 CG05/19/2023
141726Diagnostic Codes for SpecialtiesTexas State Society1.5 AC05/19/2023
141728Breast CancerTexas State Society1.5 CG05/19/2023
141191Patient NavigatorTexas State Society1.5 AG02/11/2023
141192Giving Back: Moving ForwardTexas State Society1.5 G02/11/2023
1411932023 CPT Code ChangesTexas State Society1.5 G02/11/2023
140824Nurses and Medical Assistants: Scopes of Practice and Interactions in the Clinical SettingTexas State Society1.5 AG10/15/2022
140821Rapid Deployment of the Virtual ICU Service Line at the Houston Methodist Hospital SystemTexas State Society1.5 AG10/15/2022
140822Navigating Tough Talks: Communicating with CareTexas State Society1.5 G10/15/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141654Medical Weight LossUtah State Society1.5 CG04/29/2023
141655Marketing for Outpatient CareUtah State Society1.5 AG04/29/2023
141656Patient Care in a Virtual WorldUtah State Society1.5 ACG04/29/2023
141657Knowledge BowlUtah State Society1 ACG04/29/2023
140752What’s Your Risk? MA & Patient Risk in Blood CollectionUtah State Society1 ACG09/28/2022
140753Phlebotomy Catastrophic Standards InfractionsUtah State Society1 ACG09/28/2022
140754Working with New PhlebotomistsUtah State Society1 CG09/28/2022
140749Preanalytical Considerations & Sample IntegrityUtah State Society1 C09/28/2022
140751Blood Culture CollectionUtah State Society1 CG09/28/2022
140750Managing Patient Reactions During a Blood DrawUtah State Society1 CG09/28/2022
140746IV Insertions and ProceduresUtah State Society2 C09/27/2022
140747What’s New in Phlebotomy?Utah State Society1 CG09/27/2022
140745Blood Collection BasicsUtah State Society1 C09/27/2022
140748Solutions for Difficult DrawsUtah State Society1 C09/27/2022


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
141295Cyber Security & Bad ActorsVirginia State Society1 AG03/11/2023
141296Utilizing Lessons Learned to Reimagine Ambulatory Quality Improvement StrategiesVirginia State Society1 AG03/11/2023
141298Third-Party Requirements for Boards to Remain Accredited or Recognized and in Legal ComplianceVirginia State Society1 AG03/11/2023
141292Tattooing in RVA: The Histology, Morphology, and Artistry.Virginia State Society2 CG03/11/2023
141293Knowledge BowlVirginia State Society1 ACG03/11/2023
141294Trauma-Informed CareVirginia State Society1 CG03/11/2023
140735Autism SpeaksVirginia State Society3 ACG11/05/2022
140736Compassion Fatigue and Self CareVirginia State Society2 CG11/05/2022
140737Adult Vaccines and BoostersVirginia State Society1 CG11/05/2022


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142041Nephrology, Hypertension, and the Importance of the Medical Assistant's RoleWA004 Thurston2 AC09/27/2023
142042Human Trafficking 101 for Medical Providers (2023)WA003 Kitsap1.5 CG09/27/2023
142018The New THCWA010 Whatcom1 CG09/07/2023
141842Drugs, Addiction, and Law EnforcementWA010 Whatcom1 G06/13/2023
141770Chronic CoughWA003 Kitsap1 C05/17/2023
141804Response Systems Division of Whatcom County Health DepartmentWA010 Whatcom1 AG05/16/2023
141710Prescription Drug EducationWA006 Yakima1 CG05/11/2023
141694Language Matters: Communication Strategies to Help Promote Alcohol-Free PregnanciesWashington State Society2 CG04/29/2023
141712Things to Consider When Moving from Cure to CareWashington State Society1.5 AG04/29/2023
141693Colorectal Cancer Screening & Preventative Care in Chronic Gastrointestinal and Liver DiseaseWashington State Society1.5 CG04/29/2023
141713Normal Developmental MilestonesWashington State Society1.5 CG04/29/2023
141696Medical Term BingoWashington State Society1.5 CG04/28/2023
141685Interventional Cardiac Catheterization for Pediatric and Adult Congenital Heart DiseaseWashington State Society1.5 C04/28/2023
141688DiabetesWashington State Society1.5 C04/28/2023
141690Vampires Keep Out, Rising above Toxic PeopleWashington State Society1.5 G04/28/2023
141691Understanding Minor Healthcare Laws/RequirementsWashington State Society1.5 AG04/28/2023
141692Stress Management for Medical ProfessionalWashington State Society1.5 CG04/28/2023
141386Skin CancerWashington State Society1.5 C04/28/2023
141695Evaluating Medical Literature in the Cyber AgeWashington State Society1.5 AG04/27/2023
141687The CBCWashington State Society1.5 C04/27/2023
141689Public Health Matters: Preparing for Emergencies and Vaccine UpdatesWashington State Society1 ACG04/27/2023
141684Leading ChangeWashington State Society1.5 AG04/27/2023
1415012023: How to Cope with Stress and BurnoutWA006 Yakima1 CG04/20/2023
141510Diversity in HealthCareWA004 Thurston2 G04/19/2023
141677Skinlock Holmes: Clues and Clinical Observations from a Dermatology ClinicWA010 Whatcom1 C04/18/2023
141492Vaping EducationWA016 Southwest1 CG04/15/2023
141400Introduction To Mohs Surgery for the Medical AssistantWA010 Whatcom1 C03/21/2023
141318Social Determinants of Health and Their Impact on CodingWA003 Kitsap1 AG03/15/2023
141312Leadership Skills: Working Together in 2023Washington State Society1 AG03/11/2023
141731Leadership: What It Is and How It Influences UsWashington State Society1 C03/11/2023
141252Leadership and ProfessionalismWashington State Society1.5 AG03/11/2023
141247Fracture Care InstructionsWA010 Whatcom1 C02/22/2023
141146CPT and ICD-10 Coding in 2023WA006 Yakima1 A02/16/2023
141147In Our Own VoiceWA004 Thurston2 CG02/15/2023
141168Communication Skills In The Workplace in 2023WA003 Kitsap1 AG02/15/2023
141123Grief And Loss with a Chronic Illness DiagnosisWA003 Kitsap1 CG01/25/2023
141071Respiratory Patient Differential Diagnosis & TreatmentsWA010 Whatcom1 C01/17/2023
140965Medical Assisting Jeopardy 2022WA003 Kitsap1.5 ACG12/07/2022
140961Dealing with Angry PeopleWA006 Yakima1 G12/01/2022
140936Health MisinformationWA003 Kitsap1 AG11/16/2022
140918What is Functional Medicine? How Can it Be Useful for Myself or My Patients?WA010 Whatcom1 CG11/15/2022
140743Communication Skills in the Workplace in 2022WA006 Yakima1.5 AG10/27/2022
140806Building Resiliency During Challenging TimesWA003 Kitsap1 CG10/19/2022
140734Pelvic Floor Physical TherapyWA003 Kitsap1 C09/28/2022

West Virginia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
142016Tips for Interacting with Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals (Eau Claire)Wisconsin State Society2 AG10/28/2023
142015Digestive Health and FunctionsWI010 Valley2 C09/09/2023
142043Katy’s Kloset Medical Equipment Lending LibraryWI015 Waukesha1 ACG09/09/2023
141673Hip Pain vs. Low Back PainWI015 Waukesha1 CG05/13/2023
141664Diversity and Equity in MedicineWI015 Waukesha1 CG05/13/2023
141707Advance Care Planning Work FlowsWI010 Valley1 ACG04/29/2023
141721Advance Care PlanningWI010 Valley2 AG04/29/2023
141396Blindness and Vision Loss in the US: The Big 4Wisconsin State Society1 C04/01/2023
141502M.O.M.’s the Word, But Don’t Keep Pain Neuroscience a SecretWisconsin State Society1 CG04/01/2023
141625Tips for Interacting With Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals (With or Without an Interpreter)Wisconsin State Society2 CG04/01/2023
141310Blindness and Vision Loss in the US: The Big 4Wisconsin State Society1 C04/01/2023
141311The Medical Assistant: Professionalism in the WorkplaceWisconsin State Society1 G04/01/2023
141285Oral Systemic Connection: Bridging the Gap between Medical and DentalWisconsin State Society1 C04/01/2023
141287Pediatric Eye Care: Screen, Detect, ReferWisconsin State Society1 ACG04/01/2023
141626Physical Manifestations of StressWisconsin State Society4 CG03/31/2023
141282Rheumatoid Arthritis and SpondyloarthropathiesWI015 Waukesha1 CG03/11/2023
141283Waukesha Free Clinic: A Vital Community ResourceWI015 Waukesha1 AG03/11/2023
141271Be a Day Maker, Not a Day BreakerWI011 Lakeshore1 G02/18/2023
141056Understand the Benefits of Local/Regional Immunization Coalitions in WisconsinWisconsin State Society3 CG02/11/2023
141050Colon Cancer ScreeningWisconsin State Society1 C02/11/2023
141012Strategies of Mental HealthWisconsin State Society1 CG02/11/2023
1410065 Step Road Map for a Mind ShiftWisconsin State Society2.5 G02/11/2023
141009Diabetic EducationWI010 Valley1 CG01/14/2023
141129Locally Advanced Non-small Cell Lung CancerWI015 Waukesha1 C01/14/2023
141127VA Research: How it Differs from Industry Funded ResearchWI015 Waukesha1 G01/14/2023
140765Social Media's Influence on Human TraffickingWI015 Waukesha2 AG11/12/2022
140841Relational Patterns: How Attachment Experiences in Infancy and Childhood Shape our InteractionsWisconsin State Society2 CG11/05/2022
140842Orthopedic BootcampWisconsin State Society2 CG11/05/2022
140839Cyber Security: Be Smart, Stay SafeWisconsin State Society2 A11/05/2022
140766The MA’s Role in Caring for the Older Person in the Medical OfficeWI010 Valley2 CG09/24/2022


There are no program listings for this state.