Medical Assistant Spotlight

Medical assistants are inspirations!

Every day they touch people’s lives with their extraordinary skills and caring ways. Each issue of CMA Today shines the spotlight on a medical assistant with a unique story.

Here are the latest stories of medical assistants in Spotlight.

September/October 2023
Breaking Barriers
CMA (AAMA) Makes Accessibility a Priority for Patients with HIV 


“Being able to use my skills to help others through their toughest days is the best way to give back.” 

Name: Chadwick Carter, CMA (AAMA) 

Occupation: Medical assistant for AIDS Healthcare Foundation

In the spotlight: Chadwick Carter spends his days helping those living with HIV by taking vital signs, drawing blood for laboratory tests, and processing referrals and insurance pre-authorizations. Since 2011, he has worked with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s mobile unit, traveling to areas with limited access to health care in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. As a person living with HIV, Carter finds that his work is his life’s passion, and he funnels his skills and empathy into helping patients overcome barriers and access the care they need.

July/August 2023
Through the Ages
CMA (AAMA) Supports Pediatric Patients from Infancy to Adulthood

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“I’m proud to work at a place that appreciates my profession in the way it deserves.

Name: Kayla Gruver, CMA (AAMA)   

Occupation: Medical assistant at Keystone Pediatrics in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania 

In the spotlight:  Gruver’s favorite part of working in pediatrics is watching patients thrive and grow. She has built rapport with numerous patients since joining Keystone Pediatrics in 2012, taking great pride in her relationships with families and making them comfortable throughout their visits. Gruver has also shed light on the importance of the CMA (AAMA)® credential, educating her employer on certification and continuing education and prompting new benefits for credentialed medical assistants working at the practice. 

May/June 2023

A Perfect Fit
CMA (AAMA) Finds Meaning in Pain Management and Mental Health Advocacy


“I love the compassion and empathy we strive to have for our patients. We do our best to understand them and constantly look at ways we can help with pain management in addition to medications—from physical therapy to acupuncture and massage.”

Name: Ann Mabota, CMA (AAMA) 

Occupation: Medical assistant at a pain management clinic

In the spotlight: Mabota’s passion for pain management and mental health advocacy stems from seeing family members endure physical and mental health struggles. Since joining the health care field at 15 years old, she has brought those formative experiences full circle by working as a medical assistant at a pain management clinic. Today, she makes sure to employ empathy by providing patients in physical or mental pain with the necessary resources and advocating for them.