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The AAMA is the premier association dedicated exclusively to medical assistants. Members save money, get in the know, and meet people who are in the profession.

CMA (AAMA)® Exam Discounts  |  Invest in your future for less. You can apply for the prestigious CMA (AAMA)® Certification Exam at the reduced member rate of $125. That’s a $125 savings off the nonmember rate of $250!

Note: Graduating students and recent graduates of medical assisting programs accredited by CAAHEP or ABHES qualify for the reduced rate.

Protect Your Practice Rights  |  Your membership helps AAMA in-house legal counsel do the following:

  • Fight for your right to practice as a medical assistant
  • Answer your job-related legal questions
  • Stay abreast of federal and state laws regarding medical assisting practice
  • Partner with organizations to build a presence in the health care community

For example, in addition to providing reliable legal information and opinions about scope of practice under state and federal law, the AAMA has assumed a leadership role in advocating for medical assistants to be utilized to the fullest extent that is consistent with their education and credentialing to support health care delivery efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. The AAMA advocates for utilizing competent and knowledgeable medical assistants for such tasks as performing nasopharyngeal swabbing for COVID-19 testing, assisting providers with telehealth services, and administering COVID-19 vaccinations. Read the work of AAMA Legal Counsel Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, on the subject.

Get Your Credential Verified  |  The AAMA backs you up. Your employer can request verification of your CMA (AAMA) certification status, and we stand ready to respond. This service helps protect your employment future!

Build Your Prestige  |  Enhance professional credibility to peers and employers by affiliation with the AAMA.

Membership looks great on a résumé. It shows a level of seriousness about your chosen profession that is hard to convey in any other way.

Easy on Your Wallet  |  Membership goes easy on your tight budget. It’s less than what you often pay to go to about five movies a year.

Medical Assisting Today at Your Door  |  As a member, you’ll receive a complimentary subscription to Medical Assisting Today, an informative magazine devoted entirely to your profession. That’s a $60 value!

Flip through each issue (six per year) for CEU articles, medical assisting news, and health care information.

CEU Options Abound  |  Stay on top of your field with continuing education. Take advantage of discounts:

Discounts  |  Receive discounts on conference registration, workshop fees, self-study courses, and the e-Learning Center:

  • Save 50% on self-study courses.
  • Save 30% to 50% on all e-Learning Center courses, while some courses are free for a limited time for AAMA members!
  • Save $80 (by continuing education) or $125 (by exam) to recertify your CMA (AAMA) credential.
  • Save on attending the AAMA Annual Conference, where you can earn more CEUs.

AAMA Annual Conference  |  Attend the AAMA Conference and get on the path to professionalism. Go to informative CEU sessions. Talk with recognized leaders in your field. Get the latest on association happenings.

Plus, ponder this: Attending the conference will give you bragging rights at job interviews or your annual review!

Rub Elbows  |  Connect with colleagues at local and state programs and events. Meet a mentor for lunch. And, once you get home, shoot off a quick e-mail to the people you’ve met or heard speak at a session. Build lasting professional friendships.

Boost Your Job Leads  |  At least 60 percent of all jobs are found through networking, according to As a member of the AAMA, you’ll meet other medical assistants who are working in the field. Talk to them. Let them know if you’re looking for employment opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities  |  Volunteer for association activities at all levels, and help shape the future of the profession. Maybe even consider taking a leadership role!

Volunteer activity also looks great on a résumé and can impress employers at job interviews or your annual review. 

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