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AAMA Information

Advertising Opportunities668.29 KB Download
Branding and Logo Usage Guide1.07 MB Download
CMA (AAMA) Logo and Branding Usage Guide150.95 KB Download
Organizational Chart67.98 KB Download

About the Profession and Credential

The Professional Less-Regulation Movement Handout24.22 KB Download
Certification and Licensure; CMA (AAMA) and RMA; CAAHEP and ABHES206.98 KB Download
CMA (AAMA) Fact Sheet509.06 KB Download
The CMA (AAMA) Credential251.91 KB Download
CMA (AAMA) Personalized Brochure1.03 MB Download
Compensation and Benefits Report1.15 MB Download
Join the Career that Cares: Become a Medical Assistant1.96 MB Download
Medical Assisting Career191.66 KB Download
Occupational Analysis of the CMA (AAMA)197.84 KB Download
CMA (AAMA) Certification: Why It Is the Premier Credential (Flyer)317.02 KB Download

Press Releases

Award Recipient28.50 KB Download
Event Organization28.50 KB Download
Excel Awards Recipient27.00 KB Download
Job Announcement28.00 KB Download
Meeting/Workshop Announcement28.00 KB Download

Certification/Recertification by Exam

CMA (AAMA) Candidate Application and Handbook806.49 KB Download
CMA (AAMA) Exam Eligibility148.20 KB Download
Exam Content Outline403.46 KB Download
Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Standards268.69 KB Download
Credential Violations Report Form38.19 KB Download
Request for Waiver Form129.80 KB Download
Special Accommodations Request273.95 KB Download
Grievance Investigation Procedure131.42 KB Download
Grievance Investigation Form156.01 KB Download
Appeal Request Procedure78.16 KB Download
Appeal Request Form143.30 KB Download
Join the Task Force for Test Construction1.16 MB Download
Become a TFTC Ghostwriter: Policies and Application493.33 KB Download
Sample Attestation Letters64.88 KB Download

Recertification by Continuing Education

Advanced Practice of Medical Assisting118.69 KB Download
CMA (AAMA) Certificate and Lapel Pin Order Form56.54 KB Download
Recertification by Continuing Education Application515.54 KB Download
Authorship and Item Writing Recertification Points352.24 KB Download


Assessment-Based Recognition in Order Entry Application334.70 KB Download
Assessment-Based Recognition in Order Entry: Why the AAMA Created the Program114.89 KB Download


Publishers Showcase2.57 MB Download
Ad Insertion Order Form115.89 KB Download
Employer Letter216.25 KB Download
AAMA & NAHUC Reciprocity Agreement160.13 KB Download
2019 First-Timer Flyer1.72 MB Download
2019 PreCon Newsletter714.05 KB Download
2019 CEU Checklist199.00 KB Download
2019 Conference Program24.85 MB Download
2019 Excel Award Winners88.78 KB Download
2019 Student Essay Excel Award WInner104.99 KB Download


Employer Member Letter162.51 KB Download
Get Serious About Your Medical Assisting Career (Poster)160.22 KB Download
Membership Enrollment Brochure2.19 MB Download
Membership Matters3.10 MB Download
Student Membership Enrollment Brochure2.64 MB Download
Volunteer Leadership Application98.54 KB Download
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (black and white)402.44 KB Download
Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (color)1.77 MB Download
Group Term Life Insurance (black and white)401.51 KB Download
Group Term Life Insurance (color)1.17 MB Download


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 199685.87 KB Download
Hire a CMA (AAMA)1.67 MB Download
Why More Employers Are Hiring CMAs (AAMA)84.92 KB Download
Best Practices for Practices: Protect Your Office by Employing CMAs (AAMA)82.25 KB Download

Program Planners

Program Planner's Guide277.05 KB Download
CE Program Approval Request for AAMA Chapters and States279.00 KB Download
CE Program Approval Request for Non-AAMA Education Providers, CAAHEP, and ABHES322.00 KB Download
CE Program Attendance Record25.00 KB Download
CE Program Attendance Record Sign-in Sheet381.64 KB Download