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Medical assistants are inspirations!

Every day they touch people’s lives with their extraordinary skills and caring ways. Each issue of Medical Assisting Today shines the spotlight on a medical assistant with a unique story.

Here are the latest stories of medical assistants in Spotlight.

July/August 2024
A Winding Road
CMA (AAMA) Finds Her Way to Medical Assisting through Various Twists and Turns  

“I know working in the medical field is what I am supposed to be doing. This isn’t just a job to get a paycheck. This is something that I am passionate about.”

Name: Stephanie Wrenn, CMA (AAMA) 

Occupation: Medical assistant in a podiatrist’s practice

In the spotlight: It took Stephanie Wrenn, CMA (AAMA), over a decade to find her way to the medical assisting field. After years of school, work, and raising children, she left her husband and moved in with her parents. When her uncle was diagnosed with stage IV cancer and required hospice, Wrenn stepped up and helped care for him, sparking her passion for medicine. Today, she works in a busy podiatrist’s practice. While Wrenn's path to the medical field was complex, she believes medical assisting is her calling.

May/June 2024

​Follow the Leader
CMA (AAMA) Educates Students, Staff, and Local Chapter Members

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“I’ve advanced so much because I truly believe medical assistants are important. You can lead by example at any point in your medical assisting career. Strive to lead; strive to educate. It’s a very rewarding career, and I hope [there are] more medical assistants out there who help lead and continue to prove this.”

Name: Angela Liffel, CMA (AAMA)

Occupation: Clinic supervisor at Kootenai Health 

In the spotlight: Angela Liffel, CMA (AAMA), puts her medical assisting expertise to good use by educating students, colleagues, and fellow AAMA members. As a clinic supervisor, she helps staff excel in their roles, which brings her job satisfaction. Her passion for education also extends outside of her full-time work; she also leads her AAMA local chapter and teaches medical assistants through an apprentice program in her community. She hopes others continue to promote the value of the profession as she does through education and leadership.


March/April 2024
The Right CMA (AAMA) for the Job
Medical Assistant Aids Patients with Workers' Compensation

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"My favorite part of workers’ [compensation] is comforting a patient who has been injured on the job and is distraught. I have prayed and cried with some of the people. That is what it’s about to me—helping patients.”

Name: ​Tina Mamula, CMA (AAMA) 

Occupation: Medical assistant ​in occupational and employee health

In the spotlight: Tina Mamula achieved her longstanding goal of working in health care when she graduated from a medical assisting program in 2013. After working in a cardiology practice for five years, she found a position in occupational and employee health, where she helps examine patients who are injured on the job to determine whether they are eligible for workers' compensation. She finds passion in this role by learning countless new things each day and helping workers get the care they need.