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Occupational Analysis of the CMA (AAMA)®

The Occupational Analysis of the CMA (AAMA) reports the results of a comprehensive AAMA survey of what CMAs (AAMA)® identified as their responsibilities:

Twelve Most Frequently Performed Responsibilities

  1. Abide by principles and laws related to confidentiality
  2. Adapt communications to an individual's understanding
  3. Demonstrate respect for individual diversity (culture, ethnicity, gender, race, religion, age, economic status)
  4. Employ professional techniques during verbal, non-verbal, and text-based interactions
  5. Comply with risk management and safety procedures
  6. Interact with staff and patients to optimize workflow efficiency
  7. Maintain patient records
  8. Provide care within legal and ethical boundaries
  9. Practice standard precautions
  10. Document patients, observations, and clinical treatments
  11. Identify potential consequences of failing to operate within the scope of practice of a medical assistant
  12. Transmit information electronically

For the full report, access the PDF linked above.