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Medical assistants are inspirations!

Every day they touch people’s lives with their extraordinary skills and caring ways. Each issue of Medical Assisting Today shines the spotlight on a medical assistant with a unique story.

Here are the latest stories of medical assistants in Spotlight.

January/February 2024
Social Medium 
Medical Assisting Educator Uses YouTube to Spread the Word on Medical Assisting Knowledge


“I never realized I was such a good teacher until people started telling me. It’s great that my channel allows me to reach so many medical assistants outside my classroom.” 

Name: Kendra Fowler, CCMA

Occupation: Medical assisting educator at the University of the District of Columbia  

In the spotlight: Kendra Fowler became inspired to share her knowledge online in 2020 while teaching medical assisting courses at the University of the District of Columbia. Thanks to her teaching ability and friendly demeanor, her channel—which covers topics ranging from administering injections to studying for medical assisting exams—now has over 24,000 subscribers and 150,000 monthly views. Fowler enjoys using this platform to help medical assistants within and beyond her classroom succeed as they navigate the medical assisting profession.   

November/December 2023

A Pillar of the Community
CMA (AAMA) Uses Compassion to Create Lasting Bonds with Local Patients

ND23_SL Image

“I wish my mom was here so I could say, ‘Thank you for letting me take care of you because taking care of you put me in the position to take care of others.’ ”

Name: Kristy Rabun, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assistant for AO Multispecialty Clinic 

In the spotlight: Kristy Rabun grew up caring for her mother, which ignited Rabun's passion for health care. After graduating from a medical assisting program in 2017, she obtained a position in an oncology clinic where she now reviews patients’ medical history, medication lists, and any problems they are experiencing. Rabun forms close bonds with patients who frequent the clinic for cancer treatments, supporting them through the difficulties of treatment and as a familiar figure among her community.  

September/October 2023
Breaking Barriers
CMA (AAMA) Makes Accessibility a Priority for Patients with HIV 


“Being able to use my skills to help others through their toughest days is the best way to give back.” 

Name: Chadwick Carter, CMA (AAMA) 

Occupation: Medical assistant for AIDS Healthcare Foundation

In the spotlight: Chadwick Carter spends his days helping those living with HIV by taking vital signs, drawing blood for laboratory tests, and processing referrals and insurance pre-authorizations. Since 2011, he has worked with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s mobile unit, traveling to areas with limited access to health care in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. As a person living with HIV, Carter finds that his work is his life’s passion, and he funnels his skills and empathy into helping patients overcome barriers and access the care they need.