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2021 Conference Registration Is Open!

Register now for the 65th AAMA Annual Conference in Houston, Texas! More ...

COVID-19 Updates Webpage

Check the COVID-19 Updates webpage often for updates on how the AAMA is keeping apace with the effects of COVID-19, including CMA (AAMA)® certification and recertification, testing centers, and continuing education. More …

Digital Badging Is Coming Soon

The Certifying Board of the AAMA is now offering digital badging to CMAs (AAMA)! This cutting-edge technology allows CMAs (AAMA) to securely—and quickly—share their credential across the web, on resumes, in email signatures, and via social media outlets to celebrate and validate their achievements.

If you recertify on or after June 1, 2021, you will receive a digital badge instead of a paper certificate.

More info coming soon to the AAMA website.

New! Online Submission of Select CEU Documentation

Instantly submit documentation for featured AAMA-approved CEU programs via the AAMA website! This feature is the preferred method for uploading CPR cards as well as courses from the free, online FASDs and Smiles for Life programs. More ...

CMA (AAMA)® Certification Exam Eligibility Pilot Program

A time-limited eligibility pilot program expands the education pathway for medical assistants to be eligible take the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam. More ...