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Support for Nebraska Amendment

The AAMA, represented by AAMA Legal Counsel and CEO Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, and the Nebraska Society of Medical Assistants submitted written testimony supporting an amendment to the Medicine and Surgery Practice Act that eliminates ambiguity about Nebraska medical assistants’ scope of practice. That amendment has been enacted into law. Read CEO Balasa’s opinion letter for Nebraska for more details.

COVID-19 Vaccination Administration in Georgia

On January 13, 2021, the AAMA represented by AAMA Legal Counsel and CEO Donald A. Balasa, JD, MBA, and the Georgia Society of Medical Assistants sent the Georgia Public Health Department a letter supporting the legality of delegating COVID-19 vaccinations to medical assistants. On January 22, 2021, the Georgia governor issued an executive order allowing medical assistants to administer COVID-19 vaccines without direct on-site supervision by a physician, physician assistant (PA), or advanced practice nurse (APRN) if they are remotely supervised by a physician, PA, APRN, or registered nurse and received appropriate training.

COVID-19 Vaccination Administration in Maryland

On January 1, 2021, the Maryland Department of Health issued an amended directive and order that, in part, permits certain individuals to administer COVID-19 vaccinations. CEO Balasa’s legal opinion is that such individuals allowed to administer COVID-19 vaccinations include knowledgeable and competent medical assistants who have completed “training on the administration of COVID-19 vaccines.” More …

AAMA President’s 2019–2020 Report to AAMA Members

Read a message from AAMA President Debby Houston, CMA (AAMA), CPC, and discover what the Board of Trustees has accomplished during the 2019–2020 term. More ...

NCSBN Supports COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Delegation to Certified Medical Assistants

In its December 15, 2020, policy brief on COVID-19 vaccine administration, the National Council of State Boards of Nursing—the membership organization for boards of nursing in American jurisdictions—stated that knowledgeable and competent “certified medical assistants” may be delegated COVID-19 vaccine administration. More …

Letter to the Connecticut Governor on COVID-19 Vaccination

On Monday, December 14, the AAMA and its Connecticut Society of Medical Assistants, in conjunction with the Fairfield and Hartford County Medical Associations, sent Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont a letter asking him to issue an executive order allowing knowledgeable and competent medical assistants to administer COVID-19 vaccinations under the authority and supervision of licensed providers. Read the full letter for details.

COVID-19 Vaccination Delegation in Tennessee

Physicians in Tennessee may delegate to medical assistants who meet certain standards the administration of COVID-19 vaccinations. More ... 

Medical Assistants as “Vaccinators”

Medical assistants are classified as “vaccinators” for the pending COVID-19 vaccine under the COVID-19 Vaccination Program. Read more in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook for Jurisdiction Operations (2nd version) via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

New! Online Submission of Select CEU Documentation

Instantly submit documentation for featured AAMA-approved CEU programs via the AAMA website! This feature is the preferred method for uploading CPR cards as well as courses from the free, online FASDs and Smiles for Life programs. More ...

COVID-19 Updates Webpage

Check the COVID-19 Updates webpage often for updates on how the AAMA is keeping apace with the effects of COVID-19, including CMA (AAMA)® certification and recertification, testing centers, and continuing education. More …

CMA (AAMA)® Certification Exam Eligibility Pilot Program

A time-limited eligibility pilot program expands the education pathway for medical assistants to be eligible take the CMA (AAMA) Certification Exam. More ...