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AAMA Approved CE Programs

The following programs are worth AAMA CEUs.

CPR  |  Two-year CPR cards issued within the applicant’s recertification period will be counted as four clinical AAMA recertifica­tion points. Up to three two-year CPR cards may be submitted for a total of 12 CEUs.

FASDs Program  |  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Collaborative for Alcohol-Free Pregnancy are offering free online training courses on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). These courses provide strategies to improve the delivery of care related to FASDs, including prevention, identification, and management. Earn AAMA CEUs by taking the following courses:

  • “Diagnostic Overview of FASDs: Recognition and Referral” (1 gen/clin AAMA CEU)
  • “FASD Primer for Healthcare Professionals” (2 gen/clin AAMA CEU)
  • “Implementing Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in Clinical Practice” (1 gen/clin AAMA CEU)
  • “Interprofessional Collaborative Practice as a Model for Prevention of AEPs” (1 gen AAMA CEU)
  • “Preventing Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancies (AEPs)” (1 gen/clin AAMA CEU)

Learners can save their work as they progress through a course.

To access the courses, click “Learn More” on the right-hand side of the FASDs Training and Resources webpage, select a course from the list, and follow the Resource Link.

Note: These courses have been approved by the International Association of Continuing Education and Training (IACET) for 0.1 CEUs. Although “0.1 CEUs” is IACET terminology, 0.1 equates to one hour of continuing education, which is 1 CEU in AAMA nomenclature.

Smiles for Life Program  |  Smiles for Life: A National Oral Health Curriculum is a product of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) that provides educational resources to ensure the integration of oral health and primary care. The curriculum makes it easy for individual medical assistants to access the curriculum and learn on their own time and at their own pace. Each of the eight courses is available online with free continuing education credit. Each course (found under Course Quick Links) has been approved for 1 AAMA CEU credit. All eight modules also are available in downloadable format for classroom or small group education.

Disclaimer: Your overseeing provider must confirm with his or her licensing board that it is allowable for the provider to delegate to medical assistants the applying of fluoride varnish.

Get CEU credit  |  Submit documentation of completion in one of three ways:

Find a Program  |  View currently available information on programs by AAMA state societies and local chapters in the dropdown sections below.

Start a Program  |  If your state or chapter is not currently conducting any programming, help out by volunteering.

If you are a member-at-large, find out how to start a state or local chapter by contacting the AAMA Membership Department or calling 800/228-2262.

For more information about any of these programs, contact your state president.


There are no program listings for this state.


There are no program listings for this state.


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138794Breathe, Meditate, and Bend (Relaxation and Chair Exercises)Arkansas State Society1 CG03/06/2021
138795COVID-19 Vaccine: Debunk the Myths and Be a Vaccine AdvocateArkansas State Society1 CG03/06/2021
138766Time Management Priorities for Busy Medical ProfessionalsArkansas State Society1 G03/06/2021
138177The Who, What, Why and How of Anxiety DisordersArkansas State Society1.5 CG10/03/2020
138178I Am…a Survivor of a (rare) Breast CancerArkansas State Society1 CG10/03/2020
138179Medications Used to Treat Depression and AnxietyArkansas State Society1.5 CG10/03/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139295Tackling TinnitusCalifornia State Society1.5 C09/30/2021
139249Suicide Prevention is Everyone's BusinessCalifornia State Society1.5 CG09/09/2021
139248Gut Health and Our MicrobiomeCalifornia State Society1 C08/28/2021
139250Weight Loss MedicationsCalifornia State Society1 C08/28/2021
139247Improving Health with Whole Food Plant-Based NutritionCalifornia State Society1.5 C08/07/2021
139182CybersecurityCalifornia State Society1.5 AG07/29/2021
139181Patient NavigationCalifornia State Society2 AG07/10/2021
137544Telephone, Front and Back Office EtiquetteCalifornia State Society1 AG06/19/2021
137078Parenting a Young Child with Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, and AnxietyCalifornia State Society1 G06/19/2021


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139296Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Crohn's and Ulcerative ColitisColorado State Society2.5 C10/09/2021
139283Safe TalkColorado State Society3.5 ACG08/28/2021
138572Killer Heat Wave: ElderCare SeriesColorado State Society2.5 CG04/03/2021
138571COVID-19 Vaccination Training for Healthcare ProfessionalsColorado State Society2.5 ACG02/20/2021
138570Supporting Transgender PatientsColorado State Society2.5 CG01/09/2021
138174Elder Care and the Medical Assisting RoleColorado State Society2.5 ACG12/12/2020
138173Wound Care BasicsColorado State Society2.5 C11/14/2020
138172Contact TracingColorado State Society2.5 CG10/24/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139151Health Equity for LGBTQ PopulationsConnecticut State Society1 G07/06/2021
139001Moderna Covid-19 VaccineConnecticut State Society1 CG04/17/2021
138741Health LiteracyConnecticut State Society1 CG03/14/2021
138407PHQ-9 Depression ScaleConnecticut State Society1 CG11/30/2020


There are no program listings for this state.

District of Columbia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139342Wound Care BasicsFL003 Brevard2 C11/17/2021
139371PTSDFL004 Southwest1 CG11/06/2021
139277Sarcoidosis 101Florida State Society1 C10/23/2021
139278Active Violence Emergency Response TrainingFlorida State Society2 CG10/23/2021
138245Interdisciplinary Communication in HealthcareFlorida State Society1 G10/23/2021
138246Workplace CivilityFlorida State Society1 G10/23/2021
139341Adulting with ADHDFL003 Brevard2 CG10/20/2021
139440Research: Good Clinical PracticeFL004 Southwest1.5 CG10/09/2021
139274Medical Assisting JeopardyFL004 Southwest1 ACG09/11/2021
139097Colorectal Cancer: Preventable, Beatable, and TreatableFL004 Southwest1 CG06/12/2021
138994Osteoporosis and DXA ScansFL003 Brevard1 C05/19/2021
139039Migraine Cause and TreatmentFL004 Southwest1.5 AC05/08/2021
138842Hiring in Today's MarketFL003 Brevard1.5 AG04/21/2021
138850Child AbuseFlorida State Society2 ACG04/17/2021
138851HIPAA/MIPSFlorida State Society2 AG04/17/2021
138949Patient SatisfactionFL004 Southwest1.5 G04/10/2021
138405Insurance and Accounts ReceivableFL003 Brevard2 AG03/24/2021
138669Authorization 101FL003 Brevard1.0 A03/17/2021
138812Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2FL004 Southwest1.5 CG03/13/2021
138756Motivation and EncouragementFL003 Brevard1 G03/10/2021
138541Communicating Bad NewsFL003 Brevard1 G03/10/2021
138610E/M Coding and ReimbursementFL004 Southwest1.5 A02/13/2021
137834Should I, or Shouldn’t I? Medical Law and EthicsFlorida State Society1.5 ACG01/30/2021
137812Stem Cell TherapyFlorida State Society1.5 C01/30/2021
137815Transfusion Thresholds: Patient Blood Management for the Medical AssistantFlorida State Society1.5 C01/30/2021
137825Know the Skin You’re InFlorida State Society2 C01/30/2021
138543Working With Our Aging PopulationFL003 Brevard1.0 CG01/25/2021
138596Pregnancy and Infant LossFL003 Brevard1.5 ACG01/20/2021
138483Working Relationships Between Colleagues and ManagementFL004 Southwest1 AG01/09/2021
138247De-Escalation TechniquesFlorida State Society1 G12/19/2020
138298Dealing with Stress and Work During the PandemicFL004 Southwest1.5 CG12/12/2020
138248ImmunizationsFlorida State Society1 ACG11/21/2020
138243DME for Obstructive Sleep ApneaFL004 Southwest1 CG11/14/2020
138197Hospice 101FL003 Brevard1 ACG11/07/2020
137434Formaldehyde: An Allergic Reaction or Something More SeriousFL026 Central Gulf Coast1 CG10/22/2020
138176Suboxone Treatment for Those Addicted to OpiatesFL004 Southwest1 CG10/10/2020
138150Depression and Diabetes, Dealing with Chronic Illnesses with a Multifaceted ApproachFL003 Brevard2 ACG10/01/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139302Bones of the Body CrosswordGA004 Lowndes1.5 CG09/13/2021
139020Self-Care for the Medical AssistantGA016 Hall4 CG05/08/2021
138813COVID-19 and School SystemsGeorgia State Society1.5 ACG04/18/2021
137964Domestic Minor Sex TraffickingGeorgia State Society2 AG04/17/2021
137965MammographyGeorgia State Society1.5 C04/17/2021
137962Anatomy Crossword PuzzleGeorgia State Society1.5 CG04/17/2021
137963Humor in the Workplace and LifeGeorgia State Society1.5 G04/17/2021
137958How to Recognize Swallowing DisordersGeorgia State Society1.5 C04/16/2021
137959Guiding Appropriate Interactions for People with Disabilities in the Medical SettingGeorgia State Society1.5 CG04/16/2021
137961Basic CPT CodingGeorgia State Society2 AC04/16/2021
137960Dyslexia in ChildrenGeorgia State Society2 ACG04/16/2021
138834Blood Pressure, "Up or Down," Effective Ways to Reduce Blood PressureGeorgia State Society1.5 CG04/15/2021
138987Find Your Center with YogaGA016 Hall2 CG04/10/2021
138862American Diabetes Association Guidelines for Treating Type 2 Diabetes MellitusGA014 Central Savannah River Area1 C03/16/2021
138411Virtual Medical Trivia - KahootGA016 Hall2 CG12/02/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139339Infection Prevention Basics and COVID-19 in the Ambulatory SettingID002 Magic Valley1.5 C09/11/2021
139340Medication Access TeamID002 Magic Valley1.5 ACG09/11/2021
139204The Misdiagnosis of ADHDID003 Gate City1 CG07/14/2021
139110Walking and Working through Medical Assistant PuzzlesID004 North Idaho Panhandle2 ACG06/26/2021
139078Reach for the Stars: The CMS Rating SystemID001 Idaho Falls1 AG06/23/2021
139025Telehealth: To Call or Not to CallID003 Gate City1 ACG05/01/2021
139002Sleep Problems and Chronic TirednessID003 Gate City1 CG05/01/2021
139006Understanding Dementia Behaviors in Light of COVID-19 from the Lens of Occupational TherapyID003 Gate City1 CG05/01/2021
138992Understanding and Using ZoomID003 Gate City2 AG05/01/2021
138895Office and Outpatient Evaluation and Management CodingID003 Gate City1 A05/01/2021
138816Congestive Heart FailureID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 CG03/26/2021
138749MIPS Madness 2021ID003 Gate City1 A03/24/2021
138640An Overview of Medical Law and EthicsID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 ACG02/21/2021
138641PhlebotomyID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 C02/21/2021
138581Skin Care Through the AgesID003 Gate City1 C02/07/2021
138482Resiliency and StressID004 North Idaho Panhandle1 CG01/15/2021
138189Time Management and Revenue Cycle BasicsIdaho State Society1 AG10/02/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139396Local Services and Resources for Older AmericansIL017 Southern Illinois Regional1 AG11/06/2021
139157What is Speech Pathology's Role in Healthcare Today?Illinois State Society1.5 CG07/24/2021
139149Basic ECG Interpretation and Common DysrhythmiasIllinois State Society1.5 C07/24/2021
137676Automated Breast Ultrasound, a Journey to SuccessIllinois State Society1.5 CG04/24/2021
138753Prior Authorizations: When, Why, and HowIllinois State Society1.5 AG04/24/2021
138413Influenza and RSV Disease Burden in Pediatric PopulationIllinois State Society1 C12/02/2020
138259A History of PandemicsIL013 Central Illinois2 CG11/04/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139404Leadership ToolsIN010 East Central District1 AG10/16/2021
139422Utilizing MAs to the Top of Their TrainingIN010 East Central District1 AG10/16/2021
139392Hereditary Cancer SyndromeIN004 First District1 C10/12/2021
139391The Ins and Outs of Medical CodingIN004 First District1 A09/14/2021
139242Preventive Medical Services and Coding for Medicare's Preventive ServicesIndiana State Society3 ACG08/21/2021
139055Testicular Cancer Diagnosis and TreatmentIndiana State Society1.5 CG06/12/2021
139056Tattoo SafetyIndiana State Society1.5 CG06/12/2021
138896Testicular Cancer/Metastasis: Diagnosis and TreatmentsIN010 East Central District1.5 CG05/01/2021
138897The Injured Burn Patient and Burn ReconstructionIN010 East Central District1.5 C05/01/2021
138894Cardiology Procedures UpdateIndiana State Society2 CG04/24/2021
139013The Menopause Series: Pelvic HealthIN004 First District1.5 C04/22/2021
138751Diet Planning for Cancer Patients with Other Co-MorbiditiesIN028 West Central District2 CG03/20/2021
138718Urogynecology/Pelvic Floor ProlapseIN010 East Central District1.5 C03/13/2021
138719The Milk BankIN010 East Central District1.5 AG03/13/2021
138606Advanced Treatment in Breast CancerIndiana State Society3 CG02/13/2021
138684The Menopause Series: Sexual HealthIN004 First District1.5 CG02/09/2021
138559Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and Schizoaffective DisorderIN010 East Central District1.5 CG01/30/2021
138558Suicide Prevention and the Psychological AutopsyIN010 East Central District1.5 CG01/30/2021
138267Coding for Virtual Physician's VisitsIN028 West Central District2 AG11/21/2020
13831812th District November WorkshopIN013 Twelfth District4 CG11/14/2020
138169COVID-19 Coding and ICD-10, CPT UpdatesIN010 East Central District1.5 A11/14/2020
138170Hands in AutismIN010 East Central District1.5 CG11/14/2020
138161Mental Health of Healthcare Employees During COVID-19Indiana State Society1.5 CG11/07/2020
138070Scope of Practice - Indiana and KentuckyIndiana State Society1.5 G11/07/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139435CNOS Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine SymposiumIA006 Siouxland6.5 C09/24/2021
139075The Birth Control PillIA004 Linn1 CG05/12/2021
135938What is a Federally Qualified Health Center?IA006 Siouxland1 G04/24/2021
138950A Biochemist’s Look at Soda PopIA006 Siouxland1 C04/24/2021
138892Healthcare Worker HealthIA006 Siouxland1.0 CG04/24/2021
138745De-EscalationIA006 Siouxland1.0 G04/24/2021
138755New E&M GuidelinesIA006 Siouxland1 AG04/24/2021
138963PRP in the Clinic SettingIA006 Siouxland1 C04/24/2021
139018Inspire: The New Option for OSAIA008 Shoquoquon1 ACG04/20/2021
138891Strangulation Prevention and EducationIA004 Linn1 CG04/14/2021
138815What's So Special about Specialty Medications?IA004 Linn1 CG03/10/2021
138845Awareness, Detection, and Prevention of Skin CancerIA008 Shoquoquon1 C02/16/2021
138683GERDIA004 Linn1 CG02/10/2021
138565Seizure BasicsIA004 Linn1 C01/23/2021
138566Early Identification and Management of Depression in a Primary Care SettingIA004 Linn1 ACG01/23/2021
138580StrokeIA004 Linn1 C01/23/2021
138563ConcussionsIA004 Linn1 C01/23/2021
138564Migraine Headache: Identification, Prevention, TreatmentIA004 Linn1 C01/13/2021
138442Mental Health and Inclusive TerminologyIA004 Linn1 CG12/09/2020
138853Burnout in Health Care Professionals: Taking Care of Ourselves to Take Care of OthersIA008 Shoquoquon1 G11/24/2020
138303Covid-19IA004 Linn1 CG11/11/2020
138186Feeding Baby - Science and Indications of Different Infant FormulasIA004 Linn1 C10/14/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139305Primary Care Food Security ScreeningKentucky State Society1 CG09/27/2021
139105Identifying and Responding to Behavioral Health NeedsKentucky State Society1 ACG06/05/2021
139106Evaluation & Management Coding UpdatesKentucky State Society1 A06/05/2021
139109Overdose PreventionKentucky State Society1 ACG06/05/2021
139004Transformed Care: Iimproving Quality of Care for Transgender PatientsKentucky State Society1 G05/15/2021
139005Service Animal Benefits in Medical TreatmentKentucky State Society1 AG05/15/2021
139003Community Substance Abuse ProgramsKentucky State Society1 ACG05/15/2021
138704COVID-19 VaccineKY017 South Central Kentucky1 C03/18/2021
138315Patient and PerceptionsKY017 South Central Kentucky1 AG12/10/2020
138314Crazy for CodingKY017 South Central Kentucky1 A12/03/2020
138316Shoot for the Stars - Measures That Is!KY017 South Central Kentucky1 A11/19/2020
138317Mission AA: Appointment AgendaKY017 South Central Kentucky1 A11/12/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


There are no program listings for this state.


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139420HIPAA: HCP, MOLST, and Authorization to SpeakMA010 Worcester District1.5 AG12/01/2021
139287Minor Medical Emergencies and ManagementMA004 Greater Fall River1 CG11/17/2021
139410Psychological First AidMassachusetts State Society1.5 CG10/02/2021
139419Intuitive EatingMassachusetts State Society1.5 CG10/02/2021
138624All About ImmunizationsMassachusetts State Society1.5 ACG10/02/2021
139288Medical Weight Loss Management: Part 2MA004 Greater Fall River1 CG09/08/2021
139289Hospice and Palliative CareMassachusetts State Society1.5 AG09/01/2021
138621Electronic Health RecordsMassachusetts State Society1.5 AG04/24/2021
138622Understanding DisabilityMassachusetts State Society1 G04/24/2021
138623The Medical Assistant's Role in Colorectal Cancer ScreeningMassachusetts State Society1 CG04/24/2021
137740Aerosol Medication Delivery for COPDMA010 Worcester District1.5 CG03/27/2021
137741Home Oxygen SystemsMA010 Worcester District1.5 CG03/27/2021
137742Home INR MonitoringMA010 Worcester District1.5 ACG03/27/2021
137743CPAPMA010 Worcester District1.5 CG03/27/2021
138595Understanding Types of Oxygen TherapyMA010 Worcester District1.5 C02/03/2021
138077The Treatment of Physical TherapyMA010 Worcester District1.5 CG01/06/2021
138078Home Wound CareMA010 Worcester District1.5 ACG12/02/2020
138211DiabetesMA010 Worcester District1.5 C11/04/2020
138158The Patient Experience and Service Excellence Post COVID-19MA004 Greater Fall River1.5 G10/13/2020
138030Maternal Update: Preterm Birth and PreeclampsiaMassachusetts State Society1 C10/03/2020
138028EHR/EMRMassachusetts State Society1.5 A10/03/2020
138029Simplifying MedicareMassachusetts State Society1.5 AG10/03/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139272Business Math ReviewMI009 Jackson2 A10/23/2021
139429Different Types of TherapiesMI032 Greater Detroit1 CG10/12/2021
139359Cerebral Palsy 101MI007 Genesee1.5 CG10/04/2021
139395What is Naturopathic Medicine?MI015 Oakland1 C09/28/2021
139236Brain HealthMI022 Macomb1 C09/21/2021
139399The Anatomy of You: A Kahoot on the Human BodyMI009 Jackson1.0 CG09/16/2021
139322Pediatric Traumatic Brain InjuryMI032 Greater Detroit1 CG09/14/2021
139367Navigating the Early Childhood SystemMI026 Shiawassee1 AG09/08/2021
139146Legal Interprofessional Interactions in the Healthcare TeamMI007 Genesee1.5 AG09/07/2021
139235Human TraffickingMI022 Macomb1 AG08/10/2021
139207Business Math ReviewMI007 Genesee2 A08/02/2021
139172Regenerative MedicineMI022 Macomb1 C07/27/2021
139112Active Violence Emergency Response TrainingMI007 Genesee2 CG07/06/2021
139015Sarcoidosis 101MI007 Genesee1 C07/01/2021
139111HypertensionMI015 Oakland1 C06/17/2021
139091An Overview of PT and OTMI022 Macomb1 G06/15/2021
139037Recognizing an Opioid OverdoseMI007 Genesee1.5 C06/03/2021
139048COVID: Self-Care at HomeMI009 Jackson1.0 C05/20/2021
139077COVID-19MI025 Greater Kent County1 G05/15/2021
139024Opioid Overdose Rescue TrainingMI032 Greater Detroit1 C05/11/2021
139014Spiritual Care for the Medical ProfessionalMI007 Genesee2 G05/06/2021
138958Opioids Facts and FictionMI022 Macomb1 CG05/04/2021
139019Stress ManagementMI015 Oakland1 G04/29/2021
139010EKGMI007 Genesee1.0 C04/23/2021
138898Navigating Diabetes and DietMI025 Greater Kent County1 C04/17/2021
138962Asepsis and Infection Control in Healthcare Settings (MSMA Journal)Michigan Society of Medical Assistants1 C04/15/2021
139000Pharmacology FundamentalsMI009 Jackson1.0 CG04/15/2021
138964Customer Service and Communication in HealthcareMI026 Shiawassee1 G04/14/2021
138814DepressionMI032 Greater Detroit1 CG04/13/2021
138888Recognizing an Opioid OverdoseMI019 Wayne County1 CG04/08/2021
138852Medical Assistant BurnoutMI026 Shiawassee1 G04/06/2021
138920Administrative Quiz BowlMI007 Genesee1 A04/01/2021
138796Drug Screening, the Analytics of Drugs, and AccuracyMI015 Oakland2 AC03/25/2021
138715History of Phlebotomy and Special Phlebotomy Considerations in Modern HealthcareMI025 Greater Kent County1 CG03/20/2021
138846Developing Effective Educational Materials for Use in the Medical OfficeMI009 Jackson1 AG03/18/2021
138765Ovarian CancerMI032 Greater Detroit1 C03/09/2021
138717Women's HealthMI015 Oakland1 C02/25/2021
138667Anatomy & Physiology ReviewMI009 Jackson1.0 CG02/18/2021
138642The Connection of Medical and Dental HealthMI019 Wayne County1 CG02/11/2021
138569Heart HealthMI032 Greater Detroit1 C02/09/2021
138577DiabetesMI015 Oakland1 C01/28/2021
138447Medical Billing and Reimbursement EssentialsMI019 Wayne County1 AG01/14/2021
138312Leader DogsMI032 Greater Detroit1 AG01/12/2021
138440Signs and Symptoms of Stroke and Current Treatment OptionsMI015 Oakland1 C12/07/2020
138420Living Well for LifeMI025 Greater Kent County1 C11/21/2020
138410Medical Terminology ReviewMI009 Jackson1.0 ACG11/19/2020
137496Stem Cell Therapy Changed My LifeMI019 Wayne County1 CG11/14/2020
136976Information Security Reporting Security IncidentsMI019 Wayne County2 A11/14/2020
138296Overview of Telemedicine During the Covid-19 PandemicMI032 Greater Detroit1 AG11/10/2020
138233Environmental SafetyMI009 Jackson1.0 G10/24/2020
138192COVID-19MI009 Jackson1.0 CG10/24/2020
138193Medical Administration Scavenger Hunt!MI009 Jackson1.0 AG10/24/2020
138194General Anatomy ReviewMI009 Jackson1.0 CG10/24/2020
138195Pharmacology and VaccinesMI009 Jackson1.0 CG10/24/2020
138196EKGMI009 Jackson1.0 C10/24/2020
138281Stroke TalkMI025 Greater Kent County1 C10/17/2020
138242Patient Care and CommunicationMI032 Greater Detroit1 G10/13/2020
138226Coding Updates 2021MI026 Shiawassee1 A10/10/2020
138227Preparing Healthcare Professionals for an Increasingly Violent WorkplaceMI026 Shiawassee1 G10/10/2020
138228Telemedicine Billing During the COVID-19 PandemicMI026 Shiawassee1 AG10/10/2020
138215Intro to MS for Medical AssistantsMI026 Shiawassee1 C10/10/2020
138166Being a Patient Advocate and Providing Community ResourcesMI019 Wayne County1 AG10/08/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138422Advance Care PlanningMN007 Hennepin/Ramsey1.5 AG11/30/2020
138129Seizures, Treatment Options, and Safety ConsiderationsMinnesota State Society2 CG10/03/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139021The ZZZs of Sleep ApneaMissouri State Society1 C04/24/2021
1390222021 COVID-19 Update: What We Know One Year InMissouri State Society1.5 CG04/24/2021


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139412COPDMontana State Society1 C10/09/2021
139413Trumatch Total Knee ReplacementMontana State Society1 C10/09/2021
139414Palliative PearlsMontana State Society1 AG10/09/2021
139299Scope of Practice - MontanaMontana State Society1 G10/09/2021
138866How to Properly Fit and Adjust Crutches, Walkers, and CanesMT006 Flathead1 CG04/10/2021
138867Osteopathic Manipulation TherapyMT006 Flathead1 C04/10/2021
138868Understanding the Clerical Duties and Responsibilities Performed by Medical AssistantsMT006 Flathead1 AG04/10/2021
138869Intimate Partner ViolenceMT006 Flathead1 ACG04/10/2021
138870Sexual Health History and Gynecological Procedural InstrumentsMT006 Flathead1 C04/10/2021


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138977The Importance of Clinical ResearchNebraska State Society1 CG05/01/2021
138878Novel Approaches to Treating Severe AsthmaNebraska State Society1 C05/01/2021
138879Ear, Nose, and ThroatNebraska State Society1 C05/01/2021
138880Primary Care Coding for 2021Nebraska State Society1 A05/01/2021
138882The COVID-19 PandemicNebraska State Society1 ACG05/01/2021
138881Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) 2019 Clinical Practice Guideline UpdateNebraska State Society1 C05/01/2021
138874The Oral Cavity and YouNebraska State Society1 C04/30/2021
138875HIPAA and PHI ProtectionNebraska State Society1 AG04/30/2021
138876Traumatic Childhood EventsNebraska State Society1 CG04/30/2021
138877What's Current in Migraine?Nebraska State Society1.5 C04/30/2021
138873Annual Update on OSHA, Infection Control, and HIPAANebraska State Society1 ACG04/30/2021


There are no program listings for this state.

New Hampshire

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139397When Patients Can’t Hear: How to be an Effective Communicator in a Medical SettingNew Hampshire State Society1 CG11/13/2021
139431An Eye on Progress: Indications and Advances in Corneal TransplantationNew Hampshire State Society1 C10/16/2021
139433Multiple Sclerosis OverviewNew Hampshire State Society1 C10/16/2021
139430Calling for Contraception: Utilization of Telemedicine to Improve Access to Family PlanningNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG10/12/2021
139307LGBTQIA+ Aging 101: What You Need to Know About LGBTQIA+ Older AdultsNew Hampshire State Society1 CG09/25/2021
139308Legislative UpdateNew Hampshire State Society1 G09/25/2021
139309Taking an Effective Sexual Health HistoryNew Hampshire State Society1 CG09/25/2021
139310Gender Affirming Hormone TherapyNew Hampshire State Society1 C09/25/2021
139311Gender Affirming Care of Children and AdolescentsNew Hampshire State Society1 C09/25/2021
139312PrEPNew Hampshire State Society1 C09/25/2021
139313Reproductive Options for LGBTQ FamiliesNew Hampshire State Society1 CG09/25/2021
139314Gender Affirming SurgeryNew Hampshire State Society1 CG09/25/2021
139315LGBTQ Geriatric CareNew Hampshire State Society1 CG09/25/2021
138703Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Our Youngest Patients Affected by the Opioid EpidemicNew Hampshire State Society1 AC06/12/2021
137871Family Planning, Beyond the PillNew Hampshire State Society1 CG06/12/2021
137873Allergic Rhinitis and ENT; Otolaryngologic PerspectivesNew Hampshire State Society1 C06/12/2021
138700The Who, What, Why and Where of Preventive Services in Primary CareNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG05/08/2021
137692A Shot to Prevent Cancer: Promoting the HPV Vaccine in Your ClinicNew Hampshire State Society1 CG05/08/2021
138978The Gift of Presence – An Experiential Approach to Skillful Communication for MAs and LNAsNew Hampshire State Society2 G04/28/2021
138701“Alone, Together”: Group Therapy Through Telemedicine to Address the Experience of Social IsolationNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG04/10/2021
138682Innovations in Diabetes Care with a Systems ApproachNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG04/10/2021
138608The Secret Sauce of TeamsNew Hampshire State Society1 G04/10/2021
138740Medicare Annual Wellness Visits in the Time of COVID-19New Hampshire State Society1 ACG03/13/2021
138705COVID-19 Stress: Finding Your ResilienceNew Hampshire State Society1 CG03/13/2021
138607Language Services & AccessibilityNew Hampshire State Society1 AG03/13/2021
137694Navigating the General Court Web SiteNew Hampshire State Society1 AG01/12/2021
137702Care Pathways for Patients With Diabetes. Where Do We Go Next?New Hampshire State Society1 CG10/17/2020
137859Resources and Tools for Improving Asthma ManagementNew Hampshire State Society1 ACG10/17/2020
138139A Discussion on What MAs in NH Are Doing or Seeing in Their Organization(s) in Response to COVID-19New Hampshire State Society1 G10/17/2020

New Jersey

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137853Essential OilsNew Jersey State Society1.5 CG03/20/2021
137807Role of the Chaplain in the Healthcare SettingNew Jersey State Society1.5 AG02/27/2021
137808Coronavirus and other Viral EpidemicsNew Jersey State Society1.5 ACG02/27/2021
137805Cultural SensitivityNew Jersey State Society1.5 G01/30/2021
137806Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind SensitivityNew Jersey State Society1.5 AG01/30/2021

New Mexico

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139279Sexually Transmitted DiseasesNew Mexico State Society3 CG08/28/2021
139280MicrobiologyNew Mexico State Society1 C08/28/2021
139202Alcohol Use Disorder: A Broad SpectrumNew Mexico State Society2 ACG07/24/2021
139203Anatomy and Physiology of the Endocrine System: Diseases, Treatments, and CodingNew Mexico State Society2 AC07/24/2021
139079To Catch a Thief: Medical Identity TheftNew Mexico State Society2 A06/19/2021
139080Terminology, Anatomy, and Pathophysiology of the Cardiovascular System and ICD-10 CodingNew Mexico State Society2 ACG06/19/2021
138960The Final FrontierNew Mexico State Society2 CG04/24/2021
138961Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias, Including ICD-10 Coding for AD and Related DementiasNew Mexico State Society2 ACG04/24/2021

New York

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139436Down's SyndromeNY004 Erie1 CG10/05/2021
139060Genetic CounselingNY004 Erie1 CG05/18/2021
138918Protecting the Medical RecordNY004 Erie1 A03/30/2021
138681Plasma DonationNY004 Erie1 CG02/16/2021
138589COVID-19 Stress in the WorkplaceNY004 Erie1 AG01/28/2021
138588AutismNY004 Erie1 CG01/19/2021
138453Multiple SclerosisNY004 Erie1 ACG12/10/2020
138309Wound CareNY004 Erie1 C11/17/2020
138244Urethral BulkingNY004 Erie1 C10/20/2020

North Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139366The Art of CommunicationNC022 Pitt1 G01/15/2022
139387Everyone Can Be a LeaderNC022 Pitt1 G01/15/2022
139425IV Vitamin TherapyNC022 Pitt1 C01/15/2022
139426Coding Compliance ProgramsNC022 Pitt1 A01/15/2022
139441Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in HealthcareNC022 Pitt1.5 G01/15/2022
139369Medical Assistant Quiz Bowl: To Infinity and BeyondNC047 Gaston1 ACG11/16/2021
139401Rescue 101NC041 Surry1 ACG09/21/2021
139368Hyperthyroid/Hypothyroid: "It's Not Your Thyroid"NC047 Gaston1 C09/21/2021
139246Prenatal Genetics 101NC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C09/21/2021
139398Community Paramedicine in the FieldNC002 Burke1 CG09/14/2021
139320Peripheral Arterial DiseaseNC052 Lexington1 C09/14/2021
139304BE FAST: Stroke Prevention, Treatment, and RecognitionNC051 Alamance1 C09/14/2021
139370Advance Directives: What You Must Know from a Legal PerspectiveNC008 Greensboro1 G09/14/2021
139428AutismNC017 High Point1 CG09/13/2021
139385Overcoming Medication Non-Adherence and Non-ComplianceNC013 Catawba1 CG08/24/2021
137387Oral HealthNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG08/17/2021
139237Who Are You: Introduction to EnneagramNC021 Haywood1 G08/17/2021
139214Emergency Preparedness and Fire ProtectionNorth Carolina State Society1 CG08/14/2021
139215Providing Surgical Services and Health Education in the Developing WorldNorth Carolina State Society1.5 CG08/14/2021
139216Telephone Etiquette and TechniquesNorth Carolina State Society1 G08/14/2021
139217Taking Care of YourselfNorth Carolina State Society1 G08/14/2021
139218What MAs Can Do to Help CodersNorth Carolina State Society1 A08/14/2021
1392562021 Knowledge BowlNC051 Alamance1 ACG08/10/2021
139239U.S. Preventive Services TaskforceNC002 Burke1 CG08/10/2021
139300Let’s Get LEAN: Process Improvement Ideas for AllNC022 Pitt1 AG08/10/2021
139147Let’s Get LEAN: Process Improvement Ideas for AllNC022 Pitt1 AG08/10/2021
139284Medicaid TransformationNC008 Greensboro1 ACG08/10/2021
139281HemorrhoidsNC017 High Point1 C08/09/2021
139244Bad Telephone Habits and How to Break ThemNC026 Albemarle1 G08/05/2021
139297Mental Wellness in the WorkplaceNC013 Catawba1 CG07/27/2021
139241Fire in the Medical OfficeNC041 Surry1.0 G07/20/2021
139245Common Spinal Disorders: Pathology, Presentation, and TriageNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C07/20/2021
139113Fee-for-Service vs. Value-Based CareNC047 Gaston1 A07/20/2021
139058Home ServicesNC021 Haywood1 ACG07/20/2021
139145Home HealthNC008 Greensboro1 ACG07/13/2021
139240Sarcoma AwarenessNC017 High Point1 C07/12/2021
139152Hypertension and Brief ArrythmiaNC026 Albemarle1 C07/01/2021
139095Do You Speak English? Working with Limited English Proficient PatientsNC018 Lenoir1 AG06/30/2021
139208Home Health 101NC013 Catawba1 ACG06/29/2021
139141Infection Control and PreventionNC047 Gaston1.5 CG06/15/2021
139148Lyme Disease and TreatmentNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 C06/15/2021
139107Spine DiseasesNC041 Surry1 AC06/15/2021
139057Suicide Prevention and SupportNC021 Haywood1 ACG06/15/2021
139153MigrainesNC017 High Point1 C06/14/2021
139074Creating a Comfort ToolkitNC008 Greensboro1 G06/08/2021
139102Do You Speak the Same Language as Your Patient?NC022 Pitt1 G06/08/2021
139104Adolescent Anxiety & DepressionNC002 Burke1 CG06/08/2021
139101Cystic Fibrosis: Disease, Management, and a New Era of CareNC051 Alamance1 CG06/08/2021
139090Third Party Referrals: What You Need to Know!NC026 Albemarle1 A06/03/2021
139114Sexually Transmitted InfectionsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG06/03/2021
139093NC New Medicaid ProgramNC021 Haywood1 AG05/18/2021
139061ReferralsNC047 Gaston1.5 A05/18/2021
139094Cervical Collar: The Importance of Understanding Why and How to UseNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG05/18/2021
139100Winning the RACE: Radiology, Scheduling, Authorizations, and Consults with ExceptionsNC041 Surry1 AC05/18/2021
139049Management of Diarrhea in ChildrenNC002 Burke1 C05/11/2021
139047State of Security in HealthcareNC051 Alamance1 AG05/11/2021
138899Diabetic FootNC008 Greensboro1 C05/11/2021
139054ADHDNC017 High Point1 CG05/10/2021
138971Staying Active and Healthy During COVIDNC026 Albemarle1 CG05/06/2021
139029Cardiac MonitorsNC013 Catawba1 C04/27/2021
138979Sars-Cov-2: Who Are You?NC047 Gaston1 C04/20/2021
139023Knowledge BowlNC021 Haywood1 ACG04/20/2021
139026Skin Cancer and How It Is Treated and PreventedNC041 Surry1 C04/20/2021
138837Make the Case to Vaccinate: Using Presumptive LanguageNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG04/20/2021
138889Common ADD/ADHD Medications in PediatricsNC002 Burke1 CG04/13/2021
138973Diabetes: Meds, Monitoring, and MoreNC051 Alamance1 C04/13/2021
138832Using LinkedIn for RecruitingNC008 Greensboro1 AG04/13/2021
138999TIF ProcedureNC017 High Point1 C04/12/2021
138820Evaluation and Management of 2021 CPT ChangesNC026 Albemarle1 ACG04/01/2021
138746Computer Security in the WorkplaceNC021 Haywood1 AG03/16/2021
138798Patient and Provider Safety When Having Imaging ProceduresNC041 Surry1 CG03/16/2021
138811The Medicare Annual Wellness VisitNC047 Gaston1.5 ACG03/16/2021
138836Five Ways Telehealth is Taking Modern Healthcare to the Next LevelNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 AG03/16/2021
138579A Review of the Urinary SystemNC008 Greensboro1.5 C03/09/2021
138736Organizational Culture: What it is, It’s Importance, and Making an ImpactNC051 Alamance1 G03/09/2021
138754HIPAA Change is Coming 2021NC002 Burke1 AG03/09/2021
138819How to Identify Pediatric EmergencyNC017 High Point1 C03/08/2021
138702Pelvic Inflammatory DiseaseNC026 Albemarle1 CG03/04/2021
138767Heat Failure: What Has Failed?NC013 Catawba1 C02/23/2021
138686Oral Allergy SyndromeNC047 Gaston1.5 C02/16/2021
138634Updates on Meaningful Use and ONC Rule for Patient Access to Medical RecordsNC011 Union1 AG02/16/2021
138712Colorectal Cancer: Preventable, Beatable and TreatableNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG02/16/2021
138797Dementia and AnesthesiaNC041 Surry1 CG02/16/2021
138742Terminology HangmanNC021 Haywood1 ACG02/16/2021
138653COVID and the Impact on MinoritiesNC002 Burke1 ACG02/09/2021
138636Osteoporosis: Screening, Risk Mitigation, and ManagementNC051 Alamance1 CG02/09/2021
138578Patient Intake and InsuranceNC008 Greensboro1 A02/09/2021
138668Synthetic Drugs vs Natural DrugsNC017 High Point1 CG02/08/2021
138583Learning How to Tap into a Local Resource to Help Your Patients Who Are “Expecting”NC026 Albemarle1 ACG02/04/2021
138627Safe KidsNC013 Catawba1 AG01/26/2021
138560Helping Patients Navigate Covid-19NC047 Gaston1 ACG01/19/2021
138544COVID-19 Vaccinations: What the Medical Assistant Needs to KnowNC002 Burke1 ACG01/12/2021
137457Patient Experience and Survey DataNC008 Greensboro1 AG01/12/2021
138573Knee Surgery!NC017 High Point1 C01/11/2021
138473Quality Payment Program in Rural AreasNC026 Albemarle1 AG01/07/2021
138562Growth Mindset for MAsNC022 Pitt1 G01/05/2021
138590What Language Does Your Patient Speak?NC041 Surry1 G12/15/2020
138441COVID-19: Information About the Moderna and Pfizer VaccinesNC017 High Point1 CG12/14/2020
138451Patient Experience Survey in the Ambulatory Care SettingNC022 Pitt1 AG12/10/2020
138448Who's on Your Team? Tools for Communication and Building CommunityNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 A12/07/2020
138443Compassion Champions and Code LavenderNC047 Gaston1 G12/05/2020
138310Anatomy and Physiology ReviewNC026 Albemarle1 C12/03/2020
138311Are You Smarter Than a Medical Assistant Student?NC026 Albemarle1 ACG12/03/2020
138429Minimally Responsive and Unresponsive PatientsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 CG12/01/2020
138306Cardiology: The BasicsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C11/24/2020
138308HypertensionNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C11/17/2020
138261Cancer Treatment from the Patient's PerspectiveNC021 Haywood1 ACG11/17/2020
138235Listening to Our PatientsNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 G11/17/2020
138445Ethical Decision Model for the Medical OfficeNC041 Surry1 AG11/17/2020
138408What We Don't SeeNC018 Lenoir1 G11/16/2020
138304Medical Assistant Jeopardy BowlNC047 Gaston2 ACG11/14/2020
138307Immune Boosting FoodsNC012 Triangle Area Chapter1 C11/12/2020
138300Interactive Considerations with People Living with a Mental IllnessNC051 Alamance1 CG11/10/2020
138292What is "Pain Management"NC002 Burke1 C11/10/2020
138198Zooming and the Medical AssistantNC026 Albemarle1 A11/05/2020
138404TEMPLESNC013 Catawba1 G10/27/2020
138191Administrative Knowledge BowlNC003 Cabarrus2 A10/27/2020
137436Youth Mental HealthNC007 Forsyth-Stokes-Davie1 CG10/20/2020
138209COVID-19 Testing in the Medical OfficeNC047 Gaston2 ACG10/17/2020
138205CMA (AAMA) KnowledgeNC008 Greensboro1 ACG10/13/2020
138175Pap SmearNC051 Alamance1 C10/13/2020
138160Freestyle Libre 2: Continuous Glucose Monitoring SystemNC002 Burke1 C10/13/2020
138165VertigoNC017 High Point1 ACG10/12/2020

North Dakota

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139238Professional Networking and Using Social MediaOH016 Tri-County1 AG01/04/2022
139416Sleep MattersOH012 NorthWest Ohio1 C10/23/2021
139417Business Ethics Basics for Health Care ProfessionalsOH012 NorthWest Ohio1 G10/23/2021
1393323rd Annual Healthy State Alliance Opioid SymposiumOH027 West Central4 CG10/16/2021
139363Initial Evaluation and Management of the Infant with Suspected Congenital Heart DiseaseOH027 West Central1 C10/02/2021
139360Pediatric Lower Limb DeformityOH027 West Central1 C10/02/2021
139361Pediatric Mental Health During the COVID-19 Crisis: How Do We Move Forward?OH027 West Central1 CG10/02/2021
139362Pediatric Asthma: ‘Tis the Season for Wheezin’OH027 West Central1 C10/02/2021
139415The Five Most Common Eye DiseasesOH012 NorthWest Ohio1 C09/20/2021
139402Preparation, Assisting, and Follow Up for Surgical ProceduresOH029 Southwest1 CG09/14/2021
139321Peripheral NeuropathyOH016 Tri-County1 C09/07/2021
139306WellnessOH016 Tri-County1 G09/07/2021
139168Effective Marketing & CommunicationsOhio State Society1.5 AG08/07/2021
139169Team BuildingOhio State Society1.5 G08/07/2021
139163Meeting Structure and ProtocolOhio State Society2 AG08/06/2021
139164ProfessionalismOhio State Society1 AG08/06/2021
139165Project Implementation and Time ManagementOhio State Society1.5 AG08/06/2021
139166Leadership ToolsOhio State Society1 AG08/06/2021
139167Protect Yourself Against PhishingOhio State Society1 A08/06/2021
139154Effective Coaching in Times of UncertaintyOH003 Franklin1 G06/12/2021
139044Customer Service Element of Being a Medical AssistantOH029 Southwest1.5 G05/22/2021
139045Common MA Errors: “What Are We Doing Wrong?”OH029 Southwest1 G05/22/2021
138883Good Patient Care Every TimeOH016 Tri-County1 G05/04/2021
139035Posture is the Key to Healthy LifeOhio State Society1 CG05/02/2021
139043Breast Cancer Updates: Screening, Risk Assessment, and Current TherapiesOhio State Society1 CG05/02/2021
139031QPR training: Question, Persuade, Refer Suicide Prevention TrainingOhio State Society2 AG05/02/2021
139052Hospice: End of Life CareOhio State Society1 ACG05/02/2021
139053The Biology of Stress: From Brains to DNAOhio State Society1 C05/02/2021
139050Safety and Efficacy of Herbal SupplementsOhio State Society1 CG05/01/2021
139051Resilience and PositivityOhio State Society1 CG05/01/2021
139065Evidence Based Practice (EBP): Your Role and Why You Matter!Ohio State Society1 AG05/01/2021
139032New Products for Treating DiabetesOhio State Society1 CG05/01/2021
139030Human Trafficking: The BasicsOhio State Society1 ACG05/01/2021
139027Why is Stress Management Important for Medical Assisting Professionals?Ohio State Society1 CG05/01/2021
139034Mental Health and YouOhio State Society2 ACG05/01/2021
138844COVID-19 for the Long HaulOH027 West Central3 ACG04/10/2021
138656The Power of Human ConnectionOhio State Society1 G04/10/2021
138657What Now: COVID-19 Clinical Insights and UpdatesOhio State Society1 CG04/10/2021
138658It Takes a Village: Multidisciplinary Treatment ProgramsOhio State Society1 CG04/10/2021
138659From Dope to Hope: A Man in RecoveryOhio State Society2 G04/10/2021
138660The Neurobiology of Substance Use DisorderOhio State Society1 CG04/10/2021
138661Preventing Delayed Recovery by Addressing Psychosocial BarriersOhio State Society1.5 ACG04/09/2021
138662ADAPT: A Primer for Healthcare Professionals and ViolenceOhio State Society1 CG04/09/2021
138663Work Ability and Return to WorkOhio State Society1 CG04/09/2021
138664When Life Blows Up: From Tragedy to TriumphOhio State Society1.5 G04/09/2021
138665Where Medical Treatment & The Legal System IntersectOhio State Society1 ACG04/09/2021
138654Ethical Decision MakingOhio State Society1.5 AG04/08/2021
138655Resilience, Throwing a Pie in the Face of AdversityOhio State Society1.5 G04/08/2021
137837What’s in Your Toolbox? An Overview of BWC Resources for Medical ProvidersOhio State Society1 AG04/08/2021
137839Tips for Guiding an Injured Worker’s Treatment from Injury to RecoveryOhio State Society1 AG04/08/2021
137840Case Management Collaboration: Working Together to Achieve Recovery GoalsOhio State Society1 AG04/08/2021
137841Getting Paid: Best Practices for Timely Billing and ReimbursementOhio State Society1.5 A04/08/2021
138838Healthier at HomeOH016 Tri-County1 CG04/06/2021
138890The “ME” in TEAM: The Art of Caring for Self and OthersOH003 Franklin1 G03/27/2021
138818Health and Self Care for Us on the Frontline.OH029 Southwest1 G03/16/2021
138737Bipolar Disorder: The Ups and Downs of LifeOH016 Tri-County1 CG03/02/2021
138720Wound Care Education for the Medical AssistantOH029 Southwest1 C02/20/2021
138584Effectively Navigating Ethical Dilemmas within Healthcare during the PandemicOH003 Franklin1 ACG01/23/2021
138542Obstructive Sleep ApneaOH003 Franklin1 C01/16/2021
138494Immunizations: What's All the HypeOH029 Southwest1 CG01/12/2021
138162Overview of Family and Medical LeaveOH016 Tri-County1 AG01/05/2021
138406Supporting Your Patients Experiencing GriefOH029 Southwest1 CG12/05/2020
138263Collaborative Care in Otolaryngology: The Medical Assistant and the (Grateful) PhysicianOH027 West Central1 CG11/21/2020
138260Inherited Cancer SyndromesOH027 West Central1 CG11/21/2020
138262Required Reporting for 2021: The CMS Gift That Keeps on Giving!OH027 West Central1 AG11/21/2020
138264Creating a Positive Work EnvironmentOH027 West Central1 G11/21/2020
138256Podiatry Care RefresherOH027 West Central1 CG11/21/2020
138257Closing Care Gaps to Achieve Quality GoalsOH027 West Central1 A11/20/2020
138255Team CoachingOH027 West Central1 G11/20/2020
138265Allergy UpdateOH027 West Central1 CG11/20/2020
138403Our Role in Preventing SuicideOH003 Franklin1 ACG11/14/2020
138290Management of DyslipidemiaOH003 Franklin1 C11/14/2020
138234Helping Your Patient Navigate Breast HealthOhio State Society1 C10/26/2020
138206Improving Patient Care & Communications During a PandemicOH029 Southwest1 ACG10/20/2020
138164Virtual Pediatric Collaborative ColloquiumOH027 West Central4 CG10/17/2020
138159Finding Balance in the Midst of ChaosOH003 Franklin1 G10/09/2020
138200Breast Health Cancer Awareness MonthOH016 Tri-County1 AC10/06/2020
138163Effective Approaches to Addiction TreatmentOH027 West Central4 CG10/03/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139276The Dying Process and Understanding GriefOklahoma State Society2 CG08/28/2021
139275Sleep ScienceOklahoma State Society2 C08/28/2021


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139270Aging 101Oregon State Society2 CG10/09/2021
139271Nutrition for Health and LongevityOregon State Society2 C10/09/2021
139294Taking Care of Business: The Balance between Professional Dedication and Personal Well-BeingOR003 Lane1 G09/16/2021
139273High-Cost Diagnostic Imaging ReferralsOR013 River Cities2 A09/11/2021
139269Business Math ReviewOR013 River Cities2 A08/14/2021
139071Eating Disorders in Children & AdolescentsOregon State Society2 CG08/14/2021
139150What’s Up Doc?OR013 River Cities2 ACG07/10/2021
139099Knowledge BowlOR003 Lane1 ACG06/17/2021
139042Working with Transgender/Gender Diverse PatientsOR013 River Cities2 CG06/12/2021
139046Breast Cancer: Know Your OptionsOR003 Lane1 ACG05/20/2021
138872Autism Spectrum Disorder: An OverviewOR013 River Cities1.5 CG04/17/2021
138919Physical Therapy in the Work SpaceOR003 Lane1 C04/15/2021
138733Play Therapy!OR013 River Cities2 ACG03/13/2021
138638Leadership WorkshopOregon State Society4 G02/27/2021
138706Parkinson's DiseaseOR003 Lane1 CG02/18/2021
138626Racial Bias in Healthcare DeliveryOR013 River Cities2 G02/13/2021
138585Immunizations and Vaccines, COVID-19 and More!Oregon State Society4.5 ACG01/30/2021
138561De-escalation in Ambulatory MedicineOR003 Lane1 G01/21/2021
138487Stress During COVID and the Impacts on Patients with an Emphasis on Cultural AwarenessOR013 River Cities2 CG01/09/2021
138488Medical Assisting Roles and Managing BurnoutOR013 River Cities2 AG01/09/2021
137984Caution: Upcoding! The Need for Accurate DocumentationOR013 River Cities2 AG12/12/2020
134737EKG BasicsOR013 River Cities2 C11/14/2020
138207Food and Environmental Allergies-What Is Anaphylaxis and What We Need to KnowOR003 Lane1 C10/15/2020
137994BH and MH Referrals, Mental Health Defined, and Simple Practices that Help Us Sustain ItOregon State Society1.5 ACG10/10/2020
137996Behavioral Health in Society: Implications for Provision of Medical ServicesOR013 River Cities1.5 CG10/10/2020
137995Dissecting Addiction and Extracting StigmaOR013 River Cities1.5 ACG10/10/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138988Cancer RehabilitationPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG05/01/2021
138989Domestic ViolencePennsylvania State Society1.5 ACG05/01/2021
138991Abusive Head Trauma- Current PerspectivesPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG05/01/2021
138993Prosthetics OverviewPennsylvania State Society1.5 CG04/30/2021
138990Phone Etiquette/Customer ServicePennsylvania State Society1.5 G04/30/2021
138750Concussion and Vestibular RehabPennsylvania State Society1.5 C03/13/2021
138817Neurostimulation in the Treatment of EpilepsyPennsylvania State Society1.5 C03/13/2021
135969Muscular Dystrophy: Outcomes for LifePennsylvania State Society1.5 C03/13/2021
138475Stop the BleedPennsylvania State Society1.5 C01/23/2021
138474What is Community Health and Why is it Important?Pennsylvania State Society1.5 ACG12/19/2020
138291Health Insurance: Diving into the Audit ProcessPennsylvania State Society2 ACG11/14/2020
138148Talk Saves LivesPennsylvania State Society1.5 ACG10/24/2020

Rhode Island

There are no program listings for this state.

South Carolina

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139427Sensory Testing in Patients with Postural Stability IssuesSC009 Trident1 C10/20/2021
139434The Medical Office and the Law - Know Your Scope of Practice as a CMA (AAMA)SC004 Columbia1 AG10/09/2021
139356Outpatient Physician CodingSC011 Anderson1 A10/05/2021
139159Pelvic Floor Physical TherapySC005 Pickens1 C10/05/2021
139394Produce Before Pills: Taking a Closer Look at Food as MedicineSC006 Greenville1 C09/28/2021
139319Community Health Needs AssessmentSC003 Spartanburg1 AG09/21/2021
139355Free Clinics: How, What, Where, When, and WhySC011 Anderson1 ACG09/14/2021
139318Bioethics: Your Role as a Medical AssistantSC004 Columbia1.5 CG09/11/2021
139161Non-Narcotic Interventions for Pain ManagementSC005 Pickens1 CG09/07/2021
139298Spinal HealthSC006 Greenville1 C08/24/2021
139282Coordinating Care for the UninsuredSC003 Spartanburg1 AG08/17/2021
139156Empathy…Do You Have What It Takes?South Carolina State Society1.5 CG08/14/2021
139170PTSD…What to Look For!South Carolina State Society1.5 ACG08/14/2021
139171AIDS/HIV Education Prevention and AwarenessSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG08/14/2021
139253Mental Health AwarenessSC011 Anderson1 CG08/03/2021
139254Blood DonationsSC005 Pickens1 CG08/03/2021
139268Physical TherapySC006 Greenville1 CG07/27/2021
139183Medical Terminology ReviewSC003 Spartanburg1 ACG07/20/2021
139255Diseases of the Kidney and Urinary SystemSC011 Anderson1 CG07/13/2021
139098Importance of a Healthy SpineSC005 Pickens1 C07/06/2021
139092Human Trafficking 101 for Medical ProfessionalsSC020 Aiken2 ACG06/24/2021
139033Gynecologic OncologySC003 Spartanburg1 CG06/15/2021
138976Occupational TherapySC005 Pickens1 CG06/01/2021
139143Running an Effective Business MeetingSC011 Anderson1 AG06/01/2021
139076Mental Health TalkSC006 Greenville1 CG05/25/2021
139089Choosing the Right Weight Loss Program for Your PatientSC003 Spartanburg1 CG05/25/2021
139038COVID-19SC020 Aiken1 C05/19/2021
138975Lumbar and Cervical Spine TreatmentsSC005 Pickens1 C05/04/2021
139059Professionalism in HealthcareSC011 Anderson1 G05/04/2021
138959Post-COVID DiagnosesSC006 Greenville1 C04/27/2021
138799Radiation Treatment Types and EffectsSC005 Pickens1 C04/06/2021
138839National Nutrition MonthSC006 Greenville1 C03/23/2021
138871Advance DirectivesSC003 Spartanburg1 AG03/16/2021
138652Seating and Wheelchair EvaluationsSouth Carolina State Society1 ACG03/13/2021
138675Bowl of KnowledgeSouth Carolina State Society2 ACG03/13/2021
138676When Accuracy Counts!South Carolina State Society2 CG03/13/2021
138677Spirometry: It Might Take Your Breath AwaySouth Carolina State Society2 CG03/13/2021
138647Best Practices in TelehealthSouth Carolina State Society1.5 ACG03/12/2021
138648Anatomy is Cool: Interactive Ways to View the BodySouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/12/2021
138649Work-Life Balance: You Cannot Pour from an Empty Cup!South Carolina State Society1.5 G03/12/2021
138650Leading Through Personality DISCSouth Carolina State Society1.5 G03/12/2021
138651Oh Snap! The Basics of Osteoporosis and FracturesSouth Carolina State Society1 CG03/12/2021
138644The Role of Occupational Therapy in Varied Healthcare SettingsSouth Carolina State Society1.5 ACG03/11/2021
138645Radiation Protection for the Healthcare TeamSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/11/2021
138646Back to the Basics: Lab Safety, Phlebotomy and POCTSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/11/2021
138643Breast CancerSouth Carolina State Society1.5 CG03/11/2021
138713Genetic Testing Approaches for the Medical AssistantSC005 Pickens1 ACG03/02/2021
138714Registration and Providing Quality Care to LGBTQ PatientsSC006 Greenville1 AG02/23/2021
138582Spinal SurgerySC003 Spartanburg1 ACG02/16/2021
138625Importance of Screening Questions, Communication, and Meeting Patient Needs in the Cancer JourneySC005 Pickens1 CG02/09/2021
138481Ovarian CancerSouth Carolina State Society1 C01/30/2021
138480Make the Case to Vaccinate - Using Presumptive LanguageSouth Carolina State Society1 CG01/30/2021
138438Diabetes: Stress and SleepSC006 Greenville1 CG01/26/2021
138476Diet and Nutrition and the Medical Assistant’s RoleSC003 Spartanburg1 CG12/15/2020
138478Median Nerve CompressionSC005 Pickens1 C12/08/2020
138412Low Back PainSC003 Spartanburg1 C11/17/2020
138127The Benefits of Hospice HomesSC003 Spartanburg1 AG11/17/2020
138305Low Back PainSC005 Pickens1 C11/10/2020
138302Mental Illness: Services and ChallengesSC006 Greenville1 ACG11/06/2020
138199Bowl of KnowledgeSC003 Spartanburg1 ACG10/20/2020

South Dakota

Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
138763Treating Trauma in ChildrenSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/13/2021
138764Professional CommunicationSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/13/2021
137884Medical Assisting Escape Room and Amazing RaceSouth Dakota State Society2 AC03/13/2021
137887Mission Leading Us to Make a DifferenceSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/13/2021
137883Medical Assisting Team JeopardySouth Dakota State Society2 ACG03/12/2021
138758Navigating Healthcare Amidst a PandemicSouth Dakota State Society1 AG03/12/2021
138759Telehealth and E&M CodingSouth Dakota State Society1 AG03/12/2021
138760Rural HealthcareSouth Dakota State Society1 G03/12/2021
138761Heart Failure MedicationSouth Dakota State Society1 C03/12/2021
138762Cardiac MedicineSouth Dakota State Society1 CG03/12/2021
138757House Bill & MA DeregulationSouth Dakota State Society1 AG03/12/2021
138679Evaluation and Management of Chest Pain/Acute Coronary Syndrome and Heart FailureSouth Dakota State Society1 C02/06/2021
137880Parkinson's 101: What you NEED to KnowSouth Dakota State Society1 C10/22/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
137438Multiple SclerosisTN001 Cherokee1 CG10/09/2021
137440What to Know to Help Your Patients in and out of the Medical OfficeTN001 Cherokee1 AG10/09/2021
137439Administrative Skills in the OfficeTN001 Cherokee1 AG10/09/2021
138592Medication-Assisted Treatment in Opiate Use Disorder 101Tennessee State Society1 CG01/23/2021
138593My Diabetes MistakesTennessee State Society1 CG01/23/2021
138591Role of Peer Recovery in Opiate Use DisorderTennessee State Society1 AG01/23/2021
138594EKG BasicsTennessee State Society1 C01/23/2021


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
13899890 Second SMILE programTexas State Society1.5 CG05/01/2021
139008Breast Reconstruction in Breast Cancer PatientsTexas State Society1.5 CG05/01/2021
139009Stress: How Do You Respond?Texas State Society1.5 CG05/01/2021
138995Understanding Urinary IncontinenceTexas State Society1.5 C05/01/2021
138996Breast Imaging Radiology and Community ServiceTexas State Society1.5 CG05/01/2021
138997The World is Waiting on What You Have to OfferTexas State Society1.5 G05/01/2021
138574PATH Collaborative: Human TraffickingTexas State Society1.5 ACG01/23/2021
138575We RISE: Stories and Strategies for Resilience in Stressful EventsTexas State Society1.5 CG01/23/2021


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139115Get the Facts on Fad DietsUtah State Society1.5 CG08/14/2021
139116Food Smarts for Best Starts: Infant Nutrition 101Utah State Society1.5 CG08/14/2021
139103Complementary Treatments for Preventative HealthUtah State Society1.5 CG07/15/2021
139144Assisting in Primary Care SettingUtah State Society1.5 ACG07/15/2021
138801Maintaining ResilienceUtah State Society1.5 G03/20/2021
138800VaccinesUtah State Society1.5 CG03/20/2021
138188Medical Assistant's Role in TelehealthUtah State Society1.5 ACG10/24/2020
138187Mindfulness and MeditationUtah State Society1.5 CG10/24/2020


There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139316Comparative Billing Report and How it Can Help Your PracticeVirginia State Society1 A10/05/2021
139317Covid-19 and the Delta Variant Healthcare RecommendationsVirginia State Society1 CG10/05/2021
139155Medicinal Cannabis and How it Relates to the Medical PracticeVirginia State Society2 ACG07/10/2021
138956Sensitivity and Empowerment through MindfulnessVirginia State Society1 G04/11/2021
138954Sensitivity and Empowerment through Lab ResultsVirginia State Society1 AC04/11/2021
138955COVID-19 Effects on Labs and CodingVirginia State Society1 AC04/11/2021
138952Sensitivity and Empowerment through Death DoulasVirginia State Society1 AG04/10/2021
138953Sensitivity and Empowerment through Maternal WellnessVirginia State Society1 CG04/10/2021
138957Scope of Practice Developments for the Medical Assisting ProfessionVirginia State Society1 G04/10/2021
138951Sensitivity and Empowerment through Diversity, Equity, and InclusionVirginia State Society2 G04/09/2021
138293Dealing with Historical TraumaVirginia State Society1 G11/14/2020
138294Vitamin D: The Sunshine VitaminVirginia State Society1 C11/14/2020
138295AestheticsVirginia State Society1 CG11/14/2020


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139108Suicide PreventionWA003 Kitsap1 AG06/16/2021
139162Introduction to Mental Health ConditionsWA010 Whatcom1 ACG06/15/2021
138966COVID-19 Vaccination Updates: May 2021Washington State Society1 CG05/15/2021
138967E/M Coding and Telehealth UpdateWashington State Society1.5 AG05/15/2021
138968Tools and Techniques for MAs working with Patients with Mental Health ConditionsWashington State Society1.5 CG05/15/2021
138969Trauma Informed Care Approach to Performing Clinical ProceduresWashington State Society1.5 CG05/15/2021
138965Fraud and ComplianceWashington State Society1.5 AG05/15/2021
138970Communication: How to Safely Drive Down This Two-Way StreetWashington State Society1 G05/15/2021
138893Office Medical EmergenciesWA010 Whatcom1 C04/20/2021
138887ENT: Signs and Symptoms; When Your Provider Should Refer You for Specialty Care.WA003 Kitsap1 C04/14/2021
138771Robert’s Rules for Virtual Meetings: What Is the Same and What Is Different?Washington State Society1.5 AG03/20/2021
138752Basic Covid-19 101WA003 Kitsap1 CG03/17/2021
138840Medical Racism: From the Historical Roots to Current Health Care DisparitiesWA010 Whatcom1 G03/16/2021
138666COVID-19 and the Impact on Mental HealthWA003 Kitsap1 CG02/17/2021
138567Empathetic Listening in Patient InteractionsWA003 Kitsap1 G01/20/2021
138587HIPAA ComplianceWA016 Southwest1 AG01/16/2021
138289Communication Skills for Success as an MAWA016 Southwest1 AG11/21/2020
138258Anxiety And How To Cope: Don't Take a Spill, Use Your SkillsWA003 Kitsap1 CG11/18/2020
138190Preparing Your Orthopedic Patient for Surgery: Pre and Post RecommendationsWA003 Kitsap1 CG10/21/2020
138236De-EscalationWA016 Southwest1 G10/17/2020

West Virginia

There are no program listings for this state.


Program ApprovalProgram NameSponsorCEUsCategoryDate
139328Transfer Mobility CoachAurora Health Care Medical Group4 G10/01/2021
139243Challenges to Ending the Covid-19 PandemicWI010 Valley2 CG09/18/2021
139403Information Blocking – Part of the Cures Act Final RuleWI015 Waukesha1 AG09/11/2021
139400The Importance of the Language Interpreter in Providing Quality Healthcare to LEP PatientsWI015 Waukesha1 AG09/11/2021
1390162021 DCIC Symposium: Immunization UpdatesWI002 Dane2 CG04/20/2021
138916Varicose VeinsWI011 Lakeshore1 C03/29/2021
138917Updates on CPR and Emergency MedicineWI011 Lakeshore1 C03/29/2021
138747Therapeutic Communication: The Patient PerspectiveWisconsin State Society1 G02/27/2021
138748HPV & The Medical AssistantWisconsin State Society1 CG02/27/2021
138821Fire Up So You Don’t Burnout: How to Prevent, Break Through, and Extinguish BurnoutWisconsin State Society2 G02/27/2021
138568Mythbusting in Allergy & Immunology – What the Medical Assistant Needs to KnowWI015 Waukesha2 CG01/09/2021
138439CDC Guidance on Vaccination During and Post Covid-19 PandemicWI021 LaCrosse Area2 ACG12/19/2020
138288Ryan's ( Survivor) Story on Meningococcal Disease, Transmission, and Clinical PresentationWI021 LaCrosse Area1 CG11/18/2020
138409The Integrative Medicine Approach to Emotional and Physical IllnessWI015 Waukesha1 CG11/14/2020
138313The Benefits of CBD OilWI015 Waukesha1 CG11/14/2020
138237GERD and Procedures Performed in GIWI011 Lakeshore1.5 C10/19/2020


There are no program listings for this state.