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National Submission Deadlines and Forms

​May 1*: Nominations to the AAMA Board of Trustees via the AAMA Officer and Trustee Nomination Form / AAMA Officer and Trustee Nomination Form

Materials to Include with the Completed Form:

Want to know more before applying? Read AAMA Officer Qualifications to inform your decision to run for office. 

*Extended deadline of June 18, 2024, for the AAMA Speaker of the House position. 

May 15: The 2026 AAMA Annual Conference Site Consideration Form

June 1: AAMA Bylaws Amendments and Resolutions (notice/deadline sent by mail)

June 1: Life Membership Application

June 18*: Nominations to the Speaker of the House of the AAMA Board of Trustees via the AAMA Officer and Trustee Nomination Form / AAMA Officer and Trustee Nomination Form

​June 2​3Delegates and Alternates Form 

Ju​ly 1: Dues Verification (form sent by email)​​

Ju​ly 1: State and Chapter Officer Election Notification

(Note: The state or chapter immediate past president must notify the AAMA to ensure new leaders get mailings and can access leader information on the AAMA website. All officers must be current members and in compliance with their state and/or local bylaws.)

​July 1: AAMA Conference Program Advertising Insertion Order 

July 15: Excel Awards Entries and Nominations

July 15: Medical Assistant Employer of the Year Award

July 15: Student Essay Competition

​July 24Educational Support Information & Form / Educational Support Information & Form​​

Aug. 1: Volunteer Leadership Application

Aug. 1: Join the Task Force for Test Construction

​Dec. 1: AAMA Representatives Bureau Request Form 


National Documents

AAMA Bylaws  |  Refer to the AAMA Bylaws (in the Members-Only Downloads section) for information on how the trilevel association works, including constituent societies, classes of membership, and leadership qualifications, elections and terms.

House of Delegates

Leadership  |  Interested in becoming a trustee or officer of the AAMA Board of Trustees? Use the following documents to submit your nomination to the AAMA Nominating Committee by May 1:

AAMA Branding and Logo Usage Guides  |  Refer to AAMA Branding and Logo Usage Guide to gain a better understanding of the AAMA registered trademarks and symbol usage as well as AAMA logos, including state and chapter, affiliate AAMA, and CMA (AAMA)® logos. Use CMA (AAMA) Logo and Branding Usage Guide to get to the heart of the matter on why using the phrase “Certified Medical Assistant®” or the initialisms “CMA (AAMA)” or “CMA,” by anyone who has not maintained currency of the CMA (AAMA) credential is both incorrect and a matter of intellectual property law.

State and Chapter Guides