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Student Center

Congratulations on your chosen career path!

Medical assisting is a rewarding profession—one that helps you to make a difference in people’s lives.

Complete professional development requires knowledge that goes beyond the classroom.

Building your knowledge base and experience will help you stand out in the marketplace when you start looking for a medical assisting position.

CMA (AAMA)® Certification

Achieving CMA (AAMA)® certification helps you stand out from the crowd of other job applicants.

Every day the AAMA responds to more than 100 employer requests for CMA (AAMA) certification verification—for both current and potential employees.

Make sure you meet the CMA (AAMA) Exam Eligibility Requirements.

And discover resources to help prepare for the exam.

AAMA Membership

Membership in your professional association looks great on a résumé. It shows employers you are serious about your career.

Join prior to graduation to qualify for the student dues. (Student members must select a one- or two-year student membership. This selection may not be modified after enrollment.)

Student members must be enrolled in a medical assisting program (with complete clinical and administrative components), and carry at least six credit hours each week.

Check out the member benefits!

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Student Groups

Is your résumé short on experience?

Serving as an officer or member of a student group allows you to achieve the following:

  • Build up your résumé with leadership, communication, and team-building skills.
  • Get experience planning, organizing, and conducting meetings, programs, and events.
  • Develop networking skills by working with your local AAMA chapter or state society.
  • Develop and coordinate a student awards program.
  • Form a study group for the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam (for students of medical assisting programs accredited by CAAHEP or ABHES).

Your student group can be whatever you make of it!

Download Guidelines for Medical Assisting Student Groups, and begin forming your group today!

Practicum Power

If you are a student at a CAAHEP- or ABHES-accredited program, then you’ll be required to complete a practicum—that’s real experience working in the field. Here’s how you can make the most of it:

  • Approach the site employer in a tactful, helpful way and request opportunities to increase your experience with more diverse duties.
  • Develop good relationships with your site employer, coworkers, and patients. They could become a great source for future references and job leads.
  • Keep track of your experience in quantifiable terms for effective résumé writing.

Career Center

See the Career Center for more advice on finding a position as a medical assistant.