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AAMA: Powered by Volunteers

The AAMA wouldn’t exist without you! Programs and services of the AAMA are developed by medical assisting professionals for medical assisting professionals.

Each board, committee, strategy team, and task force plays an integral part in advancing the profession and the association:

Board of Trustees  |  The Board of Trustees (BOT) conducts the business of the association, including financial affairs, appointments, bylaws amendments, resolutions, and progress reports of boards and committees.

Continuing Education Board  |  The Continuing Education Board (CEB) administers a complete continuing education program for the AAMA.

Certifying Board  |  The Certifying Board (CB)—an autonomous unit within the American Association of Medical Assistants—executes the goals and principles of the Certification/Recertification program, which includes the preparation, administration, and evaluation of the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam.

Medical Assisting Education Review Board  |  MAERB is an autonomous unit within the AAMA Endowment. MAERB evaluates medical assisting programs and makes accreditation recommendations to the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP). Visit the MAERB website for more information.

Volunteer Opportunities

Join your medical assisting colleagues dedicated to advancing the profession.

  • With some exceptions, you must be a current member and a CMA (AAMA) to serve on the national level.
  • Appointees are selected from a pool of candidates when openings are available.
  • Task force positions are recommended for preparation for the CB or CEB.
  • Volunteers interact frequently by internet and email.

Submission deadline: Annually by August 1

Appointments: Made each year at the AAMA Annual Conference

Board of Trustees

Editorial Advisory Committee  |  Suggest topics and interviewees, and review articles for CMA Today.

Leadership Development Strategy Team  |  Develop leadership resources to assist aspiring and current leaders on all levels.

Membership Development Strategy Team  |  Develop ways to recruit and retain members.

Marketing Strategy Team  |  Develop ways to promote AAMA membership and membership renewal.

Social Media Committee  |  Develop ways to increase marketing exposure through social media.

Continuing Education

You must hold a CMA (AAMA) credential.

Continuing Education Board  |  Oversee CE articles, conference sessions, and self-study products. (Two-year term)

LEAP (Leaders in Education and Practice) Task Force  |  Plan educator activities for conference and topics for e-workshops.

Practice Managers Task Force  |  Plan manager activities for conference.

Task Force for Conference Continuing Education Sessions  |  Develop topics for conference educational sessions.


You must hold a CMA (AAMA) credential.

Certifying Board  |  Oversee the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam. Task Force for Test Construction experience preferred. (Two-year term)

Task Force for Test Construction  |  Write and review exam items. (Three-year term)