Medical Assistant Spotlight

Medical assistants are inspirations!

Every day they touch people’s lives with their extraordinary skills and caring ways. Each issue of CMA Today shines the spotlight on a medical assistant with a unique story.

Here are the latest stories of medical assistants in Spotlight.

May/June 2019
Rise & Shine
Stand-up medical assistant stands up for veterans

“Being a veteran, I have always felt that I wanted to give back. … I have first-hand knowledge of what it’s like to be a caregiver, and I know the importance of proper health care for veterans.

Name: Kimberly King, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assistant at St. Mary’s Family Practice in Georgia

In the spotlight: King was a search-and-rescue crew member for the United States Coast Guard and flight crew member of the Air Force Medical Service Corps before becoming a medical assistant and CMA (AAMA). Since then she uses her medical field knowledge in her volunteer work with veterans, focusing on helping female veterans with children.

Mar/Apr 2019
Making connections
Medical assistant builds relationships with employers through continuing education programs

There is a continued willingness to be part of this from the hospital's perspective. I feel as though that shows they value their medical assistants in the organization.”

Name: Dawn Broad, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assistant at Exeter Hospital and Core Physicians in New Hampshire

In the spotlight: Broad teams up with others, including Brian Stimpson, CMA (AAMA), and coordinates employer-sponsored continuing education sessions for medical assistants, connecting possible employees to employers.

Jan/Feb 2019
Have the write idea
Medical assistant writes educational books for her grandchildren

"I wrote [I Have Autism] to help him so that he would understand himself. ... The first time he read it, he smiled at every single page."

Name: Debra Soloman, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Medical assistant at Methodist Diagnostic Center in Omaha, Nebraska

In the spotlight: Soloman has written multiple books for and based on her grandchildren, including one about a young boy with autism.