20​23 State Society Conferences

The following is a list of state society annual conferences. Contact your state president for details.

Note: Whether a conference is in person or virtual has been noted according to the information shared with AAMA executive office staff. If no information is known, "[unknown]" is noted. If the state society told AAMA staff that no annual conference is intended for 2023, "[no annual conference in 2023]" is noted. Please contact your state president for additional details.

Alaska (virtual and in person)
Arkansas [unknown]
California [unknown]
Colorado [unknown]
Florida, Orlando
April 21–23
Georgia [unknown]
Hawaii [unknown]
Idaho (virtual and in person)​
March 31–​April 1
Illinois, Normal
April 21–22
Indiana, Edinburgh
April 28–30
​April 21–22
Kentucky, Paducah April 21–2​3
Maine, Bangor
April 29
Maryland [unknown]
Michigan, Traverse City
April 21–23
Minnesota, Duluth
April 14–16
Mississippi [unknown]
Missouri [unknown]
Montana, Butte
April 22–23
Nebraska, North Platte
April 28–29
Nevada [unknown]
New Hampshire (virtual)
March 25
New Jersey
New Mexico [unknown]
New York, Pittsford
April 28
North Carolina, Cherokee
May 4–7
North Dakota [unknown]
Ohio, Lima
April 20–22
Oklahoma (virtual) April 22
Oregon, Springfield
April 20–22
Pennsylvania, Harrisburg
​May 12–14
South Carolina, Spartanburg March 16–19
South Dakota
Tennessee [unknown]
Texas [unknown]
Utah  ​[unknown]
Virginia, North Chesterfield
March 10–12
Washington, Bellevue
March 11
Wisconsin, Green Bay
March 30–April 1