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Medical Assisting

  • Find out why medical assistants are in demand!
  • Learn about typical medical assisting responsibilities, including clinical and administrative duties.
  • Consider the important roles medical assistants play in health care.

See why the CMA (AAMA)® sets the bar for excellence in medical assisting:

  • Education
  • Required Practicum
  • CMA (AAMA) Exam
  • Recertification Requirements

Review the results of this comprehensive report on CMAs (AAMA)®:

  • General, Clinical, and Administrative Skills
  • Uses of the Occupational Analysis
  • More Resources

See the report of the annual AAMA Compensation and Benefits Survey:

  • Average Pay for CMAs (AAMA)®
  • Average Pay by Geographic Region, Work Setting, and Practice Specialty
  • Insurance and Benefits
  • Make sure you are eligible for the CMA (AAMA)® Certification Exam.
  • Find a CAAHEP or ABHES medical assisting program near you.
  • Discover what you can expect to learn at school.
  • Get tips on researching the program.

Get answers to frequently asked questions about the medical assisting profession:

  • Job Responsibilities
  • How Medical assistants Differ from Other Health Professionals
  • Employment Setting
  • Certification
  • And more!

Understand requirements for and policies of the Assessment-Based Recognition in Order Entry (ABR-OE):

  • Eligibility and Application Policies
  • Expiration Policy
  • Usage Policy

Verify that an employee has earned the ABR-OE with one of two methods:

  • Search by Name and Date
  • Search by Social Security Number

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the ABR-OE program:

  • Purpose of the ABR-OE
  • Difference from a Professional Certification
  • ABR-OE Initialism
  • ABR-OE Requirements